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Technical Specification

Sandvik DS421
Underground Drill Rig

Sandvik DS421 is a rock reinforcement drill rig spe-

cialized into cement grouted cablebolts installation Cablebolt lenght 25m
in underground mines and tunnels. The Sandvik Hole diameter 51-57mm
DS421 is capable of installing up to 25 meters long
cable bolts with several steel strands per hole. The Rock drill HL510, R32 Male
drill rig is provided with an on board cement mixer, Bolting head CBH
a cement bags platform and a steel strand reel. It is Boom TBR60
therefore autonomous for more than a shift.
Control system TPC501 EW
The drill rod handling system has a capacity for 19
pieces of 1”1/4 diameter, round MF drill rods. The Carrier NC7S
recommended drill hole size for this application is Cornering 4100 mm
51mm. Total weight
However alternative hole size can be selected with Around 25000kg
(depending on options)
advice from your Sandvik local contact. The steel
strand diameter is normally 15.2mm, of either plain
steel or bulb anchor strand. The bolting operation is
performed by a single operator located away from
the drilling, grouting and cable installing module
(CBH Cable Bolting Head).
As all the Sandvik drill rigs based on the NC7 carrier
family, the Sandvik DS421 is designed for safety.
For example, most of the daily and routine checks
are done with both feet on ground.
© 2011 Sandvik Mining and Construction

Technical Specification
8-4301-A Sandvik DS421


32° 23° 1565

790 5320
30° 35°

All dimensions in mm

Hydraulic rock drill Technical Specification 2-1150 Grouting and cabling system
Rock Drill HL510 TCM200 with cement dust
Cement mixer
Percussion power 16 kW collector (standard)
Percussion pressure 120 - 175 bar Cement pump TP8
Percussion rate 59 Hz Cement bags platform Max. weight 500kg
Rotation speed 0...250 rpm Cement hose reel 35m capacity
Rotation torque Max. 630 Nm (OMS125) *Drilling options
Hole size 51 - 57 mm *HL510-LH45 T35 Male shank
Shank adapter R32 or T35 Male *Cable bolting instrumentation TMS DDS
Weight 130 kg *Bolting head oiler Spec 8-615 S
Flushing water pressure 15 bar Steel strand system
Shank lubrication device Air /oil mist SLU Reel 775m
Shank lubrication compressor CT10, 1m³/min (7 bar) Plain or bulbed (bird cage)
Boom Technical Specification 8-5540 steel strand
Boom type TBR60 *Steel strand reel One additional
55° Up *Cleaning system
Boom lift
25° Down *Pressure cleaning system Max. 15 bar (11 bar additiona
32° Left with reel to mine water network)
Boom swing
30° Right *High pressure cleaning
Max. 180 bar
35° Up system with reel
Boom head tilt
55° Down *Greasing systems and options
23° Left *Greasing unit with
Boom head swing Manual
73° Right pump, reel and nozzle
Boom extension 1200 mm *Automatic greasing system Carrier and boom
Bolting head 358° *Optional features/components
*Cylinder rods Harsh water
Cable bolting head Technical Specification 8-5500
Bolting head type CBH
Bolting head length 4’, 5’, 6’
RC604, 5 or 6
Rod handling system
19+1 rods
Centralizer Pito 11LH
Cuttings collector 1xCC611
LF604= 1220mm
Rod length LF605= 1525mm
LF606= 1830mm
LF604= 2760mm
Total length LF605= 3065mm
LF606= 3370mm

Technical Specification
8-4301-A Sandvik DS421

Machine dimensions
Bolting Head H
CBH-4 3190
CBH-5 3495
35° 55°
CBH-6 3800

25° 360°

150 2735
4465 3475 3975
All dimensions in mm

Hydraulic system Electric system and *options

20 micron (pressure) Total input power 75 kW
Filtration size
10 micron (return) Main switch MSE 10
Cooling capacity 30 kW Standard voltages 380-690 VAC
Oil cooler
OW30 water cooler Voltage fluctuation +/- 10%
Drilling hydraulic oil tank 270 liters Automatic cable reel TRC3EL
Tank filling Electric pump 1xTCR3E control at
Powerpack HPP 555 (55kW) Cable reel control (in & out)
operator station
Percussion pump 100cc (variable) Starting method Star delta
Rotation pump 33 cc (variable) *Ground fault and
*Biodegradable oils Shell Naturelle HFE overcurrent protection
Control system *Electric cable rubber or PUR
100 or 150 meters
Type TPC501 EW See spec 5-4100
Adjustable full power *Optional voltage 1000 VAC
Power control
Adjustable collaring power 230V outlet 4500VA
Adjustable anti-jamming 3-phase outlet, network voltage
Anti-jamming control *Optional outlet
pressure 3-phase outlet max 15kVA, with
Adjustable rotation speed transformer
Rotation control *Remote control reel(s) At rear end
Reversible rotation
Water flushing flow and Flushing system and *options
Flushing control pressure control Flushing Water
Air-mist flushing, option Water pump WBP 2 (4 kW)
*Fire suppression system and options Water pump capacity 100 l/min (Max. 10bar)
*Manual fire suppression Inlet pressure 2-7 bar (while drilling)
6 nozzles
system (Ansul) Mine air network connection IP5 air cleaner
*Automatic fire suppression For external supply
6 nozzles *Air mist flushing packages
system (Ansul) of air and water
*Hand held fire extinguisher 7.7 kg at the operator station *Water hose reel THR 2.5E
*Water hose 32mm (1”1/4) 100 meters
38mm (1”1/2) 65 meters
*Optional features/components

Technical Specification
8-4301-A Sandvik DS421

Tramming dimensions
7400 40°


15° 750
3200 750
2455 4400
35° 3800
12° 420 10° 35°
3530 1425

Tramming Carrier
16 km/h on horizontal Carrier type Wheel mounted, frame steering
Tramming speed
14% = 1:7 = 8° 5km/h Carrier name NC7S
Gradeability / Inclination Max. 15° / 5° Hydrodynamic
Operator’s station Spicer T20 000
Safety cabin FOPS (ISO 3449) Axles Spicer
Controls Drilling and tramming Tyres 12.00-20
Sound pressure level Diesel engine MB904LA, Tier III, 110kW
Operator station: 100 dB(A)
according to EN791 Exhaust catalyser+muffler Standard
Ergonomic, adjustable Service, hydraulic wet disc
with seat belt brakes
*Reversing camera On machine rear and side Parking and emergency SAHR
Lights type, fail safewet disc brakes
Front working lights 4 x 35 W HID (24V) Ground clearance 420 mm
Front driving lights 2 x 35 W HID (24V) Rear oscillation +/- 10°
Rear working lights 2 x 35 W HID (24V Frame steering +/- 35°
Rear driving lights 2 x 35 W HID (24V) Steering Frame steering
Manual search light 1 x 35 W HID (24V) Fuel tank 150 liters
Parking rear brake lights 2 x Red LED TJ40 (front telescopic)
Hydraulic jacks
*Extra working lights 2 x 35 W HID (24V) TJ60 (rear)
*Amber strobe light Hand throttle Standard
*Packages *Wheel clocks 2 pieces
*Harsh water options (level 1) Oil cooler + boom cylinders *Fast filling systems For fuel/complete
Level 1 + steering and jacks cyl- *Battery jump start
*Harsh water options (level 2)
inders *Sealed gel batteries
*Regional AUS, USC, EUR *Foam filled tyres
Block heater for engine Extra items
*Antifreezing Hydraulic oil tank heater Spare rock drill HL510
© 2011 Sandvik Mining and Construction

Water circuit flushing Spare wheel assembly Standard or foam filled

Special tools for rock drill
*Optional features/components

Sandvik Mining and Construction reserves the right to change this specification without further notice.
Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy
P.O Box 100. FIN-33311 Tampere, Finland 4/4
Tel. +358 205 44 121, Fax +358 205 44 120

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