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Name of school - Our Learning Journey - Child X

Early Years Foundation Stage – F2 End of Year Report to Parents 2012-2013

This year we have been learning about making exciting things within our creative curriculum, the topics we have
covered are…. The trips we have been on are... We have had visitors from …We have enjoyed extra learning from
physical education instructor and drama leader.

Area of Learning ELG

Communication ELG 01 Listening and Child X can listen attentively in a range of situations. He is also keen to
and Language attention participate and will be fully involved in class discussions and ask lots of questions.
ELG 02 Understanding He will readily talk to children and adults about events that have, are or are going
ELG 03 Speaking to happen. He shows good understanding and can follow instructions. He talks
readily about events in his life usually using the correct tense. He enjoys listening
to and joining in with stories and songs. He will sing nursery rhymes on his own
to the class and knows all the words to lots of them.
Physical ELG 04 Moving and Child X is very agile, with great balance and coordination. He is energetic and can
development handling move in a wide variety of ways with control. He can skip, jump and do forwards
ELG 05 Health and rolls. He can balance along a beam and will jump along stepping stones. He
self-care enjoys playing chasing games and football with friends. He has very good fine
motor control too. He can use scissors, pencils, paint brushes, cutlery, tweezers
and a wide range of tools accurately. He gets himself dressed and undressed. He
is developing a very good understanding of the need to exercise, eat well and be
Personal, social ELG 06 Self-confidence Child X confidently accesses a full range of activities in the Foundation Unit. He
and emotional and self- has developed strong friendships with a small group and is liked by the other
development awareness children and adults. He has a good understanding of the rules and expectations
ELG 07 Managing of the school and understands the consequences when these aren’t followed.
feelings and He is caring and kind and shows empathy towards other children if they are
behaviour upset.
ELG 08 Making
Literacy ELG 09 Reading Child X has worked really hard both at home and school with his reading. The
ELG 10 Writing support he has received at home has had a big impact on Child X’s reading and
he has made excellent improvement this year, he has an enjoyment of reading.
He can read and understand simple texts. He has a good grasp of letter sounds
including digraphs and he can use this to segment and blend words both for
reading and writing. His spelling and handwriting have improved so much that his
writing can be read by himself and other people. He remembers finger spaces
and is beginning to use full stops too. Well done Child X.
Mathematics ELG 11 Numbers Child X learns new mathematical concepts quickly. He can count, recognise and
ELG 12 Shape, space order with numbers to 20 and more. He can say the number that is one more or
and measure one less than a given number and he is getting quicker at finding halves and
doubles of numbers to 10. Child X can add and subtract two single digit numbers
in his head and can record this in a sum with the correct symbols. He can
describe and name 2D and 3D shapes. He can use every day language to talk
about size, weight, capacity. Position, distance, time and money. He has enjoyed
creating ever more challenging patterns.
Understanding of ELG 13 People and Child X can talk about the similarities and differences in places, materials and
the world communities living things. He has enjoyed learning about our local area, animals and plants.
ELG 14 The world He has had the opportunity to grow a plant from seed and find out what plants
ELG 15 Technology need to grow. He has talked about past and present events in his own and other
people’s lives and participated in celebrating Chinese New Year, Divali and Red
Nose Day. He talks a lot about his family and understands how they are similar
and different to others.
Expressive arts ELG 16 Exploring and Child X will paint, draw and collage but may sometimes need encouragement to
and design using media use this area of the unit. When he does use the creative area, he always uses the
and materials materials and tools purposefully and produces good end products. Child X enjoys
singing, music and dance. He will enthusiastically join in with dance lessons and
ELG 17 Being takes part in the after school club too. Child X is very imaginative and will initiate
imaginative role play scenarios with a group of children. They will often create vehicles like
helicopters and trucks using large wooden bricks and use these in their role play.

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Targets for next year

It has been a please to teach…. This year and we wish… every success as …. Moves into year 1 next year.

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