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Merly Rueda

what have been the main achievements and failures of the Trump presidency so far?

Two years have passed since Donald Trump became president, through a campaign in
which he promised to make the United States big, proposing to build a wall on the border
with Mexico, eliminate environmental regulations under the Obama presidency and
eliminate health reforms. Next, I will explain the successes and failures in the Trump
government and how these have affected the country and its inhabitants.
Although Donald Trump began his term as one of the most unpopular presidents of the
modern era and still is, he has several successes in his legislation.
"In domestic policy, his main legislative success was to pass a major tax reform bill, which
saw corporate tax reduced from 35% to 21%, which helped many societies in the United
States" (BBC News , 2019).
During the elections, he assured citizens that he was a supporter of tax cuts at all income
levels. As published by Megan Henney, 2019, Trump enacted the Tax and Employment
Cuts Act, approved by Republicans, after a year of negotiations, with which the corporate
tax rate was reduced by 21 percent and temporarily reduced. individual taxes (Henney,
Another success has been the successful pursuit of the war against ISIS, granting powers
to commanders with ample authority to defeat the terrorist group. The coalition against
ISIS has recovered more than 95 percent of the territory that formerly had ISIS in Iraq and
Syria, the Iraqi government has liberated its territory from ISIS and millions have been
liberated from the terrorist group's dominance (White House, 2017).
And finally, I will mention the fact that Trump made it clear that the use of chemical
weapons will not be tolerated, as evidenced by his quick and decisive order to attack the
Syrian air base responsible for launching the horrific chemical weapons attack on April 4.
of 2017 in Khan Shaykhun, Syria. Killing innocent civilians (White House, 2017).
On the other hand, we must also mention the large number of failures he has had in his
policy, which have led to continue doubting their capabilities and continue to be the target
of multiple criticisms.
One of them is the failure to replace the Affordable Care Act, as promised. The majority of
the middle class in the United States still suffer from surprisingly high and unaffordable
insurance premiums and deductibles (The Daily News, 2018).
Another serious error has been the attack on immigrants without doing anything to really
solve the problem of illegal immigration, separating families, violating the right of asylum
and playing politics with their lives (Washington Examiner, 2019).
And finally failure to point out the repeated promotions that Trump has made on his
economy claiming that it is one of his greatest achievements, but under his government,
wages remained stagnant, the stock market has stagnated and the economic outlook of
the country has worsened . His administration has given rich corporations a short-term
boost, however, they have reversed protections for consumers, retirees, students, workers
and borrowers across the country (Washington Examiner, 2019).
To conclude, I can say that although the Trump government has had several successes, its
flaws are bigger, since while he makes comments on Twitter and gives messages on
television that may seem incredible to many, those same messages and comments they
separate the population, offend the allies and infuriate the enemies. The words are
dangerous and could push the country to total failure.


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