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DEPARTMENT: Planning & Design DIRECTORATE: City Planning, Design and AWARD CLASSIFICATION: Band 4
REPORTS TO: Planning & Design Support Team Coordinator ROLES REPORTING TO THIS ONE: Nil DATE: JULY 2014
The primary objectives of the position are to:
 Provide a high level of administrative support associated with the day to day running of the Planning & Design Department, which consists of around 37 staff
within three business units - Statutory Planning, Strategic Planning and City Design & Sustainability Planning
 Provide and maintain an effective and efficient administrative system for the processing of Planning applications, Planning Scheme Amendments and other
Planning & Design related matters and assist in the achievement of team targets
 Utilise database systems for timely management and tracking of Planning & Design data along with software or systems updates from suppliers or Information
Management Services (IMS)
 Deliver high levels of customer service to external clients and the general public to support effective and efficient Planning & Design operations
 To be a respectful, engaged, accountable, creative and honest Planning & Design Department team member
The secondary objectives of the position are to:
 To develop and maintain Planning information systems and databases
 To advocate for good Planning outcomes within the CGD municipal area as well as for the south east metro region
 To maximise investment into the City by Developers / Landowners, State and Federal Government bodies through timely and well considered Strategic planning
advice and decisions

Key Result Area Major Activities Outcome Requirements

Administration  Provide comprehensive administrative support in the preparation of  Efficient and effective running of administrative support to
Council Reports, Appeals, Planning permits and all other correspondence various teams across the Planning & Design department.
for Planning & Design Business Units as required.  Planning Officers and Team Leaders assisted in day to
 Undertake all administrative work associated with the processing of all day roles to enhance the smooth running of the
regulatory planning matters, including the processing of Town Planning administrative needs of the department.
Application and Permits, Subdivisions and Planning Scheme Amendments
and other Planning legislation and processes

 Undertake documented processes and procedures on a daily, weekly and
monthly basis, for example preparing planning applications for assessment
at a weekly managers meeting

General Advice  Prompt answering of General Planning Enquiries when required, directing  Public advised promptly and appropriately of Planning &
& Assistance them to the appropriate Planning officer or Council Department for Design Department matters.
attention  Planning Officers and Team Leaders assisted in day to
 Taking messages where required to assist in the daily running of the day roles to enhance the smooth running of the
Department and providing messages promptly to recipients, in accordance administrative needs of the department
with Department processes and procedures  Manager, Planning & Design assisted in managing the
 Assisting the Manager, Planning and Design on all administrative matters Department
where requested
Consultation  Liaise with internal and external customers’ general enquiries in a prompt  Positive image of the Council promoted to members of the
and efficient manner to determine their administrative needs, fulfil these public through good mediation and consultation of all
needs where appropriate and/or provide appropriate referrals to enquiries.
professional staff of applicable teams when and where required
 Assist in the efficient running of all Planning & Design consultation
matters, for example running the Planning Consult Meeting process
Information  Inputting and interpreting information from Council’s ProClaim / Property  An efficient, accurate and up to date database system
System & and Rating / Objective and other business and records management accessed and maintained to meet the needs across the
Records systems to support internal / external customers where appropriate to the Planning & Design Department
Management Department  An efficient, accurate and up to date records management
 Liaison with and providing guidance on process improvements, current system maintained to meet the needs across the Planning
matters for resolution etc with the Information Technology Services & Design Department
Education  Provide coaching and demonstration of practice to the Planners and Team  Up to date knowledge of all relevant systems.
Leaders regarding processes and procedures relating to all Planning
functions including the processing of Town Planning Application and
Permits, Subdivisions and Planning Scheme Amendments and other
Planning legislation and processes
 Be able to assist the Information Technology Services Department in the
education of the Planning & Design Department regarding Council’s
ProClaim / Property and Rating / Objective and other business and

records management systems
Council Policy  Adhere to all Council policies and relevant State and/or Federal legislation  Council Codes of Practice, Policies and Guidelines, State
and legislation governing Planning and Design department activities when carrying out and Federal Government directives or legislation complied
administration responsibilities for the various Business Units with, ensuring the interests of Council and government
agencies were protected as required.
Business Unit  Undertake Emergency Management duties as required  Assisting in Emergency Management activities and taking
Responsibilities  At all times, maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding information and responsibility for maintaining the highest levels of
records relating to ratepayers, customers and employees confidentiality at all times.
Change  Meet the challenges of change as it occurs within the organisation.  To positively embrace and adopt change as it occurs
Management  To be able to document, maintain and improve the Planning & Design  Possess a ‘can do’ attitude in order to embrace existing
Department’s processes and proceedures in line with changing regulations and new tasks and to assist others in doing the same.
and internal improvement processes
Team  A demonstrated ability to work in a busy team environment and actively  A committed and valued member of the team
Effectiveness participate as a team member of the Department to ensure a cohesive  Agreed tasks and team targets achieved
approach to achieving team targets and corporate objectives
 Be a team player and adopt team practices that support a
 Support each other in a team environment to recognise individual team team approach across the organisation
Organisational  At all times, behave in a manner consistent with personal and professional  A committed employee operating within the Code of
Requirements workplace standards outlined in Council’s Code of Conduct and human Conduct and Human Resource policies of the City of
resource policies and guidelines (including Human Rights & Equal Greater Dandenong,
Opportunity, Prevention of Bullying & Violence in the Workplace,  An employee who makes a positive contribution to the
Harassment Free Workplace), City of Greater Dandenong whilst respecting the rights of
 To be mindful of the requirements outlined in the Victorian Charter of work colleagues and customers at all times,
Human Rights in the provision of service delivery and interactions with  OH&S and RTW responsibilities and authorities fulfilled in
work colleagues. Acting respectfully, responsibly and being accountable accordance with Health & Safety Document Number
for actions are fundamental expectations Council has of all employees and COS0009 (Management Responsibilities) [WebStar –
managers, OH&S-Corporate Policies & Procedures].
 Adhere to Council’s occupational health, safety & return to work (RTW)  Corporate records managed to protect personal
policies & procedures and participate in health & safety training programs information and in accordance with corporate
and initiatives, requirements.
 To have an understanding of and ability to work with diversity within the
workplace and community,
 Perform other duties as directed within the limits of acquired skills,
knowledge and training,
 Make an ongoing, positive contribution to the Development Services

 Manage Council records in accordance with corporate requirements.
Overall Position  Organise work according to importance and urgency up to a week in
Accountability advance to effectively support the various Planning and Design
and Authorities department teams and Planning & Design Team Leaders to complete all
necessary unit functions within planned timelines
 Assist with maintaining accurate, up-to-date Planning and Design
databases and records, processing and producing all correspondence
within agreed timeframes to meet the service needs of the various
Planning and Design department teams ensuring compliance with relevant
Acts, policies, procedures, practices and systems as they relate to unit
 Assist and support various Planning and Design department teams staff
and where appropriate external government departments or agencies in all
relevant processes for the efficient and effective delivery of services
 Contribute to the review and improvement of various Planning and Design
department and/or team policies, procedures and operating systems
including administrative processes to ensure the most up to date service is
provided to clients and the general public
 The overall tasks and duties required of the position fall within specific
guidelines with the opportunity to exercise discretion in the application of
standards and operating procedures within the teams and across the
Undertaking the accountabilities of the position, the position incumbent will Communication Skills Required:
overall:  The incumbent is required to utilise written communication skills to
 Manage time and organise work effectively on a daily basis, and plan well ahead prepare routine correspondence and other written material if required
to meet a range of priorities in service delivery to external customers whilst  The incumbent is required to utilise verbal communication and
attending to internal reporting and service requirements negotiation skills to gain the co-operation and assistance of planners,
 Be able to organise meetings, prepare documents including agendas and referral clients, members of the public and other employees in the
letter, and other similar department processes administration of Planning & Design department team activities
 Ensure comprehensive quantities of Planning & Design department data is entered
Internal Communications:
and stored correctly across a range of Corporate databases to support the smooth
running of the various Planning and Design department teams  Manager, Planning & Design – as required
 Ensure all correspondence and documentation is registered as received and  City Planning Coordinators - daily
promptly distributed to the appropriate members of the various Planning & Design

department teams  Planning & Design Team Leaders - daily
 Provide excellent customer service through correct advice and information to  Other Planning & Design staff – daily
clients and general public through both phone and face to face Counter services  Other Council staff – as required
 Demonstrate an understanding of the function of the role within the Planning and
External Communications:
Design Business Units, including relevant policies, regulations and precedents
 Take an active part in the achievement of team targets, particularly regarding the  Planning & Design Clients – daily
timely processing of town planning applications.  General Public – daily
 Be experienced in the application of standardised planning procedures, practices,  Government Departments & Agencies – as required
relevant Acts and Regulations relevant to the various Planning & Design  Planning Consultants – as required
department teams
Independently: Essential Qualifications and Experience:
 Carry out various Planning & Design department teams reporting tasks in  Certificate 4 Business Administration or related field, or Town Planning
accordance with council and corporate timetables qualification or alternatively equivalent work based experience within
 Follow documented and common planning processes and procedures effectively local government with specific Planning experience - ideally with local
 Evaluate and make improvements to routine Planning & Design department and/or
teams administration and reporting procedures  Demonstrated knowledge of broader Planning & Design Department
functions along with a general understanding of relevant Acts,
 Liaise as required with external government departments or agencies and take
Regulations and relevant precedents / previous decisions relevant to
appropriate action supporting the delivery of a broad range of Planning & Design
the delivery of various Planning & Design department services
department services
 Demonstrated significant experience in business administration
With Input: including experience with computer based databases / systems,
From: Manager Planning & Design or Planning & Design Team Leaders; preferably including ProClaim Business System, Objective records
 In conjunction with Planning Officer, process new planning applications, process management or similar
and manage external and internal referrals  Demonstrated involvement in administration processes supporting legal
 Filing of applications and ability to appropriately manage all planning records or regulatory compliance, ideally with demonstrated experience in
 Refer written requests for information from clients and the general public regarding process improvement
their properties to appropriate, applicable Planning & Design department teams  Demonstrated ability to plan, prioritise and organise work, both on an
members individual and team basis, contributing to the overall goals of a Planning
 Assist in the development and recording of various Planning & Design department & Design Department
and/or team business plans, including the recording of information relating to team  Demonstrated ability to gain the confidence, co-operation and
targets assistance from a range of people, including other staff in the
 Assist in the implementation of the new administration processes for various administration of all Planning & Design department matters
Planning & Design department team services, particularly those involving new  Demonstrated ability to discuss and resolve basic Planning & Design

systems administration issues with counterparts in other council departments
Recommends and Identifies:  Well developed oral and written communication skills, particularly in
relation to providing information to clients, minimising their concerns
To Planning & Design Team Leaders;
and achieving positive outcomes for them in conjunction with the
 Appropriate changes to mix of skills applicable teams across the broader Planning & Design department
 Assist with the development of new administration procedures towards improving
the effectiveness of the delivery of various Planning & Design department and/or
team services

 Guidance and advice are always available from the Planning & Design Team
Leaders within the time available to make a choice.
Total Staff Supervised: We certify that the content of this Role and Accountability Statement
accurately reflects the overall role and accountabilities of the position;
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