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1 - Blast Relay - Black Widow, Agent 13, Mockingbird - tip - use black widow to lock down starlord at

the start and generally just falls into place after that.

2 - Combat Rumble (Defenders) - Lash, Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Campbell. (controlled lash)

3 - Speed Relay - Hogun, Volstagg, Bullseye. (mainly using Bullseye)

4 - Wave GOTG - Kraven, Maximus, Nebula, (use maximus the whole time, just make sure to use 3
skill to keep shield up and its simple enough)

5 - Combat Rumble (defenders again) - Wasp, Mysterio and Whiplash. (control wasp and Mysterio is
great on his own here next time i might do this without wasp as mysterio at t1 i think could do this
easily enough, whiplash is just there for rewards)

6 - Relay Male - Lizard, Ant Man and Falcon. (use ant man, go for war machine first, falcon team up
helps ant man but can be done without, Falcon himself is also good for this stage even at t1)

7 - Combat Rumble (defenders yet again) - Iron man, war machine and kingpin (controll iron man,
kingpin is just for rewards so can be swapped, would have been better if id saved whiplash from
earlier for team up bonus but the stage still easy at this point)

8 - Female Relay - Moon Girl, Sif and Hellcat (only need to use Moon Girl for easy win on this stage
other 2 are just for rewards)

9 - Wave (Formidable team option) - Deathlok, Baby Groot and Fandral. ( baby Groot does all the
work here others are just physical leadership and spare character for reward.

10 - Rumble Villain - Ultron, Sandman, Kaeculius (Sandman can solo this but Ultron leadership makes
it super easy but he and Kaecilius were only used for sake of rewards)

11 - Relay Female - Singularity, Clea and Angela, (use Clea to clear stage angela helps for team up.

12 - Boss (Two Destroyers - villain bonus) - World War Hulk, Red Skull, Green Goblin,.( Only need
hulk others are just for the rewards here)

13 - Relay Blast - Punisher, Elektra and Daredevil. (Elecktra and Daredevil split the load, as always try
and lock down wiccan as early as possible for best chance of success in this stage).

14 - Rumble (Hulks with physical reflect) - Ms Marvel, Wiccan and Baron Mordo ( use Baron Mordo
the other two need to be pure energy dealers so i was limited with options hence 2 usual leadership

15 - Entry mode (old and new variants) - Kate Bishop, Yondu and Hawkeye. (Used Yondu especially
with new uniform but even old uniform if not got the new and this is a cake walk. Your back up 3
should not be needed.

16 - Relay (No electric) - Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Moon Knight (i used these for team up and save
leadership characters all 3 are useful and can do good damage here)

17 - Boss Mode (Floki) - Medua, Black Bolt and Thor (as was stage 17 used thor and black bolt as was
unlikely to see this tage again, if i get this stage early i use thor and save black bolt for if i get it again
later both are great for it)
18 - Rumble Combat (defenders yet again) - Modok, Storm and Malekith (use Storm and this is easy
even a leadership isnt necessary, modok and malekith were more for reward)

19 - Wave Mode (GOTG) - She Hulk, Kid Kaiju and Amadeus Cho. (Use Kid Kaiju mainly but on second
wave use the combat characters to absorb gamora early flurry then pin them in corner and switch
back to Kid Kaiju, this strategy helps if you have awkward timing for damage immunity between
phase 1 and 2 or if like me Kid kaiju lags your phone and you take hits under lag sometimes.)

20 - Entry (old and new variants) - Red Hulk, Inferno and Robbie Reyes (wont need second wave, I
used these here because id saved them to this point for the agent venom and carnage battle so if
you get that use them there but as i hadnt had it i used them here with Robbies i frames its a super
easy clear.)

21 - Relay Combat Villian - Hyperion, Yellowjacket and Drax (Yellowjacket is all i ever use for this
stage with old hulk kingpin and hulk the other 2 were just leadership and spare for rewards)

22 - Boss (Hawkeye) - Winter Soldier, Captain America and Doc Oc Spidey uniform. (Cap is main one
to use here but can switch to Doc Oc spidey uniform is needed for safety)

23 - Rumble Villain - Ronin, Corvus Glaive and Vulture. (this floor was unexpected and due to who i
planned to save Corvus had to be used here, but once Lash enters the fights no longer use your
pinwheel skill he its not too much of an issue, side not i used vulture here just for rewards and i dont
have him geared or built yet, only at 6 star and 15 gears yet he is actually great on this stage even on
floor 23 and i didnt control him and he did not die so maybe built he could be the one to clear this

24 - Boss (Hawkeye again) - Ulik, Hulkbuster and Black Panther (I wasnt expecting this stage again
but Hulkbuster or black panther both have the dps to take down this stage)

25 - Entry Mode Xmen - Agent Venom, Hobo Spidey and Silk (second wave not needed, again really
simple win, could still be done without agent venom if need him elsewhere just he adds a big dps
boost whilst they are webbed up and adds teams ups)

26 - Boss Mode (Rocket Racoon dodge and damage immunity) - Spiderman 2099, Elsa Bloodstone
and Karnak ( Spidey 2099 only at t1 but his leadership means you can put any decent ish dps speed
character here and win, last week i used silk and won but as i used her on previous stage today this
was my best speed dps option)

27 - Entry (the arguably hardest stage of all for me personally - Dormammu team and Strange team)
- Cyclops, Doctor Strange and Wolverine ( this might seem counter productive but it works cyclops
leader buffs wolverine and strange, leave wolverine doing his thing damage wise whilst controlling
strange to keep them frozen as much as possible, shouldnt need to use a second wave team)

28 - Rumble Combat Defenders yet a-bloody-gain - Magneto, Enchantress and Mantis. (I know
overkill, basically i had saved all these 3 for rounds that this week never came, i used them last week
but the stages didnt appear and i knew i didnt need them on last 2 stages so i used all 3 and was
over in seconds, super easy win).

29 - Entry Mode Thanos and black order - Ancient One, Sharon Rogers and Phil Coulson (second
wave wasnt needed use Sharon Rogers and the rest as they say is history, (even without the other 2
they just help make it easier) also a tip i find this stage lags a lot due to how much happening on
screen so turning graphics to very low helps if you also have this issue like i do.
30 - Boss Daredevil - Titania, Carnage and Anti Venom. (Titania for leadership and anti venom for
team up, let Carnage have some fun) And thats that. Shadowlands complete and without using
characters like most of black order, odin, thanos or dormammu or jean, beast and rogue not used
also, and used at least 1 or 2 tier 1 characters on most stages until towards to end. If i can do it
anyone can. But i hope someone finds this helpful.