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[ Madina Group WLLL. | | WELDER QUALIFICATION RECORD. CERTIMICATE Na |291/085m001 REV. 0 WELDERS Nant unm Ra Sins | | stant ne swe | DATE OF TEST iramay.2007 WELDING PROCESS(ES) USED GTAW = sMAW ve MANUAL * | | wevnmcaniqn oF wes FOLLOWED BY MADINA |WPS USED DURING WELDING OF TEST COUPON ss, BASE METAL MATERIALS) WELDED ASME SA 106 Gr ue SIZE (THICKNESS SerscH eocisa6 iy 7." MANUAL OR SEME-AUTOMATIC VARIABLE OF EACH PROCESS (ow.350 EYAL BACKINa (METAL. WELD METAL. WHL_DED FROM BOTH SIDES, FLUXETC) (QW 402) otaw wirvout _wrenor wour saw wer om ASNEP Na cowaon Rw re . Par Tanh <> FLAT « > Pe ENTER DIAMETER TFPI ES Fienmeon BLLER METAL SFEEN(SPA S83 GoassincaripN‘gwao) —_ERNOSHWETN, nueva FILLER METAL ENO. + Sd Wie Ou ora i ne +i aking sMaw fe ita JCONSUMANLE BERT FOR TAW OR PAW waon— won — WIELD DEPOSE THICRNESS FOR EACH WELDING PROCESS omaw des ‘nn sMAW 1426 ma Unlint weetpmG POSMON (QW405) «a PROGRESSION (UPRIL DOWNIE er BACKING GAS FOR GTAW.PAWOR GMAN:FLEL GAS FOR OFW (QW-40) widen _ Wier wate OMAW TRANSFER MODE (QW.409), NA WA GTAW/SMAW WELDING CURRENT TYPE POLARITY (VE) DeNoc _ pana VISUALEXAMINATION RESULTS (QWI86) : ACcHPTARLE RADIOGHAPHICTEST RESULTS (QW:04 AND QW.305) + ccna vornimalamqiunetmorarcorrwassrrncectanm «+ —=—‘REPORTRORTAI:OVANRGTASMESLOR (CUED BEND TESTS TYVE < > QW-162.2 (SDE) RESULTS « > QW #4231) (TRANS RAH TYTE « > QW462.5 (9) (LONO RAR) REALLY Na wa Na NA Pun_.Er WELD -FRACTURETEST: wa LENGTH AND PERCENT OF DEFECTS: NA MACKOTESTFUSON: = MA MLETIEGS@E lay i. CONCAVITYCONEXITY, A in MADINA GROUP WL. (MECHANICAL DIVISION) wa LABORATORY TIT NO: Madina Group W.L.L. WELDER TION RECORD | 129170739001 REV [ curtmicarese WELDERS WAM: KUMARA RAO Samnt | STAMPS waveis9i | }) parcor mest eo.pee-s007 WELDING ERO TSMFS) USED oraw on Manual IDENTIFICATION OF WPS FOLLOWED BY MADINA ; ‘HPSTSEDOURNG WELDINGOFTESTOUTON —. on ol ASE METAL MATERIALS) WADED ASMESA 1960.05 Y sarc ozsmsenesemndllg X nance MANUAL OR SFSILAUTOMATIC VAMIABLE OF BACILTROCESS/OW-399) fie” gutta, [ACKING (METAL. WELD METAL, WELDED FROM OTH SUES. FLU ETC) (OW) alt ae oraw wrswout __win win ow SMAW NA wae ASMER.NO cowie) Ps Ramen | <2 PLATE < > PIPT(ENTER DIAMETER IF Pipe) Ns iropp a ove TLLERMETALSRECN (SPAY Sk . CLASSIFICATION (OW-0H) ER TEE Rat ena ™ FILLER METAL wo * Soe Wi ony ovaw i ALL : saw we wa ONSUMARLE INSERT FOR GTAW OK PAW Winn Wiha \WE.D DEFOSIT THICKNESS FOR EACH! WELDING PROCESS om s5im0 iota saz saw wa wa | WEDINa PosITON (QWs) ra A PROGRESSION (UPHILL : OWNER) emit Upon BACKING GAS FOR GTAW, PAWOR GMAW: FULGAS FoR OFW (QW-40R Wiaow “Wie Wino GMAW TRANSFER MODE {QV} WA wa | GTAW WELDING CURRENT TY1E/FOLARITY (4) fat oem | VISUAL EXAMINATION RESULTS 09190 ACCEITABLE | railcars modern a | (FORALTERNATIVE QUALINCATION OF GROOVE WELDS BV RADIOGRAPHY) : REFONE N ‘OUDEDEND Test RESULTS | UD REND TESTS TPE <> QW-H622 (IDE) RESULTS” ~ QW 2.44) TRAN RAI) TYPE <> W623 (ILENGRAP RESULT wm Ta wa wa a wa aera Fo LENOTHAND MIRCENT OFDEREETR wa MACRO TESTFLSION PUETLEUSE ins in CONCAVIIVECONVINITY, Wa in WELDING TIST CONDUCTED BY, MADINA GROUP W.LI (MECHANICAL DIVISION) MECHANICAL TESTS CONDUCTED BY: wa LABORATORY TESTNO: Nia WE CERTIFY THAT THE STATEMENTS IN THIS RECORD ARE CORRECT AND THAT THE TEST COUFONS WERE | PREPARED WELDERESRUATBSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF SE ar THe | pate: Fara Ne TRPMIR Ror 0 Bir aN WELDER PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATION RECORD (POR) (QW301, SECTION IX. ASME DOILER AND PRESSUT: VEsGT CODE Wale aa _RURNIA RAD SAINT ratesioa No _MW= TT Lucetctom of WHS foloved 06S Ren B Yo Conn DI Prac wot hei al ipa o INS nae fee mat san Tr rer MCN Ne Saar “Teng Condon ta Gascon Linas : ‘Weiding Varanies (OW:380) Actua aloes Weng pees ie) (GTAW Rout Pilend Cover a : SS SSS oe yp 6 mana em eu whe Taal Ties | ssskes inva wed metal dover cvAw sities! baa sitar wt bacng —] roe BD Preteneremsite toma. pn oF bey Sea Sa sero Pr Sumber hr Nur Ties FEF PAT PD, Fue moat or decode pesto SFAD foals) onw——a Scere Fae ew deco enneatet foe) Craw _ Tete 7 tr mit Nant craw Fat Re] coment GTAW or PAW ee Fair syne ootadmenl or Nu coradipe der (GTA W or AW) GTAW Solid / etal see sont mac foreach rece —_ re aes SS ——— Troxes: GTAW Stoyss rina Ye IN ime Tit i Proce 2 Siyes aim Cher Ne Poston gain e < Troan ar Se a Sees | vores woreion rp a | Type chet pr iOW) Wet Apptiate Tot peat In 8 vce (GTAW. PAW. GMAW) craw: ‘aren Wi refer ne (OMAW/FCAW) =e ee ——] cure! Type (GTA) DCN De rc RESULTS roa Fsaranaon of Complew Weid(QW:2024) sata (Cirenvere rove ben tetfQW 4623 3k. Congo oon tend eal QWAES Tor Cd tone es GWE [Bie ond sesmen coarse’ oeray(QW=I62SKe15 Pe bed pci, coronaria overlay [QW4625 [Ci necro for toon 37625 Cac ies fr enon W723 (et ie tea esa 7 Tas ee ape eae a GT) — aa pen oT | ES ea Tks wid (QW 180) Facre we (QW-182) Nog Appeal eng ad pees ees Mo Fue Weise Pow OWGPTOT] CT — Ate Wewsin ine }QWws62e) CT [Macro cares WTA) NL Apoteble isin (mens —_Nk_X RUA _ Coneviitonvsiy (aR wx ones Tine Fete rece SRE ey Company Nadia Group WL, Da than ati ye Noi pplcabie labora Te Name Na Lvetinesunewuedty “Haina ‘Werf teats TT THAT HST CDN TS TT TOT Tw TRS Section SME Ce Vest Comgucted! by (Madina) Fest Winessed &Ce by ETP Cet) Authorised Inspector (A) 1 [Eee [mains Group Watt Dane Cig —_| fore | sew a fee ee : fe arte ae = | a Whew ea