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Восточная философия в буддийских скульптурах Сукхи Барбер

Философия Востока не только расслабляет человека, даруя ему

вожделенный покой и гармонию со своим внутренним и внешним миром. Она
также дарует ему вдохновение, энергию и просветление, без которых невозможно
творить искусство и делиться с миром тем прекрасным, что сосредоточено у тебя

Английская художница и скульптор Сукхи Барбер (Sukhi Barber) 12 лет

провела в Катманду, изучая буддийскую философию, и поэтому ее скульптуры
пропитаны как европейским, так и азиатским духом творчества.

Sukhi Barber родилась в 1971 году, окончила Лондонскую Школу Искусств по

специальности скульптура. После окончания обучения она поехала в Индию, где
прониклась удивительным искусством Азии. Следующие 12 лет она посвятила
изучению буддийской философии в Катманду (Непал), что не замедлило
отразиться на смысле и мощной энергетике ее скульптур.

Впрочем, в них куда больше азиатского, чем европейского, и не столько в

технике исполнения, сколько в образах и формах. По словам самой Сукхи Барбер,
ее бронзовые изваяния предназначены для того, чтобы преодолеть границы
между культурами Востока и Запада. Воплощая собою мир и композиционное
равновесие, работы британского скульптора преподносят сложные восточно-
философские идеи с той простотой и ясностью, что делает их доступными для
западного зрителя.

Работая с таким твердым и холодным материалом, как бронза, Сукхи

Барбер удалось наполнить его теплотой и одухотворенностью, сделать настолько
воздушным и легким, насколько это возможно, если говорить о металле.

Эти скульптуры не только помогли достичь дзена, спокойствия и размеренности

самой художнице, - она считает, что эта визуализация силы духа и гармонии тела
в состоянии помочь и другим "ищущим".

1- Title: Ebb and Flow (Приливы и отливы)

cm: 62 x 52 x 36
Inspiration :
When settling into the ocean of mind waves will always arise – waves of
concepts or emotions – this is mind's natural creative expression. If we allow
these waves to roll through, and watch them dissolve naturally back into
themselves, far from being a distraction, they can bring great clarity and deepen
our experience. Then, like the skilled surfer, we can ride the waves.

2- Title : Rainbowbody
cm: 62 x 52 x 36

3- Title : Sunshrine
cm: 31 x 24 x 17
Inspiration :
When one rests in the state of loving kindness, the radiance of compassion is
like the warmth of the sun, shining from the heart, and touching all life.

4- Title : Temple
cm: 31 x 24 x 17
The body is our temple, our home for this life, and the basis for wholesome
activity. However, the highest aspiration is not primarily to manifest qualities on a
physical level, but rather the inner transformation of consciousness. Then, like a
temple lined with shining gold, these inner qualities radiate beauty, transforming
both inner and outer.

5- Title : Transfiguration
cm: 62 x 52 x 36

6- Title : Emanation
cm: 135 x 100 x 75
When we quiet our minds, and open our hearts, we recognise that we are always
in the act of emanating. From our hearts we emanate qualities of love, kindness
and peace quite naturally and effortlessly. As we look deeper, we realize that
these qualities are actually pervading our whole body, even our whole
surroundings. By perceiving this intrinsic purity in everything, we become truly
connected, in a fundamental and dynamically creative way.

7- Title : Embodying Space

cm: 62 x 52 x 36
As mind becomes open, peaceful and relaxed, one experiences the vastness of
space, not as something observed, but as ones very own nature. As concepts
dissolve, mind pervades, like the flawless summer sky.

8- Title : Dynamic Equilibrium

cm: 145 x 100 x 55
In the whirlwind of modern life, can we find stillness within activity, the peace in
the centre of the storm? The sculpture 'Dynamic Equilibrium' holds the answer - a
dancer, herself composed of tiny meditators, while wildly abandoned in ecstatic
dance remains serenely centred in the heart.

9- Title : Radiance
cm: 31 x 24 x 17
When the dark veils of confusion and ignorance are dispelled the radiance of
wisdom and compassion shine like the sun.

10- Title : Surfacing

cm: 60 x 35 x 25
Self-identity, or the constructed persona, arising out of habit and conditioning,
can be viewed as a mask. While it seems helpful towards functioning in the
world, it will obstruct the experience of our true nature if we cling to it as reality.
As symbolized in the sculpture 'Surfacing', when we loosen our grip on this
constructed identity, allowing it to gradually dissolve, qualities of peace, joy and
tranquility naturally surface.

11- Title : Synthesis

cm: 33 x 24 x 17
We are the synthesis of the divine and the worldly, yet only when we quiet our
minds, and open to direct experience, do we perceive this. As a plant opens to
receive the suns rays, and in so doing offers its own energy skywards, so do we,
in peaceful openness, become a channel, uniting the energies of heaven and

12- Title : Excell

cm: 135 x 100 x 75 / 31 x 24 x 17
When we 'excel' we go beyond the ordinary, by developing qualities that elevate
us. The title 'Excell' takes us a step closer to understanding what qualities are
here demonstrated. A cell is a single, distinct unit. Perhaps part of a whole, but
nonetheless, self contained and independent. This is how we conventionally
think of ourselves, because we view our lives through a veil of conceptual duality.
However, when we open our hearts we begin to realize that we are not distinct,
but actually intrinsically connected – we ex-cell our selves – and through this
process natural qualities of love and kindness manifest that far excel our
previous limitations.

13- Title: Thaw

cm: 31 x 24 x 17
When we perceive reality we freeze it into something solid and dependable. In
our memories things are exactly how we left them, frozen in time. This habit of
having a fixed idea of things obstructs us from experiencing the actual living
moment before us, which is utterly spontaneous, energetic and fluid. Therefore,
when we loosen our attachment to our concepts, those icy ideas naturally thaw
into the creative flow of the present moment.
14- Title: Universal
cm: 31 x 24 x 17 cm

15- Title : Potential 8

cm: 30 x 20 x 18
There is no more ancient or powerful symbol for enduring life as the pregnant
female form. It embodies the endless cycle of nature, and at the same time, the
mystery and hope of pure, unborn potential. In 'Potential 8', this symbol is
intensified by the torso, and so all identity, dissolving away. On the curve of the
belly we notice a small hand, pushing outwards. The palm of the hand is adorned
with the symbol of an enlightened being – this child is destined for greatness -
and yet may now lie in the humble womb of a beggar woman.

16- Title : Autumn Moon

cm: 38 x 25 x 22
The quality of moonlight on a clear autumn night is like at no other time. It is cool
but soft, and has a pervasive clarity that gently yet clearly illuminates all that it
touches. The quality of this light is the closest example we have for the natural
radiance of our minds.

17- Title : Crystal Clear

cm: 39 x 23 x 24
A crystal captures and reflects or refracts light. It has the ability to transform
simple shards of light into rainbows yet it remains in itself ever pure and clear. In
the same way our minds experience all the complexity and beauty of existence,
each of us enhancing experience with our own individual rainbows of expression,
and yet the fundamental nature of our minds remains unaffected; pure,
unchanging clarity.

18- Title : Appearance/Emptiness

cm: 62 x 52 x 36 / 31 x 24 x 17
In every moment, we are the combination of form and spirit, impermanent
elements and eternal consciousness. Appearance/Emptiness demonstrates how
these two realities exist side by side, each adorning the other. While form is the
playful expression of mind; mind itself is the spark that animates.

19- Title : Surrender

cm: 220 x 68 x 64
When life is lived from the heart, we open to the true power of our natures. This
is beautifully exemplified by the flower, which offers itself to life without
reservation. At once potent and vital, yet exquisitely vulnerable and transient, the
flower has no thoughts of past and future, no strategies or defences. It is simply,
utterly, open and present, and it is through this very openness, this invitation, that
it becomes a channel for all the power of creation.

20- Title : Presence

cm: 67 x 63 x 38
What is the essence of being present when all personal identity is refined away?
The ancient sculptures of Asia, even while being severely damaged, often retain
a strong charismatic presence of peace and balance. 'Presence' seeks to explore
these boundaries. Even in the process of dissolving, the figure is utterly present,
poised and relaxed. Beyond individual identity it symbolizes the eternal power of
effortless being.

21- Title : Disillusion Series, Figure I

cm: 31 x 24 x 17
The quality of wisdom, which is our natural potential, is likened to light. It is the
natural radiance of mind. Likewise, our negative emotions and habitual patterns
of ignorance can be compared to a veil that keeps us in darkness. In the
'Disillusion Series' this heavy veil is represented by the body of the meditator, his
idea of an independent self and all the limiting patterns and emotions that go
along with that. As he meditates he gradually lets go of these limitations, so
opening himself to the vast potential within, until eventually he is experiencing
the purity of his true nature, boundless light and space, like the cloud-free sky.

22- Title : Disillusion Series, Figure II

cm: 31 x 24 x 17

23- Title : Disillusion Series, Figure III

cm: 31 x 24 x 17

24- Title : Disillusion Series, Figure IV

cm: 31 x 24 x 17

25- Title : Seed Syllables

cm: OM 14 x 32 x 14 AH 12 x 29 x 12 HUM 15 x 34 x 15
Seed syllables are said to have a power in their very resonance, so that when
chanted or visualised they can have a direct transformative effect. The three
syllables OM, AH, and HUM represent our body, speech and mind, and help to
transform these three spheres of worldly activity into wisdom. In the Seed
Syllables series, the letters are arising on the surface of actual seeds,
symbolising their potential.

26- Title : Ruthless Compassion

cm: 25 x 25 x 2
Compassion in action is the courage to do whatever is appropriate and beneficial
in any given situation. Rather than being passive, benign, or even pleasant, this
compassion is vivid and skilful, with the power to cut to the very root of our
negative habits and emotions, to lay them bare that we might at last clearly
recognize our own patterns and transcend them. This skilful precision is
symbolized by the ritual 'hook-knife', and in 'Ruthless Compassion' the hook-knife
is formed in the shape of a heart, its every action motivated by love.

27- Title : Potential 2

cm: 34 x 28 x 12
The 'Potential Series' of sculptures seeks to demonstrate how we all have the
potential of great wisdom and compassion, even though these qualities are often
shrouded by our negative emotions and ignorance. When we find a bees' nest,
surrounded by angry bees, we detect little indication of the delicious honey
within. In the same way, anger and bigotry form a veil that hides our true nature
of peaceful clarity and love, and yet, when discovered, it is obvious that this
nature was there all along.

28- Title : Settled Clarity

cm: 31 x 28 x 12
The lotus is a symbol of purity. It grows in the mud and yet is unstained by it. In
the same way we can live in the world, surrounded by negativity and strong
emotions and if we are resting in the pure nature of our minds, we will not be
degenerated by it. In 'Settled Clarity' the lotus petals represent the billowing
robes of the meditator, while the crystal dewdrop represents this pure clarity of
mind, the adornment that is the result of his practice.

Остальные философские скульптуры Сукхи Барбер - на ее персональном сайте.

Источник: http://www.kulturologia.ru/blogs/160811/15151/


Восточная философия не только способствует расслаблению и обретению

внутренней и внешней гармонии, но и дарует человеку невероятное вдохновение
и энергию, с помощью которых и создается различное искусство. Буддийские
скульптуры английской художницы и скульптора Сукхи Барбер (Sukhi Barber),
прожившей в Катманду 12 лет, гармонично соединяют в себе европейские и
азиатские особенности творчества.

Восточная философия в буддийских скульптурах Сукхи Барбер

Впрочем, если присмотреться поближе, то окажется, что скульптуры Сукхи

Барбер своими образами и формами соответствуют особенностям азиатского, а
не европейского творчества. Талантливая художница утверждает, что ее
бронзовые скульптуры предназначены для преодоления границ между
культурными различиями Востока и Запада. Сложная и многогранная восточная
философия в работах Сукхи Барбер подана в простом и понятном виде, что
делает ее скульптуры доступными для зрителей Запада.

Восточная философия помогла Сукхи Барбер наполнить твердую и холодную

бронзу одухотворенностью и определенной теплотой, а также сделать воздушной
и легкой, совершенно не похожей на металл.