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11/1/2014 IChemE | Get Chartered | Self diagnosis

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Self diagnosis

Knowledge and understanding required for Chartered Member (MIChemE) Exit this survey

- the self diagnosis tool

You will need to increase your knowledge and understanding of chemical engineering in the workplace to the advanced level
required of a Chartered Chemical Engineer. To demonstrate that you have achieved this, you will need to provide a technical
report focused on your further learning in industry.

The first step is to register with IChemE your intention to do the above. You also need to read the guidance on demonstrating
further learning, including:

detail on the nature of the work you will need to undertake;

how to submit a synopsis of your proposed work for approval;
completing the technical report itself.

After successful assessment of the technical report described above, the following step will be to gain sufficient professional
experience to meet the level required and to provide evidence of this in a Competence and Commitment report.

Please print this page for your reference.

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