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Entrepreneurship Lazarescu Christian-Aleodor MDE year 2

Bonus Homework- Successful entrepreneur

I have chosen for my example the case of the two Romanian owners of Dedeman Dragoş
and Adrian Pavăl, with emphasis on the first.
Both of them came from a normal family, with a normal income and location. Dragos went
to Iasi and followed the informatics class in high school. Even from then he was taught that money
is earned by working, and he worked for it during holidays. After graduating the Mathematics
Faculty in Iasi we worked in IT for the enterprise of state shops. There he made a accountacy
software, doing this he had access to all the number, commercial excess, salaries, profit, and how
the merchandise enters and leaves storage.
After this he rented a space and made a small shop. He saw what products were in demand
and sold them fast, all this time using software for knowing what is sold and how much of it.
Seeing that it works and profiting from the fact that the state had to privatize commercial spaces
he bought a furniture store (he was still an employee and had primacy). He bought the furniture
shop because there was a lack of it in the market, so he could put a high commercial excess. There
and then they made a good capital.
Using this capital, they made loans and started to expand by a plan : buy commercial spaces
instead of renting them. After the third shop they realized that furniture was not enough and they
also started to sell materials for construction, decoration, installations. Having made a market
probing and seeing how in the west DIY stores were organized they started to change their shops
I have more than one criteria why I think they are successful entrepreneurs. Firstly they
saw opportunities fast and took control of them, it is seen from the start (including the choosing of
the high school). Secondly they had good education and put it to use, by understanding the need
for IT and making software specialized for their needs. Thirdly, although they were doing good
they understood that for the business to evolve they must reinvent themselves (from small shop,
to furniture and then to decorations and DIY) and last but not least, they used local workforce and
providers, and that is a very good community thinking that shows they are still down to earth.
I think that by understanding their journey many people can use them as a example in their
future endeavors. I think I can say that they are successful entrepreneurs.

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