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National Association For The Advancement of Colored People ‘CORPUS CHRISTI (H BOYD HALL) BRANCH NAACP. P.O. BOX 2921 » CORPUS CHRISTI. TEXAS 76403 PHONE (961) 884-8541 June 4, 2019 Press Release To all Pastor's and Members and Partners in Civil Rights Dear Partners, We are asking for all partners to join us at the June 11, 2019 City Council meeting to express our concerns for allowing the Son's of the Confederacy to wave their flag during the Annual Buccaneer Parade. The City of Corpus Christi officials abdicated its authority and pointed to the Buccaneer Commission. We have voiced our discontent to the Buccaneers Commission and did not leave with a sense concern. They gave an excuse of a First Amendment issue and would not give a commitment to address the issue and that the confederate flag may return next year. Should we accept this brushoff, it would leave our city open to having parades of Nazis waving their flags along with the Son's of Confederacy. We are not asking that they not celebrate their heritage, we are saying that from our position, the Confederacy enriched themselves at the hands of enslavement of African-Americans and waving a flag to remind us of these atrocities is not appreciated. The atrocities suffered by slaves is not something we should glorify as if it did not happen and that it was harmless. African-Americans are still dealing with the effects slavery to this day through stereo-type or other forms of racism. We are publicly asking our elected city, county, and state officials these questions. 1. When asking for our votes, are you endorsing or co-signing with the Son's of the Confederacy? 2. If we say we do not discriminate by race, creed, religion, gender or sexual orientation how are we still partnering with the Buccaneer Commission which has no women on the board? 3. Why is the City and County allowing tax payer revenue to be funneled to the Buccaneer Commission? 4. Do sponsor's code of conduct align with the Buccaneer Commission's discriminatory practice of no women on the board? These are a few issues we are asking and hope to receive straight answers. Terry Mill: . President NAACP