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Planning a Book Trailer

FRIT 7233
G. James
Planning a Book Trailer
1. Identify the audience for your book trailer. Who are you designing this for? If you
are a teacher or media specialist, describe a group of your learners below. If you do not
work in a K-12 setting, send me an email and we can decide who your audience will be.

Learner Analysis:

a. Age/Gender: Male and Female (ages 13 – 19).

b. Cultural Background: Rural Americans; poverty-stricken area; combination of
Caucasian and African American/Black students.
c. Educational Level: Middle and High School students
d. Special Needs/Accommodations: Language/Verbiage used will be simplified so the
audience may understand many complexities that the protagonist of
the book had to endure. Closed-Captioning will be provided on the
final version of the book trailer.
e. Specific Entry Skills: No real specific entry skills is needed.

e. Motivation – Keller’s ARCS Model (Describe how you will integrate each component
into your book trailer to get your audience’s attention.)
· Attention – I will get their attention by showing/telling the devastating effects of what
happened to the protagonist when she took on the Taliban.
· Relevance – I will ask students to put themselves into the situation of the protagonist. How
might they have handled situations differently? Or, what would they have done different?
· Confidence – I will tell of the courage the protagonist had in dealing with the Taliban.
· Satisfaction – I will tell of the positive things that have occurred as a result of the protagonist
taking on the Taliban.

2. Book Selection – The book you select needs to be an outstanding selection for
readers in the age group you have selected. Use the lists below to help you select an
appropriate book (again if you are not in K-12 send me an email and we will select a
proper resource). The book you select should be age and content appropriate for the
audience you have identified above. Once you have selected a book - place the title you
have chosen next to the award you selected it from.
· Newbery Medal Book Awards-
· Theodore Seuss Geisel Awards
· Caldecott Medal Book Awards
· DeBary Children’s Science Book Awards
· Coretta Scott King Book Awards
· Golden Kite Awards
· Young Adult Book Awards - The book I have selected is I am Malala by Malala YousafzaI
Planning a Book Trailer
FRIT 7233
G. James
3. If you cannot access the book you selected through your school library media center,
check your local public library. If it is a new book, not in anyone’s collection, choose a
different one. You do not need to buy a book for this assignment.