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SUCCESS SYNOPSIS aia Resonance” , Educating for beter tomorrow Uncountable Success Stories created during these 17 Year. Anymore and we'll soon have to open a library. ABHAY CHAUHAN 4 z El 2 a 8 zg a =| a 5 Z z an 2 < a] 5 2 MEHUL KUMAR OSHIMA GOYAL J ANUSHA SHARD 2001-2018 Se.No. Content Page No. 1 Achievements at a glance 3 2 Genesis of Resonance 45 3 Important Milestones er 4 Performance @ JEE (Advanced) 9 5 TOP 100 AIR CLUB: 2002-2018 10-1 6 Performance @ JEE (Main) 3 7 Performance @ AlIMSINEET 15,17 8 Performance @ KVPY 19 9 Performance @ Intemational Olympiads 21,22 10. Performance @ NTSE 23 11 ‘Commerce & Law Program Division (CLPD) 25, 26 12, We are here for you 2 Practice, Persstence and Performance have been the guiding words that have formed the bass of every success at Resonance, Under the visionary leadership of Mr.8.K. Verma Resonance began itsjeurney nthe year 2001 with the sole objective of raising the bar of excelloncein career education andholstc personaly development. Quality education and guidance shouldreach tothe remotest of placesso that dream of making ito the I's getsitsdvewashisquidinginspraton, ‘oday, with National Network across 80 cities in Inca, 24 integrated Clossoom Contac! Program Cenites (ISGP) & other than thot 74 fest Centres, Resonance has carved a distinc niche for iseltin the space of career education. Allthese centres are not franchisee set ups but established, run tnd managed by Resonance from Kota, Over the yoors we have added fo our services and elforingsso that maximum students get the guidance «and opportunity to realize thelr dreams. The Distance Learning Program Divsion, establshed during the academic year of 2008-06, caters to the distinct needs of students who are unable to move out oftheir native places. It provides course materia fr JEE (Advance, JEE (Main). NEE, AIMS, KVPY, NISE SO, CBSE and ether national and international Olympiads. he Pre-feundetion Career Care Program [PCCP] was launched in 2006 ond has been successull preparing studentsfor he compeiive exams from classes V-Vlland B-X onwards. The year 2011 saw the adattion ‘of AIEEE/JEE (MAIN) & NEET[AIPM] Gvison and programs for the studen's of Class Vllio X who wart fo appear in Talent Search Sxominations ke Notionalfalent Search Examination (NISE], hlemational Olympiads, ‘Chasing excellence persistently has brought in manylaurelsforResonanice regulary. the yer 2008-09, astudent from Resonance secured aTop- Rankin T-JEE forthe fs! ime. Anvi Singh Tenwar fam Resonance Class‘oom Program secuted AIR 09 inlIIEE. Resonance students bagged ‘AIR-2 ond AIR-SinIf-JEE 2011 and it was one of the best performances in I-JEE [JEE-Ady| ‘hen, Kalit Veerwal. another student of Resonance's ‘Classroom Coaching Program created history in 2016-17. Kalpt achieved the classic score of 360/360 in JEE Main 2017 and his effort found a ‘mentionin the mca Book of Records. Kapi's feat was aninspiration fo many future espirants Fram Resonance. Pawan Geyalmade the most afitin 2017-18, Pawan secured AIR 4in JEE Advanced and AIR 6in JEE Manin 2017-18, He bogged highest marks 350 /340-In JEE Main end this was the second consecutive year when o student of Resonance secured Pighest mars in JE. Pawan Goyal also claimed the prestigious Gold medal at PHoz08 To cut the long story short, Resonance has been instrumental in defvering excellent results in the post 17 years, since its incorporation in 2001 Resonance has made 37000+ students qual for I's & 185C00+ students qualified for Ns & various other engineering colleges (since 2002) ‘Around 10700+ studen's hove quolfied into the medical stream (NEET/AIMS} 0s of 2012. There are 1724+ NISE Scholars, 2142+ KVPY Fellowship Winners, 47 Medalsts with 11 Gold Medak in Intemational Olympiads [since 2006} and 250+ selections in CA [since 2012}. All hese students are mokingimportant sridesin therespoctve fields across various segments and they happily owe thei success te Resonance. Inspired by its success, Resonance elven is portato of courses apart from If-JEE, Medical to Commerce & Law in the form of New Divsion Resonance Commerce & Law Program Division [CLPD), Resonanee is ako offering coaching for various olher competitive examinations such os Bonk. Insurance and nance, Rellway, Defence & Police, Teachers rectuliment, Nalionallevelpublc services, State evel public services and otner ‘examinations underits ResoMEXDivison and coaching for classXI8 XlunderitsParaSchootng dvsion (SPD),