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74 BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON ‘epyran © 590 Rerawad 857) by Famous Mae Corporation Words by LEO ROBIN Music by RICHARD A, WHITING. ‘and W. FRANKE HARLING. Rhythoncally . Bb Bbdim? Bb _Ebm Hn Bb eo Be- yond The ‘Blue = Ho - Hom, wats "beau ti = fal day; Goad - cnt Ebms Bb Gm o Fy Fits bye to things that bore me, Joy Is waiting for me 1 Bb Bhdin? Bb Ebm FI Bb Baim? a om se mew ho a 200, My life has only be - gun; Be- yond The BEYOND THE SEA orate 08 canoer an Eee ree Ea laar Sr oor Fe ciarnesa Benr Music and French lyre by CHARLES TRENET See teeraione curcmasca oe Moderately F bm oh Foo oO ee ey ocr 2 a— a a —rl——t—“Cis—C—sSssE Been The SGM REE Soa WY cou _—_—e F C——— 7 © oo So = Stands on gid. en sands and watches the ships tat go alka Same = See lr Trlr CL ——— oo FB SE bs ee — : = + Eo I= ¥ Fi =e ‘i o Ws tego aes 008, 1 now. beyond a doubt, my eart will lead me there c o F opm Bho oT Po Dm FATE os en soon, —_ We'll meet__________be- yond the shore, we'll kiss just as be ~ fore. Dm ct F Dm Bb DIA Gm = CT, ChdimDm Bb aa F — —Hap-py we'll be Beyond The Sea,_____ and nev-er a= gain go sail, = ing,