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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VI- Western Visayas
Division of Iloilo
Tapacon, Bingawan, Iloilo


4th Quarter Assessment

I. Multiple Choice. Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer.
1. Is a feedback technology (using computer applications) that takes advantage of the user’s sense of touch by
applying force, vibrations and/or motions to the User?
A. Eye tracking B. Intelligent routing C. Haptics D. Contextual awareness
2. What kind of technology and trends will open new opportunities in security and healthcare – with mobile
A. Voice and tone recognition C. Eye tracking technology
B. Intelligent routing to devices D. Internet glasses
3. Eye tracking technology measures eye positions and movements which analysed through computer applications.
One of the possible application is to identify suspicious behaviour, e.g. to catch terrorist before it strike which is
useful in __________.
A. Law enforcement B. Airport security C. Retail D. Safety
4. Seeing building schematics and locations of others (especially useful for security or fire fighters) and giving a
speech while information is streamed to your eyeglasses in real time are viewing examples possible
with__________ technology in the next 10-20 years.
A. Internet glasses B. Haptics C. Eye tracking D. Intelligent routing
5. This future technology will be useful to, for example, local councils. While on the move, staff will be able to
provide the precise description and location of a street-based issue using Smartphones and mobile devices that
can take photos and have GPS (global positioning system) support. ____________ will then alert the responsible
team to action.
A. Eye tracking technology C. Voice and tone recognition
B. Intelligent routing to devices D. Haptics technology
6. Individuals serve as channels of information are called _______
A. People as media B. People in media C. Text media D. Audio media
7. Formats and examples of social media in relationship or social networks
A. Facebook B. Twitter C. Instagram D. Pinterest
8. The following are example of the Virtual worlds except…..
A. Farmville B. World of Warcraft C. Secondlife D. Youtube
9. Instant recognition by the way of simply liking a post can be very gratifying and encouraging is one of the
advantage of social media in….
A. Recognition B. Learning C. Relationships D. Career progression
10. This form of entertainment can often be addictive. Others find it more difficult to manage their time wisely and
to focus on the task at hand. The following sentences describe the limitation of media in ________?
A. Entertainment B. Learning C. Career progression D. Relationships
11. What do you call a simple and flexible format of presenting information or conveying ideas whether hand-
written, printed or displayed on-screen?
A. Text B. Media c. Format D. News Letter
12. Times New Roman, Garamond, Baskerville are examples of
A. Serif B. Sans Serif c. Slab Serif D. Script
13. What type of text brings a clean or minimalist look to the text? This font is used for clear and direct meaning of
text such as road signage, building directory or nutrition facts in food packages.
A. Decorative B. Serif c. San Serif D. Script
14. It refers to the importance or value given to a part of the text-based content. When trying to make a point or
highlighting a message, you can make the text bold, italicized, have a heavier weight, darkened or lightened
(depending on your background color) or enlarged.
A. Emphasis B. Alignment C. Appropriateness D. Proximity
15. It refers to a conscious effort to organize the different text elements in a page.
A. Contrast B. Organization C. Proximity D. Repetition
16. This Go to Page 1 is a____________ that will bring you to the first slide in this presentation.
A. Hypertext B. Plain text C unformatted txt D. Formatted txt
17. A type of formatted text that developed by Adobe systems for cross platform exchange of documents, supports
image and graphics.
A. PDF (Portable Document Format) C. RTF (Rich Text Format)
B. PS (PostScript) D. DOC (document)
18. It is a geometric or organic area that stands out from the space next to or around it, or because of differences in
value, color, or texture.
A. Line B. Texture C. Shape D. Value
19. It is determined by its hue (name of color), intensity (purity of the hue), and value (lightness or darkness of hue).
It is also used for emphasis, or may elicit emotions from viewers.
A. Color B. Value C. Texture D. Shape
20. What is a form?
A. an illusion of a 3-dimensional object can be implied with the use of light and shading
B. an illusion of the surfaces peaks and valleys, resulting in a feeling of smoothness or roughness in objects
C. contrast between black and white and all the tones in between
D. create texture and can be thick or thin
21. It is an area that first attracts attention in a composition of visual design principle.
22. How will show directional movement according to the visual principle design?
A. create through the arrangement of objects in two dimensional space to look like they appear in real life
B. gives interest, counteracting confusion and monotony
C. like a dance, it will have a flow of objects that will seem to be like the beat of music
D. can be the suggestion of motion in a design as you move from object to object by way placement and position
23. It is a type of audio media that is live or recorded audio sent through radio waves to reach a wide audience.
A. Audio Podcast B. Sound recording C. Radio broadcast D. Sound clips/effects
24. It is an audio data compression technology developed by Microsoft and used with Windows Media Player.
A. WMA (Windows Media Audio) B. WAV C. M4A/AAC D. MP3
25. It is a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio, and video, for use on small,
portable, or remote computing devices.
A. Memory Card B. USB drive C. Tape D. CD
26. Motion principle of design which refers to the route that the object will take. It shows the change in direction of
a movement.
A. Timing B. Direction C. Motion Path D. Speed
27. Fast movement sends much information. Slow movement provides emphasis and lasting recall.
A. Speed, direction and timing B. Timing affects recall C. Transitions D. Sound and color
28. In the principle of motion media, timing can be objective or subjective?
A. Objective only B. Subjective only C. Both D. neither of the two
29. Which of the following is true about using a transition as one of design principles in creating movement?
A. used to switch between scene
B. graphic and text provides dynamic movement
C. provide the illusion of fast movement
D. adds depth and meaning to movement
30. Cartooning your graphic and text provides dynamic movement. This can be done by using the following
A. Stretching B. Rotating C. Squashing D. A,B & C
31. It is to compare prices; compare features of similar items; add to cart; choose payment type; track delivery; get
advice from experts; search products; check local availability; get product recommendations.
A. Online gaming B. Online shopping C. Online classes D. Videos
32. You have to choose your own adventure; get multimedia content; experience game elements which describes
the _______.
A. Videos B. Chat C. Online games D. Gaming
33. It is a special region to act as a trigger to another web page. It could be a circle, triangle, rectangle or polygon.
A. Rollover B. Hotspot C. Tabs D. Flip cards
34. Which of the following is the advantage of using multimedia as instruction and media?
A. multi-sensorial (sight, hearing, etc.), it can be interactive, caters to a wide audience.
B. can take up a lot of digital storage
C. some products may cater to the larger population but neglect some groups
D. limit the information
35. Over the years, it has been established that information can be expressed through text, speech, sound, graphics
or images, animation, and video. A combination of these media sources is considered ________.
A. Multimedia B. Social Media C. Network D. Publication
36. The following are the different features of Interactive television or ITV, which is not?
A. Allow viewers to participate in games shows - viewers compete with on-screen contestants
B. Select alternate endings to their favorite program
C. Encourage children to interact with educational programs
D. access to email and e-commerce applications via internet are not allowed
37. A fast movement gives vigor and vitality, intensifying emotions. A slow movement connotes lethargy, solemnity
or sadness. The following describes_______.
A. Speed B. Timing C. Repetition D. Motion Path
38. Journalists are using social media to make their content available to more people. A journalist is an example of
A. People as Media B. People in Media C. People Media D. Social Media
39. People in Media are
A. •media practitioners •experts •provide information to media users
B. •experts •provide information to media users
C. •people with limited access to media and information
D. None of above mentioned
40. A media ________person can decode, evaluate, analyze and produce both print and electronic media.
A. Literate B. Novice C. Illiterate D. Sociable