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18 Minutes - Peter Bregman  

3 Key Ideas: 
1. Do Fewer Things: 
1. The secret to doing great things is to do fewer things
1. It's impossible to get it all done and it is dangerous to even try
2. The key is to identify what's worth doing and what's not worth doing

2. Develop Self Awareness - Understand Yourself:  

1. Strengths
1. Play the game that is suited to your strengths
2. Or invent a different game where you will win
2. Weaknesses
1. The most successful people do not try to conquer their
weaknesses/improve upon them.
3. Differences
1. Trying to distinguish ourselves by being the same as others but only
better or faster or stronger is very hard to do and very hard to sustain.
2. Its much easier to be different and send out.
3. Don’t blend in. You can not win there

4. Passions
1. Desire - Our obsessions will tell us what we should go after
2. Persistence - You have to be willing to persist through the tough times
3. Ease - Spend time on things that you enjoy so much that they feel
4. Meaning - As much as possible spend time on what matters to you the

3. You need less motivation than you think:  

1. We don’t need huge chunks of motivation to complete the whole task - We just
need enough motivation to get started.
1. Break down the task and get started on the smallest piece - even if it is
for 1 minute.
2. Getting started will build momentum and actually create motivation to
take the next step and then the next step.
2. Reduce the transition time to get started on a task - hence eliminating the need

to wait for motivation​



Action Guide  

1. YEAR​

a. Identify: What’s most important for you to accomplish over the next 12 months?
What’s the most valuable to you? 
  Top 3 Goals for the next 12 months/to the end of the year 

Goal 1   


Goal 2   


Goal 3   




2. Filter your To-Do List: 

a. Filter your to-do list through that 1 Yr vision. Take things off your to-do list  
  What 5 things do you need to do more of? 





  What 5 things do you need to REMOVE? 







3. 18 Minutes Ritual 
a. 5 Minutes in morning  
Time Slot  Top 5 Things to accomplish Today 





b. 1 minute Every Hour for 8 hours -
Work Hour  What Did I do in Did I use it How will I use Who am I What do I
the last hour  properly?  the next hour?  going to be?  need to








c. 5 Minutes at end of day

Success 1   

Success 2   

Success 3   

Challenge 1    

Challenge 2    

Challenge 3    

Learning 1   

Learning 2   

Learning 3