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Warm greeting from me to teacher and everyone.

We are group 11, today presenting Casestudy 11

which is LINA SPORTS.

LINA SPORTS is an Italian sportswear manufacturer. Founded by Franco Rossi in 1978 and has since
become a world-famous company. This company originally focused in tennis shoes, but later addressed
into other fields (such as football, volleyball…).

In the last three years, LINA SPORTS’s annually profits have fallen while costs have risen. Additionally,
the market has highly competitive. It also has possibility being taken over by giant French group.

There are problems faced by LINA SPORTS:

_ Launched too many products

_ Expensive investment on top sports celebrities

_ Encounter stronger rivals (on market)

_ Lost reputation for being innovative

At the moment, Franco Rossi is 58 years old, he’s more likely to become Chairman of the company in the
future. To meet a satisfied appointment, three capable candidates have been chosen as future CEO to

Each candidate will present his/her ideas. The director who makes the most convincible presentation
will be chose.