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Say ‘NO’ to Drugs

All: Shhh…
Row 1: good morning
Row 2: good morning
Row 3: good morning
Clap 1,2,3
All: Today, we proudly present to you our choral speaking entitled “”Say No To
Substance Abuse”
Half 1: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Half 2: Sit tight and switch your phone into silent mode
All: and enjoy the show.
Clap (all heads down)
Solo 1: substance abuse. What is substance abuse?
All: Hmmm… (thinking)
Half 1: Oh I know, I know,
It means elements that could harm our health
And we have no control over it
Half 2: We can be addicted to it
And it’s unstoppable!
Solo 2: What are the things that we can get substance abused from?
Row 1: smoking cigarettes
Row 2: drinking alcohol
Row 3: and overdosing drugs
Clap 1,2,3
Solo 1 (someone in the middle): (do smoking action- inhaling and exhaling
Small group near solo 1: (cough) hey! Stop smoking!
Solo 1: Why should I stop? Smoking makes me look cool!
All: Errrr…. No, it doesn’t. Cigarettes contain harmful substance
Solo 2 (random): nicotine
Solo 3 (random): lead
Solo 4 (random): tar
Solo 5 (random): carbon monoxide
All: These substance can cause serious health issues
Row 1: lung cancer
Row 2: stroke
Row 3: heart disease
All: and even death! (shout out)
Clap 1,2,3
All: drinking alcohol is bad for our health too
Solo 1: it contains ethanol that makes you drunk
All: So drunk that we might lose consciousness
Solo 2: cheers everyone! Let’s drink and have fun! Hahahaha
Half 1: drinking alcohol brings temporary fun
Half 2: with permanent consequences.
All: you might suffer from
Small group 1: heart disease
Small group 2: brain damage
Small group 3: liver cancer
All: and even death! (shout out)
Clap 1,2,3
Solo: Do you know?
Half 1: what?
Half 2: what?
Small group 1: Drugs can be a healer to our pain,
Small group 2: it can also be a POISON if we overdosed it
All (except small group 2) : (startled) poison?! No way!

Clap 1,2,3

Row 2: Statistic has shown an increase number of drug addicts every year. Even
in teenagers too!
Half 1: but why?
Half 3: but why?
Half 2: but why?
Clap 1,2,3
Solo 1: Some people abuse drugs to escape the reality.
All: hmm… how so?
Half 1: you see, people tend to have overwhelming stress from work or family
Half 2: peer pressure and curiosity
Row 2: without thinking rationally
Small group 1: they drink
Small group 2: they sniff
Small group 3: they inject
Small group 4: they swallow the magical potion
All: to enter the fantasy world
(dreaming, fantasizing- chaotic) *5 seconds
Clap 1,2,3
Solo 2: Stop dreaming! Stop dreaming!
All: Your flesh, struggled in fear,
Your mind, unsettled, fall into a total darkness
Small group 1: it hurts!
Small group 2: it hurts!
Small group 3: it hurts!
Small group 4: it hurts!
Clap 1,2,3
Half 1: One drop of the potion into your throat,
Half 2: makes you lose focus
Half 1: making wrong and unwise decisions
Half 2: makes you hurt other people
All: Do you want this in your life? DO YOU? DO YOU??

Clap 1,2,3
Row 1: Stop hurting your body
Row 2: Stop messing with your mind
Row 3: Stop damaging your soul
All: For you are precious, you are being loved!

Clap 1,2,3
All: Drugs kill the pain,
Row 1: and the joy
Row 2: and the hope
Row 3: and the body
All: and the brain and finally, the soul (hand on chest, head down)
Clap 1,2,3
Solo 1: remember,
All: smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs are not the solution to our problem
Row 1: talk to your teacher
Row 2: talk to your parents
Row 3: talk to your friend
All: Voice out your problems,
Don’t keep it to yourself
Row 2: Say NO to substance abuse
Row 1: Say NO to substance abuse
All: Say NO to substance abuse! NO, NO, NO!!!!
Clap 1,2,3
All: Let’s live a healthy lifestyle, without substance
All: Say NO to substance abuse
You can make a difference!
Thank you.
Clap 1,2,3