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SASHA SHIN Shinarts.weebly.com

Fort Lee, NJ
I l l u s t rat o r G ra p h i c D e s i g n e r A rt i s t (201) 364 - 9343

D e t e r m i n e d a n d h a rd w o r k i n g s t u d e n t w h o i s ea s i l y a d a p t a b l e w i t h a b i l i t i e s i n
g ra p h i c a n d t ra d i t i o n a l a rt s . A b l e t o a p p l y g ra p h i c d e s i g n a n d a rt i s t i c a b i l i t i e s t o
w o r k a s a d e s i g n e r f o r y o u r c o m p a n y.

Fort Lee High School Rhode Island Proficient in Adobe Illustrator
Senior School of Design
GPA: 3.8
Basic Knowledge in Photoshop and
Adobe Suite
Relevant Coursework: Graphic Design, Art 4, Graphic Design
Yearbook, AP 3D Design Illustration Skilled in Drawing and Acrylic
Honors: President of National Art Honors Society Accepted to RISD Class of Painting
2023 for Illustration.
Clubs: National Art Honors Society, Fluent in speaking, writing and reading
International Thespian Society, Granted Merit Scholarship
Fort Lee Theatre Art Crew Korean

Cooper Union Spring and
National Art Fort Lee High North Jersey
Fall Outreach Program Honors Society School Theatre Teen Arts
2018, 2D Design and 3D Design Co-President Art Crew Head Festival
Was President for two Designed and painted Participant
Cooper Union Summer consecutive years. backdrops and
decoration for shows Had work accepted
Art Intensive Attended Teen Arts and displayed in Teen
Festival in 2018 where Designed posters and Arts Festival
2018, Graphic Design our work was displayed, flyers to advertise and
and represented our promote upcoming Attended Teen Arts
The Art Students League school. shows. Festival to represent
of New York Fort Lee High School’s
Practiced drawing at a Designed T-shirts and Art department
2014, Watercolor and Drawing much more advanced sweatpants that
and intense level. promoted the theatre.

D’avant Sushi Tara Lawlor
Waitress Guidance Counselor
Ensured quality customer service by taking orders, serving tlawlor@flboe.com
food and drinks, and taking care of finances.
Thomas Cirone
Bergen County Animal High School Art Teacher
Resuce Foundation
Helped clean up after cats and feed animals. Melanie Catalano
High School Graphic Design Teacher
Korean-American Senior Citizen’s mcatalano@flboe.com
Association of New Jersey
Volunteer English Teacher Kathryn Hetman
AP 3D Design Teacher
Taught Korean-American Senior Citizens conversational and
basic English language. khetman@flboe.com