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Grade: 11/12 Subject: Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person

Semester: Session No.: 7 Date:

Content Standard: The learner demonstrates various ways of doing philosophy
Performance Standard: The learner evaluate opinions
Learning Competencies: Distinguished opinion from truth PPT 11/12-Ic-2.1
Knowledge: distinguished truth from opinion;
Skills show the difference between opinion and truth;
Attitude Choose attributes about themselves which they consider as truth and
II CONTENT Methods of Philosophizing
A. References Introduction to philosophy of a human person textbook
B. Other Learning resources (www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHLSdrAkOE
Caraan(2016)Introduction to philosophy of the Human Person ,Diwa
learning system Makati,Philippines pp.21-32

Ramos(2016)Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person,Rex Inc.

bookstore Sampaloc,Manila pp.29-34

Motivational Question: Teacher ask the students;
how was their day;
how was their feelings going to school;
Who motivate them by going in going to School;

*Teacher will share to the class about his/her inputs on the given quotation

A. Activity Activity: Read an online news article of a current controversial issue. Turn
to the comment section below the article. Describe the interaction among
the commenters and the kind of comments they post online.
 Focus on two or more commenters who are actively exchanging

Same Sex Marriage

I’m from the Philippines, specifically, Davao (yes, our mayor is the
president), in Davao, gay people get to enjoy so much freedom, they
can expose themselves for who they are, our society does not
discriminate or marginalize homosexuals, we see them as equals and
straight people have no problems with them, we judge them not on their
sexual orientation, but on their skill and character, we have a law that
protects them from job discrimination up to hate crimes, in the
Philippines as a whole, a lot of us accept the concept of same sex
marriage, but the Church doesn’t, and a lot of us are devout followers,
the government fear that if they raise the issue of allowing same sex
marriage, the Church would go nuts and use the masses to rally, it
would be chaos, that’s why there is a delay on implementing such bill.


Re: "she offers no children suffering because they have two
mothers." Actually, she'd need to offer children suffering because
their two mothers are married. She's saying that the children who
already have two mothers should never see those two mothers
lawfully wedded: that the marriage itself is an additional evil above
and beyond the household formation.

If we try to finish this sentence: gay people should have the right to
get married because ...
I believe it will most likely end up in the same logical fallacy, except
it's not coming from god, but our intrinsic belief of rights. But it's no
less illogical than the other argument.

atashiin reply to great uncle clive

"A farmer and a farmer's wife are EQUAL... They can't both be
... in which fantasy world do you live in?
The reality was more nuanced. Sure, the man was generally the farm
manager and the woman the house manager, but they could switch
role if needed. For example, in the XIXth century, a lot of Canadian
farmers were working as lumber jack in winter. Their wifes were left
alone at home to take care of both the house and the farm and it
worked. On the other hand, in summer, women would routinely go
out of their housework to give an hand at the pressing field tasks.
Here's an illustration for a XVth century book to represent the month
of June. The two humans on the first row are obviously female:

B. Analysis Activity: Looking at the arguments you focused on, how would you assess
the strength and soundness of their arguments?
Are the arguments reasonable to you?
Do you agree with these arguments?
Do you think this arguments are downright foolish or simply wrong?
What is your criterion for saying that this argument is a good one, and that
argument is bad?
C. Abstraction An opinion is a statement of judgement of a person about something
in the world.
- Not all opinions, however, are made equal. Some opinions are so
weakly made, hardly see the light of day in the world of print and
digital media; whereas, some opinions are very strongly put the
people unquestioningly take them as true. Lets consider the
example of the case of extrajudicial killings. Today, many people
simply take it as true that there is no longer solution to the
problem of drug and prevention than to decimate the perpetrators
without due process demanded by the rule of law. Many of those
who strongly agree with tis view fail to recognize that this is just an
opinion, and has not yet gained the status of being held as true.
As such people who express their objections in social media
against this opinions.
This opinions can only become truth if there are enough
supporting reasons that defend criticism.

Opinions are:
Statements of judgement that are in need of further justification
- If they do not pass the test of justifications as we have shown
above, opinions will have to be defended with better reasons to
strengthen them.
That is why it is important to have a healthy discussions on issues
like the examples given.
It will not do simply shut people up when they speak against an
opinion. It is also not helpful if critics refuse to listen to the defense
of those who agree with this opinion.

D. Application Activity: Spongebob: Empty your mind

Processing: Identify situations from the video which can be considered as
truth and opinion. Answers should be written in the group activity sheet
E. Practical Applications of concepts Activity: Imagine that you are part of the conversation given below, as a
and skills in daily living student hoe will you react to the given statements.

Friend 1: Did you hear Martin say that Ma’am Gonzales

will not give a test today?
Friend 2: Really? I heard Martin is pretty close with
Ma’am. Maybe he is right.
Friend 3: Remember when he said last Monday that
classes will be suspended in the afternoon because it
was the principal’s birthday? Well that Didn’t happen. I
don’t think we should believe what he says.

F. Generalization Philosophy is concerned with determining truth since it lies at the heart of
any inquiry.

Facts are statements that are observe to be real or truthful. Claims are
statements that are require further examinations to be determine their
- Opinions are comprised of statements which not only given facts
but also provided conclusions or perspectives regarding certain
- Opinions are often influenced by bias
- Philosophy can help us examine various views on relevant issues
in our lives, An objective evaluation of opinions and an awareness
oc our own personal biases can help us make wise choices
regarding the most acceptable views to adopt and the right
actions undertake.

Let the students answer the given question:

Based on the discussion, how should analysis of situations be done?

Expected answer:
Analysis of situations should be done with utmost consideration of the truth.

G. Evaluation (A teacher will look for a Situation or an issue which is current; it could be
in newspaper; Magazines; social media, etc.)
Let the students compare the statements written in the section.
What are some indicators in the statements of opinion?
What are some indicators in the news item statements that clearly show
that they are not simply stating opinions but facts?

H. Additional activities for application Have the students cite an instance in their life where they find truth to be
or remediation (assignment) really essential/significant.

A. No. of learners who earned 80% in
the evaluation
B. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
C. Did the remedial lesson work? No. of
learners who have caught up the
D. No. of learners who continue to
requires remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
worked well? Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter
which principal and supervisor can
help or solve?
G. What innovation or localized did I
use/discover which I wish to share