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#1 in the world on Career Development*

Taking you on Discovery Expeditions to


*The Economist EMBA ranking 2018

Why choose the IMD Executive MBA?
You don’t want to read technical management books
and case studies about other companies. What you
want is to broaden your horizons by learning more
– about business, the world and yourself. You want to
apply what you learn directly in your organization,
with an accelerated and lasting impact on your career.

The IMD Executive MBA program overview

 Get an EMBA while working full-time
 Learn from IMD’s world-class faculty who work on a regular basis with leading
global companies
 Learn with a diverse group of leaders as your class members
 Become a more reflective, confident leader, covering topics in strategy, finance,
digital transformation, marketing, cultural change and personal leadership
 Apply your learning to assignments, so both you and your organization benefit
 Master unique challenges, including a real-world pitch to venture capitalists in
Silicon Valley
 Prepare for post-EMBA growth, with our executive career management
module (optional)
 Stay connected to the exclusive global network of IMD alumni, including the
prestigious group of EMBA alumni

Key facts
 A total of nine weeks out of the office
 Online learning + seven face-to-face modules
 Five starting dates per year
 Flexible program: fast-tracked to 15 months or spread over a longer period
 Learn in four international locations: on campus, Switzerland + Silicon Valley and
two additional discovery expeditions, such as Brazil, China, India, Israel, Kenya or
Peru, depending on your choice of cohort

Three Discovery Expedition destinations by participant.

Would you like to meet
the EMBA team?
Join us at our next,
free info session held
online or at one of
the locations we visit:

The IMD EMBA Team (left to right): Sonia Klose, Viktor Lolev, Terry Akitt, Emilie Armstrong,
Blandine Malhet, Sophie Hazi and Mathieu Peingeon.

expedition leaders

USA, Silicon Valley Brazil China

Expedition Leader Expedition Leader Expedition Leader
Professor Jim Pulcrano Professor Carlos A. Prima Braga Professor Stéphane J. G. Girod
American | Swiss Brazilian French | Italian
Entrepreneurship and Start-up Specialist International Political Economy Professor of Strategy & Organizational Design
Prof. Pulcrano is an independent consultant, Prof. Primo Braga’s core areas of research Prof. Girod’s research, executive development
educator and business coach. In addition to and interest include international trade, and consulting interests focus on empowering
the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship, foreign direct investment, economics of clients to respond to digital and global disruption.
his interests include strategy, networking, innovation, intellectual property rights, He focuses his executive development on how
customer-centricity, technology and sovereign debt, global governance and established incumbents can disrupt disruptors
innovation in multinationals. development economics. by developing new capabilities around strategic
and organizational agility.

India Israel Peru

Co-Expedition Leaders Expedition Leader Expedition Leader
Professor Anand Narasimhan Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur Professor Vanina Farber
British | Indian Israeli | American Argentinian | Italian
Shell Professor of Global Leadership Professor of Leadership and elea Professor for Social Innovation
Prof. Narasimhan advises organizations on Organizational Behavior Prof. Farber is an economist and political
transforming their leadership capability and on Prof. Ben-Hur’s research, teaching and scientist specializing on social innovation,
dynamics of boards and his research includes consulting activities are focused on the entrepreneurship and corporate social
institutional change, organizational design, psychological and cultural aspects of responsibility, with also almost twenty years
social networks, and emotion. leadership and the strategic and operational of teaching, researching and consultancy
elements of talent management and experience, working with academic
corporate learning. institutions, multinational corporations
and international organizations.

Professor Amit Joshi (see left page)

Expedition Leader
Professor Leif M. Sjöblom (see left page)

Would you like to meet
the EMBA team?
Join us at our next,
free info session held
online or at one of
the locations we visit:

Message from the Dean

I feel highly privileged to be part of the learning journeys of so many individuals.
The personal transformations I observe – from when I first meet a candidate to
the moment IMD awards their EMBA diploma at graduation – never fail to
amaze me.

IMD is a very special place. Our mission is to develop global leaders

and the EMBA, for many reasons, lies at the heart of this mission. This is
Dean of IMD reflected in the #1 rank worldwide in The Economist’s EMBA ranking 2018
Executive MBA on “Career Development”. My colleagues and I are working with senior
Professor Stefan Michel executives and leading firms continually, as educators, facilitators,
Swiss consultants and non-executive board members. This allows us to deliver
Marketing and Service on the IMD promise: Real Learning. Real Impact.
Dr. oec. publ. Every EMBA program offered by a top school lets you improve your knowledge
and skills in management and business. But the IMD EMBA goes beyond this:
we help you become a more reflective leader. We challenge you by taking you
out of your comfort zone, while providing the resources and support required
for personal growth.

Our ambition is to help you define what makes you successful. As a more
reflective leader, you will embrace challenges differently – focusing not only on
personal growth, but on the growth of those around you as well. This will lead
you to success – however you define that for yourself.

Ask us your questions. Talk with our alumni. Get ready for an exciting,
demanding, rewarding and truly transformational journey.

Welcome to the IMD EMBA!

Professor Stefan Michel

Dean of IMD Executive MBA

Transform your career with the most

inspiring, demanding and rewarding
EMBA worldwide.

Take-home value
Real Learning. Real Impact
As a 100% execution-oriented program, the IMD Executive MBA enables you to apply your learning
immediately: through company assignments, immersing yourself in leadership development and
taking discovery expeditions.

Throughout the program, your company serves as a real-world “business case”, so you can integrate
feedback and test all you learn among your business stakeholders, colleagues and peers. Arguably, there
is no more satisfying and impactful way to learn.

Key program benefits

 Master management skills in highly diversified business, social and political environments
 Develop the mind set of an entrepreneur: be creative, take risks and manage the unknown with confidence
 Become a more reflective, self-aware and strategic member of a general management team
 Develop yourself, your organization and your career path

I wanted an MBA that would go beyond academics into the real world.
The IMD EMBA immersed me into my very own “designer” lab. I applied my
EMBA assignments in the real world – some at the firm I work at and some
at an AI based start-up in Silicon Valley. This gave me a unique perspective
and appreciation of the contemporary issues both established and start-up
businesses face. The IMD EMBA is truly real world, real learning, real impact.

Gaurav Kapoor
Director, Customer Excellence and Strategy | SAP India Pvt Limited | India

I would like to quote our valedictorian, “taking the IMD EMBA was my
best decision of my life”. I chose IMD for “Real Learning. Real Impact”, but
the experience of the program was even beyond my expectations, from all
dimensions. IMD is not only excelling in the quality of faculty, the eye-opening
overseas expeditions, but also in the interaction in the cohort and with the
faculty, the guidance of leadership, the spirit to support each other. On top of
skills and knowledge, I was inspired to become a better person. I’m proud of
being a part of the IMD EMBA!

Liying Zhang
Global Brand Lead | Yunnan Tobacco International Co., Ltd. | China
Celebrating the EMBA graduation with fellow class members, June 2018

Exceptional people
The most valuable assets of the IMD Executive MBA program belong to its community.
They lie in the knowledge and insights you gain from, with and among your class members.
The school’s exceptional people include you.

The IMD admissions committee aims to select the highest caliber of participants from
a range of nationalities, cultures, industries and business experience. This ensures a rich
learning environment, diverse perspectives and a broad international context.

All are high-performing, internationally experienced executives striving to create value

for their organizations and who aspire to become more effective, self-confident members
of a general management team.

Typical class profile

 40 years old, on average
 25% female participants
 15 years of prior work experience (required: minimum 10)
 35 nationalities
 40+ industries
 50-60 participants

Amazing alumni
Through your EMBA, you’ll join the global community of IMD alumni. Not only will you enjoy
drawing on the rich and close-knit network of those you learned with from day to day,
but you’ll also become one of the alumni, for life. This provides you with member-only access
to networking (in person and online), events, resources and a directory of amazing alumni.

 100,000+ alumni
 In 140+ countries
 75% of alumni in senior management or higher positions
 In 80+ industries

The IMD alumni network was rated by students the most useful
alumni network outside the US. (The Economist, 2014)

The content of your
learning journey
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Foundations Advanced Mastery
for Business Management Stage
Leadership Concepts

 Three weeks at IMD  Five weeks  With discovery expeditions

 Choose from five distance learning  Spread over 12 months
sessions held  Choose from  Choose from three start
each year three different dates held each year
start dates

Step 1
Foundations for Business Leadership
Start your learning journey at IMD on campus in Switzerland with the Foundations of
Business Leadership (FBL)*. In 20 days, you’ll get the solid, cross-functional skills that
an experienced executive needs to evolve into an excellent general manager.

Reboot your knowledge of key foundations with the most topical and pertinent of current
trends. Using integrative activities and team work, you’ll gain new perspectives and skills.
And you’ll carry out a thorough cross-disciplinary exploration of the critical challenges
that organizations and executives face today.

*The FBL program is also a stand-alone program.

Master the core functions of Address these topics

a complex organization

 Marketing  Respond to shifts in customer needs

 Finance and accounting  Drive business model innovation
 Business model innovation  Manage complex organizations
and entrepreneurship  Leverage globalization
 Strategy and industry analysis  Identify industry and business trends
 Operations and supply  Manage uncertainty, change and disruption
chain management  Integration of technological evolutions
and their impact on business
 Apply financial tools across the organization

Dates and destinations may be subject to change.

Step 2
Advanced Management Concepts
Now you’re ready to delve deeper into the topics you’ve covered by embarking on step 2:
Advanced Management Concepts (AMC). It is a five-week module, 100% distance
learning, so you work on it at your convenience. Since it requires about 15 hours per week,
you can meet your professional commitments in parallel.

AMC prepares you for the rigor and execution focus of the Mastery Stage and for the
discovery expeditions. Polishing your ability to manage time via distance learning serves
as an important skill for the rest of the program. Get to grips with four focused streams:

 Strategy – Acquire the tools not only to analyze strategy in depth, but to hone it
skillfully and assess it from multiple viewpoints.
 Finance – Develop your intuition for solving key financial problems and assessing
the financial performance of a company, improve your business decisions and
formulate relevant financial strategies.
 Decision analysis & critical thinking – Gain an in-depth understanding of the elements of
decision-making, with an emphasis on business research. Explore how people make
errors in thinking and identify ways to make better decisions.
 Marketing – By focusing on marketing management rather than product marketing,
you’ll acquire the bird’s-eye perspective of a CEO. Learn how to assess marketing
strategies and tactics according to their financial impact.

Distance learning
You’ll be watching learning-stream videos, reading articles and book chapters,
submitting practical exercises, and sharing insight with your class via the online platform.
Live support from EMBA program is available throughout.

My experience with IMD was truly a rewarding one. The EMBA program
design, content, and overall purpose, challenges not just one’s technical
capabilities, but it also pushes you towards breaking down boundaries and
exploring new opportunities. It creates the perfect personal, intellectual,
and business environment for like-minded people to have healthy and
meaningful interactions. To put it in perspective, my position as Chairman
of an exciting Swiss start-up and the close professional and personal
relationship I am enjoying to this date with eight other IMD EMBA
colleagues through this business venture, is a direct result of my decision

to be part of the IMD EMBA program.

Mohammed A. Al-Saqqaf
Chairman, Artmyn S.A. | Founder & Managing Director, Sapience Advisory | Switzerland

Dates and destinations may be subject to change. 7

Step 3
Mastery Stage
Your EMBA now gears up into real application and execution in step 3, the final
component of your program. Spread over 12 months, the Mastery Stage provides three
on-campus modules at IMD, three discovery expeditions to international destinations,
plus distance learning.

What is IMD mastery?

IMD mastery is constructed with three layers: from personal leadership, to business
management assignments, towards building a global perspective. In your daily life,
these themes combine to create solid, integrated learning. Even before the program
is complete, you’ll be ahead of the game, accelerating your career progression in your
company and beyond.

The EMBA is an amazing program! It was an unforgettable journey together

with great people, impacting me professionally and personally. Moreover, the
learning never ends.

Charlotte Van Hautekerke

Regional Commercial Manager | STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies &
Pharmaceutical Laboratories | Switzerland

It was a life-changing experience! Very intense, yet rewarding in all

aspects. I have enhanced my learning experience through my classmates
and faculty. The most rewarding thing was the reflection upon learnings
and implementation in real life with immediate impact.

Christos Antonopoulos MD, PhD, EMBA

Director | Oncology Business Unit | AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals | Greece

Dates and destinations may be subject to change.

Developing high-impact leadership
Leadership is all about you, being effective on your own and when collaborating
with others. Many participants find this the most enlightening, valuable element
of the program. You reflect and experiment with your leadership style through team
simulations, experiential exercises, individual work and one-on-one coaching.

Leadership is at the heart of your ability to effect change in your organization.

This is critical as you move into senior management roles where you are increasingly
responsible and accountable for delivering results, especially through others.

Leadership & change management

The ability to lead strategic change is critical to your success as a leader.
Most efforts to lead change fail, due to the mental maps that leaders hold
at the individual level. You’ll analyze your effectiveness as a leader and discover
how your behavior can impact others and drive change in your organization.

Leadership teams
Throughout the year, you will work in a small leadership team to give and receive
peer feedback on your behavior, to help you understand your individual strengths
and weaknesses – and how these impact other individuals, your team and the broader
organizational dynamics you influence.

Individual leadership coaching

You benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching throughout the Mastery Stage.
The objective is to give you the opportunity to expand your understanding of your
own behavior as well as human behavior generally, and to deepen your learning
about the exercise of leadership in different contexts.

Through discussions with your leadership team and personal coaching, you’ll have
the opportunity to:

 Deepen your awareness of your motivations and personal leadership style

 Practice and experiment with leadership in various contexts
 Develop your capacity to reflect on your leadership context, through your
experiences in groups
 Extend your understanding of the psychological dynamics found in human behavior

To truly benefit from leadership coaching, you’ll need to be open with your colleagues
and express your curiosity frankly, to explore together. This kind of fresh interaction
will really stimulate your learning, as will writing about and applying concepts
to your own organization and experience.

Planning your learning timeline

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Distance learning
Foundations Advanced Mastery
IMD campus, Switzerland
for Business Management Stage
Leadership Concepts Discovery expeditions

 Three weeks at IMD  Five weeks  With discovery expeditions

 Choose from five distance learning  Spread over 12 months
sessions held  Choose from  Choose from three start
each year three different dates held each year
start dates

company assignments
Distance learning: leadership stream
executive career management

March April*

Program Core Discovery Discovery Core Discovery Core

Kick-off Module 1 Expedition** Expedition** Module 2 Expedition** Module 3


1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week

August September*

Program Core Discovery Discovery Core Discovery Core

Foundations Advanced
Kick-off Module 1 Expedition** Expedition** Module 2 Expedition** Module 3
for Business Management IMD EMBA

Leadership Concepts IMD IMD IMD degree

Five weeks 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week

20 days at IMD distance learning

November December*

Program Core Discovery Core Discovery Discovery Core Join the alumni network
Kick-off Module 1 Expedition** Module 2 Expedition** Expedition** Module 3
Connect with 100,000+
IMD IMD IMD executives around the globe

1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week Leverage our lifelong

learning offers

Form powerful business networks

* Month of graduation, in 2nd year

Dates and destinations may be subject to change. ** Discovery Expedition to Silicon Valley is mandatory, two additional Discovery Expeditions to different destinations for each class 11
Real Learning. Real Impact –
hands-on assignments
Forge your mastery by completing a total of 10 individual, team and company assignments.
You’ll apply the tools and frameworks you’ve consolidated to real-world situations,
channeling it back into the workplace from day one. Assignments can contain several stages,
taking you step-by-step to a richer level of analysis.

Company assignments
You complete five company assignments. Working directly with your company, try out
new ideas, gather input and feedback, and go back to refine and develop a fully-fledged
business proposal, strategy or execution plan. Your focus will be on:

 Strategic directions
 Financial health
 Digital business transformation
 Cultural transformation
 Learning from your customer

Transform your career with the most

inspiring, demanding and rewarding
EMBA worldwide.
Team assignments
Explore a different global business context and broaden your view of the world.
Each of your three discovery expeditions includes a related team project.

 For Silicon Valley, your project is to work closely with a Swiss start-up,
developing an “elevator pitch” to give to local venture capitalists
 In Brazil, China, India, Israel, Kenya or Peru you’ll work on topical, real-time consulting
projects. Examining local start-ups or SMEs, you’ll conduct a comparison between your
own organization and a given host company

The fourth team assignment provides the chance for you to get a business case published.
As the final written submission of the Mastery Stage, you’ll tackle a case from the
real world, a notably interesting and topical story. By exploring its sequence of events
and their interdependencies, you’ll identify and summarize conceptual approaches
with which to address the challenges that the case presents.

Leadership assignments
Throughout the program, you’ll be grappling with leadership and how you understand it.
In addition to personalized one-on-one coaching, you’ll explore authority and how,
in the context of groups, your behavior affects the behavior and authority of others.

Dates and destinations may be subject to change.

The IMD EMBA was a transformational experience that made me a more

reflective, resilient, and confident leader. The program was both flexible and
career-friendly, which allowed me to be in the driving seat of my learning and
development. I was able to make use of the in-company assignments and

discovery expeditions as a testbed for new ideas to drive change and make a
positive impact in my organization.

Moncef Tanfour
Head of Strategic Development & Innovation | GRUNDFOS Holding A/S | Switzerland 13
Silicon Valley Brazil China India

Living globalization through

discovery expeditions
You and your class members take three discovery expeditions through the year. You learn
to master general management skills in highly diversified business, social and political
contexts and to explore the international and regional forces that influence how
business is done.

Your class will travel to Silicon Valley. Each cohort start date will then travel to different
pre-defined destinations. Your choice of cohort will determine the Discovery Expeditions
that you will attend. (These destinations are potentially subject to change.)

You’ll learn about each country, its economy and its communities. We see life as it is,
in companies we visit and the contexts in which they operate. But these are not exercises
in industrial tourism. The discovery expeditions serve to show you more about the world
and the international business environment and to apply this learning to your own company
and professional context.

USA, Silicon Valley

Observe entrepreneurship first-hand
In Silicon Valley, we investigate and experience entrepreneurship and innovation.
We explore what makes Silicon Valley unique and how companies, large and small, manage
innovation, creativity and profitability. As the conclusion of your team assignment for this trip,
you’ll pitch a Swiss start-up business to venture capitalists.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo*

Learn to develop growth strategies in challenging environments
Travel to Brazil to meet domestic and multinational companies, academics and
government officials to gain local insights. Discuss how Brazilian companies
are strategizing internationalization and the main constraints hindering the country
from reaching its growth potential. Use competitive analysis to identify binding
constraints for the Brazilian economy and how this can translate into growth strategies
at the level of the enterprise.

China, Shenzhen*
Experience the cradle of disruption
By using four lenses of disruption, experience the hyper-competitive dynamics of the
Chinese economy and how China is already changing the world. Discover China’s huge and
evolving market, brimming with energy, drive and risk. Together, we will visit Chinese- and
foreign-owned companies to share insights about building networks in China and working
with the government. In the final stage of your team assignment, you will present your
proposal on the strategic transformation opportunities that non-Chinese firms may want
to follow in response to Chinese disruption.

For your other two discovery expeditions, choose from Brazil, China, Israel, India, Kenya
or Peru. Your second and third team assignments tap into the fascinating economic case
study each destination provides.
Israel Kenya Peru

India, Mumbai*
Understand how international corporations are changing
Head to India to learn first-hand how the changing patterns of worldwide competition
are driving the economy of this burgeoning country. We interact with key people and
organizations in both the public and private sector to understand how international
corporations and Indian companies are transforming themselves and what lessons
we can take away to understand how these changes influence and transform
the corporate space.

Israel, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem*

Learn about the unique ecosystem behind the Start-up Nation
Israel’s success in innovation is both undeniable and surprising. The geographic and
political challenges it faces have made innovation and entrepreneurship both necessary
and difficult. Yet, by building a unique national infrastructure that links actors not only
across value chains but also across personal networks, and by taking advantage of the
unusual diversity of its population, Israel has created one of the most interesting innovation
stories of our time. The journey will prepare you to understand what makes Israel’s
innovation ecosystem so unique and successful.

Kenya, Nairobi*
Conduct business in Africa
In the economic and transport hub of East Africa, get to know the “bottom of the
pyramid”: consumer goods, markets and segments. This unique emerging market
poses numerous challenges, in the context of surging population growth, inadequate
infrastructure and movement: refugees arriving and emigrants leaving. Explore
how locally based companies are responding to these challenges and embracing
opportunities for growth.

Peru, Lima*
Sustainability and social innovation
Peru is a vibrant, diverse, and rapidly developing country, where we will explore
how sustainability and social innovation can inject business with purpose and increase
competitiveness. To understand the unique challenges of developing long term
business opportunities, we will explore Peru’s potential through the lens of
sustainability and social innovation.

* These destinations are potentially subject to change. 15

Crisis simulation with the Swiss Armed Forces
During your final on-campus module, you will be challenged to master a cyber-attack
crisis in a high i­ntensity, two-day simulation. You and your team will learn how to lead
in a crisis from generals of the Swiss Armed Forces and how to communicate with
various stakeholders. You will have to deal with stress, uncertainty, surprises, fatigue and
frustration. You will learn how crisis leadership is different – when to switch from “business
as usual” to crisis-mode – and how to lead from briefing to briefing under time pressure.

Even if this training is inspired by the military, the methodology is highly

valuable for executives in any sector. This scenario also prepares participants
to deal with both public and private authorities. This simulation shows
executives that timing is everything in a crisis. It’s better to make a good
decision at the right time than the best decision too late.

Stefan Michel
Dean of IMD Executive MBA

Career management
As an IMD Executive MBA participant, you have access to career management tools and
one-on-one coaching to help you clarify what you want to achieve professionally and how
you can best fulfill your career aspirations – whether this means pursuing a career within
your current organization or elsewhere.

Executive Career Management Module (ECMM)

With this module available throughout the Mastery Stage, you have an opportunity to:

 Clarify your career goals

 Define your career strategy
 Master today’s job search tools through a series of workshops,
webinars and management tools
 Define an action plan with the help of an experienced career strategist

Leverage your
Career strategy Career design
experience & skills

Whether you plan on changing employment after the EMBA or accelerate your career
within your current company, pro-actively planning your career path and leveraging your
resources is critical to your success.

Throughout the Mastery Stage of the EMBA, you will be working both on-site and at
a distance through a series of workshops, webinars, career management tools and
counseling with an experienced Career Strategist who has been matched to you
according to your needs.
Admissions criteria
Our admissions criteria aim at securing the highest caliber of participants. There is
no one “ideal” profile of an IMD Executive MBA candidate, since we strive for diversity
in the class.

The program is designed for executives generally aged 40 and up with at least 10 years
of business experience, plus strong management experience, consistent career
progression and outstanding leadership potential.

Admission is based on the following criteria:

Professional achievement
Career progression, with a strong preference for international experience and
responsibility. We look at how your responsibility has increased, the breadth
and depth of the knowledge acquired in the workplace, and the impact you have
made on your organization.

Leadership potential
Are you an effective leader? Do you have what it takes to become one?
We look for vision, courage, initiative, maturity, curiosity and self-confidence.

Intellectual ability
Undergraduate university degree or equivalent. The GMAT or other aptitude tests are
not required for admissions. Entry into the Mastery Stage of the program is dependent
on the assessment taking place at the end of Advanced Management Concepts.

International outlook
In order to maintain the highly international perspective of the IMD Executive MBA
program, we look for candidates with a mixture of: cultural sensitivity, time spent living
or working outside their own country, international scope in the career, and knowledge
of foreign languages.

English language proficiency

English is the language of instruction. Because the program is very interactive, with a great
deal of group work, you need a strong command of both written and spoken English.

The support of your company

The IMD Executive MBA program calls for a serious commitment from you and your
sponsoring organization, which must be willing to serve as a “laboratory” for your learning.
Although financial support of your organization is a matter to be resolved between you
and your company, IMD can give you tips and advice on how to pitch a win-win scenario
to your company.

Dates and destinations may be subject to change. 17

EMBA program faculty
IMD faculty members are recognized world authorities in their fields. Rich in real-world application,
they divide their time between teaching, research and working with international companies, remaining on top
of the latest trends in management and business. Every program offered at IMD offers you a wealth of pertinent,
innovative learning activities, materials, content and international networking.

Dean of IMD Foundations for Business

Executive MBA Leadership Co-Directors

Professor Stefan Michel Professor Benoît F. Leleux Professor Leif M. Sjöblom

Swiss Belgian | Swiss Finnish
Marketing and Service Management Stephan Schmidheiny Professor Finance
Dr. oec. publ. University of Zurich of Entrepreneurship and Finance Prof. Sjöblom’s areas of special interest are
Prof. Michel’s major research interests are Prof. Leleux is a specialist in venture financing, the restructuring of the telecommunications industry,
in customer-focused marketing strategy, combining expertise in entrepreneurship, performance measurement and shareholder
service innovation and pricing. venture capital, private equity and growth value creation, and micro-entrepreneurship in
management. He is active in several private sub-Saharan Africa. He is also actively working
equity funds and start-up companies as with African entrepreneurs and universities to
director, investor and advisor. develop their capabilities.

Mastery stage faculty

Professor Ben Bryant Professor Salvatore Cantale Professor Goutam Challagalla

Australian | British Italian American | Indian
Leadership and Organization Finance Marketing and Strategy
Through IMD’s CEO Learning Center, Prof. Prof. Cantale’s major research and consulting Prof. Challagalla’s teaching, consulting,
Bryant leads an experienced faculty team that interests are in value creation, valuation, and research focuses on strategy with
creates learning events for senior executives in and the way in which corporations structure an emphasis on digital transformation,
trusting environments. He has worked globally liabilities and choose financing options. Before business-to-business commercial
in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia for a wide joining IMD, he was an analyst with a large management, value-based pricing,
range of leading companies. Prof. Bryant’s investment bank in London, Faculty Director sales management, distribution channels,
models and frameworks of leadership have of the Master in Finance and Master in Risk and customer and service excellence. He has
been used in the development of top teams, Management at Tulane University’s A.B. worked with clients in a variety of industries
senior and mid-level executives, and in the Freeman School of Business, a member of including life sciences, agribusiness, technology/
development of strategy, execution and change. the Yale International Institute for Finance, semi-conductors, manufacturing and
His research into cultures of innovation has and a Research Fellow at New York University. chemicals industries, telecom, health care,
been used to guide organizations to generate FMCG, and professional services firms.
new sources of value creation.

Professor Amit Joshi Professor Ina Toegel Professor Arnaud Chevallier

American | Indian German | Bulgarian French | American
Digital Marketing and Strategy Leadership and Organizational Change Strategy
Prof. Joshi’s research, which focuses on long-run Prof. Toegel’s research focuses on Prof. Chevallier’s research, teaching, and
marketing strategy, analytics and marketing organizational change management, consulting on strategic thinking bridges
effectiveness has been published in top journals, team dynamics, and top management disciplines to provide concrete tools to improve
including Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, teams during corporate renewal. critical thinking and corporate problem solving.
Journal of Consumer Culture and Journal of the Among the industries she has explored His work prepares executives for the strategic
Academy of Marketing Science. He has interacted are those of luxury, infrastructure, challenges all corporations face in today’s
with a variety of corporate clients in several industries, hospitality, and additive manufacturing. dynamic global marketplace.
including telecom, media, manufacturing, retailing,
education and automobiles.
IMD coaches
Many participants find developing high-impact leadership skills to be the
most enlightening and valuable element of the EMBA. Throughout the program,
you draw upon one-on-one, personalized leadership and career coaching.
This coaching offers you a deeper understanding of your own behavior, of human
behavior generally, of exercising leadership in different contexts and of your
career strategy. To truly benefit from your coaching experience, you need to
be open and curious.

The EMBA team

The EMBA team ensures you enjoy a world-class IMD experience, in all
aspects of the program, from the rigorous academic content to all the
details of coordination. We accompany you on your journey, right from
the start, advising you on your application, throughout the program,
to your graduation and the networking with alumni that follows.

IMD campus, Switzerland: the beautiful IMD campus is situated in Lausanne,
known as “the Olympic capital”. The city nestles between hills of vineyards and
the shores of Lake Geneva. It is only 40 minutes by road or rail from Geneva
International Airport. Discovery expeditions take you: to Silicon Valley, plus
two other destinations (Brazil, China, Israel, India, Kenya or Peru).

Dates & fees*

STEP 1: Foundation Stage STEP 2: Advanced Management Concepts
Foundations for Business Leadership Advanced Management Concepts
Choose one (from five intakes each year) Choose one (from three intakes each year)

STEP 3: Mastery Stage

Choose one (from three intakes each year)

Fee 2019: CHF 105,000 (Foundations for Business Leadership – CHF 25,000;
Advanced Management Concepts – CHF 15,000; Mastery Stage – CHF 65,000,
with flexibility and installments available)
Tuition, teaching materials and lunch are included in the fees.
* IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location and fees at any time.

See the IMD EMBA website for full dates

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+41 21 618 07 00 info@imd.org www.imd.org/emba
High-impact results
With IMD’s prestigious Executive MBA under your belt, you and your work
have dramatically greater value. All the while you keep earning, you’re
polishing the skills that will open up an exciting international career path.
But on top of that, the EMBA promises swift, secure returns on your
investment: a boost for you in higher income and for your company,
in the years of experience you’ve effectively gained.

Top-ranked EMBA worldwide

corporate strategy rank**
TOP general management rank**
international faculty worldwide**
international students worldwide**
student work experience rank**

best-paid EMBAs worldwide**
TOP entrepreneurship**
alumni network**

Transformative career impact

Worldwide Career
NO. Development*

49 %
salary increase,
3 years on**

75 %
of EMBA graduates work in
senior management or higher
positions today***

* The Economist EMBA ranking 2018

** Financial Times, EMBA ranking 2016
*** Survey of EMBA alumni network of 1,000+ members
IMD is ranked in open programs
worldwide – 7 years in a row.
REAL LEARNING. REAL IMPACT Financial Times 2012 – 2018

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