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Hewitt, Sarah

English 12
Mrs. Perry
May 28, 2019

Outside Achievement

Throughout my high school years, I have achieved many things inside as well as outside

of school. I have been a part of the worship team at church. I am typically the background vocals

to our lead singers. Starting my senior year, I have joined the worship team at school and have

had the opportunity of leading worship.

Spring of 2018 I decided it was time to get a job. I applied to a few different places and

finally got an interview at the Alexandria Bay Price Chopper Supermarket. They asked when I

could start and began working the next week. I was trained as a cashier and instructed on how to

treat our “guests” during their shopping trips. Through my interactions with a wide range of

guests, I have learned how to keep a smile on my face through many different situations.

June 2018, I concluded that I needed a car in order to drive to work. I searched for one

that had low mileage and that would fit me well. I found a 2016 Toyota Corolla Sport at Waite

Toyota and loved it. My parents and I decided to get a loan and to purchase the car. I told my

parents that I wanted to make the full car payments per month.

The summer of 2018, I worked twenty to thirty hours a week in order to make payments

on my car. During the summer, the Alexandria Bay Price Chopper is very busy. Each register is

open and there are very steady days. Once the summer ended and it began to get colder, I

decided I should work closer to home. This was because I was worried about travelling to

Alexandria Bay in the snow.

Hewitt 2

October 2018, I transferred to the Watertown Price Chopper. My boss has talked with me

and informed me that once I graduate she wants to promote me to be a supervisor and give me

managers numbers. I have enjoyed working hard for my car and learning what hard work means.