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April 15, 2019

English 10

Therefore are many downfalls to multiplayers gaming some of them include needing to

be connected to a Wifi that not cause any problems. You can meet people who are angry and can

be mean or toxic to others. There are also people who take game overly serious and make the

game to hardcore. Sometimes no matter who your playing with or how good the connection to

the internet you have to think about all the servers that let everyone see the same thing can

sometimes go down kicking everyone out of the game. When something like that happens

players could lose everything the got recently and it could take a few minutes or a few days for

the servers go get back online and let everyone start playing again.

Many people look into online gaming for work and for fun to get away from things and

have fun with some new people. So when something goes wrong and people cant play the risk

not being able to make money for a maybe day maybe a week. Multiplayer gaming can take a

turn for the worst leaving millions at one time with at something they love or something they do

to provide for themselves without the money they need. When the servers go down for millions

around the globe the people who made the game are in risk of losing money and risk losing

players. Many companies can make millions off of one player using there game so when things

go down the company takes a hard hit and wants everyone to rush to get them back online.

For multiplayer games and gamers everywhere there are always new updates and

innovations to better or worsen the community around it. Many companies have made the virtual

reality these companies like SONY have made these to make people able to feel more into the

game and more connected with other players(Playstation Help and Chat). Millions have games

have been made for these systems to be able to play with anyone and make it your own play style
and make it feel more like reality. But with new things like that coming into play their first have

to be things that came out to show all the flaws in something. Every year activision comes out

with a new game to the series Call of Duty. In 2017 they made Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to

include no campaign but instead a whole new made called blackout a new battle royal to the

games. When Activision made this game many Call of Duty players gave them many days of


When large companies like that make something with too much backlash the companie

could suffer and lose player and damage the name they had for older bigger games they made.

To major companies that are always trying to better the online gaming community. Microsoft

being the makers of xbox update their systems add new ways to talk to people and make gaming

better in every way. But sometimes with all the research and all the testing systems still can have

many kinks in it and cause them to lose users. So the ways companies can change the way people

are connected always has room for improvement that can make it better or worse.

There is a lot of personal data that goes into being able to play online including you get

your own ip. Ip stands for Internet Protocol and it’s something that track that no one is hacking

or trying to figure out what you can do from what you are using. But if someone can trace your

ip the can find out your real name and where you live.In many cases they can also figure out

your credit or debit card information(Playstation Hackers Accesses millions of players data). The

real question to ask is how are companies like microsoft, sony, steam large gaming companies

are doing to prevent hackers from being able to get your information giving it to others. To

figure out the answer to that we could email microsoft and ask them about it. You can also look

up anti hacker protocol on google to see a little of what they do to prevent users information

from getting out there.

Upon looking it up you can find out almost exactly what they do to prevent hacking.

Microsoft has a system called Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. It goes through every

user ever to registered onto there system and looks into their profile what they do and looks for

anything that could show they are trying to hack into the system. If the system finds anything

that could be a threat to anyone's data they ban the account. Microsoft also says to help keep

your data safe it says to disconnect the card information for the system after use. To avoid

buying games from the website and just buy diskcopys of them and to always never give

information to anyone under any cases. The system being used to find hackers has to go through

millions of players everyday and to make it easier for the system don’t do anything to get

reported and stick to just playing the games that have been proven to have no problems.

For million all around the globe use the online gaming community as a job and or source

of income. Many youtubers include Fitz, Toby on the Tele, Swaggersouls, Grizzy Zuckles and

many others. But it isn’t as easy as making a video and putting it on youtube. To make a career

out of online gaming you need to know how to play what is the most popular know what type of

online gaming is popular at the moment. You also need to know how to brand what type of

gaming you use to grow so you can play what is popular. For many people who use this method

for money they grew by telling people about their content through the game they were playing

and having the online part of the game being famous.

In many cases if you couldn’t play online lost many viewers because what being online

brinds to their content. It a lot of the times become boring to just play and talk to yourself. But

when you add being able to play with friends and add a different style of playing in each video it

grows how content can be made and money added. One youtuber named Markiplier has fully

made what he has today in his life off of only videos of him and his friends making games
together while gaming. I am currently trying to become a youtuber as something on the side. To

make a video online you need the people you game with to let you put there name into the video

you need to make sure no music is in it and you won’t get copyrighted and make money. But

also you need to make sure the content you are about to let the whole world see is able to be seen

won’t offend anything because even though it’s funny with just you few friends it might not be

funny to the people viewing your content. But you can’t do that when chat or services are

down(xbox live chat support)

Along with making a career out of gaming it takes a lot of money to be able to play the

newest online games.

In many cases a game can see well over 2 million players in one day many of which

speak different languages and different time zones and different things to see when they load

onto the game. But the real question is how does every game server get everyone who is so

different to be able so see everything the same way with almost no problems. Many games

including Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has been out for 6 years. You would think after so many

years of updates and seeing almost everyone play it they would be able to make a working online

system that gets everyone in sync at the same time with no problems. But they still have

problems when a game server hits over 20 people it starts to slow down while processing every

different little thing for everyone at the same time.

So how can huge games like that that have been out for years and fixed so many other

problems can’t fix a syncing problems with other players. The answer is because of the

connection of the player. Research has been done to show everything is fine with the servers but

when over 20 people all with very different connections to the internet it causes to have problems

loading for everyone. When even the best connections have to load something that is also trying
to sync with 19 other people it causes for it to take things from other people while trying to

connect to only yours it sometimes loads a few different details causing for something to be in

the wrong place or someone to just stop working all together. So the only real way to fix it is to

add more servers that hole less people in them to give people the best experience. The problem

Rockstar North has or the people who made Grand Theft Auto 5 has is instead of making mor

servers the remove servers and make them able to hold more in one server causing for more


Being able to game online is a huge part of many peoples many days life. But not many

people stop and take the time to learn about how it came to be. The multiplayer gaming we know

really didn’t take off until the late 1990’s before that there were many 2 player games that you

could find around. By the 1993 the Local Area Network or LAN was established. It connected a

series of several people within a short range apart from each other. For many around the time

people were getting there own personal computers so a LAN were a very popular way for people

to connect. It was in a few years after that the online network came to be and people from

halfway around the globe could be connected at the same time. But with that many problems can

open up and show flaws.

So as more and more people can get connected to the same game at the very same time

people can be hacking into the network stealing people's data and crashing the network.

According to ABC news on October 27, 2000 one of the largest hacks was performed on a

gaming network. On that day 2 men decrypted the firewall that was protecting millions of

players data and exposed everyone. Anyone signed on with a microsoft account lost money and

there identities. With that flaw or crack in there new system trying to keep everyone safe caused

them millions and showed a flaw companies could have when this many people go online
together. So with that the added more Microsoft Ceo said we have added more incryptions and a

larger firewall. All that to hope it never happens again. So with upsides in people being able to

be connect there can be many flaws in the network. But the real history is how if was formed and

how it change to get to where it is today

In late 2013 Rockstar North released one of its most popular games yet with millions of

players to this day. There game Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is always in the loop with new

updates adding new things for the players to keep them happy. But many people ask how one

company can keep so many people happy for just about 6 years. So we emailed one of the

representatives for the company behind the game and they answered the email. They said that for

all the years of the game being online they use a team of tester which are teens and young adults

to see how the new car, weapon, or way to make money makes people happy and able to mess

around with their friends in new and improved ways. Some things he said they even add to the

game without testing to see how they would do without improvements then work off of feedback

given from the players.

So after years of saying that Rockstar North doesnt care about players and there only

doing things to make money this proves them wrong. By someone from the company saying this

it shows that they update to bring people in and make them happy. They do it better the

experience and make a game grow as a community. But when they do add things with many

bugs in it they can crash the servers and make many unhappy.and even make some leave the

game all together. For instance on March 18, 2019 at about 2:00 pm the serves went down and

within minutes of this people showed how much they were upset about it(Rockstar live

newswire). This crashed followed a brand new car they out into the game without any testing.

They said they did not expect that to happen even leaving them clueless for hours until they get
them back up. But after they got the servers back up it had already been too late and they lost

many of players off of something they tried doing to make them happy.

On December 1, 2015 Ubisoft made yet another hit game to add onto the Tom Clancy

series of games.This game was mainly based on multiplayer gameplay with only a training

mode. For this game and your team of 5 must defend or attack against a different team of 5. For

this you must use communication and planning to be able to succeed. Upon this not everyone has

a microphone or listens and it results in a lose of the round.

But when people do that it can take away from the main point of the game and takes away

what the point of the game is. So the real question is how do people feel when they find someone

who takes away from the game. So I took to the game servers and to my friends to see how they

felt. Battlingrock20 said “The game runs so smooth and it’s fun meeting new people and playing

a game that has a meaning, But it takes away from the game when you meet someone who is

toxic and goes outside while defending or team kills.” I had the time to talk to 2 more people one

goes by slasherbore and he said “After you find the 5 people to fill your squad each game and

you can get in and play and talk and also have fun at the same time the game has a meaning to it

and after you find that it can’t be lost and you want it each time you play.”

On the recent April 1st games everywhere was doing something to celebrate it the Rainbow 6

community released a new game mode(Ubisoft create a claim/ Help center). This mode took one

of there maps the presidential airplane and took a very select operators and made them toy sized

and made it so you could have fun in a small manner. I asked three people from the game how

they felt about the new update and this is how they responded. KSI Lambo89 told me “Even

though the game mode is super fun and looks amazing it really isn’t something you would expect

from them for some of their older game types and styles.” Showing that not everything the game
does everyone will like. FlaminPenguin3 said “ It looks like they are trying too hard to make

updates for the holiday and are probably going to lose someone player's during it

But in the end gaming has been something millions love for previous years and years to

come. It cured boredom and brought smiles and money to many. They have many ways to make

a game online and many ways to make it better. Sometimes what they think will improve brings

the game down. With more people using it requires more security to keep people safe and let

them play as much as they want. Some games aren’t the newest two highly rated games that

millions still play today we’re made in 2013 and 2015 and those companies only improve the

games once in a while but it keeps the game feeling new. Multiplayer gaming was made to

change people lives and that's what it did as it adapted to more uses from people and will

continue to change for years to come. Gaming can be a part of any ones life as long as you have

games that make you happy.

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