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Ernest Perez

Ms. Montes


7 May 2019

The 14th points

It is pivotal that all rules and controls expressed in this report apply to all understudies in

this foundation. What we request in this school, is that the school be made secure and safe for

everyone, and especially that it be made for building prospects for each understudy. Let our

school be guaranteed of equity and reasonable by expelling what makes the climate of school

negative. these approaches, in case educated by well-chosen pointer of school opportunity and

execution , have the potential to form more select and even handed learning environment for

truly marginalized understudy. the program, as we see it, is this:

I. Students of ASGL shouldn’t just give respect to teachers and staff but to other students


II. The test of guaranteeing instructive value is impressive. A concentrated learning focus

ought to create in ASGL.

III. Free, open-minded and totally impartial improvements to the entire classroom

climate, based on strict observance of social exclusion unintentionally put in place by society,

excluding other students.

IV. Clear, appropriate and consistent expectations and implications for addressing

harmful behaviors among students.

V. Parental involvement is necessary to avoid problems such as absences and the

confidence of parents in the education of their children.

VI. Each student contributes to the school's operations and physical care.

VII. Historically unsaved students, whose place among the schools we want guaranteed

equality, should be given the freest opportunity for the development of education.

VIII. ASGL students can speak, write articles, form groups and even appeal to school

officials on issues.

IX. Help students develop positive social and emotional character while strengthening the

behaviors that make up the ideal school culture of ASGL

X. Recognizing and addressing issues such as chronic absenteeism ; have a person to

monitor attendance data on a regular basis and communicate with parents on issues as they arise ;

using data to identify which students are at risk, so you can intervene before isolated absenteeism

becomes chronic.

XI. During school, lanyard and ID should be worn and visible for safety reasons at all


XII. In order to provide mutual guarantees of a positive climate, a general association

between faculty members and school leaders must be formed

XIII. students should not be allowed to use cell phones during class time, only allow it

during breaks.

XIV. As a school of Global Leadership, it’s only right for us to take care of our

environment and the people around us.

We as ASGL understudies ought to be a good example of the more youthful age. We

ASGL understudies ought to listen from the heart , look for positive arrangements be honest with

yourself and other, and to wrap things up be worldwide native. For such course of action and

contract we are happy to battle to keep on battling until they are accomplished: however simply

because we wish the privilege to win and want a fair and stable atmosphere, for example, can be

verified just by evacuating the negative atmospheres of asgl, which this projects removes.