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Pipe and Tubing (continued)

ASTM A 358 (ASME SA-358 is gen- service. Among the grades covered 1. Either hydrostatic, air or gas
erally identical with some additional are five H grades and two nitrogen pressure testing per lot.
requirements) grades that are specifically intended 2. Transverse guided-bend test
This specification covers stainless for high temperature service. All ma- and transverse tension test
steel pipe intended for high tempera- terial is furnished in the heat treated each length.
ture and general corrosive service. condition unless waived and spe-
Production is generally limited to diam- cifically marked “HT-O”. Hydrostatic MIL-P-24691
eters and schedule wall thicknesses tests are required for each length of Formerly MIL-P-1144 this specification
of 8" and larger as shown in ANSI pipe. Tension and flattening tests are covers seamless and welded austen-
B36.10 and ANSI B36.19 (See page 4, required per lot. itic stainless steel pipe intended for
40). Pipe is normally welded with filler elevated temperature and general cor-
metal (except the root pass on Class ASTM A 409 (ASME SA-409 is gen- rosive service, including cryogenic
4) and can be specified as: (a) single erally identical with some additional applications. This specification is
or double welded; (b) 100%, spot, or requirements) approved for use by the Naval Sea
no radiography; (c) heat treated after This specification covers Schedule 5s Systems Command and is available
welding, made from annealed plate and 10s straight-seam or spiral-seam for use by all Departments and Agen-
and not heat treated after welding, or welded stainless steel pipe intended cies of the Department of Defense.
made from unannealed plate and not for high temperature and general cor- All pipe is to be furnished in the heat
heat treated after welding. rosive service. Production is normally treated condition and subjected to
The principle manufacturing proce- limited to sizes of 14" through 30", nondestructive electric or hydrostatic
dures specified under A 358 are: however, special diameters, lengths pressure test as applicable. Tension,
1. Hydrostatic testing of each and alloys can be specified. Pipe flattening and intergranular corrosion
length (unless waived). manufactured to A 409 may be heated tests are required by lot.
2. Transverse guided-bend tests after welding, made from annealed
and transverse tension tests per plate and not heat treated after weld-
lot. ing, or made from unannealed plate
and not heat treated after welding. The
ASTM A 376 (ASME SA-376 is gener- principal manufacturing procedures
ally identical) This specification covers specified under A 409
seamless austenitic stainless steel are:
pipe intended for high temperature

Welding Fittings
“As Welded” Grade beveled, belled or roll-grooved ends pressure piping intended for low to
Alaskan “as welded” fittings are can be provided. Spot radiography or moderate temperatures and general
welded using ASME qualified weld- 100% radiography of welded seams corrosive service where heat treat-
ing procedures and can be supplied can also be performed. Alaskan ment is not required for corrosion
in a wide range of diameters and wall pickles and passivates its fittings to resistance. Fittings are normally fur-
thicknesses from any of the weldable maintain corrosion resistant and to nished per MSS-SP-43 dimensions un-
corrosion resistant alloys. Welding prevent surface discoloration from less otherwise agreed upon between
elbows can be provided with smooth free iron oxidation. “As welded” the purchaser and manufacturer. A
flow or mitered construction, tees fittings are commonly used with “as 774 is generally considered to be the
and crosses can be drawn outlet or welded” pipe and tubing in pulp and most applicable ASTM specification
nozzle-welded types and reducers paper mills, food processing plants for “as welded” fittings.
can be conical or bell-shaped. Alaskan and other industries where corrosion
manufactures “as welded” fittings resistance is essential.
to ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28 or MSS
SP-43 dimensions, with weld ends ASTM A 774
furnished square cut. Fittings with This specification covers “as welded”
special dimensions or those that stainless steel pipe fittings for low


Welding Fittings (continued)

ASTM A 403 Code. With the exception of changes to the dimensional requirements and
This specification includes seamless in tensile properties of 304L, 316L and have pressure ratings of MSSHeat
and welded wrought austenitic stain- 316N, and the additional requirements treating is optional as agreed upon
less steel buttwelding fittings and for ASME Code documentation, this with the purchaser. Fitting sub-classes
consists of two general Classes, WP specification is identical to ASTM A covered by ASTM B 366 include the
and CR. Class WP fittings are manu- 403. Alaskan produces and stocks following specific requirements:
factured to the dimensional require- SA-403 quality fittings, welded with
Sub-class Requirement
ments of ANSI B16.9 or ANSI B16.28 filler metal and stamped with the
and have pressure ratings equal to that “U” symbol (Section VIII) under a WP-S Seamless construction
prescribed for the specific matching Certificate of Authorization from the WP-W Welded fittings where fitting
pipe. Class CR fittings are manufac- American Society of Mechanical construction welds are 100%
radiographed or ultrasonically
tured to the dimensional requirements Engineers. examined and where welds
and pressure ratings of MSS SP-43. made with the addition of filler
Both Classes require carbide solution ASTM B 361 metal in any starting material
heat treatment which includes rapid This specification includes seamless (e.g., welded pipe) are 100%
radiographically examined.
cooling to prevent reprecipitation of and welded aluminum and aluminum WP-WX Welded fittings where all
carbides. Fitting sub-classes covered alloy buttwelding fittings manufac- welds are 100% radiographi-
by ASTM A 403 include the following tured to the dimensional requirements cally or ultrasonically examined.
specific requirements: of ANSI B16.9 and B16.28 and are CR Seamless or welded fittings
with no nondestructive testing
generally available in diameters and required.
Sub-class Requirement schedule wall thicknesses shown in
WP-S Seamless construction
ANSI B36.10 and ANSI B36.19 (See
WP-W Welded fittings where fitting page 40).
construction welds are 100%
radiographed or ultrasonically ASTM B 363
examined and where welds
made with the addition of filler
This specification covers seamless
metal in any starting material and welded unalloyed titanium
(e.g., welded pipe) are 100% buttwelding fittings intended for gen-
radiographed. eral corrosion resisting and elevated
WP-WX Welded fittings where all
welds are 100% radiographed
temperature service. Dimensions are
or ultrasonically examined. in accordance with ANSI B16.9 or
CR Seamless or welded fittings MSS SP-43 standards and are gener-
with no nondestructive testing ally available in diameters and sched-
ule wall thicknesses shown in ANSI
Special fittings with sizes and shapes B36.10 and ANSI B36.19 (See page
not included in the above dimensional 40). Alaskan manufactures these fit-
specifications can be ordered per A tings using ASME qualified welders
403, provided they are marked “S9” and welding procedures.
and meet all other requirements of
the sub-class specified. ASTM B 366
This specification includes seamless
ASME SA-403 and welded wrought nickle and nickel
This specification includes seam- alloy buttwelding fittings and consists
less and welded wrought austenitic of two general Classes, WP and CR.
stainless steel buttwelding fittings Class WP fittings are manufactured
intended for use as commercial com- to the dimensional requirements
ponents that comply with Sections I, of ANSI B16.9 or ANSI B16.28 and
IV and VIII and nuclear power plant have pressure ratings equal to that
components that comply with Section prescribed for the specified matching
III of the ASME Boiler and Pressure pipe. Class SP-43. CR fittings are