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Cameron Barbour

1408 Burrell Ave, Concord NC - (980) 866 - 3713 -

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this to show my interest in the position of Broadcasting at the American Film
Institute. My energy and improv ability works well in front of the camera.

I am interested in this position because of my background in broadcasting at Cox Mill High

School. I am currently in my last semester of broadcasting. In the class I learned how do many
things like create questions for an interview, how to edit on multiple softwares such as IMovie
and Final Cut Pro. I have edited over 50 videos in the last two years in four different softwares.
Broadcasting also taught me how to work with a group of people that I don’t know and create
something great. I was in front the camera most of the time creating new skits for the school
announcements. I have the experience on and off the camera and I know that I will have the
energy and the dedication to my work. Because of my background with broadcasting and
creating films at home with my brother I believe I will be a great candidate for the position.

Sincerely, Cameron Barbour