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B.E 8th SEMESTER (Resular ) EXAMINATION SESS|ON: Mav/June. 2019.

Time :-10.00 A.M

Saturday Civil Engg DesLgn ot Structure-lll c-801
Compuler Engg Electivo-l Hum-812(A)
Organizational Behavrorrr
Business Policy & Strategic Management Hum-812 (B)
Electrical Engg lndustrjal Engg & Production lvlanagemenl Hum-813 (New )
lndustrial Enqq & Production I\,4anaqement HU[,1,812(Old)
Eleclronics & Comm Engg Micro Controller & their Applications ECE.8O1
Mechanrcal Enqq Optimization Techniques tvl-801
lnformation Tech Nelwork Secur ty rT-801
Applred Electronics & lnst Micro Controller & their Applications ECE.8O1
Wednesday Civrl Enqa Water Power Engrneering c-802
22-0s-2019 Computer Engg Elective-ll Com-801 (A)
Advanced Computer Architeclure
Data Warehousing & Data Mining (for Computer Com-801 (B)
Enss )
Electr cal Engg Power System lll EE-802
Eleckonrcs & Communication Antenna & Radar Englneering ECE-802
Mechanrcal Engg Elective -l M-802 (A)
Automobile Eng rneeflnq
Refrigeralion & Air Condilioning M-802(B)

Advance Manlfacluring Tqcl!Sl9$l t\.4-802 (C)

lnformahon Tech Engg Vrsual Programming I T,802
Applied Electronics & st Engg Virtual lnstrumentatron AEt-802
Sunday Civil Enqq Transporlatron Engineenng-ll c-803
26.05-2019 Compuler Engg Anif icial lntelligence Com-802
(for Computer Engineering)
Electflcal Engg Elective-ll EE-803(A)
High Voltage Eng rneefinq
Extra High Voltage Transmiss on EE-803(B)
Power System Ope.ation and Control EE-803 (C)
Utilization of Electrical Energy EE-803 (D)
Electronrcs Engg Elective-ll ECE-803 (A)
Satell(e Communication
FPGA Based Digital Design Techniques ECE-803 (B) (New)
Electronrcs Circuit Design with lC'S ECE-803(B) (Otd)
Nanolechnology ECE-803 (C)
Digital lmage processing ECE-803 (D)(New)
oi ital lma e Processr ECE-804(A) (Old )
I\rechan ca Engg Elective-ll rvl- 803 (A)
I\,4echatronics M-803 (B)
En neursh M-809 (q)
lnformation Tech Elective - lll rT - 803 (A)
Oata Warehousin and Mrnrn
E'Commerce rT - 803 (B)
Applred Electronics & lnsl Elective-lll AEr-803(A)
PLC and Scada
Pneumatic & Hydraullc Inslrumentation AEr-803(B)
Nanotechnolo ECE-803 (C)
Thursday C'vil Elgg Organization & l\rlanagement HU[/,807
30-05-2019 Computer Engg Elective-lll Com-803(A)
Cornpiler Design
Distributed Data Bases Com-803-(B)
Electncal Engg Elective-lll EE-804(A)
CAD ol Eleclncal Machines
lndustrial Drives EE-804(B)
Advanced Power Eleckonics EE-80a-(C) (Nevr)
Advanced Power Electronics EE-804 (C) (Ord)
Static Relay EE-804(D) )
Electronics Engg Elective-lll ECE-804(A) (New)
upt ical Frbre Communicatron
NeuralNetworks & Fuzzy Systems ECE-804 (B)
Bio- Medical Electronics & lnstrumentatrons ECE-804(C)

lvlechanical En99 Eloctivo-lll M-804(A)

Production Planning & Control
MetalCutling & Tool Design M-804(B)
N4ethod Engineering & Ergonomrcs M-804(C)
lnformation Tech Electivo-lV rT804,(A)
Client SeNer Architeclue
Mobile Com n
Applied Eleclronics & lnsl Elective-lV -ll:qqG)
Robotics 8 Automation
Neural Networks & Fuzzy Syslems ECE,804 (B)

Monday Civil Engg Elective-lll C,BO5

03-06-2019 Co ional raulics
Structu.al Analysis c-806

Elements of Earth Quake Engg c-807

lnformation Tech i) RISC Architecture Professional tT-805
ii) Oigital lmage Processing r T-805 (r)
Applied Electronics & lnst Bio Sensors and MEMS AEI-801

Electronrcs Engg Eleclive lll
Co r Networks & Communrcation
ECE,803(D) (
"l'' ]

6 All the candidates are advised to verify their Course No. & Titles in which they have to appe.rr irl
the examination. In case ofany variation, they should contact the concerned section in advancr:
1. Mobile Phones, Pagers, Wireless Sets, Head Phones, Scientific Calculators or any other undesirable
objects are strictly prohibited in the Examination Centers.
8. Carry bags containing personal belongings are not allowed in the Examination Center premises, The
University shall not be responsible for the loss of the same.
9 The candidates are further advised to use only BIUE INK OR BALL PEN
10. The candidates are also advised not to disclose their identity by writing name or put any other
identification mark in the Answer Book which shall tantamount to the use of unfair means and shall
be punishable under the University Statutes.
7$5\r t
Assistant Regi Strar am. P rof.-l) '
I 17 lR
No. Exam./Prof/1s
Dated a - c-l a v'w\V.
Copy for the kind information of the :-
1. Spl. Secy, to the Vice- Chancellor forthe kind information ofthe Esteemed ViceChancellor please.
2. Sr. P.A to the Registrar/ Controller of Examinations, University of .Jammu.
3. Head, (Coordinator), University lnstitute of Engineering and Technology. University of lammu.
4. The Principal, GCET, MIET, MBs , YCET and BCET colleges of Engg.& Tech. for information and Circulation
among all concerned.
5. C,A. to the Controller of Examinations.
6. Dy, Registrar (Computer Examination) with the request to 8et the date sheet uploaded on the websites
www-coelq.eo m and www iammu-univers ity in
7 Asst./Dy. Registrar (Exams/ Sty/Conduct/Eval./Conf./Accts/lnformation), University of Jammu
8 Asst. Registrar (PRl) for the information of the candidates.
9 Assistant oirector, centre for lT Enabled services & Management, University of Jammu, Jammu with
the request to get the date sheet uploaded on the UniversitY website
10 Superintendent, Centre Concerned.'
11 Security Officer, University of Jammu.
L2. Notice B