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Maanasdhara Solutions

ज्ञानकर्मेण कौशलेन च
We envisage a society where people make the world around more beautiful by their
presence, thoughts and actions. We strive for such a society believing Mandela's words
that Education is the most powerful tool we can use to shape future.
In a world, every
goal can be
achieved by
educating, training
and sensitizing
Teachers, Students
and Parents.
What we do
For Teachers For Students For Parents

Psychometric Tests Counselling (Behaviour, Orientation

Training (Personality of a Education & Career) Mindful Parenting
Teacher, Teaching Skills) Art of Learning Parenting Kids
Communication at School Time & Stress Parenting Adolescents
Time & Stress Management
Management Counselling
Overcome Hesitation
Classroom Management Child, You and School
Psychometric Tests to
Pedagogy choose stream & Career Life Objectives
Psychometric Tests
For present school
staff as well as for new
recruitments. For Teachers
Psychometric Tests –
To Select What we have
Best Stream of Study
and Career For Students
Counselling – After Psychometric Test

Stream of Study
and Career For Parents
About : Maanasdhara is a venture of passionate, dedicated and
About Us experienced educators and psychology professionals. Our firm
belief is that future of mankind takes its shape in lap of Education
and Society both and every goal can be achieved by educating,
training and sensitizing Teachers, Students and Parents.
Vision : We promote a vision of education that-
Engages students as active participants in their learning and in
Supports teachers’ voice as experienced practitioners and
growth as lifelong learners,
Builds solidarity between children, parents and teachers,
Welcomes families and communities as partners in children’s
Promotes diversity, equity and justice in society,
Encourages teachers to play an active role in guiding the
educational vision of society and
Creates citizens who make world around them more beautiful.
Mission : Our mission is to build and maintain a better society
by providing professional, skilful, moral and ethical psychological
support to the future of mankind i.e. our children - the students,
parents and teachers.

“Collaboration and improvisation are

the tools that made human beings rule
this world”

Charles Darwin

Work Together
for Schools

By Maanasdhara
Psychometric Tests
★ Psychometric tests are designed to
measure unobserved constructs in
behaviour, personality and mental
makeup of an individual.
★ They can very well predict the suitability
of the individual for a particular
★ Our tests are designed and conducted
by experienced psychologists having
excellent exposure to education world.
Our Tools-
E.Q. Test, I.Q. Test (Wechsler), Cognitivie Abilities Test, Aptitude
(Reasoning, Verbal and Numerical) Test, Adaptive Functioning,
Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, Thematic Apperception Test,
Word Association Test, Situation Reaction Test, 16 PF Questionnaire
All are standard tests used frequently by modern psychologists for
Psychometric Analysis.

➔ We serve to schools only

We are providing psychometric services to schools since 2012.

➔ Tests developed for Indian Environment

We specialize in Psychometric Testing in school education in
Indian Environment and social and ethical standards .
Parameters we adjudge-
Including but not limited to diligence, value-system, composition,
empathy, people skills, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, self-control,
mental strength, dependability, work-ethics, integrity, sensitivity,
EQ & IQ, adaptive functioning and aptitude in terms of cognitive,
reasoning, verbal and numerical abilities, criminal mind-set,
emotional stability, stress tolerance, understanding of
consequences, accountability, violence, aggression, emotional
inadequacy, inappropriate sexual behaviour and positive
reinforcement factors like psychological fitness and wellbeing,
strong support networks, good emotional regulation, stable
personality characteristics, strong self-concept, ability to effectively
manage past trauma.
Is Maanasdhara
authorised to
conduct Who is authorised to
conduct psychometric

Psychometric All qualified psychologists

with relevant experience can
conduct psychometric tests.

Tests? However results become

better and more reliable with
exposure and experience in
the same domain.
Yes! We are..
Maanasdhara is working in this segment since 2012.
We started work under the aegis of `Maanasdhara
Trust for Educational and Social Research and
Training`. At present we are registered with Ministry
of Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India. Team Maanasdhara
The psychologists working in our panel are selected Team Maanasdhara is a
beautiful blend of some
very carefully and are fully qualified and authorised finest minds who have
to conduct and evaluate such tests. devoted their lives to
betterment of education.
Our psychologists are one with vast experience in Our motto ‘Gyan, Karm
domain of education. Most of them are Passionate aur Kaushal se’ also
reflects the same.
Education Enthusiasts, Ex-Principals, Senior
Counsellors & Educational Psychologists.
Psychometric Test of
Aptness for Teachers..

Psychometric profiling
gives a more objective To ensure that only
overview of a person’s right kind of people
work with children,
character, strengths, C.B.S.E. also has made
weaknesses and working this test mandatory.. .
You can also use the
style. results for betterment
of institution and
development and
training of teachers.
Psychometric Test of
Aptness for
Other Staff in
Children are most
important.. Psychometric profiling of a person
Selecting right kind of
people to work with
before you hire him/her will give
them is not an easy task. you immunity to a large extent
Schools are places against unwanted types.
where utmost level of
care and safety is
Basics for a child’s good mental health:

● Unconditional love from family

● Self-confidence and high self-
● The opportunity to play with
Teacher & Family
other children
Personality of a child is a
● Encouraging teachers and fair blend of
supportive caretakers personalities of his
parents and teachers
● Safe and secure surroundings and people who matters
in his life PLUS a
● Appropriate guidance and uniqueness given by
The Creator.
will give you immunity
to a large extent
against unwanted
types and thus more
peace of mind.
Certificate of
Aptness will be
provided to each
person in both
offline and online
mode for perusal of
Detailed Personality
Report describing
core personality
traits, strengths,
weaknesses, skills as
teacher and ways to
To access
report and


Offline In your school to be

conducted by psychologist
Offline tests are
conducted by himself/herself.
Psychologist in a
environment created
by psychologist
Offline Test Procedure
❖ Paper-Pen tests to be conducted by Psychologist in a
constrained environment created by Psychologist
❖ Individual interaction with psychologist for class IV
Test Procedure
❖ Separate tests for TEACHING/NON-TEACHING Staff. Is important for
psychometric tests to be
❖ Test to be repeated in case test-response is found conclusive. Psychologist
inconclusive frames situations and
creates environment for
test results to be
Psychometric Profiling makes managing
people easier for administrators.

Psychometric Tests
are being used Psychometric Tests

globally to have an Are effective tools of

human resource
management for
decades and are being

insight into people. used extensively in the

modern world.

Know more about us: maanasdhara.com

May 2012 September 2017
Maanasdhara was CBSE made Psychometric
established. Test compulsory for all
school staff

2012 2013- 2018

August 2015 November 2018

Started Psychometric Maanasdhara is catering to
Services a number of schools across
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