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Depending on the consultancy you have done, expound on the methodology area to include

 Study Design and approach

o Triangulation (Qualitative and Quantitative) design and approach: Research, the
study will mainly involve review of available documents in the bank and other
literature as well as carrying out interviews with key staff of the bank
 Population size /stakeholders to engage
o The consultant will interact with respondents from top management, middle
management and low level staff as well as external stakeholders such as commercial
banks clusters, other ministries and agencies, private sector and general public.
 Sample size and selection (technique
o Simple random and purposive sampling techniques shall be applied: Simple random
sampling shall be used for determination of respondents from general public (5),
commercial financial institutions (10) this picked from different clusters(MFI, CB of
different tiers), and low level staff (20). This is because the respondents from these
categories are many and all have the possibility of providing the required
information. Purposive shall be applied to the, ministries&agencies (5), private
sector (5), top (2) and middle managers (5). This is because a few of them have the
relevant capacity to provide the information required in the study.
 Data collection methods (include target respondents to reach)
o Interviews guide(17)and Questionnaires survey (35)
 Data collection instrument (structure for questionnaire dwell on scale, interview open ended
questions and why?)
o Self-administered Questionnaire with forced choice answers. This is because all the
information is in block form and validation is required from the respondents.
o Interview: Open – ended questions that call for free flow of information and enables
interaction to take place
 Data quality assurance (In this section: validity /reliability)
Both the questionnaire and the interview guide will be given to experts for review.
Questionnaires received will be analysed using SPSS to test their validity

We shall use Cronbach’s alpha to test reliability of the questionnaire
We shall use content analysis technique for testing reliability of interview guide

 Data analysis (techniques for qualitative and quantitative)

Quantitative data collected will be cleaned, coded and entered into SPSS software for
Qualitative data will be analysed using content analysis where we shall group data into
themes and an interpretation provided.

 Ethics
o Obtain Consent from respondents
o Design letters of introduction to assure respondents of credibility of researcher
o Ensure transparency and accountability
o Confidentiality of the data collected
o Eliminate bias and ensure objectivity