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Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack

Monday Everything bagel Homemade Rice (242 cal) Clif Bar (240
(310 cal) sandwich (373 Tilapia (256 cal) cal)
Scrambled eggs cal) Mixed veggies TOTAL: 1,833
(164 cal) Chips (160 cal) (88 cal)

Tuesday Frosted Flakes Chipotle (510 Mac & Cheese TOTAL: 1,274
(155 cal) cal) (310 cal)
Milk (149 cal) Tortilla Chips
(150 cal)

Wednesday Chick Fil A Pasta (220 cal) Breaded shrimp PB&J (491 cal)
sandwich (440 Garlic bread (320 cal) TOTAL: 2,133
cal) (170 cal) Rice (242 cal)
Hash Browns
(250 cal)

Thursday SKIPPED Spicy Chicken Chicken (284 Nutrigrain Bar

Sandwich (528 cal) (130 cal)
cal) Rice (242 cal) TOTAL: 1,536
Curly fries (280 Veggies (72 cal)

Friday SKIPPED Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger Yogurt (150 cal)

(311 cal) (380 cal) TOTAL: 1,281
Pretzels (100 Fries (340 cal)

Saturday Pancakes (462 SKIPPED Tommy’s chili TOTAL: 1,432

cal) dog (570 cal)
Fries (400 cal)

Sunday Hot pocket (306 Chicken nuggets Steak (219 cal) TOTAL: 857
cal) (222 cal) Asparagus (25
Mac & Cheese
(85 cal)

After reviewing my calorie intake for a week, I believe that I need to start consuming

more calories. I looked up how much calories an average woman should be consuming and it

should be roughly 2000 calories. Out of my 7 days, I only reached that 2000 calorie “goal” on

one day. Before, I used to not eat breakfast, but for the past few weeks I’ve been attempting to

eat breakfast in the mornings before class. If I wasn’t eating breakfast, my calorie intake would

be much lower than it already is.

One “menu” option that I can eat that is low calorie can consists of fruits and yogurt for

breakfast. The yogurt I have at my house is 150 calories. If I were to eat a side of fruit with the

yogurt, I would probably choose a banana since I always have them at my house. Bananas have

roughly 105 calories. So breakfast would be a total of 255 calories. For a low calorie lunch, I

would probably eat a salad and add some protein to it. Spring mixed greens have roughly about

15 calories for a two cup portion. If I were to add chicken to it, that would add an additional 231

calories, and dressing would add on another 75 calories, roughly. For dinner, I would eat a type

of fish and some vegetables. I usually go for a white fish, like tilapia, which is about 256

calories, or salmon 144 calories (depending on the size of the fillet). Vegetables are low in

calories as is, so I would do a mix of vegetables that would consist carrots, broccoli, corn, and


I learned a lot from this project. The most important thing that I think I learned was

knowing what I am putting in my body. I never realized what I was putting in my family, the

nutritional value of the food items. I never knew how healthy/unhealthy the items I eat are. This

project also taught me how much calories I should be aiming for. I never knew that I should be

consuming at least 2000 calories, and I usually eat less than that recommended amount.
3 goals I want to implement are consuming the recommended amount of calories,

minimize my intake of fast food, and eat breakfast every morning. I think one way to help me

reach 2000 calories every day is to eat snacks. I don’t want it to be unhealthy snacks, perhaps

granola bars or fruit. I have a habit of getting fast food for my boyfriend and I because it’s so

convenient. I should start meal prepping again. This will help with me stop eating fast food and it

can help me reach my goal of 2000 calories daily. Breakfast is the most important meal of the

day. So I want to start eating it every morning, at least on school days. I always find myself

hungry during class because I did not eat breakfast prior.