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U Kyaw Kyaw Khaing , Invoice Date : 05/16/2019

60 St, Bet: MinYeKyawSwar & BaHtoo St, ToutPi Curve, Pyi Gyi Customer Billing Id : 1810671553
Mobile: 959787396993 Invoice Number : 377006

Email: USD Conversion Rate : 1000

Sr Description MMK
Recurring fee for 05/01/19 - 05/15/19 (FTTH 10M Plan). 18871
Commercial Tax 944
I. Total 19815

II. Previous Oustanding Amount -31299

III. Advance Payment 0
IV. Total Due 51114
V. User Balance -51114
VI. Advance Balance 0
VI. Total Equivalent to USD 51.11
VI. User Balance to USD -51

1. Payment of the Total Due is required before due date. Due Date
2. If Total Due is not paid before due date your connection will be temporary disabled. May 31, 2019
3. After settling invoice please collect and keep receipt.
4. Computer generated invoice, no signature required.
5. USD conversion rate is CBM rate on the bill generated date.
Payment Channel
- Pay your bill online with KBZ Bank Account by visiting
- All payments can be made with:
* KBZ Quick Pay Service (All Branches), KBZ iBanking/mBanking,KPay Service
* AYA Bank iBanking/mBanking
* CB Bank (All Branches)
- You can visit YTP Sales Outlet