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Course Outline in 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World

Subject 21st Century Literature from the School Year 2018-2019

Philippines and the World
Grade level 11 Name of Teacher Ms. April Lauren C. Pamaran
Time Allotment 80 hours Contact Hours/Week 3 hours

General Description: This course aims to engage students in appreciation and critical study of the 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
encompassing their various dimensions, genres, elements, structures, contexts, and traditions.

Core Description:Study and appreciation of the literature of the region where the school is located in relation to the literature of the other regions of the country and
study and appreciation of the literature of the world originally written in the 21st century.

Content Standards:
1. The learner will be able to understand and appreciate the elements and contexts of 21st Century Philippine literature from the regions.
2. The learner will be able to understand and appreciate literary texts in various genres across national literature and cultures.

Performance Standards:The learner will be able to demonstrate understanding and appreciation of 21st Century Philippine literature from the Philippines and the
world through:
1. a written close analysis and critical interpretation of a literary text in terms of form and theme, with a description of its context derived from research;
2. critical paper that analyses literary texts in relation to the context of the reader and the writer or a critical paper that interprets literary texts using any of the
critical approaches; and
3. adaptation of a text into other creative forms using multimedia.

BRENT SHS (2018) 21st Century from the Philippines and the World Course Outline
(Competency) (Success Indicator by)
At the end of the lesson, the learners
WEEK 1-2  DepEd SHS 21st Century
I. Redisovering  discuss the significance and  brainstorming and relating  oral recitation Literature from the Philippines
Literature influence of literature in their experiences, feelings, and thoughts  group reporting and the World Curriculum
lives and in today’s world on how literature has affected  pen and paper test Guide
specifically in the Philippines learners’ personal and social life
 define literature, its forms and  brainstorming learner’s own ideas  Chua, G.C., & Guillermo,
types, its perspectives in their and/or learned facts on how M.O.(2016). 21st Century
own words literature has affected and changed Literature from the
 identify the geographic, Filipinos and the Philippines Philippines and the World.
linguistic, and ethnic through the years Makati City: Diwa
dimensions of Philippine  identifying the meaning of literature Learning Systems Inc.
literature and its forms, types, and genres
 recognizing the 3 critical  Uychoco, M.A.(2016).21st
perspectives in studying literature Century Literature from
 classifying a literary piece by its the Philippines and the
form, genre, author, and World. Manila: Rex Book
descriptionusing the learners’ ethnic Store, Inc.
and cultural background as theme
for their selected literary works  Kahayon, A.H.,&Zulueta,
C.A.(2000). Philippine
WEEK 3 II. Literary  analyse the figures of speech and  identifying the different figures of  story/video identification Literature Through the
devices and other literary techniques and speech and elements of a plot of and analysis Years. Mandaluyong City:
techniques devices in the text selected stories  role-play National Bookstore
 composing their own sentences  pen and paper test
using figures of speech  Dones, M.G.(2009). Philippine
Literature: A Student
WEEK 4-5 III. Various  identify representative texts and  identifying a list and summary of Guide. Manila:
Dimensions of authors in Philippine literary literary works from pre-colonial to  group reporting through Mindshapers Co.,Inc.
Philippine history contemporary flowcharts, comic strips
Literary from pre-  explain the relationship of context  reading, studying, and analysing the  pen and paper test
colonial to with the text’s meaning characters and plot, dimensions,
contemporary  infer literary meaning from literal authors, and language style of
language based on usage Philippine literary works from pre-
colonial to contemporary

BRENT SHS (2018) 21st Century from the Philippines and the World Course Outline
 Lacia, F.C.,Fabella,
SUGGESTED LITERARY SELECTIONS:  group reporting through M.G.,&Libunao,
IV. Canonical  Pre-colonial Phil. Literature: flowcharts, comic strips, L.L.(2008).The Literatures
authors and Riddles, Proverbs, Myths and bulleted outlines, of the Philippines (Revised
works of Legends timelines and other Edition). Manila: Rex
Philippine  Bathala and other supernatural graphic organizers Book Store, Inc.
National Artists in creatures  role-play
Literature  “Maria Labo” and other Filipino  pen and paper test
urban legends
 ParangSabil
 The Spanish Period: Florante at
Laura by Francisco Balagtas
 The Period of Enlightenment and
Revolution: Noli Me Tangere and El
Filibusterismo by Jose Rizal
 The American Regime: Dead Stars by
Paz Marquez Benitez
 The Japanese Period: Haiku and
 group guided brainstorming
 identify representative texts  reading and/or watching, studying,  group reporting through
WEEK 6-10 V. Philippine and authors from the 21st and analysing the characters and flowcharts, comic strips,
Contemporary Century Philippines plot, dimensions, authors, figures of bulleted outlines, timelines and
Literature  explain the relationship of speech and language style of other graphic organizers
context with the text’s meaning Philippine contemporary literary
 situate the text in the context works:
of the region and the nation ~ Textula (Modern Tanaga)
 produce a creative ~ Trending Filipino teleseryes,
representation of a literary wattpad stories by pinoy authors,
text by applying multimedia ~ OPM, pinoy spoken poetries, game
skills simulations
~ Pinoykomiks: Darna, Lastikman and
Captain Barbel
~ Filipino essays, articles , blogs, vlogs,
and documentaries
 explaining the context of the literary
works and relating it to learner’s life  group presentations through
 performing an adaptation of a role-play, music band, musical
literary text by roleplay with a twist, play, game simulations
music band, or musical play

BRENT SHS (2018) 21st Century from the Philippines and the World Course Outline
WEEK 11-14 I. Literary genres,  identify representative texts  reading and/or watching, studying,  group guided brainstorming
traditions and and authors from Asia, North and analysing the characters and selecting and organizing
forms from America, Europe, Latin America, plot, dimensions, authors, figures of literary details and concepts
different national and Africa speech and language style of Asian, through flowcharts, comic
literature and  understand literary meanings in European, and African strips, bulleted outlines,
cultures, namely, context and the use of critical contemporary literary works timelines, other graphic
Asian, Anglo- reading strategies  presenting a literary museum with organizers and summaries
American,  situate the texts in the context brochures, posters, videos, mascots
European, Latin of the region, nation, and the and/or cosplays, etc.  Culminating activity:
American, and world A museum consisting of
African  appreciate the cultural and SUGGESTED LITERARY SELECTIONS Philippine and International
aesthetic diversity of world WITH THEMES/CONCEPTS: Literature with brochures,
literature  Asian Literature: Women posters, videos,
 produce a creative  A thousand splendid suns (excerpt) mascots/cosplays/models/
representation of a literary text by KhaledHosseini statues, etc.
II. Basic textual by applying multimedia skills  Kdrama, manga and manhwa
and contextual  African Literature: Love and
reading approach Heartbreak
in the study and  Selected quotes by Warsan Shire
appreciation of  European Literature: Sexual and
literature Gender Ambiguity
WEEK 15-20  How to be both by Ali Smith
 American Literature: Dystopia
 Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
 Divergent by Veronica Roth
 Mixed Literature: Superheroes in
the Modern and Futuristic World

BRENT SHS (2018) 21st Century from the Philippines and the World Course Outline