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Factory calendar

Org Structure

Account determination

PO document types

PO form

Condition Types

Payment term

MM&SD integration

Release Strategy

Email notification



Work Status

Transport Factory calendar to QAS and PRD N

Purchasing Org D
2 Plants D
Pur Group Ask for more pur group of person w

Create Semifinished Valuation class 1210 D

Config OBYC assign FI account to Val class 1210 Waiting for a Khoa input in templat

Config new PO number range for VN

To develop and config new PO output type for VN ( local and import) to design VN PO form , local in dual

to change freight condition to group condition M/06, show condition on PO form N

To create new payment terms for VN ( in English and Vnese) N

To config IDOC for SO auto generated from PO D

To get release strategy from ESV ( parts and factory ) N

Config PO of ESA to send email notification to ESV N

To check what plan freight they have in PO and how it is display

PO variant configuration

remove info update in PO of ESA to ESV, because ESA & ESV will use average price for buyo N
Get the average price of MGS from Ms Lan N
Update the MGS info record of ESA N

Check with Jimmy whether common bed, terminal box make to order ( MGS order or CommD
Check with Mr Phi for doument issuing when issue Subcontract components to vendor D
test print out with subcontract N

ZDRV PR/PO type For Parts Department Only !

Drop shipment Order from Local Vendor Drop shipment from Local Vendor
Check with Mr Phi the report ME80FN invoice line item
Check with a Khoa Tax classification of Sales View SG11 why VN tax
Check with a Khoa for equipment, need a new valuation class

Oversea PR third party ZDRA, ZDRS; Local PR third party ZDRV

Stock PR from ESA : ZCOS,ZCOA,ZEOA,ZEOS ; Stock PR from ESA (ship from Japan) : ZVOA, ZVOS, ZVOC
Add 1 Header text to be Incoterm Date

GL : 5612120
Cost center C28020

Test the PO program to see how it get the vendor

check the EVO parameter to untick the auto update PIR
Material Group : need to create new group for ESV, check with Mr Binh
Prepare subcon Material, PIR

How to know PR selected > Fixed ID

Release - X : not yet released

In Vendor Master, Sales Person not yet maintained

In vendor master, maintain Incoterm location 2

How to generate subcon PR from Production order - check with Jimmy

Add logic to ignore material has procurement type E in the PIN program
Check Stock on hand not display
Add logic if material = 30, add item category L when creating PO
Revise Incoterm date = Existing PO delivery date
Add Delivery time
Remove logic to add PO delivery date into PO
Add logic in PO only display SO number when material group is not ENGINE, otherwise Forecast number
Change logic of material description

Change valuaiton class

Material Service for Sale how to maintain ?
Plant VN12 - Material Description Vietnamese/English
PO service of VN12 need approval
Test print out material doc with User account
Check again the authorization
Vendor name = Name 1 + Name 2
Terminal box is currently trading, future produced in-house
need to change valuation class 3400 to 5100
ore pur group of person who raise PO ( service, office supplies,..)

or a Khoa input in template

VN PO form , local in dual language

nttdata NTTdata444$ MHP
s4h_pp Welcome10 S4H
ea-bang Kimlinh1105 S4H
ea-bang kimlinh1105 Redsun 500
515055597 Admin Pin 35694121
Participant pin 44764692
TR Desc Type
MHDK902399 Wave2-MM-MM Organization Structure C
MHDK902413 Wave2-MM-Account determination C
MHDK902473 Wave2-MM-Define Condition Schema C
MHDK902489 Wave2-MM-M8287 IV message warning C
MHDK902491 Wave2-MM-PO&IV tolerance limit C
MHDK902532 Wave2-MM-set marc-awsls optional ROH C
MHDK902538 Wave2-MM-Define communicaiton strategy PO output C
MHDK902617 Wave2-MM-Partner Function GS C
MHDK902623 Wave2-MM-IV default tax code VN10 C
MHDK902657 Wave2-MM-Message condition 997 PurOrg/DocType W
MHDK902619 Wave2-MM-new header texts PO W
MHDK902655 Wave2-MM-ZVN1/ZVN2 Local/Oversea PO form output C
MHDK902724 Wave2-MM-PR/PO release strategy setup C
MHDK902743 Wave2-MM-Calendar set up for ESV W
MHDK902751 Wave2-MM-New PR/PO type ZDRV ZVOV C
MHDK902753 Wave2-MM-OBYC update 1 C
MHDK902747 Wave2-MM-ESV purchasing default value 02 C
MHDK902830 Wave2-MM-add Partner role GS to Group S010 C
MHDK902846 Wave2-MM- New PR type N6 C
MHDK902875 Wave2-MM- New Payment term P015 C
MHDK902887 Wave2-MM- New PR type N7 C
MHDK902889 Wave2-MM- New MRP group 0002,0003 C
MHDK902891 Wave2-MM- New release strategies PR C
MHDK902893 Wave2-MM- release strategy 3 C
MHDK902929 Wave2-MM-Config condition print table 997 W
MHDK902937 Wave2-MM- OBYC BSX (update 2) C
MHDK903024 Wave2-MM- set ALV for Inventory report C
MHDK902994 Wave2-MM- Allow locations into Incoterm version C
MHDK903026 Wave2-MM- mvt 311 print indicator C
MHDK903177 Wave2-MM-New payment term P005 P007 C
MHDK903179 Wave2-MM-New sloc V203 VN12 C
MHDK902673 Wave2-MM-Combine item cate L/acc assignment E C
MHDK903276 Wave2-MM-IV activate MIRO posting alternative G/L C
MHDK903278 Wave2-MM- New PR/PO type ZESV C
MHDK903306 Wave2-MM-add Instruction to vendor, Comment and item texW
MHDK903316 Wave2-MM- Set release reset when value change C
MHDK902536 Wave2-MM-IM transfer posting output setup C
MHDK902996 MM : Internal Transfer Form W
MHDK903336 Wave2-MM- New release indicator C C
MHDK903443 Wave2-MM- Account determination 3400 C
MHDK903481 Wave2-MM- Account determination 5010, fix 1210 C
MHDK903549 Wave2-MM- OBYC AUM 0003 C
MHDK903672 Wave2-MM- Print indicator for MF60 C
MHDK903676 Wave2-MM- New mov type 971,972 GI for Insurance C
MHDK903763 Wave2-MM- OBYC COGS 1140, remove 1130 C
Team PR PR doc type
All Manual PR non ProductioN4
Planning team MRP PR PD Production N1
MRP PR VB Production N5
Manual PR Production N3

Production team MRP PR PD for steel partsN6

MRP PR VB for steel partsN7
Manual PR Production SteN3

Parts team MRP VB PR N1

Manual PR N4

Any impact to logic of PO creation program ?

Release Strategy Plant Approval requirement
VN11,VN12 Y
S0 VN11 Y
S0 VN11 Y
S4 VN11 Y

S6 VN11 Y New Material Group for Steel, Welding Parts ?

S6 VN11 Y
S1 VN11 Y

VN12 Y
VN12 Y
VN12 N
Welding Parts ?
Add P015 payment term
Add ZPPE0000 to ESV role
Request to set up Approval for Engine, Generator/Alternator, Radiator PR -> Need to set up new MRP group, PR type ?
A field on PR to input Forecast number -> tracking number, requisitioner ? Need to check
Approval Message to person raised PR
Currently we have a custom program

ME49\ authroization for Mr Phi

MRP group, PR type ?
Costing 1 Marc-awlslVariance Key maintained for control panel, terminal box, common bed value 0000002

Basic view Division will be blank for all materials

Sales 2 : Item category different on items - Isaac to provide

Hi Team

I listed below some of fields that Can NOT be changed after there is transaction posted for that material. So that we need to ch
You can add more if you know other fields.

Profit Centre
Valuation Class
Valuation Category
Batch Management ( Should follow ESA)
Serial Number Profile ( Should follow ESA)
Material configurable ( Should follow ESA)
Base UoM
Price Control

MRP Group : put 0001 ( for material that has MRP type VB ), or Put 0000 ( For material that has MRP type PD ).
MRP Type : Put VB ( for consumable materials), or Put PD ( other than consumables).
Reorder Point : Only needed for material with MRP type VB. This is the Minimum stock level before MRP create PR automatica
MRP Controller : Put BED for Common Bed MRP Planner
Put CON for Control Panel MRP Planner
Put ENG For Engines MRP Planner
Put MGS for MGS Planner
Put TER for Terminal Box Planner
Put COM for Other Components Planner
Lot Size : Put HB if MRP type is VB, Other than that put EX
Maximum stock Level : Only needed for material with MRP type VB. This is the maximum stock level for MRP to create PR auto
Procurement Type : Put E for In-house Produced materials
Put F for External Purchased material
Put X if a material can be produced in house and also can be purchased.
Put Blank otherwise.
Special Procurement : Put 30 for subcontracting materials, Otherwise put BLANK
Backflush : Put 2 as default for all materials except Engine, Alternator/generator, Radiator.
Production Storage Location : For raw parts and components, this is the storage location to be consumed from. For produced
Storage location for External Procurement : Indicate the goods receipt storage location for externally procured materials. Pleas
In-house production : The average Time taken to produce the material in-house ( in working days)
Period indicator : Put W as default for all materials.
Strategy group : Put 25 ( For MGS Material)
Put 20 ( For Common Bed , Terminal Box , SteelPart/Bracket )
Put 70 ( For engine materials)
Put 40 (For all materials other than above)
Consumption mode : Put 2 as default for all materials.
Backward consumption period : Put 999 as default for all materials.
Forward consumption period : Put 999 as default for all materials.
Mixed MRP : Default as 1 when material has strategy group = 70, other than that set as BLANK
Availability check : Put SP as default for all materials.
Individual/collective : Put 2 as default for all materials, except for MGS/Genset material put 1.
lue 0000002

t material. So that we need to check carefully the values in these fields before upload it to QAS and PRD.

s MRP type PD ).
efore MRP create PR automatically. If you cannot decide it as of now , please put 1 as temporary data.

k level for MRP to create PR automatically. If you cannot decide it as of now , please put 10 as temporary data.

e consumed from. For produced goods/finished goods, this is the storage location to be stored after production. Please see Storage Locatio
ernally procured materials. Please see Storage Location Tab in material master data upload template for list of storage location code.
tion. Please see Storage Location Tab in material master data upload template for list of storage location code.
t of storage location code.
SO type ZMG2
Check how to get correct Sale area
Ignore message payment term
Check how to get correct Payment term
Purchase order type 'DFUE' is not defined
Order type 'ZOR' has not been defined in Sales area <'VN10','10','DG'>
Condition EDI1,2 is missing in pricing procedure A V ZMHI01

Configure NEU and BA00 output

To check the delivery date is different from SO and PO ISAAC

Need Service subcon material