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NATURE OF COMPANIE: Food (dairy products)

Environmental actions
Strong actions Weak actions
 Through the implementation of new  The uses of new technologies implicate the
technologies, the use of cleaner, good fuels waste of a new energy and more use of
fleet management practices and programs electricity, doing also that the
preventive maintenance they have managed transformations of new fuels implicated also
to reduce the Eco-index of carbon footprint some new electricity wasted.
by 26% during the last 10 years of them
industrial operations.  The plans for saving water function, but also
is only a 26% of water saved in 10 years and
 They count with plans for saving and the production of some dairy’s needs much
efficient use of water for each one of our water.
headquarters and plants, and apply cleaner
production practices in each of these; during  The felling of trees since 2011 has decrease
the last 10 years they have achieved a 26% but only in a 10, 5%, that is so low for eight
reduction in the Eco-Index. years of saving and this says the trees are
being chopped down even today.
 They avoided the felling of more than 25,300
trees in 2018 with closing plows of industrial  The sustainable development goals are
waste cycles and recycling; with these trying to be accomplishing, but not the
actions they have managed to reduce their 100% of it, they just are accomplishing 13
Eco-index of waste generated per ton in of the 17 giving up with 4 goals.
10.5% since 2011.

 They are committed to the Sustainable

Development Goals, we believe that through
our actions it is possible to contribute to the
end of poverty, protect the planet and
guarantee that people enjoy peace and
prosperity. Through our programs and work
to be a sustainable company, that contributes
to the environment and we contribute to the
fulfillment of the goals of 13 of the 17
Sustainable Development Goals.

Social actions
Strong actions Weak actions
 In 2018, 47% of their total vacancies were  Passing through the facts vacancies are
filled with internal talent and 77% of mostly for the people of that region that need
leadership positions were occupied by the work, there is not so much space for all
Alpinists. Likewise for them it is very the vacancies and the lot of people they need,
important to have the best talent, with so they also are selective and select the ones
mountaineers willing to challenge that are going to get into companies and the
themselves and face with passion the part of the talent is a perspective fact because
challenges needed to achieve extraordinary they also use so much roles, but they need so
results. much people working there and they need
specific talents not all.
 They want to have close mountaineers,
humble, with attitude extraordinary and  The act of treating the workers with well-
proud of our company. These are the same being is a game in some perspective seeing
climbers who act as empowered leaders, that the politic of the big companies is “the
manage to make things happen and look for best the employer is treated the best it
opportunities for the development of their works”, so they treat good the employers
people, worrying in turn for your well-being looking that this one’s work better.
and always looking for extraordinary results.
 The school open is good, but the service is
 In 2018, in the hands of the organization For limited, there is only one and it’s in Sopó, so
the Development of the North of the Sabana all the parts this big national companies
(PRODENSA) they worked for the covers is not only there so the service are
education of the municipality of Sopó, given to an specific population, mentioning
participating in educational talks in schools that also some part of this school are children
of the sector. Through this initiative they of the workers they have.
sought to offer to the student’s useful skills
in their professional life, as knowledge in
innovation, environment and sustainability.

Economical actions
Strong actions Weak actions
 According to the report presented to the  The implementation of new technologies
shareholders' meeting, the president of Alpina generated a new cost and the financier
Ernesto Fajardo last year the sales reached 18 report informs an increased due to
billion and grew 2 1 compared to the year effectively production, but the
before or immediately before, they implementation and constructions of these
recommended Alpina Products will be part of a technologies generated a surplus cost for
new business group The results for the the companies.
company were much more positive in terms of
Ebitda and profit growth.  The statements of a considered increasing
of ingress is due to the facts of the
 The financial statements of Alpina in the first production massive augmentation, so the
quarter of 2018 revealed that net income resources are more faster burned and the
reached US $ 25,717 million representing an necessity of bringing new resources for
increase of 277 compared to the first quarter of transforming raw material into product its
2017. The margin is due to operational most frequently.
efficiencies generated by the acquisition of
cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of  The more vacancies they offer and more
Things robotics and artificial intelligence, the people they contract means that they need
company explained. The company was able to to pay more salary’s and need the space
be more efficient thanks to the consistency in for the quantity of people generating
the strategy of achieving greater productivity costs, also doing the retardant in some
through innovation in processes and products cases of pay extension of resources
and a greater technification and robotization of because the money they need to get off in
operations. pays increase.

 The Alpina’s companies consolidated the fact

of open vacancies for led the much workers
enter for multiplying the number of production
and the production per month, also
accomplishing some statements getting in the
first the first semester the Company managed to
reduce interest expense 10.6% compared to the
same period of the previous year, and improve
credit conditions of its financial obligations,
decreasing its average financial cost at 9.3%.
Regarding the same period of the previous year.