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Katlyn Nelson

113 N Daysville Road

Oregon, IL 61061

June 6, 2019

Alex Merry
Visitors Services Manager & PR
The Burpee Museum of Natural History
737 North Main Street
Rockford, IL, 61103

Dear Alex Merry,

I write to you as a full-time student at Arizona State University- Online courses, majoring
for my Bachelor of Arts – History. I am interested in your Exhibit Floor and Front Register
position. As a student of History, I believe it is time to begin working in the field of history,
especially a position in a museum. I found this position while visiting your website for a family
event to do with my four-year-old son and his father.

I have many years of experience working with customers, especially parents. I have
worked with computers to register customers into a hotel for rooms and I have worked with
parents at a childcare setting for five years. I am friendly, outgoing and not afraid to learn new
qualifications for the workplace. I am also not afraid to ask questions when needed and take
notes to use as guidance to work problem-free and do the best possibly job for the position I am
in. As a child, I had often visited the Burpee Museum and I had always admired the friendly
faces I seen during tours and the feeling of welcome, and I would appreciate to begin my career
in History at your museum. I already have my Associate of Applied Science with Honors in
Early Childhood Education and worked in childcare for five years. I was a young mother who set
my goal to be the best I can be for my son, and with my goals, I have accomplished all that I can,
and I keep moving forward. As a teacher to infants and toddlers, I must be a positive influence
on them and their parents. I have the best interest of each child that has been in my care and
parents go home knowing that their child is safe and well taken care of. With my history of
working, I would like to continue my journey and begin where my heart truly lies, with History.

I am eager to hear from you about this position. I am a good, strong worker who adores
working with people and teaching those new items every day. I am looking forward to talking to
interested parents, students and others about the history that the Burpee Museum carries inside
its buildings. You may contact me at my phone 815-973-2361 or my email,
kricketanne19@gmail.com. Thank you again for the time you have, and I am looking forward to
hearing from you.
Katlyn Nelson