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2nd Periodical Exam in Food and Beverages Services NC II

I. Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter of the correct answer in the space
provided before each number.

_______1. Room service a. separating crumbs and leftovers from used plates
_______2. Tray service b. equipment for delivery or transport of food
_______3. Cart or trolley c. type of service where food is arrange on a tray before serving
_______4. Dining implements d.plate,glass,fork,spoon,knife etc..
_______ 5. Harmful microorganism e. bacteria
_______6. Sensory qualities for food f. temperature,form,color and texture
_______7. Standards g. in charge of receiving orders from gusets
_______8. Garnishing h. edible decorations on food to make attractive
_______ 9. Front desk officer i. criteria to measure extent of quality of an item or practice
_______ 10. Clearing up j. equipment to keep food hot
_______ 11. Busboys k. crunchy,bright color,and firm
_______12. Warmers l. take care of clearing up
_______ 13. Good quality vegetables m. serve hot food and cold food cold
_______14. Guideline in foodservice n. controlling use of time and maintaining temperature of food
Prior to serving
_______15. Management of time and temp. o. hotel – style service.

II. Fill in the Blank.Choose the correct answer from the box provided below
Good Observing Service Commitment Hospitality
Helping trained Listening Physical Staff

_________refers to waiters,busboys,cooks,cashier,receptionst and others involve in food service.Every

member in the food service should be __________ to provide service to customers. ___________ given
by waiters is more than a ___________act of getting food.It is also an act of ____________ others.That
is why some food service operators call it ___________ Services,meaning it reflects a ____________ to
satisfying customers or guests. ___________service is about _____________ to and ______________
customers to identify what they want or need.

III. Identify the following sentences and write the correct answer on each statement.

_____________26. The ability to be innovative, artful and inventive

_____________27. Tools or utensils
_____________28. Freedom from danger caused by harmful microorganism like bacteria
_____________29. To keep in place or in position
_____________30. That which relates to sensation or the senses
_____________31. A statement, bill, or invoice from a business transaction
_____________32. Artistic or an appreciation of beauty.
_____________33. To gather or put into one place different parts.
_____________ 34. A pledge to do something as part of one’s duty or responsibility.
_____________ 35. The power to direct or regulate.
IV. True or False. Write Correct if the statement correspond to the sentence and Incorrect if it is

________36. Orders will only be repeated if the customers ask for it.
________37. If the orders takes several minutes to prepare,it is well to advise the guests about this.
________38. Waiters and Waitresses must exhibit a professional attitude and behaviour toward
their craft,improving every time to reach a stat of perfection.
________ 39. In seating the guest,waiter will have to walk a little ahead of the guests.
________ 40. Wipe carefully with a clean cloth or napkin the spills and drips to make the food
presentation clean,attractive,and delicious-looking.
_________ 41. Entrees includes chicken,pork and beef these are usually served as main dish.
_________ 42. Handle glasses without touching the rim.
_________ 43.Empty cocktail glasses if any should be removed from the right side of the guests.
_________ 44. Always say “ Excuse me,Ma’am/sir when laying table appointments,setting the food
on the table or removing crumbs.
_________ 45. Ask permission from guests to clear during meal,do this on the right side of the guest.

V. Identify the method of serving food , if it is Sit-down, Tray or Buffet service.

___________46. Food is offered at the table. Diners helped themselves to the food and look for a
place to eat.
___________ 47. Use for informal and semi-formal occasions this is practical for hospitals,room
service in hotels and school canteens.
___________48. Informal,used for daily family meals and can also be used for formal occasions
with few guest.
___________ 49. Dignified formal,elaborate,uses well-trained waiters and has expensive table
____________ 50.Appropriate for big parties like children parties where children cannot serve