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general vocabulary Presenting an argument A. Read the text below, in which somebody is trying to decide whether to go straight to university from school, or spend a year travelling around the world. Put their argument into the correct order, using the key words and expressions in italics to help you. The first one and ast one have been done for you. A.(1)_'m really in two minds about what to do when I leave school. Should I go straight to university mons °. fr should | spend a year travelling around the world? Its often said that knowledge is the key to power, and | cannot disagree with this, ‘On the one hand, | would experience lots of cifferent cultures. Unfortunately, another point is that if | spent a year travelling | would need @ lot of money. ‘And I'm not alone in this opinion. Many consider a sound career and 2 good salary to be an important goal. However, it could be argued that | would also meet lots of interesting people while | was travelling, Secondly, if| go straight to university Ill earn so many things that will help me in my future life. First of al, tere are so many benefits of going straight to university. But / believe that it would be easy to make a bit while | was travelling, giving English lessons or ‘working in hotels and shops. ‘Moreover, Il be able to take part in the social activities that the university offers, and meet lots ‘of new friends who share the same interests. ‘The most important point is that the sooner | get my qualifications, the quicker I'l get a job and start earning, Nevertheless, these inconveniences would be an inevitable part of travelling and would be greatly outweighed by the other advantages. {In my opinion, starting work and making money is one of the most important things in life, On the other hand, | could end up suffering from culture shock, homesickness and some strange tropical diseases, Furthermore, if | spent a year travelling, | would learn more about the world. P.(16) Allright, 've made my mind up. Now, where's my nearest travel agency? B. Using the key words and expressions in italic from the last exercise, present an argument for one of the following issues: 1 2 A government's main priority is to provide education for its people. The only way to save the environment is for governments to impose strict quotas on the energy we use (for example, by restricting car ownership, limiting the water we use) Satisfaction in your job is more important than the money you earn, Living in a town or city is better than living in the countryside, It is our responsibility to help or look after those less fortunate than ourselves (for example, the homeless, the mentally il. eter Coin Fishing. © 203. For reference, seth Engl Conary for Students (190 1658.062) general vocabulary 38 Addition, equation & conclusion This module will help you to review more of the important words that we use to join ideas in an essay, a verbal presentation or sometimes in everyday speech (also see page 1 - Condition = and page 9 - Contrast & comparison). A. Put the following words and expressions into their con ct place in the table depending on their function. to sum up briefly * along with ¢ it can be concluded that * also similarly * likewise + besides 1 to conclude + too in addition + in brief © in the same way © thus what's more * furthermore * moreover * along with to summarise * as well as * therefore * correspondingly Addition Equation Conclusion (For example: and) (For example: equally) {For example: in conclusion) B, Complete these sentences with one of the words or expressions from above. In most cases, more than one answer is possible. Tourism brings much needed money to developing countries. it provides employment for the local population. 2. bringing much needed money to developing countries, tourism provides employment for the local population. 3. Tourists should respect the local environment. they should respect the local customs. 4 industria! waste, pollution from car funes is poisoning the environment. In order to travel, you need passport You might need a visa, immunisation jabs and written permission to visit certain areas, 6. Drugs are banned in Britain - ‘weapons such as guns and ki 7. All power corrupts. absolute power corrupts absolutely. 8. You shouldn't smoke, drink, take drugs or eat unhealthy food. you should live a more healthy lifestyle, 9. The ozone layer is becoming depleted, the air in the cities is becoming too dirty to breathe and our seas and rivers are no longer safe to swim in, pollution is slowly destroying the planet. 10. Your grades have been very poor all year. you need to work really hard if you want to pass your exams next month. Peter olin ublsing, © 200. Fo ference, ss the EnglehOitonay fe Stadnt (101659 052)