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Marsha D.

100 W. Arizona Court
Phoenix, AZ 85037
(623) 521-0000

June 3, 2019

Mr. John Flowers, CEO

Opportunity N.O.C.S Inc.
1002 Sunset Mountain Road
Reno, NV 89506-6901

Dear Mr. Flowers:

I am writing to you because I am interested in applying for your Disability Inclusion

Instructor position that was brought to my attention by your associate, Ms. Monsour. I have a
Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance and I am currently pursuing my
Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. I believe I would be an asset to your organization
because I have 21 years of Civil Service experience designing, evaluating and conducting
training workshops, and, presently teach elementary performing arts (music, dance and drama)
in a K-8 public school.

My professional training and work experience is balanced with my love of the arts. I
believe these combined skills will provide an additional contribution to your organization as I am
able to blend them to meet the requirements for your job listing in the following areas:

 Working knowledge of Federal regulations regarding employment, EEO, Affirmative

Action, Title I and Title V regulations
 Working knowledge and experience incorporating technology and the arts to form a
bridge for disability inclusion
 Working knowledge of educational, federal, state and community outreach programs
 Experience traveling alone to remote worksites to train and conduct workshops

I enjoy challenges and working as a team to build a strong and cohesive organization. I
believe my experience and skills as an instructor will positively contribute to your organization
and help it to reach its goals. I have enclosed my resume that will detail my experience, training
and certification and I will contact you before June 20th to discuss my application. Please feel
free to contact me at (623) 521-0000 or by email at Thank you for your
time and consideration.


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