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10 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 Chinaprotection

Disclaimer: If some advertisements and product profiles in this issue contain references to active ingredients still under patent Pesticide Suppliers
in certain Guide
countries, 2019
such 11
are deemed inapplicable to those countries.
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the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, across the globe.
Russia, Australia, and others. At present, the Li Dan said that as a major supplier of
group derives over 70% of its sales revenue from mesotrione for Syngenta, Zhonngshan supplies
foreign trade. In 2017, Zhongshan Chemical more than 2,000 tons of technical in 2019. During
ranked 16th among the Top 100 Pesticide the production process, Zhongshan Chemical
Exporters of China, with its export volume hitting complies with a host of stringent technical
132 million USD. The company’s direct and requirements of Syngenta, fully digesting and
indirect export volume in 2018 is forecast to be in absorbing Syngenta’s production technology.
excess of 200 million USD. In addition, through ongoing innovations,
Zhongshan Chemical has developed a number of

Zhongshan Chemical: Building excellence in both

technologies with proprietary intellectual property
rights and core competitiveness. “Such instances
product & service to support are not rare,” Li Dan added.
Leading the Industry by Releasing Massive Production Capacity
of both Competitive and High-end New Products Advanced production systems A robust procurement team

By virtue of its stable product quality and To e n s u r e p r o d u c t s u p p l y a n d p r i c e

sophisticated market service, Zhongshan stability, Zhongshan Chemical has assembled
Chemical has not only forged solid partnerships a professional pesticide procurement team
with multinational giants such as Syngenta, responding fast to supply and demand dynamics
BASF, Monsanto and ADAMA, but has won in the market. The procurement team, long
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co. A leading triazine herbicides producer a good reputation among importers from exposed to the supply and raw material markets,
Ltd. (Zhongshan Chemical), an established pesticide around the world. Through partnerships with keeps suppliers with longstanding partnerships
maker, has evolved into an industry leader with a Founded in 1998 as a maker of corn field herbicides, these multinational powerhouses, Zhongshan on the radar. Meanwhile, the team enjoys strong
diverse product portfolio and well-regarded products Zhongshan Chemical stays committed to its business Chemical has established the production financial support and fine inventory management.
and services, after weathering the storm in the global philosophy “to be a good source of green pesticides”, technology systems and product quality that This means the team can offer customers a
pesticide arena. In the last two years, Zhongshan trying to provide its global customers and partners with meet internationally advanced standards, and wide variety of products with stable sources and
Chemical has been steadily moving forward along superior, efficient products. Today, Zhongshan Chemical has enhanced its service ability, while addressing competitive prices.
its established strategic path, at a time when its operates a world-leading production capacity of triazine diversified demands in different regional markets
Chinese rivals are trying to seize opportunities for herbicides, with its product portfolio covering herbicides,
transformation. insecticides, and fungicides. Most notably, the company's
In the mind of Li Dan, the director of the company, triazine products, including atrazine and ametryn, have
Zhongshan Chemical prides itself for its strength: for many consecutive years, ranked first domestically
massive production, advanced manufacturing and second globally among industry players, in terms of
technology, and a good reputation for product product capacity, sales volume, among others.
quality—which also represents what the company has Zhongshan Chemical sees innovative R&D as its
been focusing on, as always. In 2018, Zhongshan lifeblood and so far has poured over 50 million USD into
Chemical expanded the production of its competitive its R&D effort, Li Dan noted. Riding on its more than
products, including triazine herbicides, mesotrione, 50 patents with proprietary intellectual property rights
and metamitron, continuing its momentum to lead the amassed over the past decade, the company is outpacing
market. In addition, it targeted a wide range of high- its domestic peers in the R&D of high-end products and
end agrochemical technicals—such as penoxsulam, has narrowed the gap with global leaders in the sector.
pyraclostrobin, pinoxaden, and prothioconazole—and Zhongshan Chemical can produce annually over
established full preparations for the project start-up. 100,000 tons of pesticide technical and formulations
We may wonder why Zhongshan Chemical, from its three plants with different focuses, located in
amid mounting environmental regulations, has still the Chinese provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangsu.
managed to significantly increase its capacity and Their products include triazine herbicides, mesotrione,
is poised to expand with a number of new, premium metamitron, bentazone, as well as new products
products. And what is the company’s development soon to be brought on stream upon approval, such as
strategy for the future? In a recent exclusive interview penoxsulam, isoxaflutole, pyraclostrobin, prothioconazole,
with AGROPAGES, Li Dan shared with us what and trifloxystrobin.
Zhongshan Chemical thrives on and where it is Zhongshan Chemical enjoys an extensive market
heading. presence globally, with its products reaching Canada,

12 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 13
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A professional global registration team With regard to extending the industrial chain, Li Dan said will take place in the pesticide market landscape, with links from
that “in the past two years, we spent a lot on the raw materials of production to distribution and the customer base is expected to
In addition to trade cooperation, Zhongshan Chemical works upstream intermediates. We have matched the intermediates of undergo one or more reshuffles across the globe.”
actively to develop overseas markets. It has set up branches in a virtually every variety, to ensure stable production and competitive Speaking of Zhongshan Chemical’s mid-to-long-term
number of agriculturally developed markets including Brazil, the prices”. This will also provide the company with a more robust development strategy, Li Dan said that the company would remain
United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Canada, where momentum and enhance its capacity to withstand risk. focused on manufacturing, continuing to expand the capacity of
it conducts independent or collaborative registration. Currently, In addition to the capacity expansion project, Zhongshan its portfolio of technical material products and formulations. In
Zhongshan Chemical has a worldwide registration team of 40-plus Chemical has targeted a few upscale markets, for which it is the next few years, Zhongshan Chemical will put into production
professional registration personnel familiar with the latest laws making preparations for production. At present, the company has a growing number of new technical materials, while raising the
and regulations locally and globally, supporting 500+ registered gained approval from environmental authorities for the production capacity of formulations up to 135,000 tons, thus providing
products and meeting the diverse needs of global customers. Most of penoxsulam, isoxaflutole, pyraclostrobin, prothioconazole, downstream enterprises with a stable supply of quality products,
recently, the EU arm of the registration team obtained the 11th trifloxystrobin, among others, and will start massive production Li Dan said. “We are investing more in R&D in response to the
determination of pesticide technical equivalence in EU, opening soon. fast-changing market dynamics. Meanwhile, we are working
the door for massive sales in the EU market. “This expansion drive is aimed at strengthening supply for our toward product registration and the introduction of new products
A number of competitive and high-end existing partners. Meanwhile, we need new growth points and across markets, in a bid to provide our partners with more product
products soon to be put into production the market gap needs to be filled. In this process, we will strive to portfolios while trying different cooperative models. We also have
become the best strategic partners of our customers and planters plans to ramp up acquisitions on the upstream of the industry. We
In the last two years, the “environmental protection storms”
across the world by delivering more, better, and competitively share the same ultimate goal—to best leverage our combined
have impacted greatly China's chemical industry, leading to the
priced new products to them,” said Li Dan. strength to jointly expand our market shares.”
shutdown of many pesticide technical producers and sharply
With the development of technology and the market, especially
contracting the capacity. During this tough time, Zhongshan
given that the bottleneck of product creation is looming large,
Chemical has expanded the capacity of many of its leading
Isoxaflutole Chinese pesticide companies will evolve in two directions. One
products with a low profile and has targeted a wide range of new
direction is that products will be increasingly concentrated, with a
high-end products, as it marches steadily forward following its
handful of players accounting for over 70% of a product’s output
established strategic path. Going forward, the new capacity will
and gradually gaining pricing power. The other is that companies
effectively ensure the pesticide technical supply of Zhongshan Penoxsulam Pyraclostrobin will keep expanding their reach over the market, eventually
Chemical, supporting the marketing and development of its
New holding a certain share across end markets. “Both directions are
partners in China and beyond. Besides, the additional capacity will
Production right and supportive for success. However, whether this objective
give Zhongshan Chemical an early advantage in the market.
is attainable depends largely on how different players position
Zhongshan Chemical’s capacity expansion and new product
themselves and what they do to improve their operation and
projects are both situated at its plant at Xiangshui Ecological
management. As for Zhongshan Chemical, we prefer to follow the
Flexible and Intelligent Formulation Plants Chemical Park in Jiangsu Province. To date, the company has
first direction—making our dominant products more dominant and
expanded the capacity of triazines (including atrazine, ametryn, Trifloxystrobin Prothioconazole
growing with our partners all along the way,” Li Dan concluded.
Relying on its powerful development strength, Zhongshan simazine, and terbuthylazine) from 70,000 tons to 100,000 tons,
Chemical can also satisfy the requirements of customers for expanded the capacity of mesotriones from 1,500 tons to 4,500
different formulated products with its automatic and semi- tons (an additional 3000 tons are waiting for production approval
automatic formulation lines. “We keep an intensive investment in and will lift the total capacity to 7,500 tons once completed),
(Editing by Mickey Shan, editor of AgroPages)
formulation technology and registrations." Li Dan explained, “We expanded the capacity of metamitrons from 800 tons to 3,800
have now 126 ICAMA formulation registrations and over 200 more tons, and expanded the capacity of bentazone from 2,400 tons to Continue to focus on production strength
in our pipeline to be registered in the next few years.” Furthermore, 8,400 tons, Li Dan revealed. and have a say in the market
in close cooperation with Huntsman, Zhongshan has developed
personalized formulas with Huntsman’s adjuvants covering most In the exchange, Li Dan also shared with us some of his
of the formulation types which guarantee the outstanding quality 100,000 viewpoints on the environment the agrochemical industry faces,
of Zhongshan’s formulation products. tons
internationally and domestically. As he sees it, the global heft of
Integrating technical pesticide and formulations, Zhongshan the Chinese pesticide industry is incommensurate with its actual
Chemical has now emerged as a one-stop supply chain influence out there. China, a producer of more than 70% of globe's
provider for plenty of buyers. “By servicing and dealing with pesticides, ekes out only a meager profit. Nowadays, many global
our buyers over these years, we have made friends with many Mesotrione Metamitron end users have little idea—and even deep misunderstandings and
of them. At Zhongshan Chemical, business personnel are not 7,500 Expansion 3,800 fears—over Chinese pesticide players and what they offer.
merely marketing products—but instead, they are serving the tons tons
“Indeed, Chinese pesticide markers, including us, have been
market with their professionalism. Some buyers turn to us for keeping a low profile, dedicated to delivering good products, and
recommendations even for products not available with us—a this is part of why we are currently not so global,” Li Dan said, “But
testimony to their full trust in our judgment,” Li Dan told us. in fact, the global influence of Chinese pesticide firms is expanding
in these years. In the long run, we believe that a mega change

14 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 15
Market Overview Market Overview
peak in 2014 and 2015, the Chinese pesticide production volume declined a series of prohibition and restriction measures. With

2018 Chinese Agrochemical Market Overview: rapidly from 2016 to 2018. In 2018 (January to November), a total of
1.933 million tons of pesticides in China were produced, which fell back in
the implementation of the new Regulation on Pesticide
Administration, the use and business operation of high-

Decreased Capacity and Higher Prices, volume 10 years ago, falling by nearly half versus the peak volume three
years ago.
toxic pesticides are put under stricter control, covering
the whole course of supervision of high-toxic pesticides
Industry Concentration Ratio Continuing to Increase China’s pesticide production from 2008 to 2018(000 tons)
beginning from production and distribution until the end-
user application.
The exit of high-toxic pesticides from the market
After the sellout of stocks in the last two years, the world's agrochemical giants began stock provides low-toxic and novel varieties with a great
replenishment, which warmed up the international market and led to the boom in the export of Chinese marketspace. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and
pesticides. Under China’s B&R Initiative circumstance, Chinese pesticide enterprises took the opportunity Rural Affairs has set a deadline for the prohibition of
to open up trade prosperity in Southeast Asia, Central and East Europe. However, the Chinese pesticide a list of pesticides from 2018 and onward, as shown
output this year experienced a sharp decline for a number of reasons, such as the stringent environmental in the following list. The list includes no small number
compliance regulation, shutdown or restriction of production. of organophosphorus pesticides. In the Chinese
In this round of industry restructuring, the gap of profitability between companies became bigger and agrochemical market, carbamates and pyrethriod
more polarized, resulting from differences in many factors, such as product structure, production process, pesticides have declined considerably over the previous
management expertise and business volume. A large number of enterprises tried hard to enhance the core years, while some old products such as mineral oil,
competence via the increase of capacity and acquisition of novel techniques or products in order to obtain propargite, fenpyroximate, clofentezine, abamectin and
more centralized superior resources. Note: the data of 2018 is from Jan to Nov. indoxacarb have again become hot products due to a
Below, AgroPages will provide an analysis of the Chinese agrochemical market of 2018 in three Source:  National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) decline in resistance.
contexts: The Chinese domestic policy and market situation, Chinese pesticide registration proceedings, Beginning from July 1, 2018, all endosulfan
and China’s exports to Southeast Asia. The analysis is meant to be a reference to industry practitioners to Compared with the pesticide production in the first three quarters registrations were revoked
understand the future trend of the Chinese pesticide industry. of 2017, insecticides and fungicides both saw two-digit decreases. The Beginning from October 1, 2018, the sale and use of
production of insecticides drastically decreased 24.6%. As a major dicofol were prohibited
pesticide variety of Chinese pesticide production, herbicides struggled Beginning from October 1, 2018, the use of
hard against the decline, but still suffered a 6% decrease. flubendiamide on rice was prohibited
Beginning from October 1, 2018, the use of carbofuran,
phorate and isofenphos-methyl on sugarcane was
Category 2018 (000 tons) 2017 (000 tons) Change (%)
Chemical Pesticide 1,553 1,785 -13.0 Beginning from October 1, 2018, the sale and use
In 2018, as an integral part of the chemical industry, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment circulated a written Herbicide 730 777 -6.0 of aluminum phosphide packaged not in line with the
Chinese pesticide sector was put under social and environmental request that all new constructions or extensions of chemical designation were prohibited
Insecticide 313 415 -24.6 Beginning from January 1, 2019, the use of methyl
double restraints. Never has the Chinese government acted with pesticide projects should be located within chemical industrial
such strong determination to implement three action plans— parks. The entry requirement of chemical industrial parks becomes Fungicide 116 135 -14.2 bromide and endosulfan for agriculture was prohibited
air, water and soil action plans. A large variety of stringent much higher, where newly built chemical pesticide production Beginning from March 26, 2019, the sale and use of
environmental compliance regulations were issued, which imposed facilities must be located within chemical industrial parks above Note: the above data is from Jan to Sep. sulfluramid-containing pesticides will be prohibited
a macroscopic impact on the pesticide industry. Affected by the the provincial level, or otherwise, a production permit will not be Source:  National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) Beginning from March 27, 2019, the use of all
implementation of various policies, pesticide enterprises in China granted. These requirements sped up the clustering of industries, endosulfan products for agriculture will be prohibited
went through a critical situation of transformation and upgrading, being expected to change the small, decentralized and disorderly At the end of 2018, a staggered production policy was implemented Beginning from October 1, 2020, the sale and use of
which would decide the survival of compliant enterprises and the status of chemical works in the past. Of course, this would, on all over China, where shutdown or restricted production was cancelled. products containing phorate, aldicarb and isocarbophos in
extinction of non-compliant ones. the other hand, restrict the commissioning and release of new An enterprise would run stepped-up production activities according to China will be prohibited
capacities. its applicable pollutant discharge standard, which could be a help to Beginning from October 1, 2023, the production permit
Capacity decreased sharply As a matter of fact, prime chemical production provinces the stabilization of the market to a certain extent and could alleviate for phorate, aldicarb and isocarbophos technical will
such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and Henan have banned the problem of the short supply of pesticide technical. In the meantime, be revoked; production of products containing phorate,
During the nation-wide chemical industry-oriented new constructions of chemical industrial parks, while in 2018, enterprises were encouraged to upgrade their production facilities. It aldicarb and isocarbophos will be prohibited
environmental compliance regulatory inspection in the previous chemical industrial parks all over China experienced a shutdown is estimated that the Chinese government would not relax its stringent The change in production and use has pushed the
year, a large number of polluting productions were closed down or correctional action. There were nearly 4,000 chemical works policies in the pesticide industry in the years ahead. industry sector to move into a more robust new level with
or corrected. On that basis, the Chinese central government closed down in the two provinces of Jiangsu and Shandong. In a pressure.
organized “repeat inspections”, making the production in the pollution combat campaign, numerous non-compliant small and High-toxic pesticides under stricter control
chemical works more difficult. More critically, the environmental medium polluting productions were shut down, causing a sharp Export price stayed high, business profit sustaining
compliance inspection coverage extended from 2 + 26 cities up decrease of pesticide output in China. The supply of pesticides To safeguard the quality of farm products, safety of humans,
to 80 cities. In the meantime, the new round of correctional action remained extremely tight. livestock and the environment, over recent years, the Chinese Ministry of As far as international trade is concerned, the growth of
taken in the nation-wide chemical industrial parks beginning According to the Chinese pesticide production census of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs has been constantly promoting the prohibition the developed economy of the United States and Europe
from early 2018 made things difficult for the industry. In June, the Chinese National Statistics Bureau, after going through a short and restriction of the use of high-toxic pesticides via the issuance of has slowed down. However, Chinese pesticide enterprises

16 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 17
Market Overview Market Overview
opened up trade prosperity in Southeast Asia, Central and East Europe, With regard to corporate business performance, the Inner Mongolia New Veyong Biochemical
Company Project
as supported by China’s Road and Belt Initiative. Furthermore, the third quarter reports of 36 listed agrochemical enterprises Lier Chemical will become the controlling
booming agricultural market of South America and Africa has increased revealed the profitability of 27, and nine enterprises at shareholder of Saike Chemical and Production
the territory of trade in favor of Chinese pesticide enterprises. a loss. In general, business performance increased, but Qimingxing Chlor-Alkali.
10,000 t/a Triazines, 4,500 t/a Mesotrione, 3,800 t/a
There was a real existence of external demand, but the internal problems existed. Red Sun to spend Yuan1.186 billion in Zhongshan Chemical
Metamitron, 8400 Bentazone
supply side was losing balance together with the tightness and price Looking at the business performance of Chinese acquiring 100% stake in Chongqing Zonbon
rise of chemical intermediates at the same time; therefore, export prices enterprises, it can be seen that their business was still Jiangshan Agrochemical to make a Limin Chemical 10,000 t/a Chlorothalonil, 10,000 t/a Mancozeb
have continued to rise. At the two global pesticide trade shows held in focused excessively on several off-patent old products, cash payment to acquire 67% stake in
which resulted in a serious homogenization of competition. Lier Chemical 1000 t/a Flumioxazin
Shanghai in 2018, all the booths were filled with a tense atmosphere its downstream customer Harbin Limin
due to a shortage of goods. Even top-level vendors refrained from giving Chinese enterprises faced a lack of pricing decisive Agrochemical Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Pyraclostrobin trail production
quotations to export-oriented inquiries, as their goods in storage had power in the international market, which led to a lower ADAMA reached a preliminary agreement
almost depleted due to the prohibition or restriction of production. profit margin. There is a small number of enterprises with Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical in Group 1,000 t/a Azoxystrobin
The price rise was followed by an increase of corporate business with committed larger resources to enter the market of the acquisition of 100% stake in Anpon
Suli Chemical 10,000 t/a Diquat, 25,000 Pyridine bases, 3,000 t/a
performance in 2018. The figure below shows the price trend of China’s developed countries, but they did not benefit from their Electrochemical
top 10 export products over the last three years, where prices of all input yet. Most enterprises were just blocked from these Yangnong Chemicals was assigned 5% Red Sun Glufosinate-ammonium
products were found to be ascending. Additionally, the price increase rate markets due to the high entry barrier. There is political stake in its subsidiaries Youth Chemical and
Xingfa Chemicals Group 70,000 t/a Glyphosate
was higher than that of 2017. The top three products with the highest instability and a high exchange risk in the market of the Youjia Crop Protection at a cost of Yuan203
price rise were chlorpyrifos (33.05%), fipronil (30.35%) and imidacloprid Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, together with the million, thus holding 100% stake in the two Hunan Haili Chemical Thiodicarb
(30.31%). ongoing China-US trade friction; trade barriers such as this subsidiaries
may increase year on year. Inner Mongolia Tenglong has a 50,000-
In general, this round of corporate business growth t o n g l y p h o s a t e p r o d u c t i o n c a p a c i t y, Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals 3,500 t/a Thiamethoxam, Clothianidin, Dinotefuran,
was still mainly attributable to the implementation of which ranks among the top five in China. Group 2,000 t/a Prothioconazole
macroscopic policies. With the intensified implementation The twice-acquisition and twice-transfer
of supply-side reforms and environmental compliance operation conducted by Xingfa Chemicals is Jiangshan Agrochemical and
26,000 acetanilide herbicides
measures in China, the quality assurance of Chinese a continued consolidation of the glyphosate
pesticide products will become more dependable, while business using its subsidiary Hubei Taisheng Hunan Haili Chemical Salicylonitrile, Thiazole series
prices of most pesticide technical products will remain as a platform. The protective fungicide
stable at a relatively high level. Chinese companies are leader, Limin Chemical, merged with Veyong Inner Mongolia Yuanzheng Fine
1,200 t/a MSDS, 500 t/a Haloxyfop-P-methyl
required to give due consideration to the above issues on Biochemical, which is a typical producer of Chemicals
how to maintain stable development after the policy impact abamectin, having expanded its product
Note: The price index data is derived from export amount/export volume To be constructed
ends, such that they will constantly adapt to the business structure rapidly. Red Sun’s acquisition of
and is only for reference.
development in a new policy environment while exploring Chongqing Zonbon enabled an important 3,000 t/a Mesotrione, Penoxsulam, Isoxaflutole,
Data source: General Administration of Customs of the P.R.C. Zhongshan Chemical
new markets. complementarity to its pyridine business, Pyraclostrobin, Prothioconazole, Trifloxystrobin
while Jiangshan Agrochemical took over
The price trend from January to November 2018 revealed the top Guangxin Agrochemical 3,000 t/a Pyraclostrobin, 1200 t/a Famoxadone,
Centralization of superior resources continued, some its downstream customer Harbin Limin
10 price increase rates, shown in the figure below. Of these, lambda-
enterprises extended capacity Agrochemical. 3,800 t/a Bifenthrin, 1,000 t/a Fluazinam, 120 t/a
cyhalothrin, fipronil and azoxystrobin, respectively, represented the top Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection
All the above cases showed the further Pyrethroid, 200 t/a icaridin
three price increases in terms of exported pesticides in the year. The
Looking at the operations of international agrochemical concentration of superior resources of the
prices of other products, such as tribenuron and emamectin benzoate, 1,000 t/a Hymexazol, 1,000 t/a Chloroisobromine
companies, mergers between Dow and DuPont, Bayer Chinese pesticide industry, which continues Beijing Beinong Luheng
fluctuated all year round. cyanuric acid, 500 t/a Nicosulfuron, 500 t/a Temephos
and Monsanto, Syngenta and ChemChina ended in 2018, to reduce the industry influence of small and
which resulted in a global top four multinational pattern medium enterprises. The industry horizontal Guoguang Agrochecmial 2,100 t/a PGR
from the global top six in the past. Similarly, mergers also integration and backward integration will help
occurred in the Chinese pesticide industry, which are enterprises grow into super corporations 1,500 t/a Mesotrione, 800 t/a Quizalofop-P, 500 t/a
illustrated as follows: with stronger anti-risk capability. As seen in Quizalofop-P-tefuryl, 700 t/a Cyhalofop-butyl, 300 t/
Fengshan Group
a Clodinafop-propargyl, 1,000 t/a Triclopyr, 1,000 t/a
Xingfa Chemicals acquired 100% stake in Inner 2018, quite a lot of factories closed down,
Mongolia Tenglong, which was later sold to Hubei Taisheng yet a number of enterprises with a superior
Yangnong Chemicals acquired the agrochemical industry chain could take advantage of the Xinnong Chemical 1,000 t/a Pyraclostrobin
business of Sinochem International price rise to extend capacity against the
Yangnong Chemicals acquired 100% stake in Nantong adverse market situation. These enterprises 200 t/a Tribenuron, 150 t/a Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, 100 t/a
Fengle Agrochecmial
Baoye included Limin Chemical, Lier Chemical and Clomazone

Nutrichem was assigned 42.77% stake in Heyi Red Sun, which conducted acquisitions, as
Red Sun 20,000 t/a Glufosinate-ammonium
Note: The price index data is derived from export amount/export volume Chemical  well as the Zhongshan Chemical Industry,
and is only for reference. Limin Chemical acquired 100% stake in Hebei Veyong which has been taking a steady approach to
Data source: General Administration of Customs of the P.R.C. Biochemical, Hebei Veyong Animal Pharmaceutical and business development. (Editing by Mickey Shan, editor of AgroPages)

18 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 19
Market Overview Market Overview
respectively. ADAMA was granted two registrations,
Table 1-3: 2018 China Fungicide Registration Ranking
being propaquizafop 92% TC and fluensulfone 95%
TC Single Agent Product Mixture Product TC. Belchim, Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Syngenta and
Isagro Ricerca were each granted one fungicide,
1 Pyraclostrobin Pyraclostrobin Difenoconazole+ pyraclostrobin
being valifenalate 98% TC, penthiopyrad 99.7%
According to statistics from AgroPages China SC, 479 OF and 471 AS, accounting for 26%, 11% and 10%, respectively. There 2 Trifloxystrobin Tebuconazole Trifloxystrobin+ Tebuconazole TC, benzovindiflupyr 96% TC and benalaxyl-M 95%
Pesticide Registration Watch, a total of 4,515 were 370 WG registrations, 305 WP, 283 EC, 196 GR, 128 EW, 115 ME, 94 FSC, TC, respectively.
3 Picoxystrobin Cyazofamid Pyraclostrobin+ Tebuconazole
pesticide registrations were approved by ICAMA 85 SE, 75 SG, 68 SL and 48 CS. The above formulations inclusive of technical Afidopyropen is a biologically fermented
in 2018, which is a 15% increase over the 3,919 accounted for 95% of the total pesticide registrations (Figure 2). 4 Fluopicolide Azoxystrobin Pyraclostrobin +Metiram product, a pyropenes compound, which is a brand
registrations in 2017. From a product variety perspective, penoxsulam became the hottest new piercing-sucking mouthpart insecticide. The
5 Cyazofamid Fosthiazate Difenoconazole+ Azoxystrobin
registered herbicide technical in 2018, followed by clodinafop-propargyl and product is one of fast action, high efficiency and
Top registered ingredients showed little change glufosinate-ammonium, where glufosinate-ammonium continued to emerge 6 Boscalid Thifluzamide broad spectrum. In 2019, BASF plans to launch two
products containing afidopyropen in the Chinese
7 Fluazinam Picoxystrobin
In terms of pesticide categories, there were market. One is Yingwei, which is an afidopyropen
Table 1-1: 2018 China Herbicide Registration Ranking
1,680 herbicide registrations accounting for 37%, 8 Fludioxonil Boscalid 5% DC for the control of piercing-sucking aphids.
which is 18% up year on year; 1,181 fungicide TC Single Agent Product Mixture Product The other is called Yinglei, which is an afidopyropen
9 Cyproconazole Difenoconazole
registrations accounting for 26%, which is basically and Abamectin 75 g/L DC (afidopyropen: abamectin
1 Penoxsulam Glufosinate-ammonium Penoxsulam+ Cyhalofop-butyl
the same as last year, and 1,178 insecticide 10 Captan Fluazinam = 2:1), which is for the control of piercing-sucking
registrations accounting for 26%, which is 26% up 2 Clodinafop-propargyl Penoxsulam MCPA+Glyphosate whiteflies. Experiments reveal that the toxic effect
year on year. The percentage of hygienic insecticide as the No.1 registered single herbicide. Among the insecticide technical to aphids treated by Yingwei apparently occurs
Glufosinate- Nicosulfuron+ Mesotrione+
and plant growth regulator registrations is the same, 3 Cyhalofop-butyl
ammonium Atrazine registrations, dinotefuran overtook spirotetramat to become the hottest registered quicker than the control group. The use of Yingwei
both at 4%. The number of biopesticide registrations insecticide technical in 2018. With regard to fungicides, the registrations were the for the control of peach myzus persicae can reduce
increased from 359 in 2017 to 480 in 2018, which is 4 Flumioxazin Diquat Dicamba+ Glyphosate
same as the previous year, pyraclostrobin being the most popular one (Table 1). the spread of TuYv by 90% or above.
a dramatic increase (Figure 1). Glyphosate- For application to the targeted crops, the pesticide registrations in 2018 were Isotianil is a thiazole amide fungicide jointly
5 Mesotrione 2,4-D+Glyphosate
monoammonium still concentrated among the seven major crops—1,113 on rice, 466 on wheat, developed by Bayer and Sumitomo Chemical,
Glyphosate- 331 on corn, 292 on citrus, 280 on cucumber, 219 on cabbage and 163 on apple. having been launched in the market in 2010. Its
6 S-metolachlor
compound annual growth rate reached as high as
isopropylammonium The registrations for application to the seven major crops accounted for 63% of
the total registrations. To be more specific, herbicides, which were registered for 65.7% between 2010 and 2015. The ingredients
7 Sulfentrazone Mesotrione
rice, corn and wheat accounted for above 50% of the total herbicide registrations. are primarily used for seedling chamber and seed
8 Diflufenican Clodinafop-propargyl Insecticides, which were registered for rice, cabbage and citrus accounted for treatment for the control of rice blast, and can be
above 55% of the total. Fungicides, which were registered for rice, cucumber and used in mixtures with imidacloprid, spinosad and
9 Pinoxaden Mesosulfuron-methyl
wheat accounted for above 52% of the total (Figure 3). thifluzamide.
10 Cyhalofop-butyl lorasulam A D A M A’s r e g i s t e r e d p r o d u c t s i n c l u d e d
propaquizafop 92% TC and fluensulfone 95% TC.
Propaquizafop is an ACCase inhibitor, which is
Table 1-2: 2018 China Insecticide Registration Ranking a systemic post-emergence selective herbicide
Figure 1: Category of pesticide registrations in 2018
for soybeans, cotton, rapeseeds, sugar beets,
TC Single Agent Product Mixture Product
In 2018, there were a total of 359 technical potatoes, peanuts and vegetables, mainly used for
1 Dinotefuran Dinotefuran Pymetrozine +Dinotefuran the control of a large variety of annual or perennial
registrations and 4,156 formulation registrations,
as shown in Figure 2. The largest number of Emamectin benzoate+ grassy weeds, such as Aleppo grass, quackgrass
2 Spirotetramat Thiamethoxam and bermuda grass. Fluensulfone is the sole new
registrations involved SC, OF and AS formulations, Indoxacarb
all of which accounted for over 10% of the total chemical nematicide developed over the last 20
3 Clothianidin Clothianidin Abamectin+ Etoxazole
years, which is of contact activity. The product
registrations. Among them, 1,154 registrations were
Thiamethoxam+ Lambda- has been granted registration in the United States
4 Transfluthrin Imidacloprid
cyhalothrin for the control of nematodes on vegetable and
fruit crops such as tomato, chili, okra, eggplant,
5 Thiamethoxam Abamectin Abamectin+ Spirodiclofen
Figure 3: 2018 registrations for different crops cucumber, watermelon, Hami melon and pumpkin.
6 Chlorempenthrin Etoxazole Valifenalate was granted registration for the
More new ingredients from multinationals granted registration first time in 2007, followed by approval from the EU
7 S-Methoprene Spirotetramat
for the control of oomycete diseases, particularly
8 Lufenuron Emamectin benzoate According to the incomplete statistics of AgroPages , a total of 16 new active downy mildew, for application to grapes and
ingredients were granted registrations for the first time in China in 2018 (Table 2). potatoes. Penthiopyrad is not only effective for rust
9 Pymetrozine Lambda-cyhalothrin
Among the registrations of multinationals, BASF and Bayer were each disease and stalk break, but is also useful in the
Figure 2: Top 15 formulation registrations in 2018 10 Diafenthiuron Chlorpyrifos granted one product, being afidopyropen 92.5% TC and isotianil 96% TC, control of gray mold, powdery mildew and apple

20 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 21
Market Overview Market Overview
scab. Its compound annual growth rate reached 58.5% between so the selection and application of new pesticide varieties has a good effect on the control of Panonychus, Tetranychus, Eotetranychus and containing fungicide. The product acts on the
2009 and 2014. Benzovindiflupyr (test Number SYN545192) is a become very urgent. Herbicide registrations granted to Chinese Eriophyes , to be used to control mite damage on citrus, grape, eggplant and chili. respiratory chain of fungal mitochondria to
pyrazole amide fungicide developed by Syngenta, which is effective enterprises in 2018 included diclosulam 95% TC, pyroxasulfone In 2018, Chinese enterprises launched to the domestic market a number of inhibit SDH activity, being a high-efficient and
in controlling wheat leaf blight, peanut black spot, wheat take-all, 98% TC, quintrione 98% TC, Huanbifucaotong 95% TC, innovative herbicides, fungicides and seed treatment agents, which included broad-spectrum fungicide.
wheat foot rot, and is especially effective to control wheat powdery Shuangzuocaotong 96% TC and foramsulfuron 95% TC. innovative ingredients created by Chinese companies. Take for example, Other Chinese enterprises tried mixing
mildew, corn leaf spot and gray mold, as well as Asian soybean rust. Regarding fungicides, Shandong Hailir and Anhui JuKai were KingAgroot’s several formulation products containing the innovative active ingredients, such as Kanjing and Piaojin
The product can be used in mixtures with a variety of fungicides. granted prothioconazole 95% TC and 97% TC, respectively. ingredientsHuanbifucaotong andShuangzuocaotong, and Sino-Agri Union’s Kanuozi launched by Yinnong Technology, which is
Benalaxyl-M is used for the control of potato and tomato late blight, With regard to miticides, Zhejiang Bosst was granted registration series containing the core ingredient fluopimomide, which is a new fluorobenzamide- a breakthrough in mixing saflufenacil and
as well as hop, grape, lettuce, onion, soybean and tobacco downy of spirobudiclofen diester 95% TC. glyphosate in China. Based on the market
mildew. It can be used in mixtures with folpet, mancozeb, cymoxanil, Diclosulam is a triazolopyrimidine sulfonamide herbicide, as appeal of glufosinate-ammonium to kill
chlorothalonil, copper oxychloride and fludioxonil (Table 2). well as an ALS inhibitor. The product has a good effect on the Table 3: 2018 launched products by Chinese enterprises weeds quickly, the Chinese glufosinate-
control of soybean field broadleaf weeds such as Amaranthus ammonium formulation industry leader
Category Tradename Ingredients Company
Table 2: 2018 first-time registrations in China lividus, Amaranthus retroflexus and purslane. It is also effective Lier CropScience released a brand new
against dayflower, piemarker and Cyperus microiria . Its Pucaoke glufosinate-ammonium formulation product,
Product Category Registration Huanbifucaotong
compound annual growth rate was 47.8% between 2009 and Huben Leikedun, which is a mixture of fluoroglycofen
Herbicide 2014. Pyroxasulfone is used safely on a series of crops such as KingAgroot and glufosinate-ammonium, referred to as a
corn, soybean and cotton, at a dosage of 125-250 g a.i./hm2. Xueba perfect combination of “paring knife” and “slow
Diclosulam 95% TC Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory Shuangzuocaotong
For corn, the product can be used in mixtures with atrazine and Xueying poison” to support the objective of “weeding,
Propaquizafop 92% TC ADAMA metribuzin. It can be used in glyphosate-resistant cornfields but faster”. Wynca’s release of Xiaoteng
Kanjing Saflufenacil 2% + Glyphosate 30% Yinnong
in mixtures with glyphosate for the post-emergence control of represented a differentiation of a glyphosate
Pyroxasulfone 98% TC Shanghai Qunli Chemcial Herbicide
weeds with a long-lasting effect, and can also be mixed with Piaojin Saflufenacil 5% + Glyphosate 70% Technology product, which is surely going to provide strong
Quintrione 98% TC Dingyuan Jiahe atrazine for pre-emergence treatment in sorghum fields. support to China’s agricultural non-selective
Quintrione is a novel herbicide compound developed Glufosinate-ammonium 19% + herbicide total solutions. In 2018, Mindleader’s
Huanbifucaotong 98% TC Kingagroot Leikedun Lier CropScience
Fluoroglycofen 1%
by Beijing Fagaiyin Science & Technology with proprietary three-ingredient mixture plant growth regulator
Shuangzuocaotong TC Kingagroot intellectual property rights. The product boasts of a broad Biyi was launched to the market after seven
Glufosinate-ammonium 6% +
spectrum and high safety, which makes its future very promising. Xiaoteng Wynca years of research and development, targeting
Foramsulfuron 95% TC Hebei Xingbai Glyphosate-monoammonium 33%
The patented compound Huanbifucaotong developed by sales of above Yuan100 million. Sinochem
Insecticide KingAgroot is the world’s first HPPD inhibitor used for the Crop Care launched Tengshou, which is the
Fluopimomide-based innovative
control of resistant grassy weeds in wheat fields, which provides Kanuozi Sino-Agri Union only three-ingredient seed coating agent
Afidopyropen 92.5% TC BASF Europe fungicidal total solutions
a total solution with new action mechanisms for the control of Fungicide containing the ingredient fenaminstrobin
Fungicide resistant grassy weeds in wheat fields. The patented innovative created by Sinochem Crop Care with the
Sukeyou Famoxadone 22.5% + Cymoxanil 30% Limin Chemical
Isotianil 96% TC Bayer compound Shuangzuocaotong is also the world’s first HPPD highest content of thiamethoxam. The product
Gibberellic acid 0.135% + IAA 0.00052% formula adopted the compound fenaminstrobin,
inhibitor used for the control of resistant grassy weeds in
Prothioconazole 95% TC Shandong Hailir Biyi + 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid Mindleader
wheat fields, which provides a total solution with a new action which was already created by Sinochem Crop
Seed 0.00031%
Prothioconazole 97% TC Anhui JuKai mechanism for the control of resistant grassy weeds in wheat Care 10 years ago (Table 3).
fields. Foramsulfuron is used for the control of corn field grassy Agent
Valifenalate 98% TC Belchim Fenaminstrobin 0.6% + Difenoconazole Sinochem
weeds such as barnyard grass, green bristle grass, Elytrigria Tengshou
1.8% + Thiamethoxam 42.6% Crop Care
Penthiopyrad 99.7% TC Mitsui Chemicals repens and Johnsongrass, as well as some broadleaf weeds, to
(Editing by Cathy Shi, editor of AgroPages)
be used at a dosage of 30-60 g/hm2. The product is mainly sold
Benzovindiflupyr 96% TC Syngenta
to the European market across Germany, Hungary, Rumania,
Benalaxyl-M TC Isagro S.p.a Ukraine, Poland and France. In 2016, the sales of foramsulfuron
reached US$115 million, which were 5.8% of the total sales
of the sulfonylurea herbicide at $1.966 billion, ranking eighth
Fluensulfone 95% TC ADAMA among the sulfonylurea herbicides.
Prothioconazole is a triazolthion fungicide discovered,
developed and produced by Bayer. The global sales of
Spirodiclofen diester 95% TC Zhejiang Bosst prothioconazole in 2015 and 2016 were $800 million and $790
million, respectively. With the growing market in the coming
years, the continued growth of the product is foreseeable. In
Innovative products created by Chinese enterprises 2018, Chinese companies Shandong Hailer and Anhui Jukai
took the lead in the approved registration of prothioconazole
With the growing resistance in China, herbicide development 95%TC and 97% TC. Zhejiang Bosst was granted registration
has started to concentrate on resistance management. Conventional of spirodiclofen diester, which is a non-systemic miticide without
herbicides can hardly deal with the occurrence of resistance, serious cross-resistance to conventional miticides. The product

22 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 23
Market Overview Market Overview
emerging market among Chinese enterprises. Analysis of top 20 Chinese pesticide export
Other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar products to Southeast Asia
experienced an unexceptional decrease in volume but increase in price, especially
Vietnam, where the import volume declined to the level of 2016, while the price level According to statistics, the export volume
increased nearly 50% over 2016. AgroPages visited Vietnam some time ago and of Chinese pesticide technical exports to
found out that local enterprises, big or small, would all wish to introduce new products. Southeast Asia from January to November
From January to November 2018, a total of 1.2412 million Table 1: Volume & value of Chinese pesticide exports to
Customers in Vietnam said that the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture tends to ban 2018 was 114,580 tons, valued at $7.3456
tons of pesticides were exported from China, valued at $7.093 Southeast Asian countries (Jan to Nov 2018)
pesticides failing to reach EU’s maximum residue limits. For instance, the use of million. Of this, 30% went to Vietnam, 27% to
billion. The export volume decreased 7%, while the export
acephate is prohibited already, and will be followed by the prohibition of more than Indonesia, 15% to Thailand, 13% to Singapore,
value increased 17.4%. According to historical data, Asia is the Export Value Change Export Volume Change
Country 10 active ingredients including chlorpyrifos and fipronil. In the years to come, less 11% to Malaysia, 2% to the Philippines and 1%
largest territory of Chinese pesticide exports among the seven (Million USD) in % (1,000 Tons) in %
and less compliant pesticides will be available, so there is an urgent need for the to Myanmar (AWBA is the only company with
continents. Of the Chinese pesticide exports to Asia, Southeast 1 Vietnam 395.69 1.50% 70.97 -53.93% introduction of low toxic and safe crop-protection products. A local customer showed formulation production capability). Kampuchea
Asian countries (10 ASEAN members) made up 62.5% of the
2 Thailand 394.72 9.30% 116.01 -15.26% AgroPages a number of products, which have been validated, to be supplied from and Laos have no formulation production
export volume at 45% of the export value. Landing in Southeast
Korea, India and Italy. For example, the product ECOSPREAD from India, which is capability.
Asia has become the Chinese brand’s first choice to go global, 3 Indonesia 358.04 11.37% 81.25 -8.14%
said to have an excellent osmotic effect, the botanical pesticide azadirachtin, an olive Of all the pesticide technical, glyphosate
and it is therefore of great significance to analyze Chinese
4 Malaysia 123.7 6% 28.71 -19.64% oil-based agricultural synergist, ningnanmycin and viral bioinsecticide from China. and paraquat accounted for 30% of the total
pesticide exports to Southeast Asia to address the important
Customers in Vietnam proposed that AgroPages should provide information on the value and 32% of the total volume. Of this, the
market. 5 Singapore 123.25 6.73% 11.27 6.90%
availability of worldwide novel products, which users in Vietnam are eagerly seeking. paraquat export volume dropped sharply 50%,
From January to November 2018, Chinese pesticide exports
6 Philippines 97.02 22.76% 30.34 7.20% being China’s most drastically dropped export
to Southeast Asia amounted to $1.58183 billion in value (9.21%
product to Southeast Asia, mainly resulting
up YOY) totaling 362,530 tons in volume (1.2% up YOY) (Table 7 Myanmar 55.47 15.92% 15.55 -6.88% Table 2: Volume & value of top 20 Chinese pesticide technical products to from the 53% decrease in imports from
1). Among them, technical material amounted to $734.56 million Southeast Asia (Jan to Nov 2018)
8 Cambodia 32.2 45.15% 8.14 35.53% Thailand and 92% decrease in imports from
(2% down YOY), totaling 114,580 tons (30% down YOY) and
Vietnam. In March 2017, Vietnam announced
formulations amounted to $712.02 million (4.6% up YOY), 9 Laos 1.72 55.49% 0.28 59.60% Export Export Number of Number of
No. Product the prohibition of paraquat. Thailand set
totaling 215,530 tons (17% down YOY). Volume/kg Value/US$ Country Exporter
Total 1581.83 9.21% 362.53 1.22% December 2019 as the deadline for the
Chinese pesticide exports to Southeast Asia decreased to
1 Glyphosate 28,717,600.00 117,480,784.06 7 64 prohibition of paraquat. Besides paraquat,
the level of exports in 2016 (359,170 tons), but prices increased
some other products in the top 20 Chinese
46%, mainly attributable to the widespread price rise resulting 2 Paraquat 40,175,720.50 112,973,229.00 7 60
pesticide export products to Southeast Asia
from short supplies caused by the stringent environmental
3 Chlorpyrifos 8,413,502.00 57,201,637.00 7 76 are also banned in some Southeast Asian
compliance regulations in China.
countries or are put at risk of prohibition,
4 Chlorantraniliprole 374,150.00 41,701,087.00 1 1
including glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, fipronil, 2,4-
Country data of Chinese pesticide exports to Southeast 5 Tricyclazole 1,409,240.00 16,860,568.00 4 28 D, glufosinate, carbosulfan, imidacloprid and
Asia (Jan to Nov 2018)
6 Fipronil 169,690.00 15,712,039.00 6 49 carbendazim. The export value of products at
risk of prohibition accounts for 50% of the total
7 2,4-D 5,385,657.00 15,283,008.98 4 17 Chinese pesticide exports to Southeast Asia.
8 Glufosinate-ammonium 486,525.00 12,006,667.66 6 17 With regard to formulations, the export
Figure 2: Changes in volume of Chinese pesticide exports 2016-2018 volume of Chinese pesticide formulations to
9 Carbosulfan 922,200.00 11,823,166.35 4 27
Southeast Asia from January to November
10 Imidacloprid 436,852.00 11,795,361.00 6 61 2018 was 215,530 tons (17% down YOY),
valued at $7.12 million (4% up YOY). Of
11 Azoxystrobin 268,802.00 11,317,672.00 6 39
this, 34% went to Thailand, 21% to Vietnam,
12 Butachlor 3,291,370.00 11,032,377.00 5 24 17% to Indonesia, 10% to Philippines, 6% to
Myanmar, 4% to Malaysia, 4% to Kampuchea
13 Difenoconazole 334,197.00 10,725,940.00 6 51
Figure 1: Value-ranked Southeast Asian countries importing and 3% to Singapore. For future exploration
Chinese pesticides (Jan to Nov 2018) 14 Nitenpyram 250,250.00 9,719,920.00 2 20 of the Southeast Asian market, Chinese
enterprises need to give priority to either the
15 Cyantraniliprole 55,000.00 8,854,400.00 1 1
According to export data from January to November 2018, joint development of high-efficient formulations
while comparing the volume and value changes since 2016, Figure 3: Changes in value of Chinese pesticide exports 2016 – 2018 16 Fenclorim 429,505.00 8,605,602.00 5 21 in collaboration with local strategic partners or
it was noted that Singapore has the most stable status with incorporation of formulations into excellent local
17 Emamectin 70,221.00 8,317,224.91 4 36
relatively reasonable volume and value increases, which are platforms.
Countries, which had increases in both volume and value, 18 Cyhalofop-butyl 251,775.00 8,024,780.00 5 26 Spring Gu, the executive director of Thai
controllable (Figure2, 3). This is mainly attributable to the minor
included the Philippines, Kampuchea and Laos, particularly Agrotrade, Thailand’s long existing local
changes of chlorantraniliprole and cyantraniliprole exported 19 Carbendazim 1,420,685.00 7,701,575.56 6 9
Kampuchea, which relies on imported formulation products due company, told AgroPages that Thailand is
from DuPont Shanghai, as these two products accounted for
to the lack of production capability, having become a favorite- 20 Paclobutrazol 421,700.00 7,104,272.97 4 29 also faced with drastic industry changes over
41% of the total Chinese pesticide exports to Singapore.

24 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 25
Market Overview Cover Story
the last two years. Thai Agrotrade has worked on conventional pesticide trading for more than 10 years, farming systems, grower’s
being a partner or exclusive agent of lots of Chinese enterprises. In the past, Thai dealers could make pesticide application
a 30%-50% gross profit at each level of agency service, but nowadays, the sharp price rise of Chinese practices, and insect and
pesticides has put great pressure on the profit margin of dealers. In the meantime, the DOA of Thailand pest problems on local
has sped up its progress over the prohibition or restriction of conventional pesticides. For example, by crop fields. If strengthened
December 2019, paraquat and chlorpyrifos will be in principle prohibited completely; the use and import of research and development
glyphosate will also be restricted. At the same time, the existing distribution channel of Thailand is faced can be conducted to
with a reshuffle. However, just because of this, such a long-existing local company with local business work out total solutions
experience is provided with new opportunities for the further development of sales channels. customized to local crops,
The first important advantage of this kind of local company lies in its well-established supply channels the chance to shape a
built with Chinese or Indian enterprises; also, these companies have gained rich resources to commit to successful brand image
registration proceedings. Furthermore, they have a good understanding of local crop distribution features, in the local market will be
very big. It is the intention
of local companies to
Table 3: Volume & value of top 20 Chinese pesticide formulation products
establish a kind of market
to Southeast Asia (Jan to Nov 2018)
access platform, where
various international top
Export Export Number of Number of
No. Product products are brought in
Volume/kg Value/US$ Country Exporter
and integrated. Spring says
1 Glyphosate-isopropylammonium 41% SL 57,209,485.58 96,492,961.00 9 95 that Thai Agrotrade already
started the deployment of
2 Glyphosate-isopropylammonium 62% SL 15,208,820.00 34,436,484.00 5 20
sales channels three years
3 Glyphosate-isopropylammonium 480g/L SL 18,660,136.65 32,572,791.00 6 4 ago, now in possession of

4 Abamectin 1.8% EC 7,477,907.97 23,041,717.00 9 95

a work team with 75 staff
members. The company
5 Mancozeb 80% WP 5,155,316.00 19,664,429.00 8 39 is currently preparing to
6 Glyphosate 30% SL 9,940,990.40 15,707,610.00 9 51 set up research labs, and
is scheduled to start the
7 Ametryn 80% WP 2,621,020.00 14,344,118.00 6 15 comprehensive development
8 Acephate 75% SP 2,202,245.04 12,645,139.00 7 22 of a terminal market from
9 Emamectin 5% WG 910,580.00 11,060,830.00 8 51
Thailand is a just an
10 Paraquat 200g/L SL 4,186,534.42 10,573,367.00 6 21 example of the Southeast
Asian market. With the
11 Ametryn 80% WG 1,579,240.00 9,871,501.00 2 7
increased difficulty in
12 Niclosamide ethanolamine 80% WP 910,848.40 9,101,583.00 8 27 research and development
of proprietary products,
13 Imidacloprid 70% WG 318,724.00 9,088,547.00 7 36
the average profit margin
14 Fentin acetate 45% WP 599,958.00 8,980,566.00 2 6 for each level of agency
service within the industry
15 2,4-D-dimethylammonium 860 g/L SL 3,636,909.90 7,951,419.00 7 17
is diluted constantly. Here
16 Diuron 80% WP 1,258,815.00 7,852,869.00 7 30 is a message to Chinese

17 Cypermethrin 5%+Chlorpyrifos 50% EC 1,327,043.69 7,302,121.00 6 34

companies: Roll up your
sleeves & get to work.
18 Atrazine 80% WP 1,780,325.00 6,855,318.00 6 15

19 Fipronil 80% WG 74,800.00 6,284,588.00 3 9

(Editing by Erwin Xue, project
20 Fipronil 50g/L SC 889,927.53 6,202,940.00 7 31
manager of AgroPages)

AgroPages is acting as a bridge between industry counterparts all over the world, with experience in presenting various
excellent products to worldwide users and helping Chinese enterprises locate the right local partners.

Contact us: agropages@vip.163.com

26 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 27
Dialogue Dialogue
2,000-tons of Mesotrione and 1,000-tons of Pyraclostrobin. In are expected to become a new source of growth in the future. The
2018, the large acquisition of Chinese Abamectin industry leader company has created its proprietary Fluopimomide, which is being

New Ecology of Global Pesticide Supply & Demand Market Veyong has greatly and rapidly increased the company’s market
share in insecticides and herbicides.
filed for patent in major agricultural countries. “We have more than
ten proprietary products in the pipeline, for which our paperwork is

-Dialogue with Chinese / Indian Suppliers and Global Buyers

Li Yuanyuan, the deputy general manager of the company, being prepared in such a manner that it fits both Chinese domestic
told AGROPAGES that Limin Chemical carefully observes registration requirements and GLP criteria, thus ensuring new
environmental regulations and, therefore, its production is not products will be adapted to overseas markets at the same time,”
really affected by environmental regulatory inspections. In 2018, said Wang Wenli.
the amount of export handled directly by the company has As regards other herbicide manufacturers, such as Shandong
increased significantly. On top of the safeguarded production Binnong Technology and Yongnong Biosciences, which are located
capacity and price supports, business growth was also attributable in the most environmentally regulated city or region, the messages

Editor’s Note: to exploration of emerging markets in Central and South America, from these companies are that the stringent environmental
new product development covering Mesotrione and Thiacloprid, regulatory compliance requirements have eliminated unfair
Since 2014, China’s environmental regulatory inspections have become increasingly stringent as well as the beginning of providing supplies of newly registered competition from non-compliant producers, which leads to
and were undertaken in waves, one after another, which finally led to an outbreak in 2018, products. normalized operations of enterprises that are in compliance. For
when pesticide production and pricing hit a wall. Looking around the world, the global sourcing In 2018, Zhongshan Chemical completed capacity extensions the long run, environmental regulatory compliance requirements
environment has changed quietly, where Chinese enterprises are making every effort to combat of a number of staple products. At present, its capacity of Triazine help, more than they hurt.
market challenges, while Indian companies are eagerly preparing to compete. As such, buyers compounds (Atrazine, Ametryn, Simazine and Terbuthylazine) has Binnong Technology has made proper arrangements to
By Mickey Shan world-wide have to follow the trend. Through dialogues, as elaborated in this paper, AGROPAGES reached 100,000 tons, including 4,500 tons of Mesotrione, 3,800 ensure its environmental compliance well in advance. Its “three
Editor of AgroPages had conversations with a number of representational Chinese and Indian pesticide enterprises, as tons of Metamitron and 8,400 tons of Bentazone. Additionally, the wastes” (waste water, waste gas and waste solid) treatment
well as global buyers, in hopes of giving our readers a clear understanding of the new ecology of the company has decided to develop a series of high-end products, system was put in place before the implementation of the stringent
global pesticide supply and demand market. such as Penoxsulam, Pyraclostrobin, Prothioconazole, Isoxaflutole environmental regulations. The company’s leading products,
WeChat: M22041149
and Trifloxystrobin. By means of the supply of dominant products Metolachlor and S-metolachlorare, are being manufactured as
and utilization of its first-mover advantage in the release of new normal, with an advantage for large-scale production. The top
products, Zhongshan Chemical is bound to embrace a new round management of the company has made positive deployments
of business growth. throughout the industry chain, having built up long-term strategic
Li Dan, the board director of Zhongshan Chemical, explained partnerships with intermediate suppliers, which ensures the
to AGROPAGES that the stricter environmental regulatory capture of stable market shares by the company. In 2018, Binnong
compliance requirements in recent years has eliminated large Technology sales are expected to increase by 15% or more.
amounts of outdated capacity, to the benefit of an increase Yongnong Biosciences is located in Zhejiang Province, which
Resources Aggregated Rapidly typical manufacturers in herbicide, fungicide and insecticide in profitability of large enterprises, while providing enterprises is a strictly regulated area, where the level of pollution controls are
Dominant Enterprises Growing Quickly industry sectors, as well as distinctive trading companies. Some with opportunities for transformation and upgrading. “We have already three to five years more advanced than in other regions of
of these enterprises carried out horizontal acquisitions to quickly increased our investment in research and development to cope China. Lu Lijing, the purchasing director, said that the company's
From 2014 to 2015 China’s began its nation-wide obtain the scale effect, which helped to resist risks, while others with unknown market changes; we are making arrangements business revenues for 2018 remained at a 20% growth rate. In
environmental regulatory inspection campaign, which has had took advantage of their superior production capacities and for product registrations and new releases in various markets the future, Yongnong is going to expand its market and will set
an impact on the global agrochemical market. Subsequently, environmental compliance facilities to run production at higher to provide customers with more product portfolios via different up branches in the US and Brazil. In the meantime, the supply
inspections are becoming more stringent, which has gradually levels, as well as to produce new products and increase market models of cooperation. We have just one single ultimate goal: to of products will be more specifically dedicated and delivered
changed the global agrochemical supply situation. Coming into deployment. By understanding the production arrangements and give full play to the advantages of each side of the partnership to more directly to end markets. Efforts will also be made to create
2018, the price fluctuations resulting from production restrictions strategic measures of these companies, it can be seen that, after work together towards the capture of higher market shares,” said a number of brand products offering higher efficiency and higher
became a “new normal “in China’s economics. In 2018, the this round of industry structuring adjustments, superior resources Li Dan. safety, which is expected to be achieved via industry-university-
prices of China’s top ten export products each increased without in China are further integrated and some Chinese enterprises are Sino Agri Union is a global leading neonicotinoid pesticide research cooperation, along with the application of high-tech,
exception, while several products had price rises of over 30% ascending rapidly to a higher position in the global agrochemical technical manufacturer, as well as one of the few manufacturers applications, such as combinatorial chemistry.
(details available in another article, “2018 Chinese Agrochemical value chain. who own the full industry chain of Imidacloprid and Acetamiprid As more overseas buyers come into direct contact with
Market Overview”, in this magazine). in China. Wang Wenli, the assistant to the general manager pesticide manufacturers, how will trading companies, acting as a
In response to skyrocketing prices, serious problems of short - More good than harm in stricter environmental of the company, said during conversations that the company bridge, develop themselves? What kind of extra value can they
supplies occurred, which to a certain extent changed the global regulations, dominant enterprises growing fast could still maintain production loads under the pressure of strict offer to buyers? Su Ya, the general manager of Jiangyin Milagro
supply and demand situation. Smaller companies were eliminated, environmental regulatory inspections, by virtue of the company’s Chemical, holds the view that a trading company is positioned to
while larger companies looked to integrating resources and then Over the last one to two years, Limin Chemical expanded its prior investment in environmental compliance. Therefore, there be a bridge between customers and factories. Overseas buyers
utilized their volume and financing advantages to launch large business volume due to its capital operation. The Chlorothalonil has been no impact in the production of Pyridaben, Imidacloprid, would want to communicate directly with factories, mainly for
production capacities to rapidly capture market share. In terms capacity of Xinhe Agrochemical, in which Limin Chemical holds Acetamiprid, Nitenpyram, Thiacloprid and Dicamba technical and the purposes of registration proceedings or to receive lower
of customer collaboration strategies, larger companies gradually equity shares, has reached 10,000 tons; Hebei Shuangji Chemical, formulations. Moreover, the company has strengthened its effort prices. Production is only a part of product values, as trading
changed their tactics of “active locating of buyers” into “meticulous acquired by Limin Chemical in 2017, now manufactures an annual in overseas registrations in recent years and achieved substantial companies have a full understanding of customer needs, which
screening of buyers.” capacity of 10,000 tons of EBDCs. Furthermore, the company runs growth in overseas sales. allows for passing more complete information to customers. On
During conversations, AGROPAGES interviewed several very well, annually manufacturing 500-tons of Difenoconazole, Sino Agri Union has made large investments in R&D, which this basis, trading companies can help customers to locate the

28 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 29
Dialogue Dialogue
most appropriate suppliers. Guided by this philosophy for service, acquisitions. This is similar to the tactics of Chinese enterprises, to a huge opportunity for India to stand in global markets. We see
Jiangyin Milagro Chemical overcame the difficulties caused by secure incoming materials to fulfill the requirement of production many North and South American, and Europeans and African
the market being depressed, and price fluctuations in 2018, and and supply. In discussions, several Indian enterprises were companies, approaching us to become a second source of supply
achieved over 20% business growth. Seizing Opportunity of Rapid Extension interviewed in order to understand their business development for them, after China. Our company is focused on investing heavily
Sino-Indian Cooperation to Kick off status and future planning. on data generation on generic and new off-patent products from
- Mind-set of cooperation changed, strategic partners Agrow Allied Ventures Pvt ltd (AAVPL) is one of the fastest recognized GLP labs, and this will ensure our development in the
being bound together The Indian agrochemical industry plays an important role in growing agrochemical companies in India, with an average annual global market.”
global markets, where supplies are supported by lower labor costs, growth rate of 35%. The managing director, Rakshit Sehgal, Heranba was incorporated in 1996, with a plan to manufacture
It was noted during conversations with some Chinese relatively professional production, and service capacity. However, participated in our interview and introduced AAVPL has 10-12 only a few technical products, mainly in the group of synthetic
enterprises that during earlier circumstances, when supply the Chinese agrochemical industry has developed rapidly over active technical products, with a total capacity of 12,000 tons Pyrethroids. Simultaneously, it grew in structure by introducing
exceeded demand, the eagerness of enterprises to sell goods the last twenty years, having surpassed their Indian counterparts annually at its technical plant located in Rajasthan. The company many technical products and intermediates, and later in 2005 it
have been changing. For the selection of buyers, suppliers very quickly, in respect to prices, product varieties, volumes of is the leading supplier of 2,4-D series products in India, with a began manufacturing formulations and catering to farmers within
adopted more cautious and meticulous tactics to select “strategic production, and stability of supplies. At present, the fluctuations in capacity of 8,000 tons. Other strong technical products include India through its brand segment, while in recent years Heranba’s
partners.” the Chinese agrochemical industry provides Indian agrochemical Glyphosate, Pretilachlor, Clodinafop, Thiamethoxam, Lambda formulations have been exported to many countries. The company
Zhongshan Chemical has maintained a steady relationship manufacturers chances for revitalization. Existing buyers have Cyhalothrin, and Tricylazoles. For now, the exports contribute has currently 4 production facilities in Vapi in Gujrat, and with
with multinationals for many years. Li Dan, the board director to turn to India, where the surge in demand has stimulated rises nearly 30% of the total production, with its dominant markets in a capacity to manufacture more than 1,000 tons of pesticide
of the company, has a deep understanding of the definition in prices. Over the last three years, prime Indian agrochemical South American, African, Middle East, and Asians markets. “That technicals and intermediates per month.
of strategic partners. He says that there needs to be a companies have achieved certain degrees of growth. In return, the figure will be increased to 50% by 2020”, Rakshit Sehgal said. Prakash Kumar, the international marketing manager of
complementary relationship between both sides, and both sides accumulation of capital further enhanced the production capacities As for the development strategy in the future, Rakshit Sehgal Heranba, introduced the company’s export business, which grew
are supposed to gain vital interests from partnerships, which will of these companies. Nowadays, Indian enterprises are working revealed that the company plans to expand the capacity of 2,4- by almost 80% last year by enhancing its production capacity, as
have a significant impact on the business development of each. hard to seize opportunities and are moving forward to return to D to 14,000 tons by 2020. It is estimated that its total capacity well its customer base within India and through exports. Its top 3
Only such a partnership can be called a strategic partnership. their leading roles in the supply chains. of technicals will reach 20,000 tons by 2021. He noted, “With products are Deltamethrin technical, Cypermethrin technical, and
Li Dan told AGROPAGES that when selecting partners, Though being restrained by infrastructure bottlenecks, growing capacities, our company is achieving economies of scale Alphacypermethrin technical. Customers come mainly from China,
Zhongshan Chemical would place a priority on the distribution limited research capacity, and weak industry both forward and to help and provide the least expensive and best quality products South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. “We
abilities of partners in local markets who should be capable of backward, Indian agrochemical industry is likely to progress to the to our customers. The environmental issue in China has provided export our products to more than 60 countries,” Prakash Kumar
absorption of the production capacity of the company. This forms Indian Agrochemical 2.0 in ten years, as backed up by growing said, “We are also setting up a new plant at Saykha and Sarigam
the basis of strategic partnerships between two parties. During the consumption in India, stronger pricing power, ever-increasing in Gujrat, with plans for production of new technicals, and setting
period of cooperation, the two parties will share resources, support capacities, production in compliance and buyers’ trust, as well as up a formulation plant with more equipped facilities.”
each other and jointly confront competition from the market or from the “Make in India” initiative of the Indian government. Indogulf is also rapidly expanding its production. Recently the
competitors. Moreover, it is important that at critical moments the company began manufacturing Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl technical, as
two parties will stay together and never leave the other alone. “Of - Indian enterprises achieving rapid growth via capacity the second manufacturer in India, said company CEO Saurabh
course, cooperation and competition co-exist, collaboration with extension and registration reservations Abhiranjan during an interview.
competitors may happen, conflicts of interest with partners may At present, Indogulf owns 4 production plants, which include
also take place. The key issue is how we find balance between During conversations, Rohit Nagraj, a consultant of the Indian one technical synthesis plant and three formulation plants, with
interests and conflicts, which requires wisdom from both sides,” financial services firm, Sunidhi Securities & Finance, shared with production of more than 50 pesticide technicals. The company
said Li Dan. us the development status of the Indian agrochemical industry. has a global footprint in over 17 countries, especially in Asia, the
In the eyes of Sino Agri Union, “Never leaving the other alone” According to statistics, Indian pesticide production in recent years Middle East, and Africa. Indogulf has a registered office in the
Figure 1:The production volume of agrochemicals in the last 10
shows mutual support, which is an important factor for selection has been increasing steadily, versus China’s continued decline USA, and is in the process of establishing three JVs in Africa
years in India
of strategic partners. According to Wang Wenli, both sides need in production since 2015. In the fiscal year 2015-2016, Indian and the Middle East with local partners. Recently, the company
Source:Sunidhi Securities & Finance
to take up cooperation on a long-term basis and look to the future. pesticide output reached 213,700 tons, which was 14% up year on also began working with the Republic of Togo in Central Africa by
All industry sectors are developing periodically, where there are year over the 187,500 tons of the previous year. In the fiscal year helping improve the productivity and fertility of their soils.
good times and bad times, which run in cycles. The party that is in 2016-2017, Indian pesticide output dropped slightly, which still
a stronger position should not squeeze the prices or raise prices stayed at the high level of 212,700 tons (Figure 1). - Opportunity now for Sino-Indian cooperation
just because of a short-lived market circumstance. With this kind At the same time, Indian pesticide export has experienced
of mindset, a strategic cooperation will not be possible. double-digit growth since the fiscal year 2014-2015. In the fiscal In this interview, several interviewees said that China's
After working together for several decades, the cooperation year 2016-2017, India’s pesticide export reached ₹ 131.5 bn, status as the overlord of global pesticide supply is still difficult
between Yongnong Biosciences and its technical material while the latest data of the fiscal year 2017-2018 reveals 12.6% to shake. However, Rakshit Sehgal thinks language barriers
suppliers has been integrated to a high level. The two parties have increase in India’s pesticide export, reaching ₹ 148.1 bn (Figure 2). and a lack of data availability for registration is a bottleneck for
worked together beginning from joint marketing, signing contracts Concerning the business performance of pesticide companies, Chinese manufacturers. He said that globally, many companies
and pesticide registration, and continuing to profit allocations. The all prime Indian agrochemical companies have achieved growth, still prefer buying formulated products from India because of the
two parties are no longer competitors, but have become partners to some degree. With the availability of financing, and in the face better quality, but also have limited technical products due to
based upon mutual benefits and joint development on a win-win of price increases of agrochemical raw materials, more and more Figure 2:The export amount/revenue of agrochemicals in the last 10 cost differences. “It is important for Indian companies to focus
basis. This is not a unilateral choice for Yongnong, but is a good Indian enterprises began a strategy of backwards integration, so years in India on backward integration together, so we can compete with more
strategic match between Yongnong and its suppliers. as to be less dependent upon upstream supplies via backward Source:Sunidhi Securities & Finance products in near future,” he said.

30 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 31
Dialogue Dialogue
While calling for investment cooperation between Chinese on Chinese supply. The interviewee said they had a long history days, but most importantly, we hope that Chinese markets will strategy on either crops or areas where they have competitive
and Indian companies, the Indian interviewees are basically open- of cooperation with Chinese manufacturers, and previously recover soon.” advantages. “Regarding Thailand’s regulation changes to ban or
minded. Rohit Nagraj said Indian companies have been facing purchased 85% of its products from China, including Glyphosate, It is worth noting that AWBA Group showed great interest restrict old products, the challenges are how fast to develop the
sourcing challenges for some agrochemical intermediates. This Paraquat, Trifluralin, Immidaclopyrid, all Triads, and more. in innovative compounds created by Chinese companies. U product replacements, and to be able to be in place at the right
situation can be alleviated if Chinese companies collaborate with Fluctuations in product prices from China have undoubtedly Thadoe Hein said he was excited to see that China will launch time,” he said.
Indian counterparts in manufacturing such intermediates, which caused profound impacts on the company's procurement and more patented products. “In the past, we only saw new molecules As per China customs pesticide export data, there were
would streamline supplies for Indian, as well as global customers. distribution. The interviewee revealed, with the enforcement coming out of the Western companies. We are very much willing 140,000 tons of pesticide imported to Thailand from China from
Prices of such intermediates, which have been behaving of tariffs and anti-dumping duties, the company’s turnover has to work with innovative Chinese companies to market their Jan-Sep of 2018, dropping 2.5% y-o-y, but the import price
erratically, would be smoothed out by streamlining supplies. been decreased by nearly 10%, and has made a few major products in Myanmar,” he said. increased 32% y-o-y. Kornkanok Chantakitwattana noted , “We
Rakshit Sehgal said, "This includes AAVPL, and India is purchases from sources in India. “Chinese made products are Chia Tai Co., Ltd. is a major agricultural company in Thailand, spend more time to connect with our Chinese suppliers to closely
welcoming Chinese manufacturers for joint ventures, including our not as ‘cheap’ as they used to be,” he said frankly, “but if ‘price’ is having been in business since 1921. The company focuses follow up on price trends in order to have good planning of
company, to bring their manufacturing techniques and technical what a company is ultimately aiming for, then there will be other on research and product development, and selects only high supplies so that we have enough quantity at the appropriate cost.
expertise to India. As India is the biggest market for China alternatives in the market. That is why Chinese producers are quality products from the world's leading manufacturers for Chinese suppliers also have to work closely with customers, so
when selling intermediates, developing these products in India working very hard to embrace change and upgrade to better suit distribution, while continuously expanding into overseas markets. that both sides will work as solid partnerships.”
together can be beneficial for both. India, itself, is also the fastest the shift in production.” Kornkanok Chantakitwattana, the Vice President of the Plant Talking about future development, Kornkanok Chantakitwattan
growing agrochemical market globally, with a vision to reach $6 It is also a fact that some of the purchases have been Protection Business at the company, said in the interview that thinks the role of the middle man, such as dealers or whole shops,
billion by 2020. Backward integration will not only help India to transferred to other countries. “This is true,” the interviewee said, the core problem of Thailand's agribusiness development (both will be reduced. The connectivity between producer and end user
produce products at cheaper prices, but also can be used by “the company has made a few major purchases from sources in agribusiness and grower) understands the needs of customers will be significant, because of the power of the internet. Regarding
Chinese exporters as an alternate source of supply, as they have India. But the reason for those purchases was not as simple as along the value chain. In the past 5 years, overall multinational the internet, agribusiness as a whole has to have agility at the
customers to serve globally." that India’s price is cheaper than the Chinese price. We have a company growth has declined due to fewer new products lowest costs, or maintain the effectiveness of cost controls along
In fact, such cooperation has quietly started. Saurabh herbicide product, and the Australian Government has recently being introduced to markets, and the unfavorable agriculture the value chain from producers to farmers.
Abhiranjan from Indogulf told AGROPAGES, that Indogulf introduced an anti-dumping duty against products coming out of environment. Local companies commonly use pricing and focusing
very recently signed a Joint Venture with Bahrain, German, China, which was set at 35%, whereas the same product out of
and Chinese based companies and scientists to manufacture India would not be subject to this tariff. So, in a way, this gave
new, innovative and off-patent molecules in India. One of the Indian sources an unfair advantage over Chinese products.
molecules is Spiromesifen technical, which had been successfully However, in the long run, I still believe that China will stay the
synthesized in India at Indogulf’s technical synthesis plant. world's leading supplier of products.”
Prakash Kumar from Herbana also thinks that many Chinese
companies are aggressively exploring such options. Though, - Confronting challenges to sourcing, to open up more
it does not seem to be working out so easily. “We are open for demand
any such co-operation, as we have the sufficient resources
and products to penetrate both Indian and export markets Myanma AWBA Group is a leading group of agriculture
competitively,” he said. companies in Myanmar, and serves 3.5 million farming families,
out of 7 million in Myanmar. The company has been working with
Chinese manufacturers for the past 15 years, with up to 80% of
their total requirement. Their main products include Glyphosate,
Lambda Cyhalothrin, Paraquat, Chlorpyrifos, Bispyribac Sodium,
Overseas Buyers and others. The chairman of the group, U Thadoe Hein, said
Following the Trend and Rising to Challenges in the interview, “Fifteen years ago, we had to be careful of the
quality we were buying from China. However, the quality has been
Faced with the structural changes in the Chines pesticide improved drastically and I would say it is as good as international
industry, overseas buyers who highly rely on Chinese exports players.”
have had to make adjustments. Some have partly changed their The strict environmental regulations in China would compel
sourcing location; others are turning to new products. It is noted pesticide importers who highly rely on Chinese exports to
that buyers are primarily following the trend and adopting an open work out better inventory plans and promptly adjust sourcing
attitude to global supply patterns. strategies. Further, U Thadoe Hein said, “This year, the Myanmar
Kyat depreciated by more than 20%. Together with the price
- Trade barriers heightening shifting of sourcing locations increase in China, farmers are now paying much higher prices.
AWBA imported many products from trading companies, and
In the interview, AGROPAGES had a discussion with an have been trying to buy directly from the manufacturers for most
important agrochemical company in Western Australia. In more of their requirements. But in some cases, due to payment and
than 20 years of its development, the company served the local other issues, we have to ask our trading partners to buy from
market with a low margin, high volume, and direct-to-clients the manufacturer. For the long term, we want to collaborate with
distribution business model. This company has a high dependence manufacturers directly. We do have to buy more from India these

32 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 33
Product Focus Product Focus
the cells. By specifically inhibiting the activity of myosin-I ATP of fluopyram from Bayer, but contains fluorine atoms with high
hydrolase, Phenamacril inhibits the organelle "toxinsome" formed activity in the structure. In terms of fungicide spectrum, it is more
by the gibberella saubinetii in the synthesis process of toxins, thus active and more specific than like products. With the success
Recommendation: Innovative Pesticides Created by China reducing the synthesis of mycotoxins. of Fluopimomide, China has also achieved a leading status in
Phenamacril can be absorbed by the roots and leaves of creating new fungicides.
plants, and transported upwards in the conduits or xylems of Fluopimomide has significant inhibiting effects on the
plants in short distances, and it is resistant to rainwash. It can asexual reproduction process, cell membrane permeability
effectively control diseases caused by fusarium, such as wheat and tricarboxylic acid cycle of the pathomycete. It acts on the
China's pesticide innovation started with imitation, that is, creating new, highly bioactive pesticides scab, rice bakanae disease, banana Panama disease, watermelon respiratory chain of the mitochondria of fungi, inhibits the activity
with existing pesticides as lead compounds together with a creative design, which can also be fusarium wilt and cotton fusarium wilt. When Phenamacril is used of succinate dehydrogenase, and blocks electron transfer, so as
referred to as “follow-up innovation” or “me-too”. for controlling the wheat scab, the scab occurrence and mycotoxin to inhibit the main growth and reproduction stages of fungi, such
At present, more than 50 pesticide products have been created by Chinese companies and level can be reduced by more than 80%, and the toxin content as spore germination, germ tube elongation, mycelial growth and
universities, many of which have been developed under the “me-too” strategy. However, most of in the grain is in complete conformity with national and world sporoblast formation. Fluopimomide is mainly used for controlling
these products see lower sales than those of multinational companies in the market, and none have standards. cucumber downy mildew, grape downy mildew, phytophthora
international influence so far. This is mainly because the R&D institutions in China have a big gap By now, Phenamacril has obtained six patents and has been capsici, litchi downy blight, potato late blight, rice sheath blight,
in terms of research methods, research levels, management levels, innovation culture and the like granted several awards. The relevant six patents cover various cotton rhizoctonia solani and the like.
compared to multinational corporations and leading overseas institutions. aspects, such as compounds, compositions, preparation methods, This product, as the first commercialized new compound
By Mickey Shan To realize the high-quality development of China's pesticide industry, improve competitiveness of compounding and the application of Phenamacril. of Sino-Agri, had its Chinese generic name approved by the
Editor of AgroPages enterprises and avoid homogeneous competition, it is a must to constantly innovate so as to develop In 2007, 95% Phenamacril TC and 25% of Phenamacril SC National Technical Committee on Pesticides of Standardization
mickey@agropages.com new varieties and products. Supported by national development policies and driven by new problems (trade name: Jinhu ®) were temporarily registered in China; in Adiministration of China in 2012 and its English common name
and needs emerging from food security and pest control of agriculture, some compounds with good 2012, the two products were officially registered; in 2014, 48% (fluopimomide) approved by the ISO in 2017. Fluopimomide
WeChat: M22041149
performance have been created in China in recent years. Phenamacril-Tebuconazole SC (trade name: Jinxing ® ) was was granted the national invention patent in 2012, and six other
In this article, we select and introduce some typical pesticides that have been officially registered officially registered in China, thus making a breakthrough in the invention patents in the following application and development
in the Ministry of Agriculture of China in the last 10 years and have received good feedback in the specialized application of Phenamacril; and in 2016, Jiangsu process.
market. Such pesticides include Phenamacril, which plays a key role in controlling wheat scab and Pesticide Research Institute launched "Liangdi® ", a brand product The 98% Fluopimomide TC and related formulations obtained
rice bakanae disease; Phenazine-1-carboxylic acid, a biopesticide that controls various diseases specially for soaking rice seeds to control bakanae disease. the official registration certificate issued by the Ministry of
of economic crops and field crops in a broad-spectrum, effective and green manner; as well as Now, four Phenamacril product series including the TC Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China in
Huanbifucaotong and Shuangzuocaotong, which solve the problem of herbicide-resistant weeds have been formed. With annual sales of over 100 million yuan, 2017, wherein the formulation includes 50% fluopimomide WDG,
in wheat fields. In addition, they also include Tetrachlorantraniliprole and Pyraclostrobin, which are Phenamacril (Jinghu® and Jinxing®) is making a great contribution 40% fluoroether-hexaconazole SC, and 40% fluoroether-enoyl SC.
created with the “me-too” strategy and have good economic benefits in China. to guaranteeing the high yield of wheat and food safety, and These products have obtained excellent control results in the main
By introducing these products, overseas readers can get more knowledge about the development playing a key role in controlling wheat scab and rice bakanae rice production regions in South and Northeast China, as well as
of pesticides creation in China. Besides, we also hope to help these products explore the international disease, thus becoming one of the best-selling wheat fungicides in the main potato production regions, such as Inner Mongolia,
market, so that more markets around the world can benefit from the progress in agricultural science in China. In the coming days, the company will further expand the Gansu and Shandong.
and technology and better agricultural harvest brought about by "Creation in China". registration of crops and the scope of application, so as to improve
the market position of Phenamacril in a better and faster manner. Product Contact:
Phenamacril Sara Wang, Assistant General Manager
Product Contact: Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Company
Structural formula: Tao Dehua wangwenli@sdznlh.com
Sales Director, Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Company
Phenazine-1-carboxylic acid

Phenamacril is a highly effective, low toxic and environmentally-friendly fungicide with a focused Fluopimomide Structural formula:
control spectrum discovered by Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Company in 1998. Among
the over 50 new pesticides created in China, Phenamacril is the only compound with a brand new Structural formula:
mechanism of action, for which it falls into an independent category (B6, Group 47) by the Fungicide
Resistance Action Committee (FRAC), and is the only compound in this category, thus having no
cross-resistance with other fungicides. Phenazine-1-carboxylic acid is a novel microbial pesticide
Phenamacril is not only a fungicide that can effectively control wheat scab and rice bakanae As a new benzamide fungicide containing fluorine, (agricultural antibiotic) developed independently by the School of
disease, but can also greatly reduce the gibberella toxin and improve the stress resistance of fluopimomide was synthesized by Shandong Sino-Agri United Life Science and Biotechnology of Shanghai Jiaotong University
crops. As a specialized fungicide for the fusarium spp, Phenamacril can strongly inhibit the mycelial Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 2010 in an innovative manner, and and Shanghai Nongle Biological Products Co., Ltd. Now, Jiangsu
growth of pathogens, such as fusarium graminearum and fusarium oxysporum in the fusarium spp. obtained the national first-class invention patent. This compound Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical Company is responsible for
Phenamacril is a myosin-V inhibitor with an action mechanism of inhibiting the mycelial growth has the characteristics of novel structure, high activity and broad the promotion of this product at home and abroad by buying into
by destroying the cytoskeleton and motor protein and disturbing the transportation of nutrients in fungicide spectrum. Fluopimomide belongs to the same category Shanghai Nongle.

34 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 35
Product Focus Product Focus
Phenazine-1-carboxylic acid is a bio-pesticide product wall of the bacteria becomes thinner and then collapses, causing of bacteria or fungus, or reacts with sulfhydryl to destroy the excellent control effect on common acarid such as carmine spider
registered exclusively in China. It is a new original bio-pesticide the bacteria to die. The other is zinc ion, which has both fungicidal synthesis system of protein and cell membrane, so as to inhibit mite, two-spotted spider mite and red spider mites in fruits trees,
and has two invention patents in China. Developed based on and bactericidal effects. The zinc ions in the agent exchange with the proliferation of bacteria and fungus, interfere with the cellar vegetables and field crops. As this product has a long-lasting
the phenazine-1-carboxylic acid (PCA), a natural product of the cations (H+, K+, etc.) on the surface of the cell membranes of metabolism of pathogens, and cause physiological disturbances, effect and can kill both acarid and eggs, the frequency of using
pseudomonas fluorescens (M18) that can inhibit pathogens and the pathogenic bacteria, causing the protein on the cell membrane thus leading to the death of pathogens. acaricides per season is lowered. Moreover, it is less affected by
promote plant growth, this product effectively inhibits the wilting of the bacteria to coagulate, thus killing the bacteria. And some With a good control effect on crop diseases caused by temperature and precipitation, is safe for crops and environment
diseases caused by the pathomycetes in the soil, with an average zinc ions permeate into the pathogen cells and are combined bacteria and fungi, benziothiazolinone is mainly used for friendly, and has almost no impact on beneficial organisms, so it
control effect over 80% on wilting, blight, gummy stem blight and with certain enzymes, which also affects the activity of pathogens controlling cucumber downy mildew, pear scab, apple scab, can meet the needs of comprehensive pest management.
root rot, promotes seedlings to grow stronger with more roots, and leads to dysfunction; the pathogens will fail and die. The citrus anthracnose, grape black pox, etc. It has a special effect on Until now, 15 compound patents, two process patents and 16
and features high efficiency, low toxicity and environmental joint effect of these two active groups leads to a more thorough various bacterial and fungal diseases and is safe for crops. preparation patents have been applied for pyraclostrobin. Among
friendliness. pathogen killing, better control effect, and broader control objects. Benziothiazolinone, developed and produced by Xi’an Hytech them, compound patents have been obtained in many countries
Featuring broad spectrum and high efficiency, the phenazine- Zinc thiazole has a good control effect on bacterial diseases Agrochemicals team, was officially registered by the Ministry and regions such as China, the United States, Japan, Europe and
1-carboxylic acid effectively controls a variety of diseases in rice, of more than 50 crops, such as rice, fruit trees and vegetables. of Agriculture in 2008, and has been promoted and applied Brazil. One process patent and three formulation patents have
wheat, vegetables and other crops. In 2011, 95% phenazine-1- Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Company contributes to the large- extensively. Until now, the company has established specific been obtained in China, and the compound patent will expire in
carboxylic acid TC was registered with the Ministry of Agriculture. scale production and promotion of this innovative pesticide in technologies and solutions for controlling bacterial diseases, fungal 2030.
In March 2016, 1% phenazine-1-carboxylic acid SC was registered the overseas markets. In the past eight years, this company diseases and fungal-bacterial diseases with benziothiazolinone In December 2015, pyraclostrobin was first registered in China,
for the control of cucumber downy mildew, botrytis cinerea, pepper launched a series of zinc thiazole formulation products such as at the core, and has created several products with sales worth with the products 98% TC and 30% SC registered separately. The
blight, watermelon fusarium wilt, rice false smut, rice blast, rice "Bisheng" and put them into application, which offer a good control over 10 million yuan, among which 3% Benziothiazolinone WP registered crops and control objects of the formulation products
sheath blight, wheat take-all and wheat scab. effect and field performance. Furthermore, zinc thiazole has also has achieved a 50% annual increase in sales for five consecutive are citrus tree red spider, apple spider mite and cotton spider mite.
The cucumber and watermelon fusarium wilt, gummy stem successfully entered the international market. Since its successful years, thus becoming the single bactericidal medicine product with By means of 10 years of research and development and five years
blight of melon, pepper blight, and peanut root rot are diseases creation in 2004, zinc thiazole has obtained 14 invention patents in annual sales of over 40 million yuan. of field trials, Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D collected
difficult to be radically cured, leading to a great economic loss in relevant technologies, and patents in countries such as Australia, Xi’an Hytech Agrochemicals has accumulated rich experience a large amount of data about the effect of 30% pyraclostrobin
China every year. The average control effect of the phenazine-1- Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam and the Philippines. in controlling diseases such as bacterial canker of citrus and suspension concentrate on cotton, apple, red dates, eggplant,
carboxylic acid on wilting, blight, gummy stem blight and root rot Until now, 10 products related to zinc thiazole have been kiwifruit; mango bacterial angular leaf spot; wheat scab; blast, foot strawberry, citrus, flowers and other crops, based on which the
is over 80%. Being safe for crops and environment friendly, along officially registered as pesticides, and are widely used for rot, sheath blight and bacterial leaf streak of rice; black shank, tar effect was analyzed. The results of trials have fully demonstrated
with being moderately priced, it has virtually no competitors in the controlling diseases in more than 40 crops such as rice, fruit trees spot, scab, early blight and late blight of potato; pepper bacterial the excellent control and safety of the products. In April 2017,
market, thus having great value and the potential for promotion. and vegetables. They have a remarkable effect, are safe for crops, wilt; Erwinia carotorora; and rot disease, moldy core and early 98% pyraclostrobin TC and 30% pyraclostrobin SC were officially
and increase yield, generating significant economic and social defoliation of fruit trees. In the future, the company will continue registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. In the
Product Contact: benefits. to improve the vitality of benziothiazolinone with an increasingly same year, 30% Pyraclostrobin SC was launched in the market.
Wang Zhong The constantly expanding area affected by bacterial diseases, richer product line. By now, this product has been applied in nearly 20 million mu of
Vice President, Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical the elimination of agricultural streptomycin and the shrinking fields in China with positive overall feedback on the controlling
Company market share of copper preparations have created a significant Product Contact: effect. And its annual peak sales are expected to be 50 million
wang.zhong@good-harvest.cn market opportunity for zinc thiazole. As a model of original Wang Peng yuan.
compounds in China, zinc thiazole will offer greater market President, Xi’an Hytech Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.
performance. Info@htteam.com Product Contact:
Zinc thiazole Zhang Zonglei
Product Contact: Director of registration Sinochem Agro Co., Ltd
Structural formula: Mike Woo Pyraclostrobin zhangzonglei@sinochem.com
Sales Director, Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Company
wuxd@xnchem.com Structural formula:

Benziothiazolinone Structural formula:

Researched and developed by Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Pyraclostrobin is a patented acaricide developed
Co., Ltd., Zinc Thiazole is a new pesticide containing heterocyclic Structural formula: independently by Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co.,
organic zinc, and a safe and highly effective agricultural fungicide Ltd. With a novel structure and a unique mechanism of action, it is
for controlling the bacterial diseases in crops. This product a compound with high acaricidal activity. As a shining star among
offers high activity, broad fungicide spectrum and has curative Developed by a research team of the Northwest University the products in the acaricide market of China, it has received a
and protective effect of disease control, with also the activity of in 1984, benziothiazolinone is a heterocyclic compound of favorable reception and recommendation from experts within the
strengthening the health of the plant. isothiazole. It is a highly effective, low toxic and broad-spectrum industry for its excellent control effect on acarid. Tetrachlorantraniliprole is developed by Shenyang Research
The structure of zinc thiazole consists of two active groups, fungicide and bactericide industrially applied and promoted by Pyraclostrobin is a non-systemic acaricide, which kills acarid Institute of Chemical Industry (SYRICI, the predecessor of
one of which is the thiadiazole group, which has a highly effective Xi’an Hytech Agrochemicals Company’s team. mainly through contact toxicity and stomach toxicity. With a brand Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd.), with the R&D
therapeutic effect inside the plant. This active ingredient works Benziothiazolinone features a mechanism of action that new structure, it has no cross resistance with existing acaricides. code being SYP-9080. This compound is the first commercialized
in the pore conduit of the plant, under the effect of which the cell it combines with anion on the surface of the cell membrane Pyraclostrobin has a wide acaricidal spectrum and has an bisamide insecticide product with independent intellectual property

36 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 37
Product Focus Cover Story
rights in China. Qingdao KingAgroot Resistant Weed Management Co., Ltd.
SYRICI discovered the compound tetrachlorantraniliprole Huanbifucaotong is the first product in the world to introduce
with high insecticidal activity with chlorantraniliprole as the lead HPPD inhibitors into the control of resistant grass weeds in wheat
compound by performing structural modification on the benzene fields. Shuangzuocaotong is the first one in China to introduce
ring substituents and pyrazole substituents in its structure. HPPD inhibitors into the control of resistant broadleaf weeds in
Tetrachlorantraniliprole is a ryania receptor agonist insecticide. wheat fields. These two innovative products perfectly address the
Its mechanism of action is to open calcium channels by binding resistance and multiple resistance problems of ALS and ACCase
with the ryania receptors of the insects to release the calcium inhibitors, providing solutions with a brand new mechanism of
ions stored in the cells into the sarcoplasm continuously, which action for resistant weeds in wheat fields.
will be bound with matrix proteins in the sarcoplasm, thus causing Huanbifucaotong is a new HPPD herbicide. By inhibiting
constant muscle contraction of the pests. The pests show the activity of HPPD, it blocks the convertion process of
symptoms of convulsions, refusal to eat and, ultimately, death. p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate into homogentisic acid, due to which the
By now, this compound has obtained patents in China and the tocopherol and plastoquinone cannot be synthesized normally,
US, and more than 10 patents have been applied for its synthetic thus affecting the synthesis of carotenoids in the target body and
methods, formulations, compositions and the like. resulting in whitish leaves. With such a unique mechanism of
Tetrachlorantraniliprole has high activity against lepidopteran action, Huanbifucaotong has no cross-resistance with herbicides
pests such as rice leaf roller, pink rice borer, asiaticrice borer and commonly used in wheat fields now, such as fenoxaprop-p-
yellow rice borer, and can also be used for controlling lepidopteran ethyl, clodinafop-propargyl, pinoxaden, tralkoxydim, pyroxsulam,
pests such as diamondback moth and cabbage caterpillar on flucarbazone and isoproturon, so it is effective on grass weeds
vegetables, so it has been applied to many crops such as rice, of resistance and multi-resistance, such as Alopecurus aequalis
corn, vegetables and cotton. It has many advantages as follows: sobol and Alopecurus japonicus steud. and some broadleaf
it has excellent effects on a variety of lepidopteran pests with a weeds.
broad insecticidal spectrum; stomach toxicity together with contact With the same mechanism of action as that of Huanbifucaotong,
toxicity leads to high activity; acting quickly to enable the pests to Shuangzuocaotong is also an HPPD inhibitor, and has no
stop feeding after a few minutes of application; and it has good cross-resistance with herbicides commonly used in the wheat
conductivity and resistance to rain, etc. fields now, e.g., ALS inhibitor herbicides including florasulam,
In 2013, SYRICI (Nantong) Chemical Technology tribenuron-methyl, bensulfuron methyl and thifensulfuron methyl;
Development Co., Ltd. obtained the repacking registration of 10% PPO inhibitor herbicides including carfentrazone-ethyl and
tetrachlorantraniliprole SC; and in 2014, Shenyang Sciencreat fluoroglycofen-ethyl; and auxin herbicides including MCPA-Na
Chemicals Co., Ltd. obtained temporary registrations of 95% and 2,4-D. So it is effective on broadleaf weeds of resistance and
tetrachlorantraniliprole TC and 10% SC. multi-resistance such as Descurainia Sophia, Capsella bursa-
Until now, the actual application area of tetrachlorantraniliprole pastoris, Sinapis arvensis, Stellaria media, Malachium aquaticum
has exceeded 40 million mu in China, indicating a good application and Lithospermum arvensis.
prospect and development value. Huanbifucaotong and Shuangzuocaotong were officially
named by the National Technical Committee on Pesticides of
Product Contact: Standardization Administration of China in 2015. In August
Zhang Zonglei 2018, 95% Huanbifucaotong TC and 6% OD, as well as 25%
Director of registration, Sinochem Agro Co., Ltd Huanbifucaotong-isoproturon OD were officially registered by the
zhangzonglei@sinochem.com Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. At present, these two
compounds have been patented in more than 50 countries around
the world, and will enter Europe, America, South Asia, Oceania,
Huanbifucaotong and Shuangzuocaotong Africa and other markets in the future.

Structural formula: Product Contact:

Huanbifucaotong and Shuangzuocaotong were created by Eric Liu
Brand manager, Qingdao Kingagroot Company

Huanbifucaotong Shuangzuocaotong

38 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 39
Cover Story


P41-61 Product Index

Acaricides / Miticides
Biopesticides & Biocontrols
Herbicide Safeners
Insecticide & Fungicide
Plant growth regulators

P63 Company Index

P64-81 Company Directory

40 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 41
Product Index Suppliers Guide

Acaricides / Miticides Celastrus Angulatus

Abamectin Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (1%EW)
A Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (97%TC)
Extract of Reynoutria Sachalinensis
E Beijing Kingbo Biotech (0.2%)
Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (97%TC, 430g/L SC)
Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (24%/48%SC, Fungous proteoglycan
22.6%SL, 20%SC, 50%WP, 43.2%OF, 75%WDG) F Beijing Multigrass (1%SL)

Helicoverpa armigera NPV

Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (98%TC) H Keyun Biocontrol (500billion PIB/g TK, 60billion PIB/g WG)

E Etoxazole Marvee (controlling egg of mites and spiders)

Iprochem (TC) M Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (0.5%AS)

F Fenazaquin Matrine
Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (98%TC, 20%SC) Beijing Kingbo Biotech (90%TC, 5%TK, 30%TK, 0.3%AS,

P Propargite Beijing Multigrass (5%TK, 10%TK, 0.3%SL, 0.5%SL,

Jiangsu Fengshan Group (90%TC, 57%EC) 1%SL)

S Spirodiclofen Matritas (Botanical insecticide special for controlling

Agrodragon Group (TC) aphids, thrip and whitefly)
Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (98%TC) Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (0.3, 1.5%SL)
Hangzhou Ruijiang (TC/SC)
Jiangsu Aolunda (TC) Nicotine
Shandong Kangqiao (98%Min. TC, 240g/L SC) N Beijing Kingbo Biotech (10%AS)

Spiromesifen Nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Shandong Kangqiao (98%Min. TC, 240g/L SC) Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (2x10^9 PIB/mL SC)


Bactericides O Beijing Multigrass (3%SL)

Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (0.5%AS)
B Xi’an Hytech (3%WDG, 1.6%PF) Osthol
Beijing Kingbo Biotech (1%EW)
T Zhejiang Longwan Chemicals (SC, TC) Oxymatrine
Beijing Kingbo Biotech (0.6%AS)

Biopesticides & Biocontrols P

Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (EC)
Bacillus subtilis
B Tide Group (1x10^10 CFU/g WP, 8x10^9 CFU/g SC) Plutella xylostella GV
Keyun Biocontrol (3trillion OB/ml TK, 300billion OB/ml SC)
Beijing Kingbo Biotech (4%AS) Pyrethrins
Beijing Kingbo Biotech (1.5%EW)
C Beijing Kingbo Biotech (0.7%AS) Rotenone
Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (10%TK, 0.5%AS) R Beijing Kingbo Biotech (40%TC, 5%EC, 7.5%EC)
Beijing Multigrass (95%TC, 5%ME)

China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 43

Suppliers Guide Product Index Product Index Suppliers Guide
Jiangyin Suli (280g/L SC) Ningbo Generic (98.5%Tech, 82.5%WDG, 72%SC) Jiangsu Inter-China (97%TC, 40%&80%WG)
Spinosad Pilarquim(Shanghai) (720 g/L SC) Shandong Cynda Chemical (98%TC, 50%WP, 50%WDG,
S Beijing Multigrass (90%TC, 2.5%SC, 5%SC, 48%SC) Azoxystrobin+Difenoconazole WuXi JingFung (98.5%TC) 10%SC, 50%SC)
Jiangyin Suli (325g/L SC) Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Spodoptera exigua NPV Dimethomorph+Cymoxanil
Keyun Biocontrol (200billion PIB/g TK, 30billion PIB/g WG) Azoxystrobin+Fluazinam Chlorothalonil+Azoxystrobin Pilarquim(Shanghai) (700 g/kg DF)
Jiangyin Suli (34%SC) Jiangyin Suli (480g/L SC, 560g/L SC)
Spodoptera litura NPV Pilarquim(Shanghai) (600 g/L SC) Diniconazole
Keyun Biocontrol (150billion PIB/g TK, 20billion PIB/g WG) Azoxystrobin+Propiconazole Jiangsu Sword (95%TC, 12.5%WP, 30%SC)
Pilarquim(Shanghai) (295 g/L SE) Chlorothalonil+Thiophanate-methyl

V Validamycin
Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (20%SP, 10%SL, 5%SL, Azoxystrobin+Zinc thiazole
Tide Group (40%+35% WP)
E Epoxiconazole
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (98%TC, 12.5%SC,
3%SL) Zhejiang Xinnong (50%SC) Copper 8-hydroxyquinoline 50%SC)
WuXi JingFung (98%) Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (98%TC,
β-sitosterol Benziothiazolinone 12.5%SC)
Shaanxi Sunger Road (0.06%ME) B Xi’an Hytech (3%WDG, 1.6%PF) Copper Hydroxide Lier Chemical (95%TC, 97%TC, 125g/L SC)
Shanghai Profirst (TC, 77%WP) Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (12.5% SC)
Jiangsu Sword (95%TC, 25%WP) Cyazofamid
F Famoxadone

Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (95%TC) Hangzhou Udragon (98%TC)
Boscalid Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (98%TC)
Azoxystrobin CAC Group (98%TC) Cyazofamid+Chlorothalonil
A Agrodragon Group (TC) Hangzhou Udragon (98%TC, 50%WDG) Jiangyin Suli (39%SC) Fenoxanil
Anhui Guangxin (98%TC, 250g/L SC) Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (98%TC, 50%WDG) Jingbo Agrochemicals (95%TC, 200g/L SC)
CAC Group (97%TC, 25%SC, 50%SG, 70%SG) Jingbo Agrochemicals (98%TC, 50%WDG) Cymoxanil
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC) Ningbo Generic (98%Tech, 50%WDG) Jadesheen Agriscience (98%TC, 20%WP) Fenpropimorph
Iprochem(TC) Yingde Greatchem (96%TC) Limin Chemical (98%TC) Eastchem (95%TC, 880g/L OL)
Jiangsu Inter-China (98%TC, 50%&80%WG, 250g/L SC)
Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC, 250g/L SC) Boscalid+Cyprodinil Cymoxanil+Cyazofamid Fluazinam
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (98%TC) Pilarquim(Shanghai) (285 g/L SC) Pilarquim(Shanghai) (255 g/L SC) Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (98%TC)
Jiangyin Suli (98%TC, 100g/L FS, 250g/L SC, 500g/L SC, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (97%TC, 40%SC)
Captan Cyproconazole Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (98%TC, 50%SC)
50%WG, 80%WDG, 20%WP)
Jingbo Agrochemicals (96%TC, 98%TC, 250g/L SC, Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (97%TC, 90%WG, Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (95%TC, 400g/L Jiangyin Suli (500g/L SC)
50%WDG) 80%WG, 80%WP, 50%WP) SC) Sinochem Agro (98%TC, 500 g/L EC)
Lianyungang Liben (98%TC, 250g/L SC, 50%WG) Yingde Greatchem (95%TC, 25%WP, 40%SC, 80%WDG) Jiangsu Sword (95%TC) Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC)
Limin Chemical (95%TC, 25%SC) Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (97%TC)
Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (98%TC) Carbendazim Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (97%TC) Fluazinam+Cymoxanil
Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (95%TC, 50%WG, 250g/L Hangzhou Ruijiang (TC/WP/SC) Trust Chem (TC) Jiangyin Suli (50%WG)
SC) Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 50%WP, 500g/L SC)
Shanghai Profirst (TC, 50%/80%WDG, 25%SC)
Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (98%TC)
Tide Group (550g/L SC, 98%TC) D Difenoconazole
Eastchem (95%TC)
Jiangyin Suli (40%SC)
(98%TC, 250g/L SC, 50%WDG) Zhejiang Wynca (TC/SC/WP) Hangzhou Udragon (96%TC)
Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 250g/L SC, Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (95%TC, 25%EC) Fludioxonil
50%WDG) Chlorothalonil Limin Chemical (95%TC) Hangzhou Udragon (99%TC, 25g/L FS, 230g/L SC,
Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (97%TC, 25%SC, Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (98%TC, 720g/L SC) Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC) 50%WDG)
50%SG) CAC Group (98.5%TC, 96%TC, 90%TC, 75%WP, 500SC, Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (95%TC, 25%EC, Jiangsu Subin (97%TC, 50%WP, 2.5%FS)
Zhejiang Yongtai Technology 720SC) 10%WDG)
Zibo NAB (98%TC, 25%SC) Iprochem(TC) Flumorph+Fosetyl-aluminium
Jadesheen Agriscience (98%TC, 500g/L SC, 720g/L SC, Difenoconazole+Pyraclostrobin Sinochem Agro (5%+ 45% WP, 5%+ 45% WDG)
Azoxystrobin+Cyazofamid 75%WP, 75%WG) Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (30% SC)
Jiangyin Suli (26%SC) Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (98%TC) Flumorph+Mancozeb
Jiangyin Suli (98.5%minTC, 500g/L SC, 720g/L SC, Dimethomorph Sinochem Agro (10%+ 50% WP, 6.5%+ 43.5% WP)
Azoxystrobin+Cyproconazole 75%WDG, 83%WDG, 75%WP) Agrodragon Group (TC, 50%WP)
Jiangsu Subin (20%+20% SC) Limin Chemical (98%TC) Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (98%TC, 50%WP)

44 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 45
Product Index Suppliers Guide
Flusilazole Metiram+Difenoconazole
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC) Shanghai Livkem Industry (58%+10% WP)

Flutriafol Oligosaccharins
Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (97%TC, 125g/L O Xi’an Hytech (5%SL)
SC, 250g/L SC)
Folpet P Beijing Kingbo Biotech (8.5%TK, 0.1%AS, 0.5%AS)
Yingde Greatchem (95%TC)
Fosetyl-aluminium Tide Group (98%TC, 95%TC)
Limin Chemical (95%TC) Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC)
Psyche Chemicals (95%TC, 80%WP, 80%WDG) Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (97%TC)
H Shaanxi Sunger Road (5%+15% SC) Prochloraz
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (97%TC, 25%EC, 450g/L
Ipconazole EW, 25%EW)
I Yingde Greatchem (97%TC) Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC)
Nanjing Red Sun (97%TC, 250g/L EC, 250g/L EW, 450g/L
Iprodione EW)
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 50%WP, 500g/L SC) Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC)

Isoprothiolane Prochloraz-copper
Eastchem (97%TC, 40%EC) Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (98%TC, 50%SC)
Lianyungang Liben (97%TC, 40%EC)
Kasugamycin+Zinc thiazole Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (98%TC, 50%WP)
K Zhejiang Xinnong (40%SC) Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC)

Kresoxim-methyl Propamocarb
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC, 30%SC) Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 722g/L SL)
Jingbo Agrochemicals (95%TC, 97%TC, 300g/L SC, 500g/
L SC, 50%WDG, 50%DF, 50%WP) Propiconazole
Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC) Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (98%TC, 250g/L
Mancozeb Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (95%TC, 250g/L EC, 50%TK)
M K i n g Q u e n s o n In d u s tr y G r o u p ( 8 0 % W P, 3 0 % S C , Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (95%min TC, 98%min TC,
75%WDG) 250g/L EC)
Limin Chemical (96%TC) Tide Group (98%TC, 447g/L EC)

Metalaxyl Propineb
Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC) Jiangsu Sword (80%TK, 70%WP)
Limin Chemical (70%WP, 89%TC)
Metalaxyl+Cuprous Oxide
Jadesheen Agriscience (12.15%+60.5% WP) Prothioconazole
CAC Group (480g/L SC)
Metalaxyl-M Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (98%TC)
Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC) Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (95%TC)
Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (98%TC)
Metconazole Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (97%TC)
Hangzhou Udragon (95%TC) Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 10%SC)
Yingde Greatchem (95%TC) Trust Chem (TC)
Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC)

China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 47

Suppliers Guide Product Index Product Index Suppliers Guide
Prothioconazole+Carbendazim Pyraclostrobin+Mancozeb Triadimefon Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (96%TC, 98%TC)
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (3%+25% SC) Jiangyin Suli (60%WDG) Jiangsu Sword (97%TC, 15%WP, 25%WP, 20%EC, Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology
44%SC) (98%TC, 720g/L SL, 860g/L SL)
Prothioconazole+Iprodione Pyraclostrobin+Metiram Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (98%min TC, 2.4-D
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (10%+50% WP) Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (60% WG) Triadimenol Dimethylamine Salt 710g/L SL)
Shandong Kangqiao (5%+55% DF) Jiangsu Sword (97%TC, 15%WP, 25%EC) Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (98%TC,
Pyraclostrobin DMA720/806/860g/L AS)
Agrodragon Group (TC) Pyraclostrobin+Tebuconazole Tricyclazole
Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (97.5%TC) Pilarquim(Shanghai) (345 g/L SC) Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (95%TC, 75%WP) Acetochlor
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (98%TC, 20%WP, Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (95%TC, 75%- A Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (95%TC, 90%EC,
50%WDG) Pyrimethanil 80%WP/WDG, 40%SC) 50%EC)
Hangzhou Ruijiang (TC/SC/WG/EC) Jingbo Agrochemicals (96%TC, 98%TC, 300g/L SC, 400g/ Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC, EC)
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (98%TC, L SC) Trifloxystrobin Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture (TC, EC)
250g/L EC) CAC Group (97%TC, 50%SC)
Jiangsu Inter-China (97%TC, 250g/L SC, 50%DF/WG) Hangzhou Udragon (95%TC, 300g/L SC) Alachlor
Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (98%TC, 250g/L Tebuconazole Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (98%TC) Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC, EC)
EC, 25%SC) T Jiangsu Inter-China (97%TC, 25%WP, 250g/L EC, 430g/L
Jingbo Agrochemicals (96%TC, 250g/L EC) SC, 60g/L FS, 250g/L EW, 80%WG) Triticonazole Ametryn
Lianyungang Liben (98%TC, 25%SC) Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (98%TC, Yingde Greatchem (96%TC) Jingma Chemicals (97%TC, 80%/90%WP/WDG, 500g/L
Ningbo Generic (98%Tech, 250 g/L EC, 250 g/L SC) 25%WP, 250g/L EC, 60g/L FS, 120g/L FS, 430g/L SC, SC)
Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (98%TC) 50%WG) Zinc thiazole
Lianyungang Liben (97%TC, 50%SC, 80%WP, 80%WDG)
Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (25% SC, 250g/L EC, Jiangsu Sword (97%TC, 98%TC, 25%WP, 80%WP, Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (95%TC, 20%SC) Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 500g/L SC,
98%TC) 25%SC, 25%EC, 430g/L SC) Zhejiang Xinnong (95%TC, 20%SC, 30%SC, 40%SC) 80%WP, 80%WDG)
Shandong Kangqiao (98%Min. TC, 25%SC, 250g/L EC, Ningbo Sunjoy Agroscience Co., Ltd. (98%TC, 97%TC, Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (95%TC, 97%TC,
25%WDG) 430g/L SC, 25%EW) 80%WP, 40%WP, 50%SC, 80%WG)
Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (98%TC)
(98%TC, 250g/L SC) Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 60g/L FS, 250g/L Herbicide Safeners Amicarbazone
Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 250g/L EC, EW/EC, 430g/L SC, 2%WS) Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (97%TC,
20%WP) Zhejiang Wynca (EW) C Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (98%TC) 70%WDG)
Xi’an Hytech (97.5%TC) Zibo NAB (95%TC, 60g/L FS, 25%EW)
YongNong BioSciences (95%TC) Asulam
Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC) Tebuconazole+Zinc thiazole F Eastchem (97%TC) Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC)
Zhejiang Xinnong (97.5%TC, 250g/L EC) Zhejiang Xinnong (40%SC)

Mefenpyr-diethyl Atrazine
Pyraclostrobin+Cyazofamid Tebufenozide M Hangzhou Udragon (TC) Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (97%TC, 90%WDG)
Shaanxi Sunger Road (20%+10% WP) Xi’an Hytech (95%TC) Jingma Chemicals (97%TC, 80%/90%WP/WDG, 500g/L
Pyraclostrobin+Epoxiconazole Tetraconazole Lianyungang Liben (97%TC, 38%, 50%SC, 80%WP,
Shandong Kangqiao (133 g/L+50 g/L SC/SE) Hangzhou Udragon (96%TC, 125g/L EW, 100g/L EC) Herbicides 90%WG)
Zhejiang Xinnong (17%SE) Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 50%SC, 38%SC,
2, 4-D
Thiabendazole 80%WP, 80%WDG.90%WDG)
CAC Group (98%TC, DMA720/806/860g/L AS,
Pyraclostrobin+Zinc Thiazole Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (98%, 99%TC, 50%SC) Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (98%TC, 90%WDG, 50%SC)
DMA96%/97%WSG, 2-EHE87.5%/450g/L /600g/L EC)
Zhejiang Xinnong (50%SC) Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology
Hangzhou Ruijiang (TC/SL)
Thifluzamide (97%TC, 90%WDG, 80%WP)
Jadesheen Agriscience (98%TC, 625g/L SL, 720g/L SL,
Pyraclostrobin+Propineb Shandong Kangqiao (96%Min. TC, 240g/L SC) Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (97%TC,
840g/L SL, 864g/L SL)
Xi’an Hytech (5.9%+53.1% WDG) Yingde Greatchem (96%TC) 75%WDG)
Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (98%TC, 806g/L SL, 860g/L SL,
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (95%TC, 97%TC,
720g/L SL)
Pyraclostrobin+Boscalid Thifluzamide+Azoxystrobin 90%WG, 80%WP, 48%WP, 50%SC, 38%SC)
Jingma Chemicals (97%TC, 865/720/625/600/480g/L)
Shandong Kangqiao (13%+25% WDG) Shaanxi Sunger Road (10%+20% SC)
King Quenson Industry Group (860 g/L SL, 720 g/L SL,
Zhejiang Xinnong (38%WDG) Atrazine+Mesotrione
900 g/L EC, 72%EC)
Thiophanate-methyl Jingma Chemicals (55%SC)
King Tech Corporation (96%TC, 865g/L SL, 72%SL,
Pyraclostrobin+Dimethomorph Anhui Guangxin(97%TC, 70%WP, 50%SC)
Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (18.7% WG) Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 70%WP, 500g/L SC) Bensulfuron-methyl
Psyche Chemicals (TC & Formulation) B Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (97%TC, 60%WDG)

48 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 49
Product Index Suppliers Guide
Bentazone Shandong Cynda Chemical (94%TC, 12%EC, 24%EC,
Jiangsu Sword (95%TC, 25%AS, 40%AS) 37%TK, 50%TK)
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (97%TC) Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture (TK, EC)
Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 480g/L SL) Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (95%TC, 120g/L
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (97%TC, 480g/L EC, 240g/L EC, 360g/L EC)
SL, 560g/L SL) Sinochem Agro (94%TC, 120 g/L EC, 240 g/L EC)
Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (94%min TC, 37%MUP,
Bispyribac-sodium 70%MUP, 240g/L EC)
Agrodragon Group (10%SC) Tide Group (37%TK, 240g/L EC)
Jiangsu Inter-China (96%TC, 25%WP, 400g/L &100g/L SC) Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (93%TC, 240g/L
Shandong Cynda Chemical (95%TC, 10%SC, 20%WP) EC)
Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 100g/L SC, 400g/L Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC)
SC, 20%WP, 80%WP)
Zibo NAB (95%TC, 40%SC) Clodinafop-propargyl
Hangzhou Udragon (96%TC, 15%WP, 150g/L ME, 240g/L
Brassinolide EC)
Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (95%97%TC, 8%EC,
15%EW, 8%EW)
Bromoxynil Octanoate Lier Chemical (96%TC, 97%TC, 24%EC, 8%EC, 15%WP)
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (97%TC, 30%EC) Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC)
Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC)
Butachlor Shandong Cynda Chemical (96%TC, 480g/L EC, 360g/L
Eastchem (92%TC) CS)
Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (95%TC, 60%EC)
Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC, EC) Clopyralid
Lier Chemical (95%TC, 96%TC, 75%SG, 30%SL)
Butralin Zibo NAB (96%TC, 75%WSG)
Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry (360 g/L EC,
48%EC) Cloransulam-methyl
Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (98%)
C Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (92%TC, 10%WP) Cyhalofop-butyl
CAC Group (98%TC, 10%E, 20%EW)
Carfentrazone-ethyl Jiangsu Aolunda (TC)
Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (96%TC) Jiangsu Fengshan Group (97%TC)
Maxunitech (95%TC, 240g/L EC, 400g/L EC, 40%WDG) Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (97%TC, 10%EC, 15%EC,
Shandong Cynda Chemical (95%TC, 40%WDG) 10%EW)
Shandong Luba Chemical (97%TC, 10%EC, 20%EC)
Carfentrazone-ethyl+Fluroxypyr Methyl Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (97%TC)
Maxunitech (5%+29% WP)

Chlorimuron-ethyl Desmedipham
Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (98%TC, 75%WDG, D Yingde Greatchem (97%TC)
50%WP, 25%WP, 25%WDG) YongNong BioSciences (97%TC)

Chlorthal-dimethyl Dicamba
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (97%TC) Jiangsu Aolunda (TC)
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC)
Clethodim Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (98%TC, 480g/L AS)
Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (93%TC, 240g/L Jingma Chemicals (97%TC, 480g/L SL, 70%Sodium Salt
Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (94%TC, 240g/L EC) Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (TC)
Psyche Chemicals (TC, 240g/L EC)

China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 51

Suppliers Guide Product Index Product Index Suppliers Guide
Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (98%TC, 70%SG, Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (97%TC, 50g/ Glufosinate-ammonium 660 g/L (540g/L acid) SL, 540 g/L SL)
480g/L SL, 500g/L SL) L SC) Agrodragon Group (TC, 18%SL) Tide Group (96%TC, 41%AS)
Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (98%TC, 50 g/L SC) Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (95%TC) Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (95%TC,
(98%TC, 70%WSG, 480g/L SL) Trust Chem (TC) Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC) 75.7%SG, 62%SL, 41%SL, 450SL, 660SL, 608SL)
Zibo NAB (98%TC, 48%SL) YongNong BioSciences (98%TC, 5%SC, 25%WG) Iprochem(TC) Zhejiang Wynca (TC)
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (98%TC, 50g/L Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (95%TC, 50%MUP,
Dicamba+2, 4-D SC, 10%WG, 25%WG) 18%SL) Glyphosate-isopropylammonium
Hangzhou Ruijiang (SL) Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (95%TC) Ningbo Generic (62%TK, 48%SL, 36%SL)
Florasulam+MCPA-isooctyl+Fluroxypyr-meptyl Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (95%TC, 10%SL, 150g/L SL, Zhejiang Wynca (TC/SL/SG)
Dicamba+Glyphosate Shaanxi Sunger Road (0.4%+35.6%+12% SC) 200g/L SL)
Tide Group (40%SL) Lier Chemical (95%TC, 50%TK, 10%SL, 13.5%SL, Glyphosate-monoammonium
Fluazifop-P-butyl 18.02%SL, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL) N i n g b o G e n e r i c ( 9 5 % Te c h , 8 8 . 8 % S G , 7 5 . 7 % S G ,
Diclosulam Nanjing Red Sun (97%TC, 125g/L EC) Shandong Binnong Technology (95%TC, 50%TK, 74.7%SG, 50%SG)
Jiangsu Aolunda (TC) Shandong Luba Chemical (95%TC, 15%EC) 13.5%SL, 200g/L SL) Zhejiang Wynca (TC/SL/SG)
Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (95%TC, 120g/L
Diflufenican Flucarbazone SL, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL) Glyphosate-potassium
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (98%TC, 50%WP) Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (95%TC, 70%WDG) Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology
Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC) (95%TC, 200g/L SL) (95%TC, 50%SL, 540g/L SL)
Flucarbazone-sodium YongNong BioSciences (95%TC, 50%TK, 10%SL, 15%SL, Zhejiang Wynca (TC/SL/SG)
Diquat Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (95%) 20%SL, 50%SG)
Lier Chemical (40%TK) Zhejiang Wynca (SL) Halosulfuron
Nanjing Red Sun (40%TC, 200g/L SL) Flufenacet H Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (98%)
Shandong Luba Chemical (40%TC, 20%SL, 15%SL) Maxunitech (98%TC, 500g/L SC) Glyphosate
Anhui Guangxin(95%TC, 62%41%SL) Haloxyfop-P-methyl
Diquat dibromide Flumetralin Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC/SL/SG) Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (97%TC, 10.8%EC)
YongNong BioSciences (40%TK, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL) Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry Hangzhou Ruijiang (SL/SG) Nanjing Red Sun (97%TC, 108g/L EC)
Iprochem (TC) Shandong Luba Chemical (97%TC, 10.8%EC, 24%EC)
Diuron Flumetsulam Jadesheen Agriscience (95%TC, 480g/L SL, 450g/L SL, Trust Chem (TC)
Anhui Guangxin (97%TC, 80%WDG, 80%SC) Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (98%TC, 80%WDG) 500g/L SL, 540g/L SL, 62%SC)
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 80%WG, 80%WP) Trust Chem (TC) Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (97%TC, Haloxyfop-P-methyl+Clethodim
Jingma Chemicals (97%TC, 80%WP/WG, 90%WDG, 98%TC) Sinochem Agro (75 g/L+150 g/L EC)
500/800g/L SC) Flumioxazin Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (95%TC, 41%IPA SALT,
Zhejiang Wynca (TC/WP/SC/SG) Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (96%TC, 50%WP, 50%WDG, 62%IPA SALT) Hexazinone
48%SC) Jingma Chemicals (98%TC, 95%TC, 480(360)g/L, 68- Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 90%SP, 75%WG,
EPTC Lier Chemical (99.2%TC, 50%WP) 88.8%WSG) 25%SL)
E Jiangsu Aolunda (TC) Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (96%TC, 50%WG, King Quenson Industry Group (41%SL, 480g/L SL, 360 g/L Psyche Chemicals (98%TC, 25%SL)
480g/L SC, 50%WP) SL, 68%WSG, 80%SP, 88.8%WSG) Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC)
Ethofumesate Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC) King Tech Corporation (95%TC, 75.7%WDG, 62%IPA,
Yingde Greatchem (97%TC) 48%SL) Imazameth
YongNong BioSciences (97%TC, 500g/L SC) Fluroxypyr Nanjing Red Sun (95%TC, 410g/L SL, 480g/L SL, 757g/ I Shandong Cynda Chemical (98%TC, 24%SL, 70%WDG)
Shandong Luba Chemical (98%TC, 20%EC, 25%EC) KgSG)
Ethoxysulfuron Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC, SL) Imazamox
Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (97%TC, 15%WDG) Fluroxypyr-meptyl Ningbo Generic (95%Tech) Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (98%)
Tide Group (95%TC, 15%WDG) Lier Chemical (97%TC, 98%TC, 200g/L EC, 250g/L EC, Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture (TC, SL) Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (97%TC, 4%SL)
288g/L EC, 360g/L EC) Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (97%, 95%Tech, Shandong Cynda Chemical (95%TC, 70%WDG, 4%SC)
Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl IPA 62%, 450g/L, 360g/L SL) Trust Chem (TC)
F Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (98%TC, 7.5%EW, Fomesafen Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (95%TC, 68%SG, 62%IPA
12%EC) Jiangsu Inter-China (95%TC, 250g/L SL) SL, 480g/L IPA SL) Imazapyr
Jingbo Agrochemicals (95%TC, 98%TC, 250g/L SL) Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Shandong Cynda Chemical (98%TC, 25%SL, 70%WDG)
Flazasulfuron (95%TC, 30%SL, 41%SL, 46%SL, 50%SP, 50%SL,
Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (97%TC, 25%WDG) Glufosinate 55%SP, 540g/L SL, 62%SL, 68%SG, 74.7%SG, 75.7%SG) Imazaquin
G Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (95%TC, 200g/L Sinochem Agro (95%TC, Glyphosate ammonium 74.70% Shandong Cynda Chemical (97%TC, 15%SL, 70%WDG)
Florasulam SL, 150g/L SL) (68%acid) SG, 71.50% (65%acid) SP, Glyphosate IPA: 480
Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (98%) g/L SL, 62%TK, 450 g/L acid SL, Glyphosate-potassium:

52 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 53
Product Index Suppliers Guide
Imazethapyr Metolachlor
Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (98%TC, 10%SL) Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (97%TC, 960g/L EC)
Shandong Cynda Chemical (98%TC, 5%SL, 10%SL, Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 960g/L EC, 720g/
70%SP, 70%WDG, 70%WP) L EC)
Zibo NAB (98%TC, 10%SL, 20%SL, 70%WP) Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture (TC, EC)
Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (97%TC, 900g/L
Iodosulfuron-methyl SL)
Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (91%) Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (96%TC)

Isoxaflutole Metribuzin
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (98%TC) Jiangsu Inter-China (97%TC, 70%WP, 70%&75%WG,
Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (98%TC, 75%WDG) 70%DF, 480g/L SC)
Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC) Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC, 70%WP)
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (97%TC, 48%SC, Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (97%TC, 75%WDG, 480
75%WDG) g/L SC)
Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical (97%TC,
Lenacil 70%WP, 75%WP, 70%WDG, 75%WDG, 480g/L SC)
L Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC) Jiangsu Sword (96%TC, 97%TC, 70%WP, 70%WDG,
75%WDG, 480g/L SC)
MCPA King Quenson Industry Group (75%WDG, 25%OD,
M Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC) 15%SC)
Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (96%TC, 75%SG, Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (97%min TC, 98%min TC,
400g/L SL, 500g/L SL, 750g/L SL) 480g/L SC, 70%WP, 75%WDG)
Trust Chem (TC)
MCPA-2-ethylhexyl Jiangsu Aolunda (TC)
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC)

Mesosulfuron-methyl Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC)
Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (95%) Hangzhou Ruijiang (TC/SC/WP)
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (93%, 30g/L Jiangsu Fengshan Group (95%TC)
OD) Jingbo Agrochemicals (95%TC, 98%TC, 40g/L SC, 60g/L
SC, 80g/L SC, 75%WDG, SC with Atrazine)
Mesotrione Jingma Chemicals (95%TC, 75%WP/WDG, 40g/L SC)
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (98%TC, 10%SC, 10%OD, Nanjing Red Sun (98%TC, 40g/L SC, 750g/KgWG)
15%SC, mixture OD with others herbicides) Ningbo Generic (95%Tech, 75%WDG, 4%OD)
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (97%TC, Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology
15%SC) (95%TC, 75%WDG, 40g/L OD)
Limin Chemical (95%TC) Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 40g/L OD, 80g/L
Psyche Chemicals (TC) OD, 75%WG, 80%WP)
Shandong Binnong Technology (98%TC, 40%SC) Zibo NAB (98%TC, 75%WDG, 40g/L OD)
Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry
Zhejiang Corechem (98%TC) Oxadiargyl
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (97%TC, 40%SC O Agrodragon Group (12.5%SC)
(480 g/L), 15%SC, 75%WG, 10%OD)
Metamitron Agrodragon Group (TC, 25%EC)
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (98%TC)
Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (98%TC, 58%SC, Oxyfluorfen
75%WG) Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture (TC, EC)
Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC)
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 50%SC) Paraquat
P Hangzhou Ruijiang (TK/SL)

China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 55

Suppliers Guide Product Index Product Index Suppliers Guide
Jadesheen Agriscience (42%TK, 240g/L SL, 276g/L SL) Propanil+Clomazone Terbacil King Tech Corporation (1.8%EC, 95%TC)
Lianyungang Liben (42%) Jingma Chemicals (39%EC) Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC) Psyche Chemicals (98%TC, 18g/L EC)
Nanjing Red Sun (42%TC, 200g/L SL, 200g/L GW, 250g/L Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) (TC, 95%min.)
SL) Propyzamide Terbuthylazine Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (95%TC, (1.8%-3.6%) EC)
Shandong Luba Chemical (42%TC, 45%TC, 50%TC, Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC, 50%WP) Lianyungang Liben (97%) Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (95%TC, 1.8%-
20%SL, 25%SL, 50%SG) Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 500g/L SC) 5.0%EC)
Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (42%TK, 20%SL) Prosulfocarb Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (97%TC, 50%SC)
Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (42%TC, 20%SL) CAC Group (98%TC, 800g/L EC) Abamectin B2a
Zhejiang Wynca (TC/SL/SG) Jiangsu Aolunda (TC) Thifensulfuron-methyl Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) (TC, 90%min.)
Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory (97%TC, 75%WDG,
Paraquat Dichloride Pyraflufen-ethyl 15%WP) Abamectin+Methoxyfenozide
Ningbo Generic (500 g/K TK, 45%TK, 42%TK, 276 g/L SL, Shandong Cynda Chemical (95%TC, 2%SC) Shaanxi Sunger Road (2%+8% SC)
20%SL) Thiobencarb
Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (42%min. TC, 20%SL) Pyribenzoxim CAC Group (97%TC, 90%EC, 50%EC) Acephate
YongNong BioSciences (42%TK, 20%SL, 25%SL) Eastchem (97%TC, 5%EC) Jiangsu Aolunda (TC) Eastchem (97%TC, 75%SP)
Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (5%EC, 10%OD) Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (97%TC, 90%SP, 75%SP,
Pendimethalin Tri-allate 30%EC)

Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (96%TC, 98%TC, 330g/L EC, Quinclorac Jiangsu Aolunda (TC) Tide Group (97%TC, 90%SG)
400g/L EC, 500g/L EC, 450g/L CS, 98%TC, 96%TC, Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (250g/L SC, 350g/L SC)
45%CS, 330g/L EC, 400g/L EC, 500g/L EC, 400g/L SC, Tribenuron Methyl+Carfentrazone-ethyl+Fluroxypyr- Acetamiprid
Customized Formulation) Quizalofop-P meptyl Agrodragon Group (TC, 20%SP)
Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 330g/L EC, 400g/ Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical Technology Shaanxi Sunger Road (3.5%+1.5%+24.5% WP) Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (99%TC)
L EC, 500g/L EC) (95%TC, 50g/L EC, 125g/L EC) Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (99%TC, 5%EC, 20%SP
Triclopyr 200g/L SL)
Penoxsulam Quizalofop-P-ethyl Jiangsu Fengshan Group (98%TC) Jiangsu Fengshan Group (99%TC)
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (98%TC, 25g/ Jiangsu Fengshan Group (95%TC, 15%EC) Lier Chemical (98%TC) Jiangsu Inter-China (97%TC, 20%SP, 70%WP, 70%WG,
L OD) Jingbo Agrochemicals (96%TC, 97%TC, 98%TC, 50g/L 50g/L ME)
Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (TC, 5%OD) EC, 100g/L EC, 125g/L EC, 150g/L EC, 200g/L EC) Triclopyr-butotyl Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (97%TC)
Trust Chem (TC) Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (EC) Lier Chemical (95%TC, 98%TC, 32.1%EC, 480g/L EC) Ningbo Sunjoy Agroscience Co., Ltd. (99%TC, 97%TC,
Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (95%TC, 10%EC) 70%SG, 20%SP, 20%SL)
Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (96%TC) Trifluralin Psyche Chemicals (99%TC, 20%SP)
Phenmedipham Jiangsu Fengshan Group (96%TC, 48%EC) Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (TC, 20%SP,
YongNong BioSciences (97%TC) Sethoxydim Jingma Chemicals (95%TC, 480g/L EC) 60%SP, 70%WP)
S Shandong Cynda Chemical (85%TC, 12.5%EC)
Picloram Triflusulfuron-methyl Bacillus Thuringiensis
Jadesheen Agriscience (95%TC, 240g/L SL) Simazine Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory (95%) B King Quenson Industry Group (32000 IU/mg WP, 16000
Lier Chemical (95%TC, 24%SL) Lianyungang Liben (95%TC, 50%SC, 90%WDG) IU/mg WP, 8000 IU/μL SC, 1200 ITU/mg WP, 600 ITU/μL
Ningbo Generic (95%Tech, 24%SL) SC)
Pretilachlor Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (96%TC, Insecticide & Fungicide Beta-cypermethrin
Eastchem (96%TC, 30%EC) 960g/L EC) Difenoconazole+Carbendazim Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (97%TC, 4.5%EC)
Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture (TC, EC) Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 960g/L EC, 720g/ D Shanghai Livkem Industry (6%+26.8% WP)
L EC) Bifenthrin
Prometryn Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry (96%TC, 97%TC, Keyunmycin Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (97%TC, 2.5%EC)
Lianyungang Liben (97%TC, 50%SC, 80%WDG) 960g/L EC) K Keyun Biocontrol (4%AS) Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (97%TC, 100g/L EC,
Shandong Binnong Technology (97%TC, 500g/L SC, 10%EW, 2.5%ME)
50%WP) Sulfentrazone Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (97%TC, 25g/L EC, 100g/L
Maxunitech (95%TC, 75%WDG, 500g/L SC, 480g/L SC) EC)
Jingma Chemicals (97%TC, 360/480g/L EC)
Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (95%TC, 75%WG,
500g/L SC)
Insecticides Sinochem Agro (97%TC, 100 g/L EC, 25 g/L EC)
Xi’an Hytech (90%TC)
Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical (95%TC, 60%WG,
80%WG, 360g/L EC, 480g/L EC) Tebuthiuron Beijing Multigrass (95%TC, 5-8%TK, 1.8%EC, 3.6%EC, Buprofezin
T Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (98%TC, 50%SC) 5.0%EC, 5.5%EC) Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (98%TC, 37%SC,
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC) 25%WP)

56 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 57
Product Index Suppliers Guide
Carbofuran 50%WP)
C Iprochem(TC)
King Tech Corporation (98%TC, 75%TK, 48%sc 10%g Diazinon
5%g) Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (95%TC, 600g/L EC)

Cartap Dichlorvos
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC/SP) Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC, EC)

Chlorfenapyr Diflubenzuron
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (98%TC) Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC)
Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (98%TC) Jiangyin Suli (98%minTC, 25%WP, 480g/L SC)
Shandong Luba Chemical (98%TC, 25%WP)
Jadesheen Agriscience (15%G, 200g/L EC, 480g/L EC) Dimethoate
Jiangsu Fengshan Group (97%TC) Psyche Chemicals (98%TC, 40%EC)
King Tech Corporation (97%TC, 48%EC)
Lianyungang Liben (97%TC, 480g/L EC) Dinotefuran
Nanjing Red Sun (97%TC, 480g/L EC, 300g/L EW) Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (96%TC, 20%WDG)
Shandong Luba Chemical (97%TC, 48%EC, 40%EC) Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC)
Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (97%TC, 480g/L Iprochem (TC)
EC) Jiangsu Subin (96%TC, 80%WDG, 50%WDG, 30%FS)
Zhejiang Wynca (TC/EC)

Zhejiang Xinnong (TC, 480g/L EC, 400g/L EC, 400g/L EW) Emamectin benzoate
Agrodragon Group (TC, 30%WDG)
Chlorpyrifos+Cypermethrin Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (70%TC, 5%WDG,
Zhejiang Xinnong (500g/L+50g/L EC) 5.7%WDG, 20%WDG, 30%WDG, EC)
Beijing Multigrass (0.5%ME, 5%WDG)
Clothianidin Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (95%TC, 1.9%EC,
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (98%TC, 5.7%WDG)
0.5%GR, 1%GR, 10%SC, 18%FS, 20%SC, 30%SC) Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC)
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC) Iprochem (TC)
Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (98%TC) Jiangsu Subin (30%WDG, 20%WDG, 10%WDG, 5%WDG)
Trust Chem (TC) Jingbo Agrochemicals (70%TC, 95%TC, 5g/L EC, 19g/L
EC, 20g/L ME, 5%WDG, 5%SG, 30%WDG)
Clothianidin+Cyfluthrin King Quenson Industry Group (5.7%WDG, 5%SG, 3%ME,
Xi’an Hytech (0.6%+ 0.4% WDG) 5%EC)
Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) (TC, 90%, 95%)
Clothianidin+Lambda-cyhalothrin Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (90%TC)
Pilarquim (Shanghai) (280 g/L ZC) Shanghai Mingdou Chemical ((70%-90%) TC, (5%-30%)
WG, 2%EC)
Cyfluthrin Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (70%-80%TC, 5%-
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (93%TC, 5.7%EC) 30%WDG, 1.9%EC, 0.5%ME)

Cypermethrin Ethoprophos
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical (TC, 10%EC) Jiangsu Fengshan Group (10%GR)
King Quenson Industry Group (25%EC, 10%EC, 5%EC,
10%EW, 10%WP) Etoxazole
CAC Group (96%TC, 20%SC)
D King Quenson Industry Group (25 g/L EC, 2.5%WP,
F Fipronil
Agrodragon Group (TC, 5%SC)
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC, 50 SC)
Diafenthiuron Psyche Chemicals (TC)
Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (98%TC, 50%SC, Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (95%TC, 50g/L SC)

China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 59

Suppliers Guide Product Index Product Index Suppliers Guide
Yifan Biotechnology Group (TC) Nanjing Red Sun (95%TC, 25g/L EC, 100g/KgWP) Pymetrozine+Dinotefuran 80%WDG)
YongNong BioSciences (97%TC, 95%TC, 80%WG, Pilarquim (Shanghai) (250 g/L CS) Shaanxi Sunger Road (20%+8% OD)
20%SC) Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (5% EW) Thiosultap-monosodium
Sinochem Agro (95%TC, 50 g/L EC, 50 g/L EW, 25 g/L EC, Pymetrozine+Lambda-cyhalothrin Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC/SP/GR)

Hexaflumuron 25%WP, 25 g/L EW) Shaanxi Sunger Road (5%+5% SC)
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC) Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading (98%TC, 10%EC) Tolfenpyrad
Shandong Luba Chemical (98%TC, 5%EC) Pyridaben Shandong Kangqiao (95%Min. TC, 15%EC, 30%SC)
Lufenuron Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (TC)
Imidacloprid Jadesheen Agriscience (50g/L EC) Trichlorfon
I Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry (TC/WDG/SL/FS) Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry (98%TC, 5%EC) pyriproxyfen Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals (TC)
Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (97%TC) Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (98%TC) Rudong Zhongyi Chemical (98%TC)
Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (96%TC, 97%TC, 98%TC, Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (97%TC)
200g/L SL, 25%WP, 400g/L ME, 600g/L SC, 70%WDG, Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (97%TC, 5%EC, Spinosad
Hangzhou Ruijiang (TC/SL/FS)
10%EC) Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) (TC, 92%min.)
Iprochem(TC) Lufenuron+Emamectin benzoate Spirodiclofen (3-Chloro-5-Trifluoromethyl-pyridin-2-yl)-methylamine
Jadesheen Agriscience (95%TC, 70%WS, 350g/L SC, Jiangsu Subin (40%+10% WDG) YongNong BioSciences (96%TC, 240g/L SC) Yancheng City Zhida Chemical (≥99%)
600g/L SC, 200g/L SL)
Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (97%TC, 70%WS, Malathion Spirotetramat+Pymetrozine 1.2-Pentanediol
70%WDG, 10%WP, 20%SL, 5%SL, 35%SC) M Shandong Luba Chemical (95%TC, 50%EC, 57%EC, Shaanxi Sunger Road (25%+50% WG) Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (≥99%)
Jiangsu Fengshan Group (95%TC) 80%EC, 960g/L ULV)
Jiangsu Inter-China (97%TC, 98%TC, 70%WP, 70%WG, Tebufenozide 1-Bromo-3, 4, 5-Trifluorobenzene
70%/60%WS, 200g/L SL, 350g/L SC) Methomyl T Jingbo Agrochemicals (95%TC, 200g/L SC, 20%WP) Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC) Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (97%TC, 40%SP, 90%SP)
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (97%TC) Iprochem (TC) Teflubenzuron 1H-1, 2, 4-triazole
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (97%TC, 70%WP, 600g/L FS, Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (98%TC, 20%EC) Jiangsu Subin (97%TC, 80%WDG, 75%WP, 15%SC) Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (≥99%)
350g/L SC, 10%WP, 25%WP) Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (98%TC)
Nanjing Red Sun (97%TC, 200g/L SL, 350g/L SC, 700g/ Methoxyfenozide 2, 3, 5, 6-Tetrafluoro-1, 4-benzenedimethanol
KgWG) Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (98%TC) Thiacloprid Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Ningbo Generic (95%Tech, 70%WDG, 70%WS, 60%FS, Jiangsu Yongan Chemical (98%TC, 240g/L SC) Limin Chemical (95%TC)
480 g/L SC, 350 g/L SC, 200 g/L SL) Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (98%TC, 24%SC) Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (TC) 2, 3, 5, 6-Tetrafluoro-4-methybenzyl alcohol
Psyche Chemicals (97%TC, 70%WDG, 200g/L SC) Sino Agro-Chemical Industry (98%TC, 240g/L SC) Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) (50% WP) Thiamethoxam
Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (TC, 20%SL, Nitenpyram Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (97%TC, 350g/L FS, 2, 3-Dichloro-5-(Trifluoromethyl) pyridine
35%SC, 25%WP, 70%WDG) N Agrodragon Group (TC) 25%WDG, 70%WDG, 75%WDG) Yancheng City Zhida Chemical (≥99.5%)
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (97%TC) Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (97%TC)
Indoxacarb Lianyungang Liben (97%TC, 10%, 20%AS, 50%SP) Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (98%TC, 25%WDG, 2, 6-Difluorobenzamide
Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC) Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (TC) 30%FS) Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Jiangyin Milagro Chemical (95%TC, 15%SC, 30%WDG) Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (95%TC, 10%SL, Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals (TC, 25%WG)
Jingbo Agrochemicals (95%TC (S:R=9:1), 50g/L EC, 150g/ 50%WP) Jiangsu Subin (97%TC, 75%WDG, 70%WS, 35%FS, 2-Chloro-5-Chloromethylpyridine (CCMP)
L EC, 150g/L SC, 30%WDG) 25%WP) Fortune Group-Hebei Bestar Bio-Technology (93%)
Zhejiang Corechem (95%TC) Prallethrin Jingma Chemicals (96%TC, 100-300g/L SC, 70%WS/WP,
Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (≥95%)
DPC Group (90%TC) 600/350g/L FS, 80%WDG) Yancheng City Zhida Chemical (≥99%)
Lambda-cyhalothrin Shanghai E-TONG Chemical (98%TC)
L Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (95%TC, 25g/L EC, 50g/L Pymetrozine 2-Fluoro-5-(Trifluoromethyl) pyridine
EC) Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals (98%TC, 25%WP, 25%SC, Thiamethoxam+Lambda-cyhalothrin Yancheng City Zhida Chemical (≥98%)
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (95%TC, 2.5%ME, 50%WDG) Jiangsu Subin (14.1%+10.6% SC, 12.6%+9.4% ZC)
2.5%EC, 4.5%EC, 4.5%ME, 10%EW) Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC) Xi’an Hytech (11.1%+14.9% SC) 3-(Difluoromethyl)-1-methyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic
Jiangsu Inter-China (96%TC, 10%WP, 25g/L ME, 50g/L Jiangsu Subin (98%TC, 50%WDG) acid
EC, 100 g/L ULV, 50 g/L SC, 100g/L &250 g/L CS) Nanjing Red Sun (95%TC, 250g/KgWP, 500g/KgWG) Thiamethoxam+Pymetrozine Zhejiang Yongtai Technology
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical (95%TC, 25%WP, 2.5%EW, Xi’an Hytech (11.6%+28.4% WDG)
25g/L EC) Pymetrozine+Clothianidin 4-Amino-6-(tert.-butyl)-3-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazin-5(4H)-
King Tech Corporation (97%TC, 95TC, 2.5%EC, 5%EC, Pilarquim (Shanghai) (220 g/L SC) Thiodicarb one
5%WP) Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical (97%TC, 37.5%SC, Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (≥95%)

60 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 61
Suppliers Guide Product Index Product Index Suppliers Guide
4-Methoxymethyl-2, 3, 5, 6-Tetrafluorobenzene alcohol Niclosamide Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (95%TC, 0.01%SP, 0.1%SP, Tide Group (98%TC, 240g/L SC, 15%WP)
Zhejiang Yongtai Technology N Eastchem (97%TC, 83%WG, 70%WP, 25%EC) 0.01%SL)
Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (90%TC, Prohexadione-calcium
Lambda Cyhalthrin Acid Niclosamide Olamine 0.01%SL/SP, 0.1%SP) Shanghai Profirst (TC, 10%/15%WDG, 10%/15%WP)
L Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (99%) Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (97%TC, 70%, 75%WP)
Chlormequat Chloride S-Abscisic Acid
Nitromethane C Shaoxing East Lake High-Tech S Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (90%TC, 0.1%SL,
N King Quenson Industry Group (99.9%, 99.0%, 99.5%, 0.25%SL, 1%WP/SP)
99.9%, 99.95%) Nematicides Cyanamide
Tide Group (50%AS) Thidiazuron
O, O-Dimethyl phosphoramidothioate (DMPAT)
Abamectin B2a T
Maxunitech (96%TC, 80%WP, 50%SC)
Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) (TC, 90%min.)
Suzhou Greenlands Chemical (≥95%) Ethephon
E Shaoxing East Lake High-Tech Thidiazuron+Diuron
D Yingde Greatchem (98%MG)
Zhejiang Corechem (91%TC) Maxunitech (360g/L+180g/L SC)

Molluscicides F
Forchlorfenuron Trinexapac-ethyl
Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology (97%TC, 0.1- Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture (97%TC, 25%ME)
Metaldehyde Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical (TC)
M Eastchem (99%TC, 6%G)
0.5%SL) Maxunitech (98%TC, 250g/L EC, 120g/L ME)

Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical (98%TC, Gibberellic acid

3%GR, 5%GR, 6%GR, 10%GR, 15%GR, 80%WP) G
Plant growth regulators
Beijing Multigrass (90%TC, 3%EC, 5%TB, 40%SP)
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical (99%) King Quenson Industry Group (20%SP, 20%TB, 10%SP, Rodenticides
Shanghai Profirst (TC, 5%GR, 6%GR) 10%TB, 4%EC)
Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical (99%TC, 5%, 6%, 10%, 12%, B Shanghai Profirst (TC, 0.1%SP/SL) Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (90%TC, 10-20%ST) A
Aluminium Phosphide
King Tech Corporation (95%TC, 57%, 56%tablet)
18%, 20%GR) Sichuan Lomon Bio Technology


Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) B DPC Group (97%, 98%TC, 2.5%TK, 0.005%BAIT)
Sichuan Lomon Bio Technology
Shanghai Profirst (TC, 0.5%TK, 0.005%RB)

Natural Brassinolide
N Chengdu Newsun Crop Science (80%TC, 0.01%SP,
DPC Group (97%, 98%TC, 2.5%TK, 0.005%BAIT)

Paclobutrazol C
P Anhui Ruifeng Agrochemical (95%TC, 10%WP, 15%WP,
DPC Group (95%TC)

Jiangsu Sword (95%TC, 15%WP, 25%SC) D DPC Group (98%TC)
Shanghai Mingdou Chemical (95%TC, 35-40%SC)

62 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 63
Cover Story Company Index Suppliers Guide


A Agrodragon Group  64 P Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  74
Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.  64 PSYCHE CHEMICALS CO.,LTD.  74
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.  64 Q Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.  74
ANHUI RUIFENG AGROCHEMICAL CO., LTD.  64 R Rudong Zhongyi Chemical Co., Ltd.  74
B Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co.,Ltd  64 S Sentay Chemical (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd.  74
Beijing Multigrass Formulation Co., Ltd.  64 Shaanxi Sunger Road Bio-science Co., Ltd  75
C CAC Group  65 Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd.  75
Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.  65 Shandong Cynda Chemical Co., Ltd.  75
D DPC GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED  65 Shandong Kangqiao Bio-technology Co., Ltd.  75
E Eastchem Co., Ltd.  65 Shandong Luba Chemical Co.,Ltd  75
F FORTUNE GROUP-HEBEI BESTAR 66 Shandong Qiaochang Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd.  76
BIO-TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD  Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  76
H Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.  66 Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.  76
Hangzhou Ruijiang Crop Science Co., Ltd  66 SHANGHAI E-TONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  76
HANGZHOU UDRAGON CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.  66 Shanghai Livkem Industry CO.,LTD  76
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co.,Ltd  66 Shanghai Mingdou Chemical Co., Ltd.  76
I IPROCHEM CO.,LTD.  67 Shanghai Profirst Co., Ltd.  77
J Jadesheen Agriscience Co., Ltd.  67 Shaoxing East Lake High-Tech Co., Ltd.  77
Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory Co., Ltd.  67 Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-chemical 77
Jiangsu Aolunda High-tech Industry Co.,Ltd  67 Technology Co., Ltd. 
Jiangsu Changlong Agrochemical Co., Ltd.  67 Sichuan Lomon Bio Technology Co., Ltd.  77
Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd.  68 SINO AGRO-CHEMICAL INDUSTRY LTD.  77
Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd  68 Sinochem Agro Co.,Ltd  78
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical Co., Ltd.  68 Suzhou Greenlands Chemical Co., Ltd.  78
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Agriculture Co., Ltd.  68 T TIDE GROUP  78
Jiangsu Inter-China Group Corporation  68 Trust Chem Co., Ltd.  78
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co.,Ltd  69 W WuXi JingFung technology Co., Ltd  78
Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.  69 X Xi’an Hytech Agrochemicals Co.,Ltd.  79
Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory Co., Ltd.  69 Xingfa (Shanghai) International Trading Co.,Ltd.  79
Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd.  69 Xuzhou Jinhe Chemical Co.,Ltd.  79
Jiangsu Subin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.  69 Y Yancheng City Zhida Chemical Co., Ltd.  79
Jiangsu Sword Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.  70 Yifan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.  79
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.  70 Yingde Greatchem Chemicals Co., Ltd.  80
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical. Co.,Ltd.  70 YongNong BioSciences CO.,LTD.  80
Jiangsu Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd.  70 Z Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry Co., Ltd.  80
Jiangyin Milagro Chemical Co.,Ltd  70 Zhejiang Corechem Co.,Ltd.  80
JIANGYIN SULI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  71 Zhejiang Longwan Chemicals Co.,Ltd.  80
Jingbo Agrochemicals Technology Co., Ltd.  71 Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology CO., LTD.  80
Jingma Chemicals Co., Ltd.  71 Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd  81
K Keyun Biocontrol (Henan Jiyuan Baiyun Industry 71 Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd.  81
Co.,Ltd.)  Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd.  81
KING QUENSON INDUSTRY GROUP CO.,LTD  72 Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.  81
King Tech Corporation  72 Zibo NAB Agrochemicals Limited  81
L Lianyungang Liben Crop Science Co.,Ltd.  72
Lier Chemical Co., Ltd.  72
Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.  72
M Maxunitech Inc.  73
N Nanjing Red Sun Co.,Ltd.  73
Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Limited 73
Liability Co., Ltd. 
Ningbo Generic Chemical Co., Ltd.  73
Ningbo Sunjoy Agroscience Co., Ltd.  73

64 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 65
Suppliers Guide Company Directory Company Directory Suppliers Guide

Anhui Huaxing Chemical Gibberellic acid (90% TC, 3% EC, 5% TB, Chengdu Newsun Crop Bromadiolone (97%, 98% TC, 2.5% TK,

Industry Co., Ltd. 40% SP) Science Co., Ltd. 0.005% BAIT)
Matrine (5% TK, 10% TK, 0.3% SL, 0.5% Chloralose (95% TC)
SL, 1% SL) Difenacoum (98% TC)
Oligosaccharins (3% SL) Dimefluthrin (93% TC)
Rotenone (95% TC, 5% ME) Meperfluthrin (95% TC)
Agrodragon Group +86-551-65848120 Beijing Kingbo Seaweed extract (DP, GR, SL) Prallethrin (90% TC)
wx@huaxingchem.com Biotech Co., Ltd Spinosad (90% TC, 2.5% SC, 5% SC, Tetramethrin (95% TC)
Wang Xu 48% SC) 0086-28-85541738 Transfluthrin (95% TC)
www.huaxingchem.com newsunagro@cdxzy.com
Mr. Hao Dangxiao
Main Products: Adv. Page: 56
Cartap (TC/SP)
0086-21-50586321 0086-10-60429770

Fipronil (TC, 50 SC) Main Products:
jesse@agrodragon.com yyyyy@163.com
Flusilazole (TC) Carvacrol (10% TK, 0.5% AS)
Jesse Wang yang duwu
Glyphosate (TC/SL/SG) Celastrus angulatus (1% EW)
www.agrodragon.com www.kingbo.com.cn
Imidacloprid (TC/WDG/SL/FS) Marvee (0.5% AS)
Kresoxim-methyl (TC, 30%SC) Matritas (0.3, 1.5% SL)
Main Products: MCPA (TC) Main Products:
CAC Group Natural Brassinolide (80% TC, 0.01% SP, Eastchem Co., Ltd.
Acetamiprid (TC, 20% SP) MCPA-2-ethylhexyl (TC) Berberine (4%AS) 0.0075% AS)
Azoxystrobin (TC) Nicosulfuron (TC) Carvacrol (0.7%AS) Oligosaccharins (0.5% AS)
Bispyribac-sodium (10% SC) Thiosultap-monosodium (TC/SP/GR) Extract of reynoutria sachalinensis (0.2%) Placary (EC)
Dimethomorph (TC, 50%WP) Matrine (90%TC, 5%TK, 30%TK, 0.3%AS,
Emamectin benzoate (TC, 30%WDG) 0.6%AS) 0086-519-68786691
Fipronil (TC, 5% SC) Nicotine (10%AS) zhu@eastchem.net
Glufosinate-ammonium (TC, 18%SL) Osthol (1%EW) Zhu Weidong
Nitenpyram (TC) Oxymatrine (0.6%AS) www.eastchem.net

Oxadiargyl (12.5%SC) Physcion (8.5%TK, 0.1%AS, 0.5%AS)
Oxadiazon (TC, 25% EC)
AGROCHEMICAL CO., LTD. www.cacch.com
Pyrethrins (1.5%EW) Main Products:
Pyraclostrobin (TC) Rotenone (40%TC, 5%EC, 7.5%EC) Acephate (97% TC, 75% SP)
Spirodiclofen (TC) Main Products:
Butachlor (92% TC)
2,4-D (98%TC, DMA720/806/860g/L AS,
DMA96%/97% WSG, 2-EHE87.5%/450g/ DPC GROUP Difenoconazole (95% TC)

L/600g/L EC) CORPORATION LIMITED Fenclorim (97% TC)

Fenpropimorph (95% TC, 880g/L OL)
Main Products: Azoxystrobin (97%TC, 25%SC, 50%SG,
Aluminium phosphide (56% Tablet)
Beijing Multigrass 70%SG)
Isoprothiolane (97%TC, 40%EC)
Anhui Guangxin Formulation Co., Ltd. Metaldehyde (99% TC, 6% G)
Chlorothalonil (98% TC; 720g/L SC) Boscalid (98%TC)
Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Chlorothalonil (98.5%TC, 96%TC, 90%TC,
Niclosamide (97% TC, 83% WG, 70% WP,
Diazinon (95% TC; 600g/L EC)
25% EC)
Emamectin benzoate (70% TC; 5% WDG, 75%WP, 500SC, 720SC)
86-511-88972968 Pretilachlor (96% TC, 30% EC)
5.7% WDG, 20% WDG, 30% WDG, EC) Cyhalofop-butyl (98%TC, 10%E, 20%EW)
sales@deanpestcontrol.com Pyribenzoxim (97% TC, 5%EC)
GLYPHOSATE (AMMONIUM) Etoxazole (96%TC, 20%SC)
Adv. Page: 7 Dean Zhang
021-68473281 (75%+MCPA (NA) 5% SG) Prosulfocarb (98%TC, 800g/L EC)
logistic1@chinaguangxin.com 010-65025731 www.deanpestcontrol.com
Lambda-cyhalothrin (95% TC; 25g/L EC, Prothioconazole (480g/LSC)
Jessie Hong info@chinabaicao.com Thiobencarb (97%TC, 90%EC, 50%EC)
50g/L EC)
www.chinaguangxin.com Kelley Zhou Trifloxystrobin (97%TC, 50%SC)
Methomyl (97% TC; 40% SP, 90% SP) Main Products:
Paclobutrazol (95%TC, 10%WP, 15%WP, Bioallethrin (95% TC)
Main Products: 25%SC) Brodifacoum (97%, 98% TC, 2.5% TK,
Azoxystrobin (98% TC, 250g/L SC) TERBUCONAZOLE +PICHLORAZ (133g/ Main Products: 0.005% BAIT)
Diuron (97% TC, 80%WDG, 80% SC) L+267g/L EW) Abamectin (95% TC, 5-8% TK, 1.8% EC,
Glyphosate (95% TC, 62% 41%SL) Thiamethoxam (97% TC; 350g/L FS, 25% 3.6% EC, 5.0% EC, 5.5% EC)
Thiophanate-methyl (97% TC, 70% WP, WDG, 70% WDG, 75% WDG) Amino acid (40%-80%DP)
50% SC) Emamectin benzoate (0.5% ME, 5%
Fungous proteoglycan (1% SL)

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200g/L SL) HANGZHOU UDRAGON Chlorpyrifos (15% G, 200g/L EC, 480g/L Jiangsu Aolunda High-tech

Clothianidin (98% TC 0.5%GR, 1%GR, EC) Industry Co., Ltd
10%SC, 18%FS, 20%SC, 30%SC) Cymoxanil (98%TC, 20%WP)
Dinotefuran (96% TC, 20% WDG) Glyphosate (95% TC, 480g/L SL, 450g/L
Emamectin benzoate (95% TC, 1.9% EC, SL, 500g/L SL, 540g/L SL, 62% SC)
FORTUNE GROUP-HEBEI 5.7% WDG) IPROCHEM CO., LTD. Imidacloprid (95% TC, 70% WS, 350g/L
Imidacloprid (96% TC, 97% TC, 98% TC, SC, 600g/L SC, 200g/L SL)
BESTAR BIO-TECHNOLOGY agrobusiness@udragon.cn 0086-510-87551757
200g/L SL, 25% WP, 400g/L ME, 600g/L Lufenuron (50g/L EC)
CO., LTD Contact: Ms. Christina WU ald@aolunda.com
SC, 70% WDG, 70% WS) Metalaxyl + Cuprous Oxide
Website: www.udragon.com.cn Lois Niu
Isoxaflutole (98% TC) (12.15%+60.5% WP)
Mesotrione (98% TC, 10%SC, 10%OD, Paraquat (42% TK, 240g/L SL, 276g/L SL) www.aolunda.com
Adv. Page: Back Cover
15%SC, mixture OD with others Main Products: Picloram (95% TC, 240g/L SL)
Adv. Page: 2 herbicides) Boscalid (98% TC, 50%WDG) 0086-755-82353001
Main Products:
Prothioconazole (95%TC) Clodinafop-propargyl (96% TC, 15%WP, iprochem@iprochem.com
0086-311-85088998, 85081806 Cyhalofop-butyl (TC)
Prothioconazole+Carbendazim (28%SC) 150g/L ME, 240g/L EC) David Zhu
guo@bestarchem.com Dicamba (TC)
Prothioconazole+Iprodione (60%WP) Difenoconazole (96% TC) www.iprochem.com
Guo Junhui Diclosulam (TC)
Pymetrozine (98% TC, 25% WP, 25% SC, Famoxadone (98% TC) EPTC (TC)
50% WDG) Fludioxonil (99%TC, 25g/L FS, 230g/L SC, Main Products: Molinate (TC)
Pyraclostrobin (98% TC, 20% WP, 50% 50%WDG) Jiangsu Agrochem
Azoxystrobin (TC) Prosulfocarb (TC)
Main Products: WDG) Mefenpyr-diethyl (TC) Carbofuran (TC)
Laboratory Co., Ltd. Spirodiclofen (TC)
Acetamiprid (99%TC) Thiamethoxam (98% TC, 25% WDG, 30% Metconazole (95% TC) Chlorothalonil (TC) Thiobencarb (TC)
CCMP (93%) FS) Tetraconazole (96% TC, 125g/L EW, 100g/ Dinotefuran (TC) Tri-allate (TC)
Chlorfenapyr (98%TC) L EC) Emamectin benzoate (TC)
Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC) Trifloxystrobin (95% TC, 300g/L SC) Etoxazole (TC)
Imidacloprid (97%TC) Adv. Page: 84
Glufosinate-ammonium (TC)
Prothioconazole (98%TC) Glyphosate (TC) 0086 519 85109160/ 88225305
Pyraclostrobin (97.5%TC) Imidacloprid (TC) huachen.zhong@ecomones.com
Spirodiclofen (98%TC) Methomyl (TC) Ms. Nancy Zhong
Thiamethoxam (97%TC) Hangzhou Ruijiang http://www.agrochemlab.com/ Jiangsu Changlong
Crop Science Co., Ltd template/enindex.htm Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
Hebei Veyong
Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd
Main Products:

Cloransulam-methyl (98%)
Florasulam (98%) Adv. Page: 8

Adv. Page: 85 Flucarbazone-sodium (95%) xiaocheng.wang@jschanglong.com
86-571-28058112 Halosulfuron (98%) Contact: Wang Xiaocheng
Adv. Page: 1
ruiagro04@ruijianggroup.com Imazamox (98%) Website: www.jschanglong.com
Richard Wang 0086-311-85915963 Jadesheen Iodosulfuron-methyl (91%)

Hailir Pesticides and www.ruiagro.com Email: zhuxiumei@veyong.com Agriscience Co., Ltd. Mesosulfuron-methyl (95%)
Triflusulfuron-methyl (95%) Main Products:
Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. Contact: Zhu Xiumei
Acetochlor (95% TC, 90% EC, 50% EC)
Website: www.veyong.com
Main Products: Bifenthrin (97% TC, 2.5% EC)
2,4-D (TC/SL) Buprofezin (98% TC, 37% SC, 25% WP)
Agriculural Organosilicone Adjuvant (7033) Main Products: Butachlor (95% TC, 60% EC)
Amino Acid (40%, 80%plant origin) 0086-510-86005061/71
Abamectin (TC) Diafenthiuron (98% TC, 50% SC, 50%
Carbendazim (TC/WP/SC) jadesheen@vip.163.com
Adv. Page: 3 Azoxystrobin (TC) WP)
Dicamba+2,4-D (SL) Linda Zou
Clothianidin (TC) Dimethomorph (98% TC, 50% WP)
0086-532-58659179 www.jadesheen.com
Glyphosate (SL/SG) Diflubenzuron (TC) Imidacloprid (97% TC, 70% WS, 70%
Imidacloprid (TC/SL/FS) Dinotefuran (TC) WDG, 10% WP, 20% SL, 5% SL, 35% SC)
Dan Ge
Nicosulfuron (TC/SC/WP) Emamectin benzoate (TC) Main Products: Methomyl (98% TC, 20% EC)
Paraquat (TK/SL) Fosthiazate (TC) 2,4-D (98% TC, 625g/L SL, 720g/L SL, Tebuthiuron (98% TC, 50% SC)
Pyraclostrobin (TC/SC/WG/EC) Glufosinate-ammonium (TC) 840g/L SL, 864g/L SL) Thiodicarb (97% TC, 37.5% SC, 80%
Main Products: Seaweed Extract (100% water soluble) Hexaflumuron (TC) Chlorothalonil (98%TC, 500g/L SC, 720g/L WDG)
Acetamiprid (99% TC, 5% EC, 20% SP Spirodiclofen (TC/SC) Pymetrozine (TC) SC, 75%WP, 75%WG)

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Jiangsu Fengshan Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien 2.5% EC, 4.5% EC, 4.5% ME, 10% EW) Jiangsu Lanfeng Thiamethoxam (TC, 25% WG) Cyproconazole (95%TC, 400g/L SC)

Group Co., Ltd. Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Methoxyfenozide (98% TC) Validamycin (20% SP, 10% SL, 5% SL, 3% Difenoconazole (95%TC, 25%EC)
Biochemical Co., Ltd
Prochloraz (97% TC, 25% EC, 450g/L EW, SL) Epoxiconazole (98%TC, 12.5%SC)
25% EW) Flutriafol (97%TC, 125g/L SC, 250g/L SC)
Prochloraz-copper (98%TC, 50% SC) Metribuzin (97%TC, 70%WP, 75%WP,
Prochloraz-manganese (98% TC, 50% 70%WDG, 75%WDG, 480g/L SC)
WP) Propiconazole (98%TC, 250g/L EC)
0086-25-86558671 Trinexapac-ethyl (97% TC, 25% ME) Pyraclostrobin (98%TC, 250g/L EC,
fengshan@hi2000.com 0086-21-62295060 0086-512-67302106 Jiangsu Repont Pesticide
fengshanagro@hotmail.com titan.jiang@good-harvest.cn, lfzxm@jslanfeng.com Factory Co., Ltd. Tebuconazole (98%TC, 25%WP, 250g/
gh@good-harvest.cn Ms. Zhang Xiaomin/Shirley
Chen Xinjian L EC, 60g/L FS, 120g/L FS, 430g/L SC,
Titan www.jslanfeng.com
www.fengshangroup.com 50%WG)
Main Products:
Main Products: Jiangsu Inter-China Adv. Page: 48
Main Products: Acephate (97%TC, 90%SP, 75%SP,
Acetamiprid (99% TC)
Amicarbazone (97% TC, 70% WDG)
Group Corporation 30%EC) +86 51982330756
Chlorpyrifos (97% TC)
Florasulam (97% TC, 50g/L SC) Carbendazim (TC, 50%WP, 500g/LSC) moni@repont.com
Cyhalofop-butyl (97%TC)
Ethoprophos (10% GR)
Glyphosate (97%TC, 98%TC) Cypermethrin (TC, 10%EC) Moni miao Jiangsu Subin
Mesosulfuron-methyl (93%, 30g/L OD) Dicamba (TC) www.repont.com Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
Imidacloprid (95% TC)
Mesotrione (97% TC, 15% SC) Diuron (TC, 80%WG, 80%WP)
Nicosulfuron (95% TC)
Metaldehyde (98%TC, 3%GR, 5%GR, Hexazinone (TC, 90%SP, 75%WG, Main Products:
Propargite (90%TC, 57%EC) 86-511-88972968
6%GR, 10%GR, 15%GR, 80%WP) 25%SL) Bensulfuron-methyl (97% TC, 60% WDG)
Quizalofop-P-ethyl (95% TC, 15% EC) sales@deanpestcontrol.com
Metamitron (98% TC) Iprodione (TC, 50%WP, 500g/LSC) Carfentrazone (92% TC, 10% WP)
Triclopyr (98%TC) Dean Zhang
Penoxsulam (98% TC, 25g/L OD) Metazachlor (TC, 50%SC) Chlorimuron-ethyl (98% TC, 75% WDG,
Trifluralin (96% TC, 48% EC) www.chinaagrochemical.com
Pyraclostrobin (98% TC, 250g/L EC) Propamocarb (TC, 722g/LSL) 50% WP, 25% WP, 25% WDG)
Thiophanate-methyl (TC, 70%WP, 500g/ 0086-515-88710661
S-metolachlor (96% TC, 960g/L EC) Ethoxysulfuron (97% TC, 15% WDG)
LSC) jackielu@subinagrochem.com
Main Products: Flazasulfuron. (97% TC, 25%WDG)
Jackie Lu
Acetamiprid (97% TC, 20% SP, 70% WP, Florasulam (98% TC, 50 g/L SC)
70% WG, 50g/L ME) Flucarbazone (95% TC, 70% WDG)
Jiangsu Flag Chemical Azoxystrobin (98% TC, 50%&80% WG, Flumetsulam (98% TC, 80% WDG)
Industry Co., Ltd 250g/L SC) Metribuzin (97% TC, 75% WDG, 480 g/L Main Products:
Jiangsu Huifeng Bio Bispyribac-sodium (96% TC, 25% WP, SC) Azoxystrobin+cyproconazole (20%+20%
Agriculture Co., Ltd. 400g/L&100g/L SC) Jiangsu Luye Thifensulfuron-methyl (97% TC, 75% SC)
Dimethomorph (97% TC, 40%&80% WG) Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. WDG, 15% WP) Dinotefuran (96%TC, 80%WDG,
Fomesafen (95% TC, 250g/L SL) 50%WDG, 30%FS)
0086-25-58375015 Imidacloprid (97% TC, 98% TC, 70% WP, Emamectin benzoate (30%WDG,
eric@flagchem.com 70% WG, 70%/60% WS, 200g/L SL, 350g/ 20%WDG, 10%WDG, 5%WDG)
Eric Ding L SC) Fludioxonil (97%TC, 50%WP, 2.5%FS)
www.flagchem.com Adv. Page: 4 0086-515-89876126
Lambda-cyhalothrin (96% TC, 10% WP, Lufenuron+Emamectin benzoate
0086-515-83252118 25g/L ME, 50g/L EC, 100 g/L ULV, 50 g/L happylevy@126.com Jiangsu Sevencontinent (40%+10%WDG)
trade@hfagro.com SC,100g/L&250 g/L CS) Levy Liu Green Chemical Co., Ltd. Pymetrozine (98%TC, 50%WDG)
Main Products:
Kelly Qiu Metribuzin (97% TC, 70% WP, 70%&75% www.luyeagrochem.com Teflubenzuron (97%TC, 80%WDG,
Carfentrazone-ethyl (96% TC)
www.hfagro.com WG, 70% DF, 480g/L SC) 75%WP, 15%SC)
Clodinafop-propargyl (95% 97% TC, 8%
EC, 15% EW, 8% EW) Pyraclostrobin (97% TC, 250g/L SC, 50% Main Products: Thiamethoxam (97%TC, 75%WDG,
Cloquintocet-mexyl (98% TC) Main Products: DF/WG) Asulam (TC) Adv. Page: 62 70%WS, 35%FS, 25%WP)
Cyhalofop-butyl (97% TC, 10% EC, 15% Bifenthrin (97% TC, 100g/L EC, 10% EW, Tebuconazole (97% TC, 25% WP, 250g/ Azoxystrobin (TC, 250g/L SC) Thiamethoxam+lambda-cyhalothrin
L EC, 430g/L SC, 60g/L FS, 250g/L EW, 0086-512-58678398 (14.1%+10.6%SC, 12.6%+9.4%ZC)
EC, 10% EW) 2.5% ME) Bromoxynil octanoate (TC)
80% WG) weizhou@sevencontinent.com
Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl (98% TC, 7.5% EW, Bromoxynil octanoate (97% TC, 30% EC) Imidacloprid (TC)
Wei Zhou
12% EC) Diflufenican (98% TC, 50% WP) Indoxacarb (TC)
Fluazinam (98% TC) Epoxiconazole (98% TC, 12.5% SC, 50% Lenacil (TC)
Imazamox (97% TC, 4% SL) SC) Metribuzin (TC, 70% WP)
Imazethapyr (98% TC, 10% SL) Glufosinate-ammonium (95% TC, 50% Prochloraz (TC) Main Products:
Isoxaflutole (98% TC, 75% WDG) MUP, 18% SL) Propyzamide (TC, 50% WP) Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC)
Lufenuron (98% TC, 5% EC) Lambda-cyhalothrin (95% TC, 2.5% ME, Terbacil (TC) Clethodim (93%TC, 240g/L EC)

70 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 71
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Jiangsu Sword Imidacloprid (97%TC) Atrazine (97%TC, 90%WDG) JIANGYIN SULI SC, 50%WDG) Diuron (97%TC, 80%WP/WG, 90%WDG,
Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. Metaldehyde (99%) Clethodim (94% TC, 240g/L EC) CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Boscalid (98%TC, 50%WDG) 500/800g/L SC)
Nitenpyram (97%TC) Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC, 10%SL, Emamectin benzoate (70%TC, 95%TC, Glyphosate (98%TC, 95%TC, 480(360) g/
150g/L SL, 200g/L SL) 5g/L EC, 19g/L EC, 20g/L ME, 5%WDG, L, 68-88.8%WSG)
Methoxyfenozide (98% TC, 240g/L SC) 5%SG, 30%WDG) Nicosulfuron (95%TC, 75%WP/WDG, 40g/
Metolachlor (97%TC, 960g/L EC) Fenoxanil (95%TC, 200g/L SC) L SC)
Pendimethalin (96%TC,98%TC,330g/L Fomesafen (95%TC, 98%TC, 250g/L SL) Propanil (97%TC, 360/480g/L EC)
Adv. Page: 52 Jiangsu Yangnong EC,400g/L EC,500g/L EC,450g/L CS,98% Adv. Page: 40 Indoxacarb (95%TC (S:R=9:1),50g/L Propanil+Clomazone (39%EC)

0086-515-86252139 Chemical. Co., Ltd. TC, 96% TC, 45% CS, 330g/L EC, 400g/ 0086-510-86636238 EC,150g/L EC, 150g/L SC, 30%WDG) Thiamethoxam (96%TC, 100-300g/L SC,
L EC, 500g/L EC, 400g/L SC, Customized haifeng.sun@suli.com Kresoxim-methyl (95%TC, 97%TC,300g/ 70%WS/WP, 600/350g/L FS, 80%WDG)
Formulation) Sun Haifeng L SC, 500g/L SC, 50%WDG,50%DF, Trifluralin (95%TC, 480g/L EC)
Qi Jie
Quinclorac (250g/L SC, 350g/L SC) www.suli.com 50%WP)
Nicosulfuron (95%TC, 98%TC, 40g/L
SC,60g/L SC,80g/L SC, 75%WDG,SC with
Adv. Page: 5 Main Products:
Main Products: Atrazine)
Bentazone (95%TC, 25%AS, 40%AS) 0086-514-85888888 Azoxystrobin (98%TC, 100g/L FS, 250g/
Pyraclostrobin (96%TC, 250g/L EC)
L SC, 500g/L SC, 50%WG, 80%WDG,

Bitertanol (95%TC, 25%WP) jhy@yangnong.net, 27444232@qq.com
Jiang Hongyan
Jiangyin Milagro 20%WP)
Pyrimethanil (96%TC, 98%TC, 300g/L SC,
Cyproconazole (95%TC) 400g/L SC)
Chemical Co., Ltd  Azoxystrobin+Cyazofamid (26%SC)
Diniconazole (95%TC, 12.5%WP, 30%SC) Quizalofop-P-ethyl (96%TC,97%TC,
Metribuzin (96%TC, 97%TC, 70%WP, Azoxystrobin+Cyproconazole (280g/L SC)
98%TC,50g/L EC,100g/L EC, 125g/L
70%WDG, 75%WDG, 480g/L SC) Azoxystrobin+Difenoconazole (325g/L SC)
Main Products: EC,150g/L EC, 200g/L EC)
Paclobutrazol (95%TC, 15%WP, 25%SC) Azoxystrobin+Fluazinam (34% SC)
Beta-cypermethrin (97%TC, 4.5%EC) Tebufenozide (95%TC, 200g/L SC,
Propineb (80%TK, 70%WP) Chlorothalonil (98.5%min TC, 500g/L Keyun Biocontrol
Bifenthrin (97%TC, 25g/L EC, 100g/L EC) Adv. Page: 60 20%WP)
SC, 720g/L SC, 75%WDG, 83%WDG,
Tebuconazole (97%TC, 98%TC, 25%WP, Cyfluthrin (93%TC, 5.7%EC) (Henan Jiyuan Baiyun
0086-510-80618095 75%WP)
80%WP, 25%SC, 25%EC, 430g/L SC) Dicamba (98%TC, 480g/L AS) info@milagrochem.com
Industry Co., Ltd.)
Triadimefon (97%TC, 15%WP, 25%WP, Chlorothalonil+Azoxystrobin (480g/L SC,
Fluazinam (97%TC, 40%SC) Suya
20%EC, 44%SC) 560g/L SC)
Glyphosate (95%TC, 41%IPA SALT, www.milagrochem.com
Triadimenol (97%TC, 15%WP, 25%EC) Cyazofamid+Chlorothalonil (39% SC)
Diflubenzuron (98%minTC, 25%WP, 480g/
Haloxyfop-P-methyl (97%TC, 10.8%EC)
Jingma Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Main Products: 0086-3916603802
Imidacloprid (97%TC, 70%WP, 600g/L FS,
Agriculural Organosilicone Adjuvant (SL) Fluazinam (500g/L SC) zhouyingjie@keyunnpv.cn,
350g/L SC, 10%WP, 25%WP)
Boscalid (98%TC, 50%WDG) Fluazinam+Cymoxanil (50% WG) sales@keyunnpv.cn
Lambda-cyhalothrin (95%TC, 25%WP,
Fenazaquin (98%TC, 20%SC) Fluazinam+Dimethomorph (40%SC) Yingjie Zhou
Jiangsu Weunite Fine 2.5%EW, 25g/L EC)
Pyraclostrobin+Mancozeb (60%WDG) Website: www.keyunnpv.cn
Propiconazole (95%TC, 250g/L EC, Fluazinam (98%TC, 50%SC)
Chemical Co., Ltd. Flumioxazin (96%TC, 50%WP, 50%WDG,
50%TK) Adv. Page: 82
48%SC) Main Products:
Indoxacarb (95%TC, 15%SC, 30%WDG) 0571-87248111-39
Helicoverpa armigera NPV (500billion PIB/
Methoxyfenozide (98%TC, 24%SC) daniel.zhu@jmcchem.com
g TK, 60billion PIB/g WG)
Microelements amino acid chelate (SL) Daniel Zhu
Keyunmycin (4% AS)
Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (2x10^9 PIB/
Jingbo Agrochemicals
Plutella xylostella GV (3trillion OB/ml TK,
Jiangsu Yongan mL SC) Technology Co., Ltd. 0571-87248111-31
300billion OB/ml SC)
0086-512-66913900 Chemical Co., Ltd. Zinc thiazole (95%TC, 20%SC) emily.yang@jmcchem.com
Spodoptera exigua NPV (200billion PIB/g
to2090@163.com,alex@we-unite.com Emily Yang
TK, 30billion PIB/g WG)
Zhong Lei www.jmcchem.com
Spodoptera litura NPV (150billion PIB/g
TK, 20billion PIB/g WG)
Main Products:
0086-574-87065196 Adv. Page: 6
Main Products: 2, 4-D (97%TC, 865/720/625/600/480g/L)
Acetamiprid (97%TC) lijiang@yachemical.com 0086-543-2511898
Ametryn (97%TC, 80%/90%WP/WDG,
Azoxystrobin (98%TC) Mr. Li Jiang chengdaoquan@jbnh.cn
500g/L SC)
Bentazone (97%TC) www.yachemical.com Dennis Cheng
Atrazine (97%TC, 80%/90%WP/WDG,
Carbendazim (98%TC) www.jingboagriscience.com
500g/L SC)
Chlorfenapyr (98%TC) Main Products: Atrazine+mesotrione (55%SC)
Chlorothalonil (98%TC) 2,4-D (98% TC, 806g/L SL, 860g/L SL, Main Products: Dicamba (97%TC, 480g/L SL, 70%Sodium
Chlorthal-dimethyl (97%TC) 720g/L SL) Azoxystrobin (96%TC, 98%TC, 250g/L Salt WDG)

72 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 73
Suppliers Guide Company Directory Company Directory Suppliers Guide
KING QUENSON INDUSTRY ALUMINIUM PHOSPHIDE (95%TC, 57%, Lier Chemical Co., Ltd. Fluazifop-P-butyl (97%TC, 125g/L EC) Ningbo Generic
56%tablet) Glyphosate (95%TC, 410g/L SL, 480g/L Chemical Co., Ltd.
CARBOFURAN (98%TC, 75%TK, 48%sc SL, 757g/Kg SG)
10%g 5%g) Haloxyfop-P-methyl (97%TC, 108g/L EC)
Chlorpyrifos (97%TC, 48%EC) Adv. Page: 44 Imidacloprid (97%TC, 200g/L SL, 350g/L
EDDHA-Fe 6% (6% Granular) SC, 700g/Kg WG)
0086-28-67575621 Maxunitech Inc.
Adv. Page: 25 GLYPHOSATE (95%TC, 75.7%WDG, Lambda-cyhalothrin (95%TC, 25g/L EC, 0086-574-87301088
+86-0755-86612792 62%IPA, 48%SL) 100g/Kg WP) lloyd_hu@generic-chem.com
Rhett Wang
info@kingquenson.com LAMBDA-CYHALOTHRIN (97%TC, 95TC, Nicosulfuron (98%TC, 40g/L SC, 750g/Kg Lloyd Hu
Helen.He 2.5%EC, 5%EC, 5%WP) WG) http://www.generic-chem.com/
http://www.kingquenson.com Paraquat (42%TC, 200g/L SL, 200g/L GW,
CAS NO.7446-20-0) Clodinafop-propargyl (96%TC, 97%TC,
250g/L SL)
24%EC, 8%EC, 15%WP) Main Products:
Prochloraz (97%TC, 250g/L EC, 250g/L
Main Products: Clopyralid (95%TC, 96%TC, 75%SG, 0571-28007880 Boscalid (98% Tech, 50% WDG)
EW, 450g/L EW)
2,4-D (860 g/L SL,720 g/L SL,900 g/L 30%SL) maxunitech@maxunitech.com Chlorothalonil (98.5% Tech, 82.5% WDG,
Pymetrozine (95%TC, 250g/Kg WP, 500g/
EC,72% EC) Diquat (40%TK) Mr. Ma Mingliang 72% SC)
Kg WG)
Bacillus Thuringiensis (32000 IU/mg Epoxiconazole (95%TC, 97%TC, 125g/L www.maxunitech.com/en/ Glyphosate (95% Tech)

WP,16000 IU/mg WP,8000 IU/μL SC,1200 SC) Glyphosate-isopropylammonium (62% TK,
ITU/mg WP, 600 ITU/μL SC) Flumioxazin (99.2%TC, 50%WP) 48% SL, 36% SL)
Main Products:
Cypermethrin (25% EC, 10% EC, 5% EC, Fluroxypyr-meptyl (97%TC, 98%TC, 200g/ Glyphosate-monoammonium (95% Tech,
Carfentrazone-ethyl (95%TC, 240g/L EC,
10% EW, 10% WP) LEC, 250g/LEC, 288g/LEC, 360g/L EC) 88.8% SG, 75.7% SG, 74.7% SG, 50%
400g/L EC, 40%WDG)
Deltamethrin (25 g/L EC, 2.5% WP, 2.5% Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC, 50%TK,
Nantong Jiangshan SG)
Carfentrazone-ethyl+Fluroxypyr Methyl
SC) Lianyungang Liben 10%SL, 13.5%SL, 18.02%SL, 150g/L SL, Agrochemical & Chemicals Imidacloprid (95% Tech, 70% WDG, 70%
(5%+29% WP)
Emamectin Benzoate (5.7% WDG, 5% Crop Science Co., Ltd. 200g/L SL) Flufenacet (98% TC, 500g/L SC)
Limited Liability Co., Ltd. WS, 60% FS, 480 g/L SC, 350 g/L SC, 200
SG, 3% ME, 5% EC) Picloram (95%TC, 24%SL) g/L SL)
Sulfentrazone (95%TC, 75%WDG, 500g/L
Gibberellic acid (20%SP, 20%TB, 10%SP, Triclopyr (98%TC) Nicosulfuron (95% Tech, 75% WDG, 4%
SC, 480g/L SC)
10%TB, 4%EC) Triclopyr-butotyl (95%TC, 98%TC, OD)
Thidiazuron (96%TC, 80%WP, 50%SC)
Glyphosate (41% SL, 480g/L SL, 360 g/L 32.1%EC, 480g/L EC) Paraquat dichloride (500 g/K TK, 45% TK,
Thidiazuron+Diuron (360g/L+180g/L SC)
SL, 68% WSG, 80% SP, 88.8% WSG) 0086-518-86097503 42% TK, 276 g/L SL, 20% SL)
Trinexapac-ethyl (98%TC, 250g/L EC,
Mancozeb (80% WP, 30% SC, 75% WDG) liben@libenagro.com 0086-513-83517375 Picloram (95% Tech, 24% SL)
120g/L ME)
Metribuzin (75% WDG, 25% OD, 15% SC) Brank zhangjin@jsac.com.cn Pyraclostrobin (98% Tech, 250 g/L EC,
Nitromethane (99.9%, 99.0%, 99.5%, www.lygpesticide.com Zhang Jin 250 g/L SC)
99.9%, 99.95%) www.jsac.com.cn
Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.
Main Products:

Ametryn (97%TC, 50%SC, 80%WP, Main Products:
80%WDG) Acetochlor (TC, EC)
Atrazine (97%TC, 38%, 50%SC, 80%WP, Alachlor (TC, EC)
90%WG) Butachlor (TC, EC)
Ningbo Sunjoy
King Tech Corporation Azoxystrobin (98%TC, 250g/L SC, Adv. Page: 60
Dichlorvos (TC, EC) Agroscience Co., Ltd.
50%WG) 0086-25-66980134 Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. Glyphosate (TC, SL)
Chlorpyrifos (97%TC, 480g/L EC) ameya@chinalimin.com Prochloraz (TC)
Isoprothiolane (97%TC, 40%EC) Ameya Li Prochloraz-manganese (TC)
Nitenpyram (97%TC, 10%, 20%AS, www.chinalimin.com Quizalofop-P-ethyl (EC)
50%SP) Trichlorfon (TC)
Adv. Page: 48 0086-574-87346015
Paraquat (42%)
Main Products:
0086 755 25195648 Prometryn (97%TC, 50%SC, 80%WDG) 0086-25-87151401 info@sunjoycrop.com
Azoxystrobin (95%TC, 25%SC)
vickicheng@kingtechchem.com Pyraclostrobin (98%TC, 25%SC) info@chinaredsun.com Mr. He Dongsheng
Chlorothalonil (98%TC)
Ms. Vicki cheng Simazine (95%TC, 50%SC, 90%WDG) Leo Young www.sunjoyagro.com
Cymoxanil (98%TC)
www.kingtechem.com Terbuthylazine (97%) www.chinaredsun.com
Difenoconazole (95%TC)
Fosetyl-aluminium (95%TC) Main Products:
Main Products: Mancozeb (96%TC) Main Products: Acetamiprid (99%TC, 97%TC, 70%SG,
2, 4-D (96%TC, 865g/L SL, 72%SL, Mesotrione (95%TC) Chlorpyrifos (97%TC, 480g/L EC, 300g/L 20%SP, 20%SL)
60%SL) Propineb (70%WP, 89%TC) EW) Tebuconazole (98%TC, 97%TC, 430g/L
ABAMECTIN (1.8%EC, 95%TC) Thiacloprid (95%TC) Diquat (40%TC, 200g/L SL) SC, 25%EW)

74 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 75
Suppliers Guide Company Directory Company Directory Suppliers Guide
Fipronil (Fipronil TC) Shaanxi Sunger Road Bentazone (97%TC, 480g/L SL) Shandong Kangqiao

Main Products:
Fosetyl-aluminium (Fosetyl-aluminium Bio-science Co., Ltd Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC, 50%TK, Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
Cyazofamid (95%TC)
95%TC, 80%WP, 80%WDG) 13.5%SL, 200g/L SL)
Cyproconazole (97%TC)
Hexazinone (Hexazinone 98%TC, 25%SL) Mesotrione (98%TC, 40%SC)
Famoxadone (98%TC)
Imidacloprid (Imidacloprid 97%TC, Metolachlor (97%TC, 960g/L EC, 720g/L
Prothioconazole (98%TC)
70%WDG, 200g/L SC) EC) Adv. Page: 31
Pilarquim (Shanghai) Mesotrione (Mesotrione TC)
Pyraclostrobin (98%TC) 0086-29-63623575 Pendimethalin (97%TC, 330g/L EC, 400g/
Co., Ltd. Pyriproxyfen (98%TC) sunger@sunger.com.cn, L EC, 500g/L EC)
Tebuconazole (98%TC) kangqiaobiotech@vip.163.com
heaihua@norsyn.com Prometryn (97%TC, 500g/L SC, 50%WP)
Trifloxystrobin (98%TC) Mr. Zhang Guixi
Evan He S-metolachlor (97%TC, 960g/L EC, 720g/
www.sunger.com.cn L EC)

Terbuthylazine (97%TC, 500g/L SC)
(86-21) 5758-9888(Ext.279) Main Products:
Main Products:

Pyraclostrobin (98% Min. TC, 25% SC,
Abamectin+Methoxyfenozide (2%+8% SC)
Emily Chi 250g/L EC, 25% WDG)
www.pilarquim.com Pyraclostrobin+boscalid (13%+25% WDG)
meptyl (0.4%+35.6%+12% SC)
Pyraclostrobin+epoxiconazole (133 g/L +
Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Hexaconazole+Phenamacril (5%+15%
50 g/L SC/SE)
Main Products: Mongolia) Co., Ltd. SC) Shandong Cynda Pyraclostrobin+metiram (5%+55% DF)
Azoxystrobin+Propiconazole (295 g/L SE) Sentay Chemical Pymetrozine+Dinotefuran (20%+8% OD) Chemical Co., Ltd. Spirodiclofen (98% Min. TC, 240g/L SC)
Boscalid+Cyprodinil (285 g/L SC) (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. Pymetrozine+Lambda-cyhalothrin (5%+5%
Spiromesifen (98% Min. TC, 240g/L SC)
Chlorothalonil (720 g/L SC) SC)
Thifluzamide (96% Min. TC, 240g/L SC)
Chlorothalonil+Azoxystrobin (600 g/L SC) Pyraclostrobin + Cyazofamid (20%+10%
Tolfenpyrad (95% Min. TC, 15% EC, 30%
Clothianidin+Lambda-Cyhalothrin (280 g/L WP)
ZC) 86 (0) 471 326 0020 Spirotetramat+Pymetrozine (25%+50%
Cymoxanil+Cyazofamid (255 g/L SC) xueyin.xia@qilu-pharma.com WG) 0086-531-88818053
Dimethomorph+Cymoxanil (700 g/kg DF) Summer Xia +86-311-83631011 Thifluzamide+Azoxystrobin (10%+20% liangmy@cynda.cn
Lambda-cyhalothrin (250 g/L CS) www.qlnm-pharma.com 644566620@qq.com SC) Lymon Liang
Pymetrozine+Clothianidin (220 g/L SC) Wu Guojun Tribenuron Methyl+Carfentrazone- www.cynda.cn Shandong Luba
Pyraclostrobin+Tebuconazole (345 g/L SC) www.shentaihuagong.com ethyl+Fluroxypyr-meptyl
Main Products: Chemical Co., Ltd
(3.5%+1.5%+24.5% WP)
Abamectin (TC, 95% min.) Main Products:
Main Products: β-sitosterol (0.06% ME)
Abamectin b2a (TC, 90% min.) Bispyribac-sodium (95%TC, 10%SC,
Emamectin benzoate (TC, 90%, 95%) Difenoconazole+Pyraclostrobin (30% SC) 20%WP)
Spinosad (TC, 92% min.) Epoxiconazole (12.5% SC) Carfentrazone-ethyl (95%TC, 40%WDG)
Imidacloprid (50% WP) Clethodim (94%TC, 12%EC, 24%EC, 0086-531-81795199
Lambda-Cyhalothrin (5% EW) 37%TK, 50%TK) william@lubachem.com
Pyraclostrobin (25% SC, 250g/L EC, Clomazone (96%TC, 480g/L EC, 360g/L William Wang
CO., LTD. 98%TC) Shandong Binnong CS) www.lubachem.com

Pyraclostrobin+Dimethomorph (18.7% Technology Co., Ltd. Dimethomorph (98%TC, 50%WP,
WG) 50%WDG, 10%SC, 50%SC)
Main Products:
Pyraclostrobin+Metiram (60% WG) Imazameth (98%TC, 24%SL, 70%WDG)
Chlorpyrifos (97%TC, 48%EC, 40%EC)
Imazamox (95%TC, 70%WDG, 4%SC)
Cyhalofop-butyl (97%TC, 10%EC,
0086-021-61367911 Adv. Page: 88 Imazapyr (98%TC, 25%SL, 70%WDG)
Rudong Zhongyi 20%EC)
info@psychem.com Imazaquin (97%TC, 15%SL, 70%WDG)
Diflubenzuron (98%TC, 25%WP)
Lydia Li Chemical Co., Ltd. 0086-543-3367885 Imazethapyr (98%TC, 5%SL, 10%SL,
Diquat (40%TC, 20%SL, 15%SL)
www.psychem.com bns@binnong.com 70%SP, 70%WDG, 70%WP)
Fluazifop-P-butyl (95%TC, 15%EC)
Mr. Yan Pyraflufen-ethyl (95%TC, 2%SC)
Fluroxypyr (98%TC, 20%EC, 25%EC)
www.binnong.com Sethoxydim (85%TC, 12.5%EC)
Main Products: Haloxyfop-P-methyl (97%TC, 10.8%EC,
2, 4-D (2, 4-D TC & Formulation) 24%EC)
Abamectin (Abamectin 98%TC, 18g/L EC) Main Products: Hexaflumuron (98%TC, 5%EC)
Acetamiprid (Acetamiprid 99%TC, 0086-0513-84810999 Ametryn (97%TC, 500g/L SC, 80%WP, Malathion (95%TC, 50%EC, 57%EC,
20%SP) jszyzj@zhongyichem.com 80%WDG) 80%EC, 960g/LULV)
Clethodim (Clethodim TC, 240g/L EC) Alvin Zhang Atrazine (97%TC, 50%SC, 38%SC, Paraquat (42%TC, 45%TC, 50%TC,
Dimethoate (Dimethoate 98%TC, 40%EC) www.zhongyichem.com 80%WP, 80%WDG.90%WDG) 20%SL, 25%SL, 50%SG)

76 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 77
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Shandong Qiaochang Shandong Weifang Rainbow Emamectin benzoate (90%TC) Shanghai Profirst Co., Ltd. Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Ferrous sulfate

Chemical Co., Ltd. Tongda Agro-chemical Gibberellic acid (GA3)

Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. Lufenuron (98%TC)
Prothioconazole (97%TC) Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA)
Technology Co., Ltd.
Teflubenzuron (98%TC) Monoammounium Phosphate 55 (MAP55)
Thiamethoxam (98%TC) Monoammounium Phosphate 58(MAP58)
Adv. Page: 21 Monoammounium Phosphate 73 (MAP73)
Adv. Page: Inside Back Cover
sjp@qiaochang.com susan@profirst.cn Adv. Page: Inside Front Cover
Jonny Sun Susan Hu
Allison Liu 0086-21-61000456
Shanghai Livkem www.profirst.cn
Industry CO., LTD Steven Lu
Main Products: Main Products: www.fuhua-tongda.com SINO AGRO-CHEMICAL
Main Products:
Acetochlor (TC, EC) Adjuvant: Penetrant-Spreader Pro- INDUSTRY LTD.
2,4-D (96%TC, 98%TC)
Clethodim (TK, EC) MSO Plus (Methylated Soybean Oil +
Captan (97%TC, 90%WG, 80%WG, Main Products:
Glyphosate (TC, SL) export10@livkem.com Organosilicone)
80%WP, 50%WP) 2,4-D (98%TC, 720g/L SL, 860g/L SL)
Metolachlor (TC, EC) Leo Xu Adjuvant: Super-spreader Organosilicone
Clethodim (95%TC, 120g/L EC, 240g/L Atrazine (97%TC, 90%WDG, 80%WP)
Oxyfluorfen (TC, EC) www.livkem.com PASS (CAS no.: 67674-67-3, silwet 408
EC, 360g/L EC) Azoxystrobin (98%TC, 250g/L SC,
Pretilachlor (TC, EC) similar)
Dicamba (98%TC, 70%SG, 480g/L SL, 50%WDG) Adv. Page: 44
Adjuvant: Water Conditioner Pro-Buffer L2
500g/L SL) Main Products: Dicamba (98%TC, 70%WSG, 480g/L SL)
(Reduce pH and water hardness) 0086-755-82389033
Flumioxazin (96%TC, 50%WG, 480g/L Difenoconazole +carbendazim Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC, 200g/L
Azoxystrobin (TC, 50%/80%WDG, jackson-yin@sinoagrochem.com.cn
SC, 50%WP) (6%+26.8%WP) SL)
25%SC) Jackson Yin
Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC, 120g/L Metiram +difenoconazole (58%+10%WP) Glyphosate (95%TC, 30%SL, 41%SL,
Brassinolide (TC, 0.1%SP/SL) www.sinoagro.cc;
Shandong Sino-Agri United SL, 150g/L SL, 200g/L SL) 46%SL, 50%SP, 50%SL, 55%SP, 540g/
Brodifacoum (TC, 0.5%TK, 0.005%RB) www.sinoagrochem.com.cn
Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Glyphosate (97%, 95% Tech; IPA 62%, L SL, 62%SL, 68%SG, 74.7%SG,
Copper hydroxide (TC, 77%WP)
450g/L, 360g/L SL) 75.7%SG)
Metaldehyde (TC, 5%GR, 6%GR) Main Products:
MCPA (96%TC, 75%SG, 400g/L SL, 500g/ Glyphosate-potassium (95%TC, 50%SL,
Prohexadione-calcium (TC, Azoxystrobin (98%TC, 250g/L SC,
L SL, 750g/L SL) 540g/L SL)
10%/15%WDG, 10%/15%WP)
Propanil (95%TC, 60%WG, 80%WG, Shanghai Mingdou Nicosulfuron (95%TC, 75%WDG, 40g/L 50%WDG)
Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture
0086-531-86401640 360g/L EC, 480g/L EC) Chemical Co., Ltd. OD) Bifenazate (97%TC, 430g/L SC)
Pro-SAP (CAS no.: 25608-12-2, potassium Bispyribac-sodium (98%TC, 100g/L SC,
wangwenli@sdznlh.com Sulfentrazone (95%TC, 75%WG, 500g/L Pyraclostrobin (98%TC, 250g/L SC)
based, 8-18mesh) 400g/L SC, 20%WP, 80%WP)
Sara SC) Quizalofop-P (95%TC, 50g/L EC, 125g/L
EC) Methoxyfenozide (98%TC, 240g/L SC)
Nicosulfuron (98% TC, 40g/L OD, 80g/L
Adv. Page: 83
OD, 75% WG, 80% WP)
Main Products: 0086-21-62112950 Penoxsulam (TC, 5%OD)
Acetamiprid (TC, 20%SP, 60%SP, info@agromdc.com Prothioconazole (98%TC, 10%SC)
70%WP) SHANGHAI E-TONG Luke Shaoxing East Lake Pyraclostrobin (98%TC, 250g/L EC,
Dicamba (TC) CHEMICAL CO., LTD. www.agromdc.com High-Tech Co., Ltd. Sichuan Lomon Bio 20%WP)
Imidacloprid (TC, 20%SL, 35%SC, Technology Co., Ltd. Pyribenzoxim (5%EC, 10%OD)
25%WP, 70%WDG) Tebuconazole (98% TC, 60g/L FS, 250g/L
Main Products:
Nitenpyram (TC) EW/EC, 430g/L SC, 2% WS)
Abamectin (95%TC, (1.8%-3.6%) EC)
Pyridaben (TC)
Atrazine (98% TC, 90%WDG, 50%SC)
Thiacloprid (TC) 0575-88030502 Adv. Page: 37
Azoxystrobin (95% TC, 50% WG, 250g/L
+86-21-57872702 songzhiwei@el-ht.com +86 28 38588851
register@etongchem.com Song Zhiwei gzy@lomon.com
Emamectin benzoate ((70%-90%) TC,
Nancy Liu 0086-575-88408001 Gary Gao
(5%-30%) WG, 2%EC)
www.etongchem.com jisheng@el-ht.com http://www.lomonbio.com/
Fipronil (95% TC, 50g/L SC)
Ji Sheng
Gibberellic acid (90% TC, 10-20% ST)
Main Products: Glyphosate (95%TC, 68% SG, 62% IPA Main Products:
Abamectin (97%TC) SL, 480g/L IPA SL) ammonium polyphosphate(APP)
Azoxystrobin (98%TC) Paclobutrazol (95% TC, 35-40%SC) Main Products: Bacillus Amyloliguefacions
Clothianidin (98%TC) Paraquat (42%TK, 20%SL) Chlormequat chloride Calcium hydrogen phosphate (DCP)
Cyproconazole (97%TC) Quizalofop-P-ethyl (95% TC, 10%EC) Ethephon Chelated Titanium (CT)

78 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 79
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Sinochem Agro Co., Ltd triazin-5(4H)-one (≥95%) Trust Chem Co., Ltd. Glufosinate (95%TC, 200g/L SL, 150g/L

Clethodim (94%min TC, 37% MUP, 70% SL)
MUP, 240g/L EC) Glyphosate (95%TC, 75.7%SG, 62%SL,
Lambda Cyhalthrin Acid (99%) 41%SL, 450SL, 660SL, 608SL)
Metribuzin (97%min TC,98%min TC,480g/ Lambda-cyhalothrin (98%TC, 10%EC)
0086-21-61381765 L SC,70% WP, 75% WDG) Metolachlor (97%TC, 900g/L SL)
0086-25-84729803 Xi’an Hytech Yancheng City Zhida
gaoming@sinochem.com O,O-Dimethyl Paraquat (42%TC, 20%SL)
Tony Gao phosphoramidothioate(DMPAT) (≥95%)
sales@trustchem.com Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. Chemical Co., Ltd.
Susan Dee
www.sinochemagro.com Propiconazole (95%min TC, 98% min TC,
250g/L EC)

Main Products:
Bifenthrin (97%TC, 100 g/L EC, 25 g/L EC) Main Products:
Clethodim (94%TC, 120 g/L EC, 240 g/L Clothianidin (TC) Xuzhou Jinhe

info@htteam.com 0086-515-87188001
Cyproconazole (TC)
EC) Adam Chemical Co., Ltd. welllibo@163.com
Fluazinam (98%TC, 500 g/L EC) Florasulam (TC)
http://www.htteam.com Li Bo
Flumorph+Fosetyl-aluminium (5%+ Flumetsulam (TC)
45%WP, 5%+ 45%WDG) Haloxyfop-P-methyl (TC)
Flumorph+Mancozeb (10%+ 50%WP, Imazamox (TC) Main Products:
6.5%+ 43.5%WP)
TIDE GROUP MCPA (TC) Benziothiazolinone (3% WDG) Main Products:
Adv. Page: 56 (3-Chloro-5-Trifluoromethyl-pyridin-2-yl)-
Glyphosate (95%TC, Glyphosate Penoxsulam (TC) Benziothiazolinone (1.6% PF)
Prothioconazole (TC) Bifenthrin (90% TC) 0086-516-85865677 methylamine (≥99%)
ammonium 74.70% (68%acid)
Clothianidin 0.6% + Cyfluthrin 0.4% (WDG) sufen@jinhe-chem.cn 2,3-Dichloro-5-(Trifluoromethyl)pyridine
SG,71.50%(65%acid) SP; Glyphosate
0086-0571-85270003 Oligosaccharins (5% SL) Sufen Ye (≥99.5%)
IPA:480 g/L SL, 62%TK,450 g/L acid SL;
info@tide-china.com Pyraclostrobin (97.5% TC) www.jinhe-chem.cn 2-Chloro-5-Chloromethylpyridine (≥99%)
Glyphosate-potassium:660 g/L (540g/L
Pyraclostrobin 5.9% + Propineb 53.1% 2-Fluoro-5-(Trifluoromethyl) pyridine

acid) SL, 540 g/L SL) Mr. Yang
www.tide-china.com (WDG) (≥98%)
Haloxyfop-P-methyl+Clethodim (75 g/L Main Products:
+150 g/L EC) Tebufenozide (95% TC)
Brassinolide (95% TC, 0.01%SP, 0.1%SP,
Lambda-cyhalothrin (95%TC, 50 g/L EC, Thiamethoxam+Lambda-cyhalothrin
Main Products: 0.01%SL)
50 g/L EW, 25 g/L EC, 25%WP, 25 g/L (11.1%+14.9% SC)
Acephate (97%TC, 90%SG) Chlorfenapyr (98% TC)
EW) Thiamethoxam+Pymetrozine
Bacillus subtilis (1x10^10 CFU/g WP, WuXi JingFung (11.6%+28.4% WDG)
Cyhalofop-butyl (97% TC)
8x10^9 CFU/g SC) Technology Co., Ltd LUFENURON (97% TC) Yifan Biotechnology
Carbendazim (550g/L SC, 98% TC) Metaldehyde (99% TC, 5%, 6%, 10%, Group Co., Ltd.
Chlorothalonil+thiophanate-methyl 12%, 18%, 20% GR)
(40%+35% WP) Niclosamide Olamine (97% TC, 70%, 75%
Suzhou Greenlands Clethodim (37%TK, 240g/LEC) WP)
Chemical Co., Ltd. Cyanamide (50%AS) Paraquat Dichloride (42%min. TC(20%
+86-510-85887362 Xingfa (Shanghai) Adv. Page: 38
Dicamba+Glyphosate (40%SL) SL)
Ethoxysulfuron (95%TC, 15%WDG)
andy.zhang@jingfung.com International Trading Co., Ltd.
Mr. Andy Zhang Quizalofop-p-ethyl (96%TC) 0086-21-64881723
Glyphosate (96%TC, 41%AS) Thiabendazole (98%, 99%TC, 50%SC) yifan@chinayifan.com
Paclobutrazol (98%TC, 240g/LSC, Tricyclazole (95% TC, 75%WP) Wendy Wu
0512-58288023 15%WP) http://www.chinayifan.com
Picoxystrobin (98%TC, 95%TC) Main Products:
Propiconazole (98% TC, 447g/L EC) Chlorothalonil (98.5% TC)
www.greenlandschina.com xuyangang@xingfagroup.com Clethodim (TC)
Xu Yangang Clodinafop-propargyl (TC)
www.xingfagroup.com Difenoconazole (TC)
Main Products:
1.2-Pentanediol (≥99%) Fipronil (TC)
1H-1, 2,4-triazole (≥99%) Main Products: Flumioxazin (TC)
2,4-D (98%min TC, 2.4-D Dimethylamine 2, 4-D (98%TC, DMA720/806/860g/L AS) Metalaxyl (TC)
Salt 710g/L SL) Atrazine (97%TC, 75%WDG) Metalaxyl-M (TC)
2-Chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine (CCMP) Azoxystrobin (97%TC, 25%SC, 50%SG) Oxyfluorfen (TC)
(≥95%) Chlorpyrifos (97%TC, 480g/L EC) Picoxystrobin (TC)
4-Amino-6-(tert.-butyl)-3-mercapto-1,2,4- Clethodim (93%TC, 240g/L EC) Prothioconazole (TC)

80 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide 2019 81
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Yingde Greatchem Zhejiang Longwan Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Zhejiang Yongtai Florasulam (98%TC, 50g/L SC, 10%WG,

Chemicals Co., Ltd. Chemicals Co., Ltd. Industrial Group Co., Ltd Technology Co., Ltd. 25%WG)
Isoxaflutole (97%TC, 48%SC, 75%WDG)
Mesotrione (97%TC, 40%SC (480 g/L),
15%SC, 75%WG, 10%OD)
www.yongtaitech.com Metamitron (98%TC, 58%SC, 75%WG)
0086-20-38240461 0086-571-87228147
Zhangye Dagong Pesticide sally_wu@wynca.cn
Metolachlor (96%TC)
Chemistry Co., Ltd. Sally Wu Main Products:
Picoxystrobin (97%TC)
Alex Mai S-metolachlor (96%TC, 97%TC, 960g/L
www.greatchem.com.cn www.wynca.com 1-Bromo-3,4,5-Trifluorobenzene
0577-28867799 EC)
379421189@qq.com Terbuthylazine (97%TC, 50%SC)
2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoro-4-methybenzyl alcohol
Main Products: Xingping Xiong Main Products:
Boscalid (96%TC) www.longwanchem.com Carbendazim (TC/SC/WP)
Captan (95%TC, 25%WP, 40%SC, Chlorpyrifos (TC/EC)
4-carboxylic acid
export@zydgnh.com Diuron (TC/WP/SC/SG)
80%WDG) Main Products: 4-Methoxymethyl-2,3,5,6-
Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry Glufosinate-ammonium (SL)
Dazomet (98%MG) Thiodiazole-copper (SC, TC) Tetrafluorobenzene alcohol
Co., Ltd. Glyphosate (TC)
Desmedipham (97%TC)
Azoxystrobin Zibo NAB
Ethofumesate (97%TC) Glyphosate-isopropylammonium (TC/SL/
Chlorothalonil Agrochemicals Limited
Folpet (95%TC) Penoxsulam
Ipconazole (97%TC) Main Products: Glyphosate-monoammonium (TC/SL/SG)
Metconazole (95%TC) Brassinolide Glyphosate-potassium (TC/SL/SG)
Thifluzamide (96%TC)
Zhejiang Sega Science and Paraquat (TC/SL/SG)
Butralin (360 g/L EC, 48% EC)
Triticonazole (96%TC)
Technology CO., LTD. Tebuconazole (EW)
Flumetralin 0086-533-8409983
Mesotrione sales@nab.com.cn
Peter Xiao
Zhejiang Zhongshan
Chemical Industry Group
YongNong 0086-571-87245132 Zhejiang Xinnong Main Products:
BioSciences CO., LTD. segapeter@aliyun.com Chemical Co., Ltd. Azoxystrobin (98%TC, 25%SC)
Zhejiang Corechem Co., Ltd. Peter Xu Bispyribac-sodium (95%TC, 40%SC)
www.segaagro.com Clopyralid (96%TC, 75%WSG)
Dicamba (98%TC, 48%SL)
Gold Sponsor Imazethapyr (98%TC, 10%SL, 20%SL,
0086-577-88956226 Main Products: Adv. Page: 52 martin@zschem.com 70%WP)
jackwang@yongnongchem.com Abamectin (95%TC, 1.8%-5.0%EC) Martin Cui Nicosulfuron (98%TC, 75%WDG, 40g/L
Jack Wang Bifenazate (24%/48%SC22.6%SL, www.zschem.com OD)
0575-82727222 sales2@xnchem.com
http://www.yongnongbiosciences.com/en/ 20%SC, 50%WP, 43.2%OF, 75%WDG) Tebuconazole (95%TC, 60g/L FS,
sales2@corechem.com Jennifer
Brassinolide (90%TC, 0.01%SL/SP, 25%EW)
Alex Liu www.xnchem.com
0.1%SP) Main Products:
Main Products: www.corechem.com Ametryn (95%TC, 97%TC, 80%WP,
Difenoconazole (95%TC, 25%EC,
Desmedipham (97%TC) 10%WDG) Main Products: 40%WP, 50%SC, 80%WG)
Diquat dibromide (40%TK, 150g/L SL, Emamectin benzoate (70%-80%TC, 5%- Azoxystrobin+Zinc thiazole (50%SC) Atrazine (95%TC, 97%TC, 90%WG,
Main Products:
200g/L SL) 30%WDG, 1.9%EC, 0.5%ME) Chlorpyrifos (TC, 480g/L EC, 400g/L EC, 80%WP, 48%WP, 50%SC, 38%SC)
Diflufenican (98%TC)
Ethofumesate (97%TC, 500g/L SC) forchlorfenuron (97%TC,0.1-0.5%SL) 400g/L EW) Bentazone (97%TC, 480g/L SL, 560g/L
Ethephon (91%TC)
Fipronil (97%TC, 95%TC, 80%WG, Lufenuron (97%TC, 5%EC, 10%EC) Chlorpyrifos+cypermethrin (500g/L+50g/L SL)
Fluazinam (98%TC)
20%SC) Nitenpyram (95%TC, 10%SL, 50%WP) EC)
Hexazinone (98%TC)
Florasulam (98%TC, 5%SC, 25%WG) S-Abscisic acid (90%TC, 0.1%SL, Kasugamycin +Zinc thiazole (40%SC)
Indoxacarb (95%TC)
Glufosinate-ammonium (95%TC, 50%TK, 0.25%SL, 1%WP/SP) Pyraclostrobin (97.5% TC, 250g/L EC)
Isoxaflutole (98%TC)
10%SL, 15%SL, 20%SL, 50%SG) Tricyclazole (95%TC, 75%-80%WP/WDG, Pyraclostrobin +Epoxiconazole (17% SE)
Kresoxim-methyl (98%TC)
Paraquat dichloride (42%TK, 20%SL, 40%SC) Pyraclostrobin +Zinc Thiazole (50% SC)
Mesotrione (98%TC)
25%SL) Pyraclostrobin+Boscalid (38% WDG)
Pyraclostrobin (98%TC)
Phenmedipham (97%TC) Tebuconazole +Zinc thiazole (40%SC)
Pyraclostrobin (95%TC) Zinc thiazole (95%TC, 20%SC, 30%SC,
Spirodiclofen (96%TC, 240g/L SC) 40%SC)

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