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ACU-OER PILOT CLASS Application form

For applying ACU-OER Pilot class,

Complete this form and submit to ACUS (kimsyeon4949@keris.or.kr) by 14th, JUNE 2019.

1. Organization Information

Full title of organization Nation

Please describe in sentences.
Purpose of application

Please set the operation period between July and November.

Pilot class
The period above is our recommendation, however, you can operate the course
operation period
according to your university’s schedule.

2. Professor’s Profile
Name Email Address

Organization Specialty
Put your career or achievements related to e-learning here.

3. Course Team (ex. Teaching Assistant)

You can add more staffs.

# Name Organization Position Email Address Role


4. Course Operation Information

Course Title
ex) ACU contents developed with cooperative Univ. of ROK, self-created, using Youtube…
Main Contents

Briefly describe goals or objectives of the course.

Introduce the course shortly in sentences.
Course Summary

Credit / Non-credit

Target Freshmen/Sophomore/Junior/Senior Estimated no. of students

ex) Full-Online/Blended Learning/Flipped Learning/Mixed…
Learning Type

Lecture Language

Put weekly curriculum below. (Topics and activities) Remarks.









… (min. 8 – max. 13 weeks)

Other suggestions
If you have any optional suggestion, please describe here in sentences.

☎ Contact

-Ms. Sooyeon KIM (kimsyeon4949@keris.or.kr)

-Ms. Jihye LEE (1207h@keris.or.kr)
Appendix 1. Application Guide

For making model case of ACU-OER LMS operation, ACUS (ACU Secretariat) recruits
participating universities for ACU-OER Pilot Class.

▶Qualifications: Professors from CLMVT member universities of ACU Project

※ More than two professors from one university can apply for this event.
▶How to Apply: Submit the application form to ACUS email (kimsyeon4949@keris.or.kr)

▶Submission Period: 14 June, 2019

▶Support for Participants

1. Online User Guide (Document and Video Manuals) – How to use ACU-OER LMS?
2. Grant for Operation: about 2,200 USD each university

Entire Process

Appendix 2. What is ACU-OER(www.aseanoer.net)?
ACU-OER is a service which provides e-Learning contents on higher education to all learners
of ASEAN country operated by ACUS.
Currently, there are 700 e-Learning courses on ACU-OER, and ACUS is going to expand the
number of the high quality e-Learning contents made by ROK and ASEAN countries.

Figure 1 Main page of ACU-OER

Also ACU-OER has open-edX LMS, which allows ACU member universities to operate their
own online courses using this advanced system.

edX LMS provides several functions for operating online course as below;
1. Various lecture formats (video(local, link from Youtube), HTML, document etc,)
2. Bulletin board
3. Uploading lecture materials
4. Discussion
5. Assignment
6. Examination (Open Response, Multiple Choice, Mathematical test, Taking Timed) and etc.

Figure 2 Open edX LMS pages