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Ram and Shyam were two friends since there college days, after their graduation Shyam
got placed in a multinational company based out of Bangalore and Ram pursed on with his
entrepreneurship at a start up. Ram’s start up venture was successful initially and he started
having troubles with staff and colleagues, soon the venture turned to loss making. Being a startup
Ram didn’t have the financial capability to engage a consultant or seek external help. So he
approached Shyam seeking his advice on nature of the organizational behavior of the MNC
where Shyam was working and was looking for a comparison with his start up. Shyam explained
to Ram that organizational behavior is an inter disciplinary science and he should look to solve
his problems from the various perspectives as discussed below

Ram : How can you say OB is interdisciplinary?

Shyam : OB is a subject which is integration of many disciplines such as social sciences,

political science, engineering, physical and biological sciences similar to they ay in which
an organization is an integration of several individuals. It draws from these disciplines
any ideas that will improve the relationships between people and organization. It can be
viewed from three perspectives basically from an individual’s side, from a groups
perspective and an organisation’s perspective.

Ram : I do understand Psychology has a big part in organizational behavior, could you
explain what are the areas in which I need to apply psychology.

Shyam : Psychological approach is mainly used in handling problems or difficulties

faced by individuals in their Personality, Perception, Attitude, Motivation, Job
Satisfaction, Work stress, Career advancements, Leadership Effectiveness,Employee
Selection, Work Design, Self control, Responsibility, Individual decision making etc.

Ram : What are other perspectives of looking at organizational behavior other than from
individual employees point of view
Shyam : OB can be viewed from a group perspective as well as from an organizations

Ram : How ?

Shaym : In a group perspective Sociological, Social Psychological and Anthroplogical

approach comes into play. Group Dynamics, Communication, Leadership, Power and
Politics , Conflicts between groups or within groups comes in preview of the Sociological
part where as Behaviour Change, Attitude Change, Communication, Group Processes,
Group Decision making etc are part of Social Psychology branch of studies. In addition
to the latter Individual Culture, Comparative values Comparative attitudes Cross-cultural
analysis comes to play as part of anthropology or as the study of human biological and
physiological characteristics and their evolution.

Ram : What are the various perspective in which OB can be viewed from an
organisations side?

Shyam : From an organisation’s point of view, OB can have three parts basically
Sociological perspective, Anthropological perspective and a view from the political
science side. In Sociological side Organisational Structures, Formal and Informal
organisation theory, Orgnaisational technology, Organisational change, Organisational
culture forms part. The anthropological part comprises of Individual Culture,
Organisational culture, Organisational environment takes place and the political science
sphere of influence takes effect in Intra organizational power and politics, Conflicts,
Conflict resolutions etc.

Ram : How come engineering have a role in organizational behavior?

Shyam : Engineering is that branch of study that deals with application of science and
mathematics by which properties of matter and sources of energy in nature are made
useful to people, engineering is mainly applied in work measurement, work flow analysis
and design. It forms part of organization view of OB.

Ram : Does Economics have any role in OB?

Shyam : Oh sure, Economics is the branch of social science dealing with description and
analysis of production, distribution, consumption of goods and services. Economics also
form part of organizational perspective of OB, contributions are mainly towards cost
benefit analysis, Labour Market Dynamics, Productivity etc.

Ram: Now I understood why organizational behavior is a multidisciplinary or

interdisciplinary subject and I shall make to use of your advice for the improvement of
my start up.