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PT Nexgen Teknologi Mandiri

Palma One Building, 6th floor suite 699

Jl. HR. Rasuna Said X-2 Kav. 4 – Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 – 2932 6595


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Subject/Work: Project:
Installation Fortigate UTM Installation
Version: Date:
Version 3.0 Mei, 2019
Prepared by: Client:
Agus Triyudia/Dede Rizki RSUD KOTA TANGERANG
Approved by: Distribution:
Rudi This document set must not be distributed outside of PT Nexgen
Teknologi Mandiri and RSUD Kota Tangerang
User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Fortinet Fortigate UTM

PIC : Agus Triyudia & Rizki Date : Mei, 2019

Mobile Line : +6285883308111 Start Time : - End Time : -

Product Name : Fortinet Fortigate UTM
Product Provider : PT Nexgen Teknologi Mandiri
Address : Gedung Palma One 6th floor suite 699 - Jl. H.R.Rasuna Said

Division :
Div. IT - Network Security Gateway
Installation for :

Contact Person :

Job Title : Operation & Infrastructure IT

Fix Line : 021-29720201

Mobile Line :
Email :

No Use Cases Result Tested Fail Not Tested
General Requirements

1 Integrated with existing network - All existing networks can work

topology. properly

2 Web Filter, antivirus - Blocking, URL Sosial Media And

video Streaming.

3 Configure InterVLAN Routing - Connectivity InterVLAN

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User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Fortinet Fortigate UTM

4 Working together with SSL VPN Fortigate Users can access office networks
using SSL VPN

5 Internet Access Users can access the internet with

certain policies

** any additional cases may be proceed after Installation.

Approval Sheet
This approval is made on Mei, ……….th 2019 due to the Implementation for Fortinet Fortigate at Rumah Sakit Umum
Daerah Kota Tangerang

PT. Nexgen Teknologi Mandiri RSUD Kota Tangerang

Agus Triyudia

copyright©2019 PT. Nexgen Teknologi Mandiri