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DGD IIS. ne A New Approach to Sight Singing % FOURTHEDITION N ZN |YNEZNG NZS Sol Berkowitz peje oriwic Gabriel Fontrier peje :ncitusfrusi Leo Kraft Professor Emeritus of Music ‘The Aaron Copland School of Music at (Queens College of the City University of New York pai W.W. NORTON & COMPANY — New York /London ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Barb, Bagatelle, Op. 6, No. 6 (p. 298): Use by permission of Boosey & Hawkes, Ine Prokofiey, Liewtenant Kije Suite (pp. 280 286,291: Used by permission of Boceey de Hawes, ne Prokofiew, Peter ad the Welf (pp. 282,293 Copyright © 1937, 1940 \eneved) by G. Schirmer Ine (ASCAP) tought the United States, Canada, and Merica. Intemational Copyright Seared. All Rights Reaerved. Reprinted by Persson Schoenberg, Tanyfigured Night (p. 87: Used by penissen of Belmont ‘Masi Publishers, Pcie Palisades, CASO22. Shostakovich, Symphony No, I, p-297) Copyright ©1927 (Renewed) ’by G. Schirmer, Inc: (ASCAP) throughout the Urited States, Canada, and Mexico. Intemational Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved Reprinted by Permission. 1. Statss, Dow Jue (p. 281 By permission of G. Serer, ln Stravinsky, The Firebind (p 298 By permission of G. Scheme, Ic Stravinsky, Petrashka (pp-277, 285,285; © Copyright 1912 by Haves & ‘Son (London) Led Copyright Renewed. New Version © Copyright 1948 by Havdkes & Son (Londen) Lid; Copyright Renewed. Used by pension of Boosey Hawes, Ie. Stravinsky, Te Rite of Spring (pp. 287,298: © Copyright 1912, 1801 by Hawkes & Son (London) Lid. Used by permision of Boosey & Hse, ine-r Copyright © 1997, 1985, 1976, 1960 by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. Copyright © 1988 by Sol Berkowitz, Gabriel Fontrier,and Leo Kraft All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America ‘The text ofthis book is composed in Palatino with the display set in Helvetica Muse typography and composition by David Budmen, Willow Graphics, Woodstown, New Jersey Book design by Andy Zutis Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Berkowitz, Sol ‘Anew approach to sight singing / Sol Berkowitz, Gabriel Fontrier, Leo Kraft.—ath ed. Pp. om. ISBN 0-395-96908-8 (pbk) 1, Sightsinging. 1. Frontrier,Gabriel. I. Kraft, Le. MTB70 BABSNS "1997 783'0123-~de20 96-1960, |W. W. Norton é& Company, Inc, 500 ith Avenue, New York, NY. 10110 1tp:/ / W. W. Norton de Company Ltd, 10 Coptic Steet, London, WCIA 1PU 4567890 i To John Castellini, our teacher, our good friend and colleague, our editor, this book is affectionately dedicated.