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Puzzle Includes: Important Hints: • The arrangement of colors is different on

• 1 Display Tray • Each Color Cube has four colors.

each side of the cube, but each of the nine
cubes follow the same pattern:
ThinkFun's Mission is to
• 9 Color Cubes Ignite Your Mind!®
• No two cubes contain the same four colors. Top
This isn’t your ordinary Sudoku puzzle. It’s ThinkFun® is the world’s leader in
Object: addictively fun games that stretch and
colorful, 3-D and there isn’t a number in sight. Flip and rearrange the nine Color Cubes into • Each cube contains one pair of colors from sharpen your mind. From lighting up
This is Color Cube Sudoku, a bright logic game a 3 x 3 square so that each of the six colors each of the columns below: young minds to creating fun for the
for brilliant minds. To win, you’ll have to think appear once in every row and column.
strategically, flip and rearrange the cubes until Front whole family, ThinkFun's innovative
no colors repeat in a row—horizontally and Sample Solution: A = Blue & Red 1 = Green & Orange Left Right games and mobile apps make you think
vertically. Trust us, it’s not as easy as it looks! while they make you smile.
B = Blue & Yellow 2 = Green & White
C = Red & Yellow 3 = Orange & White


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Bonus Pattern Challenges: OUTER BOX: About the Inventor: INSTRUCTION MANUAL
Once you’ve mastered the basic Color Cube Arrange the cubes into
Sudoku puzzle, try these four bonus challenges a pattern so that two Color Cube Sudoku inventor, Raphael Meyers,
colors form a square enjoys creating board games and puzzles for
with any color you choose for even more fun!
diamond. Each side of
the diamond will be his nephews, Shimi and Hillel. They love his
NO DIAGONAL: made of three squares games so much and knew other kids would
Arrange the cubes of the same color.
into a pattern so There are too. After a little encouragement, Raphael
that no two squares 2,641,807,540,224 shared his prototype with ThinkFun. Color
of the same color different ways to position the Cube Sudoku is his first published game.
are diagonal to each LONG KNIGHT’S PATH:
other. Some chess variants 9 color cubes! From all those
include a Long Knight,
where the Knight can possibilities, only 665,856
move 3 steps forward, will produce a solved puzzle.
BIG X: and 1 step to the right
Arrange the cubes into or left. For this Good luck!
a pattern so that two challenge, arrange the
diagonal rows intersect, cubes into a pattern
as shown. Each of the so that each of the six colors forms its own Long 2
intersecting rows will Knight’s Path. Each path should be made up of six
have five squares of the squares of the same color that are “connected” by
same color. five continuous Long Knight movements.
6 7 8 9 8 to adult
single player