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1) Explain in detail about the architecture of Data mining?

2) Describe in detail about the major issues in data mining.

3) On what kind of data you will perform the data mining task? Discuss briefly about

types of databases that participates in data mining.

4) What is data mining task primitive? Explain in detail about the data mining task

5) Explain in detail about different data mining functionalities.


1) What is a noise? Explain in detail about different data smoothing techniques (how will

you handle this noisy data?).

2) What is data preprocessing? Briefly discuss the forms of Data preprocessing steps with


3) What is Data integration? Explain in detail about data integration. What is entity

problem? What is redundancy? Why correlation analysis is useful? Discuss briefly about

how to find Correlation Coefficients for both Categorical data and numerical data.

4) Discuss briefly about data transformation.

5) What is data cleaning? Describe the approaches to fill in missing values.