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Defenxor Intelligence Managed Security

What’s Happening Out There?

We all know how technology such as Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Mobility,
Internet of Things, Virtualization, had changed how we do our business and
the way we live. However, those changes carry some really tough
challenges. There are risks that threaten our business’s assets, and many
had suffered the loss.

Threats to the IT system are evolving, becoming more advanced and the
impact of a breach can be devastating for business. Securing your
business’s IT is not an easy task, and would require a great deal of
expertise as well as investment for various protection capabilities. All of
these complexities are taking your focus away from what’s important for
your business.

DIMS is the remote monitoring and management service of your IT
• Our core team consists of Certified security functions delivered via shared services from our Security
Professionals with International Standard Operations Center (SOC).
Certifications (such as CISSP, CISA, PCI Defenxor Takes Away The Complexity and Reduce The
QSA, ISO27001 LA, etc). Cost-of-ownership To Deploy and Manage A Security Platform, So
You Can Focus More On Your Bottom Line.
• DIMS comes with Defenxor Appliance.
An integrated appliance developed
in-house, that is installed on your
environment and provides complete CLEAR BENEFITS FOR YOUR BUSINESS:
functionalities such as Log and Event Better and Faster Incident Response
Management through SIEM and Full-text
We provide around-the-clock security, periodic reporting, and instant
Search Engine, Threat Intelligence,
alert for threats
Network Forensic, Vulnerability
Management, etc.
Reduce Complexity of Managing Security
• Mobile App provides real-time overview Take advantage of our integrated, managed protection services to
of your business’ protection status and simplify your security environment and reduce your total cost of
updates everywhere you go and ownership (TCO)
whenever you need it.
Increase Security Posture
• DIMS is backed by globally trusted Complete threat correlation and analysis, holistic application security,
names. We are a part of CTI Group, one self-sealing BYOD protection, advanced anti-malware and more
of the biggest IT Infrastructure Solution
Partner in the region with long experience Easier to Manage Regulatory & Compliance Requirement
and strong commitment. With our thorough understanding of various industry and government
regulations, we can help you manage business continuity
• Fully locally established and physically
requirements and provide custom policy and regulatory compliance
operated, ensuring highest privacy,
strategy development.
accessibility and added value.

Letting you focus on what most important to your business

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Mobile Apps Surveillance


• Advanced Threat Protection

• Anti-Distributed Denial of Service
Technology Process (DDoS)
Incident Response
Log Collection • Application-Level Firewall
and Management
& Management • E-Mail & Web Security Gateway
• Endpoint Security
• Firewall, Unified Threat Management
• Intrusion Detection/Prevention
People System
• Load Balancer & Network Device
• Server, OS and Application

Management Network data
capture & forensic

To ensure that your IT functions are protected with the highest level of security, a Security Surveillance is
required to monitor security conditions 24x7. This is crucial due to the demand for IT functions that’s always
available, while threats can attack anytime. You can see an overview of your security conditions in real-time using
our Mobile Apps, which is also useful to get in touch with our Security Analysts should there be any
security-related concerns.

We continuously monitor every pulse of your various IT devices (Security, Network, Servers, Application, etc.)
through Log Collection & Management, which will then be processed using advanced SIEM technology and
Full-text Search Engine. Threats can also be revealed through analysis of the data gathered from Network Data
Capture & Forensics, also useful for forensics purposes in the event of an incident. When a threat is elevated
into an incident, our Incident Response & Management will help you to handle it with finesse, and can even
be executed without requiring on-site presence.

To detect any vulnerabilities, no matter how small, in your IT environments, Vulnerability Management will do
a comprehensive check periodically. It is vital to pre-emptively scan for any potential cracks, to keep the chance
of incident occurrence to a minimum in the future. All of the process above will make sure that your IT is always
protected, so that you can focus on the strategic part of your business.

We are Defenxor, a provider of IT security for businesses that safeguards business assets, by improving their information
security condition to higher and acceptable levels. We focus on innovative and integrated solutions that maximizes the value
of customers investment in security infrastructure. Defenxor also has established alliances with leading security platforms, IT
infrastructure distribution channel network, industry analysts, and local security communities, enabling the delivery of a
comprehensive and cost efficient solutions that are tailored specially to each client's business environment and goals.

We are a part of Computrade Technology International (CTI: www.computradetech.com), a holding company that focuses on
IT, and is one of the biggest IT Infrastructure Solution Partner in the region with long experience and strong commitment.

Graha BIP 7th Floor

Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 23 Phone: +62 (21) 2902 3055
Jakarta 12930, Indonesia Fax: +62 (21) 2902 3056 www.defenxor.com
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