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How can you believe all this stuff?
This is the number-one question Catholics gets asked—and,
sometimes, we ask ourselves. Why do we believe that God exists, that
he became a man and came to save us, that what looks like a wafer of
bread is actually his body? Why do we believe that he inspired a holy
book and founded an infallible Church to teach us the one true way
to live?

Ever since he became Catholic, Trent Horn has spent a lot of time
answering these questions, trying to explain to friends, family, and total
strangers the reasons for his faith.

Some didn’t believe in God, or even in the existence of truth.

Others said they were spiritual but didn’t think you needed religion to
be happy.

Some were Christians who thought Catholic doctrines over-

complicated the pure gospel.

And some were fellow Catholics who had a hard time understanding
everything they professed to believe on Sunday.

Why We’re Catholic assembles the clearest, friendliest, most helpful

answers that Trent learned to give to all these people and more.
Beginning with how we can know reality and ending with our hope
of eternal life, it’s the perfect way to help skeptics and seekers (or
Catholics who want to firm up their faith) understand the evidence that
bolsters our belief—and brings us joy.

Bulk discount available!

Why We’re Catholic
by Trent Horn

Here’s that book—the one book about the CB423 Softcover, 256 pgs
Faith that you can give to literally anyone: $12.95
friends and family, those of other faiths,
WHYBULK Bulk, 20 books
believers and even non-believers.
Buy a case today and pass them on!


Answering Twenty Centuries
of Anti-Catholic Myths
Steve Weidenkopf (The Glory of the Crusades) collects more than
fifty of the most common and dangerous lies about Catholic history
and, drawing on his experience as a historian and apologist, shows
how to answer them simply and powerfully. Whether it’s claims about
Catholicism’s supposedly pagan origins, old myths about Galileo or the
Inquisition that never seem to go away, or more modern misconceptions
that anti-Catholics cynically exploit, The Real Story provides the
desperately needed corrective.

Packed with research and diligent in pursuit of the truth, while never
whitewashing or explaining away the Church’s past faults when they’re
found, The Real Story of Catholic History is an essential resource for
every Catholic’s bookshelf.

The Real Story of Catholic History

by Steve Weidenkopf
CB429 Hardcover, 354 pgs $21.95

NEW How to Pray, Find Peace, and Grow in Faith

with Saints of the Counter-Reformation
The sixteenth-century Catholic Church was definitely in need of reform.
Too many of its leaders were worldly and corrupt; too many of the faithful
were living in laxity or ignorance. Unfortunately, Protestantism brought
more revolution than reform, but the saints who rose up in response to it
helped renew and transform the Church for generations to come.

Our own souls, too, are in constant need of reform, of re-conversion

to God and his will for us. We struggle with sin, we become distracted
in prayer, we find it hard to be loving and easy to be selfish. In Reform
Yourself!, Shaun McAfee (founder of Epic Pew and author of Filling Our
Father’s House) shows you how those same magnificent saints can be
guides to your own personal transformation.

Reform Yourself! shows you a time-tested path to a richer spiritual life,

deeper knowledge of God’s revealed truths, and a more fruitful living-
out of your vocation. We all need to reform our souls—let the saints who
reformed the Church show you how!

Reform Yourself! by Shaun McAfee

CB430 Softcover, 210 pgs $14.95

4 ORDER: Call 1-888-291-8000 (9 a.m.–4:45 p.m. Mon-Fri, PST)


The Bibliographic Memoir
of an Accidental Apologist
“Whatever I have learned,” writes Karl Keating, “I have learned from
masters of the craft.” In this memoir, the father of the modern Catholic
apologetics movement traces his life’s work through the wisdom he has
borrowed from twenty-five books written by “masters” both famous and
obscure. In delightful prose bearing Karl’s trademark erudition, precision,
and wit, Booked for Life mixes anecdote and reflection with theological
observations and prescriptions from nearly forty years engaged in defense
of the Faith.

“This is a fun biographical bibliography. Or is it a bibliographical

biography? Don’t let terminology trip you up. What a fascinating read by
one of the pioneers of the New Apologetics movement. Keating’s list,
and his insightful accounts of why these books matter, provides a superb
foundation for the next generation of thoughtful Catholics.”
—Mark Brumley, President, Ignatius Press

Booked for Life by Karl Keating

CB428 Softcover, 240 pgs $19.95

Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger:
Revised Second Edition
Catholic bibles have seventy-three books, whereas Protestant bibles have sixty-
six—plus an appendix with the strange title of Apocrypha. What’s the story here?

In Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger, Gary Michuta presents a revised and
expanded version of his authoritative work on this key issue. Combing the
historical record from pre-Christian times to the Patristic era to the Reformation
and its aftermath, he traces the canon controversy through the writings and
actions of its major players. You’ll be left with a clear picture of the causes of this
tragic divide, and you’ll be able to explain and defend the reasons for the full,
unabridged Catholic Bible.

FREE eBook with purchase: Fifteen Myths, Mistakes,

and Misrepresentations About the Deuterocanon.
Visit shop.catholic.com for details.

Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger by Gary Michuta

CB431 Softcover, 398 pgs $17.95


A Catholic Approach to Answering

Bible Difficulties
Have you ever read something in the Bible that made you just scratch your
head? Has a skeptic ever challenged you to defend a seemingly scandalous
verse of Scripture?

Don’t worry. As Trent Horn (Answering Atheism) explains in Hard Sayings,

God’s revelation in the Bible is not something Catholics need to be ashamed
of or read with a mental reservation. Trent examines dozens of the most
confounding passages in Scripture and offers clear, reasonable, Catholic
explanations to unlock their true meaning. He also provides basic principles
for reading and interpreting Scripture that the wisdom of the Church has
developed over the centuries.

Hard Sayings by Trent Horn

CB408 Hardcover 437 pgs $21.95

365 Days (Plus One) To Becoming

a Better Apologist
In A Daily Defense, Jimmy Akin compiles 365 challenges that Catholics often
hear from skeptics and non-Catholics—about God, Jesus, Scripture, morality,
Mary, history, and a host of doctrines—and teaches you how to answer them.
Combining deep learning with decades of experience explaining Catholic belief
and practice on a popular level, he cuts to the heart of each subject, offering
pithy but powerful replies that are both effective and easy to master.

A Daily Defense is perfect reading before bed or during breakfast, for downtime
or prayer time, part of a regular routine or picked up on the go. Whatever your
day is like, spending just a few minutes with these pages is guaranteed to equip
you with the knowledge and skills you need to defend the Catholic Faith.

A Daily Defense by Jimmy Akin

CB417 Softcover 390 pgs $19.95

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Man of God The Old Evangelization

Fr. Ehrman draws on his experiences counseling men Author Eric Sammons examines Jesus’ most instructive
who are struggling to live in the world but not be of the Gospel encounters—with the Samaritan woman at the
world. In the form of emails written to a former student, well, for instance, or with the rich young man—and
he offers a plan for ongoing conversion that is both wise discovers within each a particular truth that, even
and practical, high-minded yet real. 2,000 years later, can help us make new disciples.
Man of God by Fr. Terrence P. Ehrman The Old Evangelization by Eric Sammons
CB427 Softcover, 173 pgs $14.95 CB422 Softcover, 175 pgs $14.95

Hostile Witnesses The Apostasy That Wasn’t

Gary Michuta looks at dozens of Christianity’s most Rod Bennett follows up his bestseller Four Witnesses
notorious foes—beginning with the New Testament and with an account of the historical events that led him
through the twentieth century—and draws from their out of his own belief in apostasy theory and into the
antagonistic words and deeds surprising testimony to Catholic Church. With the touch of a master storyteller,
gospel truths. he narrates the drama of the early Church’s fight to
Hostile Witnesses by Gary Michuta preserve Christian orthodoxy intact even as powerful
CB418 Softcover, 266 pgs $16.95 forces try to smash it to pieces.
The Apostasy That Wasn’t by Rod Bennett
CB398 Hardcover, 323 pgs $21.95

Navigating the Tiber The Protestant’s Dilemma

For Protestants considering the Catholic Church, the Devin Rose shows with solid evidence, compelling
journey across the Tiber River to Rome can be long and reason, and gentle humor how the major tenets of
perilous, filled with many obstacles and detours. Devin Protestantism—if honestly pursued to their furthest
Rose draws from his own experience as a convert and extent—wind up in dead ends of absurdity. The only
Catholic apologist to help you guide your Protestant friends escape? Catholic truth, which Rose patiently unpacks.
and family members on that harrowing river voyage. The Protestant’s Dilemma by Devin Rose
Navigating the Tiber by Devin Rose CB370 Softcover, 224 pgs $14.95
CB407 Softcover, 187 pgs $14.95

The Big Picture The Truth is Out There

In the follow-up to the best-selling graphic novel, The The Truth Is Out There combines the visual excitement
Truth is Out There, Brendan and Erc embark on a brand and quirky humor of graphic novels with solid popular
new adventure. With high-quality full-color illustrations philosophy and theology. The result is a book in which
and a story line that’s easy to follow, they come face to everyone from teens to adults can find accessible
face with the drama and mystery of God’s plan for the answers to questions about God, the soul, true
salvation of the world. happiness, and much more—and have fun doing it!
The Big Picture by Amadeus The Truth is Out There by Amadeus
CB406 Graphic Novel, 170 pgs $16.95 CB362 Graphic Novel, 120 pgs $12.95

Behold Your Mother The Essential Catholic Survival Guide

Tim Staples takes you through the Church’s teachings The Essential Catholic Survival Guide gives you clear,
about the Blessed Virgin Mary, showing their firm concise, and convincing answers to nearly every
Scriptural and historical roots and dismantling the question about the Faith. Whether you’re asked about
objections of those who mistakenly believe that Mary papal infallibility, the institution of the Mass, or the
competes for the attention due Christ alone. reasoning behind the Church’s stance on birth control,
Behold Your Mother by Tim Staples you’ll find the answers in this book.
CB378PB Softcover, 352 pgs $18.95 The Essential Catholic Survival Guide by Catholic Answers
CB297 Softcover, 533 pgs $24.95

Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment The Fathers Know Best

Fr. Mike Driscoll draws on his experience as a priest With more than 900 quotations from the Church
and counselor, and on his research with exorcists, to Fathers on nearly fifty topics, this groundbreaking
clear up many popular misconceptions about demons work by Jimmy Akin presents the teachings of the
and the spirit world and offers sound information and early Christians in a way no other work can.
pastoral advice rooted in Catholic tradition. The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin
Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment by Fr. Mike Driscoll CB344 Softcover, 452 pgs $24.95
CB388 Softcover, 199 pgs $14.95


The Drama of Salvation Handed Down

In his usual clear and precise style, Jimmy Akin wrestles James L. Papandrea examines that most crucial era
with the topic of justification before God. Using in the transmission of Christian truth: the time of the
Scripture and Sacred Tradition, Akin explains salvation early Church, when the brilliant and holy teachers
for the scholar and the novice alike, distilling down all known as the Church Fathers took the apostolic faith
the perspectives to an understandable and clear-cut they received and from it shaped the Christian religion.
conclusion. Handed Down by James L. Papandrea
The Drama of Salvation by Jimmy Akin CB400 Hardcover, 304 pgs $21.95
CB385 Hardcover, 349 pgs $21.95

The Glory of the Crusades Not Peace, But a Sword

Drawing on the latest and most authentic medieval Robert Spencer, the New York Times best-selling author
scholarship, historian Steve Weidenkopf presents a of more than a dozen books dealing with Islam and
compelling case for understanding the Crusades as they the West, shines the light of truth on areas where
were when they happened: “armed pilgrimages” driven Christians and Muslims don’t just quibble over small
by a holy zeal to recover conquered Christian lands. details but fundamentally disagree.
The Glory of the Crusades by Steve Weidenkopf Not Peace, But a Sword by Robert Spencer
CB379 Hardcover, 285 pgs $21.95 CB361 Hardcover, 252 pgs $19.95

Answering Atheism Persuasive Pro-Life

Trent Horn combines a thorough refutation of atheist Drawing on more than a decade as a pro-life organizer,
claims with a skillfully constructed case for theism based Trent Horn demonstrates—with vivid personal
on reason and common sense. Just as important, he examples from his years of campus activism—the
advocates a charitable approach that respects atheists’ importance of being charitable in all abortion debates,
sincerity and good will—making this book suitable not no matter how strident the other side might be.
just for believers but for skeptics and seekers too. Persuasive Pro-Life by Trent Horn
Answering Atheism by Trent Horn CB380 Softcover, 336 pgs $16.95
CB368 Softcover, 336 pgs $16.95 PROBULK Case of 20 books $100.00

Radio Replies Memorize the Reasons!

From the Bible to baptism, from Christian morality to the In Memorize the Reasons!, Dr. Kevin Vost shows you how
marks of the Church, Radio Replies is a one-stop shop for to remember information you need to explain and
smart and sound information about the Catholic Faith. defend the Catholic Faith.
Catholic Answers has taken the thousands of questions Memorize the Reasons! Defending the Faith with the Catholic Art of
from the original three volumes and pared them to a Memory by Kevin Vost
single volume that eliminates duplicate or dated entries. CB369 Softcover, 280 pgs $16.95
Radio Replies by Fr. Leslie Rumble
CB372PB Softcover, 447 pgs $17.95

Where We Got the Bible Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses

In this compelling book by Henry G. Graham, you Jason Evert’s Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses walks you
learn the origins of the Bible and trace the role of the through the doctrines of the JWs, revealing where
Catholic Church in compiling, preserving, and revering and why they’re wrong—giving special attention to
the Bible throughout history. favorite verses and standard topics that a JW will use in
Where We Got the Bible by Henry G. Graham rejecting the Catholic Faith.
CB027 Softcover, 170 pgs $12.95 Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses by Jason Evert
CB272 Spanish 122 pages $12.95 CB259 Softcover, 160 pgs $12.95

Pure Faith: A Prayer Book for Teens The Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics
With this guide in hand, your teen will know how to In The Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics, Mark Brumley
pray simply and effectively—how to draw closer to examines the most common faults that defenders of
God through prayer—and how to use prayer to meet the Faith must guard against and shows you how to
and overcome the challenges he or she faces. avoid and overcome them.
Pure Faith by Jason Evert The Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics by Mark Brumley
CB322 Hardcover, 162 pgs $9.95 CB371 Softcover, 149 pgs $12.95

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What Jesus Really Said About the Converts and Kingdoms

End of the World Historian Diane Moczar has written a marvelous
David B. Currie quells the sensationalism of those who book about great converts who changed not just the
see an Antichrist or a “Rapture” lurking behind every Church but also the destiny of human civilization.
gloomy headline and dispels the misconception that Read Converts and Kingdoms today to be inspired by
Jesus predicted the end of the world within his own the convert makers of the past and to learn from them
generation. how to win the world anew for Christ.
What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World by David Currie Converts and Kingdoms by Diane Moczar
CB359 Softcover, 231 pages $14.95 CB356 Softcover, 190 pages $14.95

Marching Orders 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura

In Marching Orders, Dr. Dan McGuire gives you the “Where is that in the Bible?” Fundamentalists—and
virtue-building tools and resources—your weapons many other Protestants—use this question all the
for the fight—you need to be a faithful disciple, time, particularly when they’re dealing with Catholics.
and a battle-tested plan for turning your faith into Dave Armstrong gives you all the biblical arguments
evangelism. you will need to get through to a Fundamentalist who
Marching Orders by Dan McGuire is locked into the “Bible only” view.
CB399 Softcover, 222 pgs $14.95 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura by Dave Armstrong
CB355 Softcover, 134 pages $12.95

Restored Delivered
In Restored you’ll read ten honest, hard-hitting accounts Pornography is a scourge that has wounded virtually all
of real women and couples whose lives were shattered families—and society as a whole. Through a collection
by porn’s destructive effects. But because God’s grace is of powerful testimonies, Delivered not only reveals why
stronger, they were able to find healing and hope, trust pornography is so damaging, but shows how the vice
renewed, and intimacy Restored. can be overcome and the damage undone.
Restored edited by Matt and Cameron Fradd Delivered edited by Matt Fradd
CB397 Softcover, 160 pgs $9.95 CB367 Softcover, 160 pgs $9.95
RESBULK Case of 20 books $40.00 DELBULK Case of 20 books $40.00

Orthodoxy Evidence for Our Faith

G.K. Chesterton uses common sense, everyday human First published in the late 1950s, right before ecumenism
experience, and unassailable folk logic to build a case for replaced apologetics and “comparative religion” crowded
a Christian view of the universe. Whether you’re a diehard out catechesis in too many Catholic institutions, Evidence
fan of Chesterton’s or have yet to be introduced to him, for Our Faith presents an uncommonly clear and
there is no finer edition of Orthodoxy to own. systematic case for the truth of the claims made by Jesus
Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton Christ and the Catholic Church.
CB383 Hardcover, 232 pgs $24.95 Evidence for Our Faith by Fr. Joseph Cavanaugh
CB384 Hardcover, 432 pgs $24.95

The Lord of the World The Soul of the Apostolate

The Lord of the World is the thrilling novel by Robert All of us in the vineyard of the Lord are commanded to
Hugh Benson, written in 1907 but set in the early perform good works. But, as Dom Chautard reminds
twenty-first century, telling a story of global upheaval, us in this ever-edifying book, the interior life comes
religious persecution, the coming of the Antichrist, and first. Learn how to cultivate the spirit so your works
the final stand of the Western, Christian world. will bear fruit.
The Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson The Soul of the Apostolate by Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard
CB409 Hardcover, 432 pgs $24.95 CB401 Hardcover, 379 pgs $24.95

Scripture, Mercy, and Homosexuality Absolute Relativism

How can biblical teaching about homosexuality, especially, In this best-selling booklet, Chris Stefanick shows that
be compatible with the loving mercy of God? Mary Healy far from being the answer to “world peace”—or even
explains how Scripture actually offers a fully harmonious personal peace of mind—relativism suffers from a self-
message about God’s plan for human love and happiness, destructive rot.
and how the Bible can help us fulfill our call to be the face Absolute Relativism by Chris Stefanick
of God’s mercy to all. CB350 Booklet, 60 pgs $2.95
Scripture, Mercy, and Homosexuality by Mary Healy Visit shop.catholic.com for bulk pricing
CB411 Booklet, 88 pgs $3.95
Visit shop.catholic.com for bulk pricing

20 Answers

Clear. Concise. Easy to Carry.

The 20 Answers series from NEW NEW NEW
Catholic Answers offers hard facts,
powerful arguments, and clear
explanations of the most important
topics facing the Church and the
world—all in a compact, easy-to-
read package. Perfect for parish
and group distribution.
Regular Price $3.95 each
Order individually, bulk, or
in sample packs.
More info at shop.catholic.com CB434 CB433 CB432

CB374 CB373 CB375 CB376 CB391 CB402 CB404 CB414

CB392 CB394 CB377 CB393 CB395 CB403 CB421 CB405

CB412 CB413 CB419 CB420 CB426 CB425 CB424

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Reformers or Revolutionaries?
October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation,
when, as the story goes, Martin Luther nailed a list of his grievances with
the Catholic Church (commonly called “The 95 Theses”) to the door of All
Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

In this documentary-style film written and narrated by Trent Horn, you will
be introduced to Martin Luther and the events that shaped his thinking
and led him to “protest” against his Catholic Faith. The film investigates
common myths about the Reformation and the key ideas Luther espoused
that resulted in the breaking away of believers and the establishment of
non-Catholic Christian religions—ideas still firmly at the heart of modern
Protestant theology.

Along the way you’ll hear from top apologists Tim Staples, Jimmy Akin,
Karlo Broussard, and Steve Weidenkopf as they unpack the misguided
ideas of Luther, leaving you with a clearer understanding of your Protestant
brothers and sisters and better equipped to engage them about what
separates us and what unites us.

The Protestant Revolution by Trent Horn

CV048 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95

Why You Can Trust the Gospels Understanding Revelation

Every Christmas and Easter, the publishing industry comes The book of Revelation is the most mysterious book
out with a new, sensational story that claims to offer the of the New Testament. In Understanding Revelation:
“truth” about Jesus and the Gospels. With Why You Can Decoding the Bible’s Most Mysterious Book, Jimmy Akin
Trust the Gospels, you can sit down with your doubting unlocks the secrets of Revelation so that anyone can
friends and loved ones and show them why the Gospels understand them.
are trustworthy—and thus why the Christian Faith has a Understanding Revelation by Jimmy Akin
solid basis. CV043 1 DVD, 90 min $19.95
Why You Can Trust the Gospels by Jimmy Akin
CV045 1 DVD, 90 min $19.95

The Problem of Evil Why God Still Matters

Jimmy Akin builds a biblical and philosophical case for In this engaging video, Karlo Broussard takes apart
understanding how God’s perfections are not disproved the premises of those who say God is irrelevant. Watch
by the existence of evil, but in fact allow for a world in Why God Still Matters and be ready to demonstrate
which pain and sin may be mysteriously ordered by why God is just as important as he ever was—in fact, in
providence towards a greater good. today’s world, more important than ever.
The Problem of Evil by Jimmy Akin Why God Still Matters by Karlo Broussard
CV041 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95 CV042 1 DVD, 90 min $19.95

The 3 Secrets to Sharing the Faith Understanding Chastity

Want to tell others about your Catholic faith, but don’t Understanding Chastity will equip you to talk about
know where to start? Catholic Answers apologist Trent God’s design for sex in a way that’s easy to understand,
Horn draws on his long experience dialoguing about clear, and persuasive. Best of all, it’s the kind of
religion and life issues to identify for you the most presentation you can sit down and watch with young
important steps to initiating such discussions—and people—or simply let them watch on their own. Ideal
making them fruitful. for use with parish youth and young adult ministries.
The 3 Secrets to Sharing the Faith by Trent Horn Understanding Chastity by Jimmy Akin
CV040 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95 CV047 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95


Why Believe in Jesus? Making the Case For Life

Trent Horn examines the historical, biblical, and Using field-tested techniques honed through
logical evidence to build a compelling case for the thousands of encounters in college pro-life ministry,
reasonableness of belief in the Christian Jesus: that he Trent Horn shares practical tips for persuading others
was truly God incarnate in first-century Judea, put to to recognize the unborn’s fundamental right to life.
death on a cross and risen on the third day. Making the Case for Life by Trent Horn
Why Believe in Jesus? by Trent Horn CV034 1 DVD, 75 min $19.95
CV035 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95

Why Be Catholic? Defending Your Faith

Tim Staples offers an engaging answer to the question: In this must-see DVD, Catholic Answers Director of
“Why be Catholic?” He begins with the reasons for Apologetics Tim Staples presents some of the most
believing in the existence of God, systematically guiding common challenges to Catholicism and gives you
his listeners along the path to Christianity and ending solid, biblically based answers that you can use to
with the case for Catholicism. refute them.
Why Be Catholic? by Tim Staples Defending Your Faith by Tim Staples
CV021 1 DVD, 90 min $19.95 CV023 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95

Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic Catholics and the Culture War

The perfect resource to give to family, friends, or Tim Staples demonstrates how American society
co-workers exploring the Catholic Faith, this DVD has changed dramatically—and for the worse. After
shows how a die-hard Protestant came to realize that watching this DVD, you will have a much clearer
the Protestant faith he sought to defend has no real grasp of how we got here and how we can draw
response to the truths espoused by the Catholic Church. strength from our own Christian past to overcome
Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic by Tim Staples today’s challenges.
CV024 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95 Catholics and the Culture War by Tim Staples
CV029 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95

How to Talk About Marriage How to Win an Argument Without

& Same-Sex Unions Losing a Soul
In How to Talk About Marriage and Same-Sex Unions, Matt Fradd equips you with the powers of
Trent Horn throws a rescue line to anyone who wants argumentation you need to be an effective debater
to make a good case for marriage but can’t seem to and the right attitude for doing it with charity, humility,
find the right way to do it. and patience.
How to Talk About Marriage & Same-Sex Unions by Trent Horn How to Win an Argument Without Losing a Soul by Matt Fradd
CV038 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95 CV031 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95

God, the Universe, and Everything The Man Talk

Matt Fradd shares his story of being shaken out of Matt Fradd lays out a vision for authentic Catholic
the agnostic apathy he suffered as a young adult. masculinity and a plan for how to achieve it. He shows
Challenged to find reasons to believe that life has you how to build the strengths and practice the
meaning—no matter how messy or senseless or full habits that will make you a true man of God: a man of
of pain it may get—his long search finally led him to courage and strength who lives for others, a man who
belief in the God of Christianity, and in his Church. is fully alive.
God, the Universe, and Everything by Matt Fradd The Man Talk by Matt Fradd
CV033 1 DVD, 60 min $19.95 CV028 1 DVD, 75 min $19.95

Truth and Consequences The Seven Sacraments In Scripture

For many non-Catholics, the authority of the pope is In this engaging video presentation, dynamic
a stumbling block. Once you convince a non-Catholic evangelist Hector Molina digs deep into the Bible
to accept the teachings of an infallible magisterium, to show that, far from being manmade inventions,
everything else seems to fall into place. Let Tim Staples the sacraments are firmly rooted in the written word
help you break down those barriers. of God. This special 2-DVD set includes English and
Truth and Consequences by Tim Staples Spanish versions.
CV030 1 DVD, 75 min $19.95 The Seven Sacraments In Scripture by Hector Molina
CV039 2 DVDs, 120 min $19.95

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Your Truth, My Truth Living Bread

Karlo Broussard shows you how to explain to others Tim Staples provides the definitive answer to all those
that true and false, right and wrong are both real who doubt Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist.
and universal, because they are rooted in the nature This four part presentation breaks down the common
of the way things are—a nature that is knowable by objections to the Catholic doctrine, and builds a
everyone, because it was designed that way by God. powerful case from Scripture as well as the teaching
Includes free downloadable study guide. and practices of the early Christians.
Your Truth, My Truth by Karlo Broussard Living Bread by Tim Staples
CA201 1 CD, 71 min $8.95 CA198 4 CDs, 240 min $19.95

From Creation to Catholicism Getting Started in Apologetics

Are you able to explain to others the “big picture” of the This introductory presentation is custom-made for the
Catholic Faith? Not just this teaching or that, but the average layman who wants to go deeper in his ability
whole story from beginning to end? In From Creation to to “make a defense to any one who calls you to account
Catholicism, Patrick Coffin and Trent Horn show you how for the hope that is in you” (1 Pet. 3:15).
to do it, presenting the grand arc of salvation history in Getting Started in Apologetics by Patrick Coffin
an enjoyable and accessible three-CD set. CA173 2 CDs, 98 min $14.95
From Creation to Catholicism by Trent Horn and Patrick Coffin
CA197 3 CDs, 188 min $19.95

What You Need to Know About Exorcism The Real Story of the Inquisition
In this riveting seven-part interview with Patrick Coffin, Historian Steve Weidenkopf debunks common
Fr. Gary Thomas reveals not only the reality behind the Inquisition myths invented during the Reformation
rite of exorcism but the recurring patterns of demonic and used to this day by any group with a grievance
activity in the daily life of every Christian. against the Church. Don’t let these lies pass without an
What You Need to Know About Excorcism answer: Listen to The Real Story of the Inquisition today
by Fr. Gary Thomas and Patrick Coffin and learn to set the record straight.
CA186 2 CDs, 105 min $14.95 The Real Story of the Inquisition by Steve Weidenkopf
CA192 2 CDs, 90 min $14.95

The Real Story of the Crusades The Real Story of the Reformation
Historian Steve Weidenkopf replaces the prevailing If you have ever been challenged to defend bad popes,
anti-Catholic narrative with a factual account of the sale of indulgences, or any other alleged Catholic
Christendom’s struggle to liberate and defend the Holy corruption that the Reformers supposedly abolished,
Land. In the process he cuts through common lies, listen to The Real Story of the Reformation and get the
myths, and exaggerations. knowledge you need to respond.
The Real Story of the Crusades by Steve Weidenkopf The Real Story of the Reformation by Steve Weidenkopf
CA190 2 CDs, 80 min $14.95 CA195 2 CDs, 90 min $14.95

The Sword of the Spirit Catholic Answers to Common Objections

In this set, Tim Staples provides solid arguments for six In Catholic Answers To Common Objections, you
of the most important teachings of the Catholic Faith. and your non-Catholic friends will be staggered by
Hear what Scripture and the Church Fathers really the mountain of scriptural evidence Tim Staples
say about sola scriptura, the papacy, the Eucharist, has compiled to prove the truth of even the most
justification, the communion of saints, and Mary. controversial Catholic teachings.
The Sword of the Spirit by Tim Staples Catholic Answers to Common Objections by Tim Staples
CA156 6 CDs, 340 min $29.95 CA165 4 CDs, 263 min $19.95

God’s Perfect Plan: Purgatory and Last Call: The Catholic Teaching on Death-
Indulgences Explained Judgment-Heaven-Hell
Tim Staples takes on two of the most controversial and Tim Staples provides important and valuable insights
misunderstood teachings of the Church and shows you on a variety of related topics, including purgatory,
exactly where to turn in Scripture for the evidence you limbo, the existence of God, mortal and venial sin,
need to defend them. salvation, the Resurrection, the Second Coming of
God’s Perfect Plan: Purgatory and Indulgences Explained by Tim Staples Christ, and the Rapture.
CA164 5 CDs, 300 min $24.95 Last Call: The Catholic Teaching on Death-Judgment-Heaven-Hell
by Tim Staples
CA168 5 CDs, 300 min $24.95

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