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HOW TO: Configure Address Validation using AddressDoctor for Informatica Data Qu


To use AddressDoctor with Informatica Data Quality (IDQ), you need to configure the Address Validation properties as follows:

1. In the Informatica Administrator Console, select the Content Management System from Domain Navigator.
2. Open the Processes tab in the Content Management System.

3. Address Validation Properties->License->You can enter the AddressDoctor License available with you. If you have multiple lic
enter the comma-separated values of the license under this property.[Note: By Default a dummy license will be specified w
used to access/validate the Addresses. Use the valid license provided by the Informatica Shipping Team] 1/3
07/06/2019 500480

Following are the different Address Validation Properties that should be specified at the CMS Level.

4. For Informatica versions prior to 9.5.1, all the above mentioned properties should be specified at the DIS Level.
5. Ensure that you Recycle the CMS followed by DIS Recycle after changing the Address Validation Properties at the CMS.

More Information
You can also refer to the following KB article for any further queries regarding the AddressDoctor reference database data:
HOW TO: Manage AddressDoctor/Address Validation Country Reference Data Files


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Product: Data Quality; Data as a Service

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07/06/2019 500480

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