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Working with Tantay Yanasu

Kaycee Stiemke
My Responsibilities:
✢ Supervising and helping on projects
✢ Presenting new ideas for work
✢ Organizing donations
✢ Preparing a weekly English lesson
✢ Collaborating with different organizations
Our Projects
Volunteering in Hogar Anita Goulden
✢ A home for the mentally and physically
disabled youth of northern Piura
✢ Colored and created artwork with some of the
✢ More volunteers and toys could bring more joy
and help the residents
Volunteering in Mala Vida
✢ A low-income area with harsh living conditions
✢ Donated resources to help build an outhouse
and then painted it
✢ Volunteered at a local school:
○ Planted trees around the playground
○ Donated winter clothes to the children
○ Painted an entire classroom
Volunteering in a women’s prison
✢ Donated baby clothes and
toys to the children of the
✢ Helped decorate the shop
○ Painted a picture on
the front door
○ Reorganized the
Volunteering in Santa Elena
✢ Volunteered at a school library
✢ Prepared and helped with a weekly English
✢ Organized and donated clothes and books
Our Final Products
✢ Packets of donations to different places
✢ English lessons
✢ A newly painted outhouse and a classroom
✢ Trees around a playground
✢ A decorated shop with a mini mural
My Overall Reflection
The Skills I used During my Internship:
Skills that were useful: New skills I gained:
✢ Drawing and painting ✢ Working with large groups
of children
✢ Organization
✢ Collaborating using
✢ Self-advocacy
different forms of
✢ Public speaking communication
✢ Collaboration ✢ Using a paint roller
✢ Working with limited
resources and time
Challenges and the Role of Communication
✢ Working in areas with no water
○ Used paint thinner and gasoline to clean
stains and stretch the paint
○ Motivation through collaboration
✢ Communication
○ Preparation for the next project
○ Explanation of cultures in different areas
An Impact on my Future
What I learned about the workplace:
✢ Find a balance between planning and

immediate action

Career path and college:

✢ Continue to volunteer and help others