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Program Name: PGDHRM_1year

Subject: Human Resource Management
Assessment Name: HRM - Exam
Weightage: 70
Total Marks: 70
Duration: 80 mins

Online Examination:

Online examination is a Computer based examination.

Online examination comprises of Total 29 Questions - Out of 70 marks.

Duration of online examination will be of 1 Hour 20 minutes (80 minutes).

Section - I Instructions:

- It is compulsory and has total 3 Subjective Questions.

- Students are required to solve any 2 Subjective Type Questions. Each question is of 5 marks.
- Section – I is out of 10 Marks.

Please refer following instructions regarding Subjective examination:

- While attempting subjective examination Text formatting facility will be disabled such as use of bullets,
making the text bold, underlining the text etc. Only normal character on the key board will be available.
- Special characters available on the keyboard will be allowed.
- Students can not attempt more than 2 questions out of given 3.
- A blank (space typed) or any entry in the space provided will be considered as question is answered.
- Hand written answers are not allowed. Subjective test can be answered by using key board.
- No brail support shall be provided, but writer assistance shall be allowed. The student has to intimate it to
SCDL well in advance by completing applicable formalities.
- Answers for both the questions should not exceed more than 110 words. The maximum word limit per
answer is 55 words (for Subjective part).

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1) When is recruitment through outside agencies generally undertaken?


Recruitment through outside agencies are generally undertaken: i) When the company does not have the
time or human resources to spend on the process ii) When the company wishes to maintain confidentiality
iii) When the company feels that they would be able to attract a wider range of people

2) Explain the establishment stage in the career development cycle.


In the establishment stage, an individual has already chosen a career for which he requires regular
feedback on his performance. A good career development plan should provide this feedback. The first
performance appraisal, the first promotion and the successfully completed assignment are all very
important occasions for a young employee.

3) Define Quality Circle.


A quality circle is a small group of employees from the same work area who meet regularly and voluntarily
to identify, solve and implement solutions to work related problems. It is a small group, ranging from four
to 15 members. Eight members is considered to be the norm. Quality circles usually meet once every week
to discuss and solve the problems they face.

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Section - II Instructions:

- It comprises of Objective Questions Only.

- Total 60 marks are allotted for objective type questions.
- The objective questions are of following type and carries marks as given under.

Multiple Choice Multiple Response : 4 Questions - 16 Marks (Each 4 marks)

Multiple Choice Single Response : 9 Questions - 18 Marks (Each 2 marks)
True or False : 5 Questions - 5 Marks (Each 1 mark)
Select a Blank : 5 Questions - 5 Marks (Each 1 mark)
Match the Column : 4 Questions - 16 Marks (Each 4 marks)

Total Questions : 27
Total Marks : 60

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1) Who is basically concerned with having the right type of people available as and when required and
improving the performance of existing people
1] Manpower evaluation
2] Manpower training
3] Manpower planning
4] Manpower Management

2) :BLANK cannot be fair unless the appraiser is clear in his mind about the job requirements .
1] Job analysis
2] Training
3] Evaluation
4] Performance appraisal

3) Job:BLANK system should change with the technology.

1] specification
2] information
3] analysis
4] evaluation

4) Match the Following

1] Widely used method in small organisation 1] Job ranking
2] Expands the number of related tasks in the job 2] Job enlargement
3] Increases the responsibility ,autonomy and control 3] Job enrichment
4] Scope of Application , introduction of job evaluation system, Contribution of 4] Steps involved in job
trade unions to job evaluation evaluation
5] job rotation
6] Overspecialized jobs

5) In which type of approach training program the trainer becomes a 'manufacturer' of training programmes
1] manufacturing approach
2] agricultural approach
3] trainer's approach
4] facilitators' approach

6) Empathetic questions indicate personal concern and create a climate of mutual trust.
1] True
2] False

7) What means degree of accomplishment of the tasks assigned to an employee by way of job contents
1] Performance
2] Present

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3] Planning
4] Potential

8) Bajaj Auto is one of the HRD Award winning companies of the National HRD.
1] True
2] False

9) The HR Policies Depends on

1] Organization
2] Profit
3] People
4] Product

10) HRD Practices divided into how many parts

1] Two
2] Three
3] Four
4] Five

11) "HRP is planning for the future personnel need of an organization.'

1] Stoner and Freeman
2] De Cenzo and Robbins
3] Leap and Crine
4] M.M.Khan

12) Employee compensation &Benefits depends upon what

1] Employee Skills
2] Job Responsibility
3] Efforts and Accountability
4] Intelligence

13) According to whom managers are perceived as decision makers.

1] Vetter
2] Gorden Mcbeath
3] Management science group
4] Dr.Ram Taneja

14) Who urge that the jobs having same requirement should be given equal wage and thus believe in equity
cantered approach.
1] employers
2] welfare committee
3] workers
4] Trade unions

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15) Match the Following

1] Depends on the skills and abilities of employees available to perform a task 1] Techniques of job
2] It can be done by employees with limited skills redesign
3] Breaks the monotony of performing highly specialised job 2] Routine jobs
4] Do not provide opportunities for accomplishment , recognition or 3] Job rotation
psychological growth 4] Overspecialized jobs
5] job enlargement
6] job enrichment

16) Seniority based promotion minimizes the scope for grievances and conflicts is one of the disadvantage of
the such systems
1] True
2] False

17) When the company wishes to maintain confidentiality, recruitment is generally undertaken within the
1] True
2] False

18) The more widely used simulation exercise includes case study, and few of the following
1] decision game
2] coaching
3] role playing
4] lectures

19) :BLANK is an important off- the - job training method for management development
1] committee Assignments
2] job rotation
3] coaching
4] Transactional Analysis

20) Match the Following

1] Period of Appraisal 1] It coincides with the financial year of the organisation 1st Sept. to 31st Aug.
2] Winning instinct 2] "Determinating to Make Things Happen"
3] Ethics of Appraisal 3] "Don't appraise without knowing why the appraisal is required"
4] Performance Appraisal 4] Measure actual performance of appraisee through personal observation or
Process oral & written reports.
5] Determinating to Make "Island into himself"
6] It coincides with the financial year of the organisation 1st Aug. to 31st July.

21) Match the Following

1] Limitation of HRD 1] It does not give evaluation of individuals but focuses on unit and systems.

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Audit 2] It is a comprehensive evaluation of the current HRD strategies structure,

2] Definition of HRD systems styles and skills in the business plans of a company
Audit 3] It helps in changes in the styles of the top management
3] Role of HRD Audit in 4] It attempts to find out the future HRD needs of the company after
business improvement assessing the current HRD activities & inputs
4] Need for HRD Audit 5] It gives evaluation of individuals but does not focus on unit and systems.
6] If helps in changes in the styles of the lower management

22) Following a flexible working hours principle employees of one management institute have to work from
8.30AM to 2.30PM i.e. six hours a day. What is the first 2 hours at work established as where the employees
may choose for doing their class work
1] Core time
2] Flexible working time
3] Core working time
4] Flexible band

23) For closure , every worker is to be compensated with :BLANK average pay for every year of service
1] 10 days
2] 30 days
3] 45 days
4] 15 days

24) Employees at present need more freedom &autonomy in doing the work.
1] True
2] False

25) Name the different types of compensations.

1] Commissions
2] Overtime pay
3] Stock options
4] Gratuity

26) What includes in Salary Survey

1] Average Compensation
2] Inflation indicators
3] Salary budget averages
4] Average salaries

27) :BLANK are issued to the employees to be a shareholders in the company.


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