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An undergraduate thesis present to the faculty of College of Arts

and Sciences, Mindanao State University-Maguindanao

Dalican, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao

In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree

Bachelor 0f Arts in Islamic Studies major In Shari’ah Law


Chapter 1


Background of the study

The Most Moro’s are facing complicit which is a natural phenomenon. It

may be personal, social, and national in scope. It can happen within the family,

within the groups, within the nation or community of nation. It is characterized

by sporadic outburst of retaliatory violence between families and kinship

groups, as well as between communities. It can occur in areas where there is a

perceived lack of justice and security. It is considered one of the major problems

in Mindanao because apart from numerous casualties, rido among the

Mindanao has brought about serious problems in their community. Loss of

lives, destruction of property, economic drift and absence of peace and order are

just some of crippling effects. Rido is a hindrance to socio-economic, political,

and spiritual development of the people.

In case of family feud in barangay Libutan Mamasapano Maguindanao it is said

to be serving and afflicting the constituency including the neighboring barangay

the task force (BIAF) in barangay Libutan Mamasapano Maguindanao, which

are more affect by the family feud. After the establishment of Bangsamoro

Islamic Arm Forces of the Bangsamoro (BIAF) in the area, the task force figure

into several encounter with Mamasapano group in the result loss civilians.

The final conflict is one example family feud where it is more complicated

to comprehend and found in the local community in some events. Historical

accounts on war between land and political conflict mostly they were caused by

either one or combination of expansionist policy, hegemony ideological

predominance and economic colonist in the study of family feuds (locally as

known rido)

Psychology agree that in stages when a child is learning a young person

becoming an adult a new and a stresses which make a potential conflict within

his/her do exit. According to Dollard (1950) conflict within the individual occurs

whenever drivers or responses complete significantly with one to another.

We cannot deny the fact that even the same mother and father facing this

kind of phenomenon that breaks their natural understanding. To remedy this

social and personality that many people having face. This study will be revealed

why conflict arises and how it will be resolved.

The important of this study is to fine out the cause of family feud and its

effects. This study will also be focused on how to fine out the different ways or

solution to settle the problem.

The researches needs to understand the status of family feud so that

possible redirection can be recommended anchored on this research. In case the

investigation shows that the family feud has precautionary measures, another

ways of solution can be recommend. In connection with this, research has the

intention to discover what are the different cause and effects of feud and how

can it be improve the ways of solution that applicable to it. To this effect, the

researcher got interest in determining the different causes and effects and also

the different ways or formulas for this issue.

Theoretical Framework

Complicit theory addresses the way is which people within a with struggle

for power, how they disagree and what action they take to compete for

resources. Prestige and wealth often foe form the basis for the most intense

competition. Instead of buying in to the myth that all families are harmonious

entities, conflict theory challenges that assumption to examine the ways in

which family members struggle, according to California state university.

The theory of family feud within families starts with the primes that

family member undergo conflict and disharmony. The study includes family

dynamics and the roles played by the various family members. The source of the

power and the source of the conflict must be identified. Include in the conflict

theory as it applies to the family is the uncovering of how the family deals with

change and adversity.

When the family is dissected and source of conflict and power identified,

the family then can find better and more effective ways to communicate.

Understanding can be lead to a desire for change and motivate family members

to participate to develop more positive relationship. Through the study of the

family dynamics, members my become more emphatic and understanding of

the underlying causes of their conflict.

According to California state university, it is possible to interact with

other human being without eventual conflict. Growth takes place within context

of conflict. Change and the ensuring conflict it brings are normal and necessary
for human growth and development. The primary goals should be for family

members to learn how to manage the conflict so that it doesn’t escalate and

alienate other and lead to relationship.

Statement of the problem

This study will be conduct to fine out the causes and effect of family feud

between Esmail and Taamul family at Barangay Libutan Mamasapano


Specifically, it sought to answer the following question:

1. What are the profile of the respondents in terms of age, civil status,

educational attainment, and length of residence of barangay?

2. What are the causes of family feud between Esmail and Taamul at

barangay, Libutan?

3. What are the effects of this feud to the live of the people in the barangay?

4. What are the solutions to settle this feud?

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual paradigm is made for better understanding of the

purpose of this study.

Figure 1 on the next page present the conceptual paradigm of the study. As

shown in the figure, first box is found on the left. This box represents the

independent variable of the study which contains the causes of the family feud

of Barangay Libutan Mamasapano Maguindanao. The right box is the

dependent variable which contains effect of family feud and the middle box is

possible solutions to settle this feud.

The arrow pointing the right box means after identifying the causes of family

feud, the study seeks to find out its effect to lives of the resident of Barangay

Libutan, Mamasapano Maguindanao. The arrow pointing downwards means

after recognizing the effect of family feud, the study tries to find out the possible

solution effect. The arrow pointing upward represent the the possible solution

to settle this feud in the said barangay.

Figure 1

The conceptual paradigm of the study

Independent variable Dependent Variable

1. Land Grabbing 1. Destruction of community

2. Lack of respect of 2. Lose life

human dignity 3. Decreasing in population of

3. Lack of education barangay

4. Political Dynasty 4. Destruction of house

5. Business Competition 5. Burning of Houses


1. Proper coordination with the both family

2. To educate the people

3. Community task force

4. Proper allocation of political change

5. Develop games to the youth

6. Enlighten the people of community through

proper orientation like, symposium

Significance of study

The finding of this study was provided some baseline information and

insight to the concern personnel. It also serves as a guide to the citizens who
involve in this problem to know how conflict becomes a repeated to the people

they affected. It can be also as reference material of the local government

including the concern authorities on the need to find immediate solution of the

existing family feud in barangay.

The findings of the study would also guide and enlighten others

researcher on the importance of the study. They can use the data from

this study as their reference to supplement the data of their investigation

if their studies are related to this manuscript.

Scope and limitation of the study the following investigation was focus

on the profile of respondents, causes of the family feud, the effect of

family feud and last is the solution of the problem. This study was focus

only to the people of a Libutan Mamasapano Maguindanao.

Definition of terms

To facilitate comprehensive understanding, the following terms

are define

Burning of house an incident cause of wide range of flames.

Business is defined as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in

commercial, industrial, or professional activities.

Business competition refer to the rivalry among sellers trying to

achieve such goals as increasing profits- markets share, and sales

volume by varying the elements of the marketing mix.

Civil status refer to a person’s material state, whether single or


Conflict mean’s dispute or misunderstanding.

Family feud refer to a better, often prolonged quarrel or state, of

enmity, specially such state of hostilities between two families.

Lack of Respect of human Dignity a person who did not respect the

dignity or right of every one or one person.

Lack of Education a person who did not attend or access to school.

Land Grabbing refers to seize suddenly and eagerly the land of other

person without any documents.

Land an area of the earth’s surface that is owned by someone.

Losing life refers to life losing someone’s life.

Libutan the place where the family Esmail and Taamul live.

Political Dynasty is a family in which several members are involves

particular politics.